The Stupid Conspiracy

Micro-beads in toothpaste and PFAS in dental floss are a good dietary source of spermicide and male feminization. Just kidding. We don’t know how many chemicals affect our mental and sexual development.

Plastics come in 3 sizes – big, micro, and nano – they come in tons of chemical flavors.

It’s he same old game cigarette companies played. If you can’t prove it’s dangerous, it’s safe. It was cigarette companies that encouraged the fireproof, waterproof chemicals that turns males into females across all vertebrate classes. That includes birds, fish, amphibians and mammals.

Nano plastics love to attract any of the 100,000 chemicals in our petro- pharma- chemical world. The chemicals stick to nanoplastics like flies to shit and pass through our blood to our brains.


Nanoparticles reduce survival of zooplankton and penetrate the blood-to-brain barrier in fish and cause behavioural disorders.

Effects of Microplastics on Human Health (2018 Facts & Guide)

Okay, so we established a casual link between plastics as another ill effect upon the brain. But, like all things, we never really find out ’til it’s too late. The chemical industry ain’t talking true, just like the cigarette companies didn’t. I know a chemist who got rich inventing a big name air freshener, I’m sure your safety wasn’t his concern.

So, far we’ve seen that cell/wifi signals are linked with male infertility and brain disorders.

We also saw that pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals all have deleterious effects upon the sexual and mental well being of vertebrate species.

Honeybee collapse disorder is about the sum total of our cell/wifi, pesticide, herbicide, nano-plastic, non-stick, waterproof, fireproof world.

The chemicals that make every material magical are shrinking men’s dicks, killing their sperm and turning them into females. One of these chemicals are called PFAS, and they come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s not just one class of chemicals that are castrating and feminizing men.

Cell/wifi + PFAS + Petro Chemicals + Pharma Chemicals + Social Media = Idiocracy

The so-called greening of America is really about the diffusion of the petro/pharma industry. The people who make money poisoning you, get rich curing you.

Cell/wifi and social media, along with your air, food, water and clothes are making you depressed or mentally ill, so you take anti-depressants, which make you suicidal.

I would be surprised if antidepressants weren’t a gateway drug to opioids.

Petro-chemical use is growing 7X faster than the human population.

Our air water and food are filled with a poisoned dust.

So are our hygiene products.

There are micro-beads in toothpaste, PFAS in dental floss.

The make-up industry is a shit show from the get go.

We are turning men into crazy stupid female dickless wonders who shoot blanks.

I’m fine with that. I have no idea what’s happening to women — that’s my wife’s job — and she’s too busy looking after crazy bag ladies, god bless her.

That we are becoming too stupid to live is what really bothers me, bothers me.

And that’s the real ball buster.



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