The Poisoned Gender

Love us or leave us, we are what we are. I accept us for what we are.

Millennials are just 3G Boomers, greedy petulant stupid.

Can a gender be poisoned? Of course it can. Ask any green supremacist gay frog.

All male vertebrates are losing their dicks, balls, brains and turning into girls, and I don’t mean politically.

More men are also poisoned by gay socialist femtards than ever before.

The women that run the CIA and Pedogon do this for money and power.

Is it a conspiracy? No. It’s our evolutionary default.

If you want a conspiracy, lock 3 monkees together in a room to share food.

Transgenderism, disease, stupidity and mental illness are intersectionally compounded by petro-pharma chemicals, EMF signals and 100% pure bullshit.

In stupid white man talk, we’re getting fucked from all sides, inside and out.

In French Canadian talk it’s, side by each, one on top another.

We destroyed normal foetus sexual development for all vertebrate classes

Vertebrates include rhinos, chickens, fish, green supremacist gay frogs and us.

Everyone except my wife’s rooster, he’s a total dicktard.

I ran from a big turkey attack once.

I felt just like Jussie Smollet for a second. Is that a song?

Our EMF video destroys kid’s eyes, brains and poisons their minds.

My goldfish now has a longer attention span than me, it’s smarter, plus I can’t out stare him anymore. He likes loot bags.

We’re told anti-depressant/vaccine dangers are worth the price.

We don’t know the price, it’s externalized with the magic of ‘accounting’.

Which is stupid white man talk for forgettabouddit.

We are burning out our Chi by poisoning our guts, which holds our second brain.

Humans have a second brain around their stomachs, like an evolutionary mini me.

It’s likely why our guts and dicks always fight for attention, along with our dogs.

It’s like they have minds of their own.

Our food is like crispr synthetic DNA embalmed in poison.

Which is stupid white man talk for Twinkies are evil pieces of shit.

Europeans say American bread is made out of yoga mats.

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs on your doorstep?

A western GM soyboy named Matt.

All this is happening at the same time we face the greatest threat this planet ever saw.

The reason we got here is because of greed. Greed transcends race and sex.

It’s who we are. It’s what we do. No matter color, sex or ideology.

What we can’t figure out is how to sublimate fear and greed.

Which is stupid white man talk for I can’t get over myself.

If we don’t privately tax wealth and eliminate tax havens, we’re fucked.

We will not even intellectually rise to the occasion.

Instead, we traffic in 100 year old political fantasy and kid sex.

We spent 70 years turning ourselves into gay socialist femtards.

We raised emissions 60% in 30 years while ‘fighting inequality’.

When I say fight inequality or climate change, I mean both for and against.

That’s our default. The fight is the media. Hate is the message.

Capitalists are swine, and Socialists are the afterbirth.

The next 5 years belong to 5 billion African/Asians.

Elites will get rich turning them into gay, stupid, sick, dickless wonders.

And a few hundred million gay social retards here will bleat-stream their infertility.

Thank God for immigrants. The more we attack them, the more they invade us.

Then the more they vote conservative and keep wages down – good plan.

We can finally bring the war home if we’re threatened by world peace.

We are too stupid to live. Do I hate gay gender stuff? No.

Five women and a tranny tried to kill me once, and I still don’t hate them.

I only hate censorship of Hate Speech by brain fried Pedogon geeks.

Plus everything else. I call this era the Misanthropocene.

After all, I’m gifted with delusions of grandeur. The right man’s burden and all.

Jordan Peterson flies to England to be with 2 pedo celebrities, and Bernie Sanders flies to Voodoo Pedo Donuts for a photo-op with a child coffin. True or not, it doesn’t matter.

Ignoring bad news is our default dead man switch. That’s what matters.

It’s how elites get away with it, both left and right.

Don’t get woke, get lit. And don’t trust anyone over 30.

Meanwhile, fake vegetarians are celebrating fake meat.

Why not? Chickens are fake now.

They get shipped to China, turned into nuggets and shipped back.

You’re child’s chicken’s likely been around the world more than you.



National Academies warn of synthetic biology dangers

Human Health and Environmental Risks Posed by Synthetic Biology

“Health risk issues as follows: allergies, antibiotic resistance, carcinogens, and pathogenicity or toxicity. Environmental risk: change or depletion of the environment, competition with native species, horizontal gene transfer, and pathogenicity or toxicity.”

Links you’ll never see on reddit: ( it’s called pick your poison )

American Soil Is Being Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of US Farmland Now Owned By Foreigners

Forget “Money” – What Will Matter Are Water, Energy, Soil, & Food… And A Shared National Purpose

Crop-tastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Progress Report Signals Nightmare Scenario

After Reading This, You’ll Probably Never Want To Eat Genetically-Modified Food Again…

Superbugs & The Ultimate Economic Weapon: Food

Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants & Then Buys Their Services

Floods & Drought Devastate Crops All Over The Planet; Is A Global Food Crisis Be Coming?

The World Is Getting Increasingly Dumber, Study Finds







Bullshit = Money + Power

Zen Activism: I’m told my posts are banned on YT by red flag activists. It’s insane I even try. I guess Zen is the act of aiming blindly for success, like how Stevie Ray Vaughan could play the blues, or the art of rapping. You don’t try, you just do. I believe my act of futility is my balm. Oh well, our inevitable death marches on.

I think flat earthers don’t care if the earth is flat because they make money from it.

Fake science, fake news. Who gets rich telling the truth?

It ain’t me, that’s for fucking sure.

Zero Hedge and Automatic Earth are both focussing of late on our parasitical poisoning and leeching by petro- pharma- chemicals PPCs, which is good.

Both depend on crypto currencies for funding, which is bad.

Cryptos are bad because of their heavy carbon ppc toll and secrecy.

Musk is a Canadian boy sucking the U.S. tax tit dry for bullshit.

His hyperloop and mini-loop are science bullshit, not science.

Hollywood, Google and FB are funded for, of and by the Pedogon.

The kids running tech finance are evil fucking pricks.

I don’t think we should trust the fate of earth on a bunch of cryptic commie snots.

The reasons our institutions failed is because of the Greed Is Good meme.

The yellow vests have shown you can’t fight climate on the backs of the poor.

Only a 100% private open carbon wealth tax will stop the rich from killing earth.

I only say it’s the best chance we got from the insanity of identitarian civil war.

This is why we must privately tax private wealth – because the planet will die if we don’t.

Taxing private wealth and giving the money to socialist Democrats is suicidal.

Gay female commies are not going to beat up whitey and save 5 billion African-Asians.

The immigrants are coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

There’s no time for the ol’ divide and rule schlapstick parody of reality.

Solar wind power will do nothing for the climate if we don’t stop paying for bullshit and mind games.

The media is fake news.

People get paid to bullshit.

The real news is that we are just a few years from hitting the wall.

We are on a collision course with the annihilation of all non-subterranean life.

Your love or hatred of Trump is not important.

Informing people what is important is real.

2025 = Hunger Thirst War

2030 = Runaway Hothouse Earth

2035 = Runaway Mass Extinction

2020 = 4 billion people fly per year

2020 = 25 billion chickens live on earth

2020 = 98% of all land vertebrate biomass is livestock and human

2020 = 100% of vertebrate species turning female

2020 = 100% of vertebrate species penises shrinking

2060 = 90% of western men infertile

2050 = 90% of soil gone

2030 = 40% of people thirsty

2030 = 40% of people hungry

2030 = 100% of people won’t give a fuck about socialism

2030 = emissions must be down 50%

2030 = emissions will be up 15%

2030 = energy use will be up 10%

2030 = magnetic field strength down 5%

1990 – 2020 = 30 years, Russia collapsed 30 years ago

1990 – 2020 = NGOs + govs + corps promise lower emissions

1990 – 2020 = NGOs + govs + corps deliver 60% more emissions

1990 – 2020 = 2% of total world energy is powered by solar/wind

1990 – 2020 = defense spending up 100% since Russia collapsed


2025 = Unstoppable Irreversible Civilizational Collapse tipping point

2030 = Unstoppable Irreversible Runaway Hothouse Earth tipping point

2035 = Unstoppable Irreversible Runaway Mass Extinction tipping point









Just the facts Jack

Spitballs = saliva soaked paper wads blown through a Bic pen at your face

or, informed mis-under-over-guesstimates nobody will know or listen to but you

or, until you been hit in the face with a big wet sticky spitball, this is all glibberish.

2020 = 4 billion people fly per year

2020 = 25 billion chickens live on earth

2020 = 98% of all land vertebrate biomass is livestock and human

2020 = 100% of vertebrate species turning female

2020 = 100% of vertebrate species penises shrinking

2060 = 90% of western men infertile

2050 = 90% of soil gone

2030 = 40% of people thirsty

2030 = 40% of people hungry

2030 = 100% of people won’t give a fuck about socialism

2030 = emissions must be down 50%

2030 = emissions will be up 15%

2030 = energy use will be up 10%

2030 = magnetic field strength down 5%

1990 – 2020 = 30 years, Russia collapsed 30 years ago

1990 – 2020 = NGOs + govs + corps promise lower emissions

1990 – 2020 = NGOs + govs + corps deliver 60% more emissions

1990 – 2020 = 2% of total world energy is powered by solar/wind

1990 – 2020 = defense spending up 100% since Russia collapsed


2025 = Unstoppable Irreversible Civilizational Collapse tipping point

2030 = Unstoppable Irreversible Runaway Hothouse Earth tipping point

2035 = Unstoppable Irreversible Runaway Mass Extinction tipping point




Second First Post

Corporations, NGOs and Pinko commie femtards ain’t gonna save 5 billion African-Asians in 10 years. Moms run the CIA and Pentagon. All the top 20% make 70% of emissions. Only an international 100% private carbon wealth tax will lower emissions without revolt. Emissions went up 60% in 30 years because of corporations, NGOs and governments. Their petro- pharma- chemicals are turing all male fish, frog, bird and mammal into sterile females, and shrinking their dicks. Our wifi screens burn out our eyes and brains, making us stupid and sick.

After 30 years of fighting climate, solar/wind/EV power are less than 2% of total world energy demand, yet you’re told solar/wind/EV are winners. If we don’t cut emissions 50% in 10 years, it will be the end of all non-subterranean life. Europe gets 50% of its renewable energy burning imported trees and palm oil. We must cut politics from economics by using 100% private international carbon credits to eliminate tax havens, to auto-regulate human behavior, and unify international corporate regulation. Mostly, we have to stop shadow banning on YT because that’s here and now, and climate food shortages are like so next year.

When James Hansen and top biologists begged Green NGOs to cease resistance to 4G nuclear research to get power cleaning nuclear waste, he was told to fuck off because the donations were pouring in due to Fukushima, nuclear waste doesn’t just go away. When Hansen and several economists proposed 100% private carbon taxes, Bernie Sanders sponsored a bill to sequester 40% of any such tax. Capitalists are killer babies and socialists are the afterbirth.

Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started, there are 25 billion chickens on earth. Livestock and humans are 98% of land-air vertebrate biomass. The same vertebrates turning into girls. Runaway climate tipping points cannot be stopped or reversed once started. Two degrees C will hit the midwest 20 years ahead of global average. The Arctic is warming 3X faster than global average. Human petrochemical use grows 7X faster than human population. After 30 years of trying, solar/wind are less than 2% of total world energy use, after 30 years of trying emissions are up 60%. Corporations, NGOs and governments are evil. Don’t trust anyone over 30.

This Environmentalist Says Only Nuclear Power Can Save Us Now


2nd Last Post

Green Chemicals Need 160% More Renewable Energy

Mining The Future: How China will dominate next industrial revolution.

Renewable Energy: From Drill Baby Drill To Mine Baby Mine



The Last Post

This post will focus on PFAS and Phthalates, which is greek for this shit will fuck you up.

PFAS makes things smooth, Phthalates makes things rubbery.

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals in water food and air fuck you up.

Cell wifi fucks you up. Turn off wifi and phones at night read if you have to.

We are not only being feminized, we’re being femicated.

It’s moms who run the deep state MIC now, and I don’t mean the Mother Gaia kind.


Chemicals in air water food soil fabric pharma hygiene and container products are turning all male fish, frog, bird and mammal into females.

I refer to these chemicals as Petro Pharma Chemicals (PPCs).

PPCs are also shrinking all male dicks.

PPCs will make 90% of North American and European males infertile by 2050.

Two types of PPCs are PFAS and PFOS, there are thousands of different PFAS/PFOS.

PFAS/PFOS are called Forever Chemicals because they last longer than rocks.

This is because fluorine and fossil carbon form one of the strongest bonds in nature.

PFAS/PFOS show up in 99% of North America’s blood.

Unlike vaccines, PFAS/PFOS affect us all.

PFAS/PFOS concentrate and accumulate up the food chain and drift towards the north.

They affect all vertebrate species and especially people in North America and Europe.

PFAS/PFOS are in our air, water and food.

Go this link and just watch the video at the top of the page (++ good), it’s 2 min long and will tell you all you need to know.

If you’re a sick psycho puppy, a 90 min video from ground zero in Michigan will appear on the bottom of this post, or search for PFAS on YT.

It doesn’t matter how many links I post if people choose to ignore them.

I will update this post over the summer with expanded links and context.

Male Infertility + Male Feminization = 5G + PPCs | EMF = PPCs

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and PPCs affect all species like a one-two sucker punch.

They cause brain death and species feminization.

Wham bam thank you man.

Overwhelming Evidence:

EMF Effects on Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife

135 reports showing effects of EMF exposures on male fertility (1972-2012)

PFAS/PFOS = male infertility + smaller penises

These scientists think that plastics are shrinking men’s penises

Pesticide residue on fruits and veggies tied to infertility | Reuters

Plastic ain’t fantastic…for your penis! Food Packaging Shrinking Dicks

Naval Medical Research Institute: 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects

PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions

PFAS/PFOS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

EMFs = Adverse Reproductive Effects

PFAS/PFOS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water And Air

Drugged Waters – how modern medicine is turning into an environmental curse

Anti-Depressants And Violence (pro-gun, but still useful)

Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the U.S.

Your Cosmetics May Be Killing You

Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body

Photo toxic video light makes you myopic, frys your brain, damages your retina and disturbs your sleep.

EMF = Brain/blood barrier degradation which exposes brain to blood contaminates.

Nano-plastics penetrate the blood/brain barrier in fish causing behavioural disorders.

It’s not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that make 10% of our oxygen

PFAS/PFOS in Drinking Water: Hazardous at Ever-Lower Levels

Pervasive Fluorochemical Exposure Continues

Scientists discover large amounts of tiny plastic particles falling out of the air in a remote mountain location.

Dirty air at age 12 quadruples chances of depression by age 18

Teenage psychotic experiences linked to high levels of air pollution

More than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day

Air pollution is impeding our children’s brain development

Air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body’

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

City life damages mental health

Urban classrooms with 1,000 ppm C02 levels reduce cognition 15%. Bedrooms bad too.

Neurological Disorders from Ambient (Urban) Air Pollution

Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media (think girl in stuffy bedroom)

Endocrine Disruptors and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Pregnancy (Phthalates)

Environmental causes of cancer: endocrine disruptors as carcinogens

Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine Disruptor Fact Sheet

Low-dose BPA exposure induces marked adverse effects (Phthalates)

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles –

Effects of Microplastics on Human Health (2018 Facts & Guide)

Chemical use will grow 7X faster than population between 1990 and 2030.

Global chemical production has almost doubled since 2000.

By 2030, the industry will almost double again from 2017 levels.

China to account for 50% of 2030 world market.

Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Assumed safety of pesticide use is false, says top government scientist

Wide Range of Diseases Linked to Pesticides

High Rates of Suicide, Depression Linked to Farmers’ Use of Pesticides

Glyphosate linked to liver disease, birth defects and reproductive problems; may kill beneficial gut bacteria and damage DNA in human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.

Side Effects of Herbicides |

The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

After putting nano-silver in food, hygiene and container products, let’s see if it’s safe.

Impact of Nanoparticles on Brain Health

Nanoparticles in food can alter the behavior of gut bacteria

Propionate = obese diabetes = used as anti-fungal in baked goods

Super Fungal Infections On The Rise – due to food antifungal over use

Fake News by Carlos Slim, Mexican telecom racketeer, owner of NYT

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. NYT.
Paragraph eight:  “In January, The Times announced a joint venture with Verizon to build a 5G journalism lab.”  | Naked Capitalism

Mankind Lands in Marianas Trench Only To Be Greeted By Plastic Bag

I’m here! I’m here! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Feast your eyes on me! It’s too good to be true, but I’m here! said the bag.

The reason this happened is because Academics sold out to big business 100 years ago.

Check out the Academic Fraud section at the bottom of the next link.

It’s not human knowledge exponentiating, it’s bullshit.

This next link is also filled with plenty more evidence of emasculation and infertility which I will some day sort and catalogue. I’ve never been very good at that. It’s why I never learned to play the guitar properly. It’s also why moms run the MIC now. Somebody’s gotta wear the pants in the family.


Sick Psycho Puppy Video 90 min







3M Hid PFAS/PFOS Danger For Decades

So what’s shrinking men’s dicks, turning men into women, making us stupid and sick?

PFAS are called Forever Chemicals and will last even longer than many rocks.

PFAS can now be found in the blood of nearly 99% of America

Environmental Working Group identified 610 sites in 43 U.S. states or territories known contaminated with PFAS, including drinking water systems serving 19 million people.

I’ve had just about enough. My next plan is to list all the links accumulated in the last several months on this topic and present them all one page.

Just like the Boeing 737, nobody goes to jail. We should cut their fucking dicks off.



Death Wish

We know how junkies resent losing their high when brought back to life by medics.

It’s the same with social media addiction.

Ideology = 21st Century opiates

EMF Waves = 21st Century cigarettes

Social Media = 21 Century booze

5G Self-driving electric cars cause mental illness and diabetes, nobody cares.

Solar panels, iphones, wind turbines, petro- pharma- chemicals are toxic to all life.

We are told they will save earth, which is completely untrue. Boys will be boys.

This must be the end of history for the 100 year old stain of yellow journalism.




Half the people on earth fly each year

Rich smart people like flying. It don’t matter if they’re back white beige whatever.

Whites suffer delusions of hierarchical grandeur because they get wacky in winter.

You got rich people and socialists, each with their own delusions of righteous grandeur.

All carbon combustion on earth must be 0% in 20 years. Down 50% in 10 years.

The socialist/capitalist binary is 100 years old. Socialism will not save earth in 10 years.

World socialism will take 50 years minimum. This is an emergency.

Both sides lose, both sides win. It is the forever war of politics.

A 100% open private wealth tax will reduce emissions 50% in 10 years.

The stain of yellow journalism on social justice is 100 years old.

A 100% open private wealth tax is social justice.



The Baroque Cycle and

The Joy of Reading Slowly

Corporations, NGOs and governments have corrupted healthcare, academia, socialism and capitalism for 100 years. Kids sell their souls for 100 year old bullshit for a good paying job perpetuating bullshit learned in ancient schools.

What is the logical conclusion of corruption? Absolute corruption. In other words, all our institutions are so corrupt, it ends in child, drug, gun running, racketeering and fascism. Whenever an intellectual talks ideals, they’re talking money.

When private banks stole public credit 100 years ago, they started the boom/bust/depression/war cycle of the last 100 years. Ancient dino pedos teach 100 year old bullshit in ancient universities to kids for money about the virtues of socialism. We have to cut emissions 50% in 10 years or earth dies, and 100 year old socialist wet dreams cannot save 7 billion people in 10 years, only money can do that.

I don’t want intellectuals to think they get away without realizing their ancient 100 year old lizard brain bullshit is causing a whole planet to die. Both priests and physicists don’t know anything more about the spirit than you. The extinction of all non-subterranean life on earth cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

It’s China’s way or the Huawei. Solar wind powered EV 5G IOT dildos notwithstanding. Cryptos hide wealth, 100% open private wealth taxes unhide wealth. Russiagate just hides the Panama Papers. Hiding money from the tax man is even older than the bullshit kids pay to learn in ancient pedo dino cathedrals. Ask Lori Handrahan.