💥The Nitro Bomb💥

Nitrogen is 300X stronger than C02.

Nitrogen is the 3rd largest source of greenhouse gases.

Nitrogen is like 80% of the atmosphere.

Nitrogen becomes nitrous oxides which are greenhouse gases.

Nitrogen is asphyxiating oceans.

Nitrous oxides destroy ozone protection from the sun.

A nitrogen bomb has just been discovered in Alaska.

Nitrogen emissions in Alaska are found 12X higher than expected.

This is very bad news, melting tundra will hasten runaway hothouse earth.

Runaway hothouse earth cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

If we were lucky earth would recycle us all into oil in 300 million years.

But wealth accumulation has scuppered our luck.

Ozone in the sky is good, ozone on the ground is bad.

Ozone on the ground is toxic to plants and animals.

Ozone makes us stupid and sick.

Nano-plastics combine with anything and are brain toxic.

We breathe, eat and drink nano-plastics, which end up in our brains.

Cell/wifi signals are brain and body toxic and cause mental illness.

C02 in urban classrooms makes kids 15% dumber.

Petro- pharma- chemicals are making us stupid and sick.

Petro- pharma- chemicals are turning males into females across all vertebrate classes.

Petro- pharma- chemicals are shrinking penises and turning men into females.

90% of European/American males will be sterile by 2050.

Social media causes depression and ideological addiction.

We are becoming infertile, female, sick, crazy, depressed, addicted idiots.

Crypto currencies are 5% of emissions and will burn the planet.

The purpose of crypto currencies is to hide wealth.

Only a 100% open private carbon wealth tax would refocus data priorities.

4 billion people flew in 2017 alone. Half the people on earth fly each year.

Solar panels, electric cars, windmills will have 0% effect on the climate.

It takes 1 ton of coal to make 3 solar panels.

In 30 years, solar/wind are only 2% of world power.

In 30 years, solar/wind still have 98% to go.

In those 30 years, emissions went up 60%.

In 10 years, emissions will go up 15%.

In 10 years, emissions must go down 50%.

Runaway hothouse mass extinction is happening now.

We will destroy all life on the surface of earth for the energy to make us wealthy.

Wealth will destroy earth. Wealth = Energy

We are sick, greedy, stupid assholes.

The atmosphere on earth is temporary and we will destroy it sooner than expected.

Even the oceans will depart earth sooner than expected.

The vacuum of space will rest on the surface of this planet sooner than expected.

New Research Suggests Earth Lost 9.6 Trillion Tons of Ice…Here’s Why














One thought on “💥The Nitro Bomb💥

  1. Steven Bridgens says:

    Love your POV, Loki, HARD CHEESE as they say! We newbys to your blog need an update on your latest thoughts on the 100% carbon wealth tax. Keep up the great work! Thanks!


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