The Population Bomb

There are 25 billion chickens on earth.

3.5 billion humans fly each year.

We cut half the trees on earth in 2,ooo years, most of them in the last 50.

We have to grow more grain in the next 50 years, than has ever been grown in history.

Half the people on earth will be short of water in 10 years.

China’s urbanization was the largest migration on earth.

The only larger migration on earth is krill, which China consumes for make up and pharmacy. Sorry whales.

The next largest migrations are the plastics and pharmaceuticals throughout the biosphere, which make all the fish, amphibians, birds and mammals infertile and bio-feminizes the males. The men are turning into women across all vertebrate classes.

These micro-plastics are in the air, along with dust from chemicals that make our fine clothes and houseware products. The dust in and from your carpet, dental floss, toothpaste, furniture are making us stupid and sick.

EMF signals cause mental illness, and social media causes depression, but so do pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals etc. There is a milieu of toxins in our food, water, air, and even the airwaves, that make us female, infertile, sick and crazy.

Then we add all the stuff that make us female, infertile, sick and crazy, and we combine it with social media that conditions us for addiction to ideology.

Europeans and North Americans have been over-exposed to these toxins far longer than all the people in all Africa and Asia.

Greed brought the largest migration of corporate cash on earth from America to China, and American corporations are getting their asses handed to them on a plate.

All the biggest mega-projects are in Asia and Africa. Feminized, infertile, sick, crazy Americans and Europeans are left behind with their corrupted green fantasies and socialist succubus wet dreams.

Because the only way to fix this is a 100% private carbon wealth tax.

We are too greedy, fearful, sick and crazy to see that.

Hating Nazis Jews blacks whites men women gay straight ain’t gonna do fuck.

There’s like 5 billion people in Asia and Africa who don’t give a fuck.

The rich exploit our hate and fear to take our money.

Whether Bernie Sanders or Trump it doesn’t matter.

We are too stupid to live, and I want the world to know that.

Tulsi for president, stop the killing first!

A peace dividend will pay for health and education.

But those greedy socialist pigs want carbon taxes too.

Making the rich pay privately will slow the mass extinction of all non-subterranean earth. Or we will wipe out life on the surface of this planet sooner than you think.





One thought on “The Population Bomb

  1. Etyere Petyere says:

    You are slacking . Dont drop the ball . Keep it only to chronicling and observing . There was already a “Quake in the force ” with notre dame falling the note was handed to the subconscious of christian Western civilisation that it is ending . Make no mistake . The economic social etc systems today are all rooted in western civilisation . The chinese pigs the negros in afrika and all the other places do live by that and it is all and everywhere ending . Stop peddeling ideas of useless carbon taxes and stupid shit . Observe and chronicle only


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