The Poisoned Gender

Love us or leave us, we are what we are. I accept us for what we are.

Millennials are just 3G Boomers, greedy petulant stupid.

Can a gender be poisoned? Of course it can. Ask any green supremacist gay frog.

All male vertebrates are losing their dicks, balls, brains and turning into girls, and I don’t mean politically.

More men are also poisoned by gay socialist femtards than ever before.

The women that run the CIA and Pedogon do this for money and power.

Is it a conspiracy? No. It’s our evolutionary default.

If you want a conspiracy, lock 3 monkees together in a room to share food.

Transgenderism, disease, stupidity and mental illness are intersectionally compounded by petro-pharma chemicals, EMF signals and 100% pure bullshit.

In stupid white man talk, we’re getting fucked from all sides, inside and out.

In French Canadian talk it’s, side by each, one on top another.

We destroyed normal foetus sexual development for all vertebrate classes

Vertebrates include rhinos, chickens, fish, green supremacist gay frogs and us.

Everyone except my wife’s rooster, he’s a total dicktard.

I ran from a big turkey attack once.

I felt just like Jussie Smollet for a second. Is that a song?

Our EMF video destroys kid’s eyes, brains and poisons their minds.

My goldfish now has a longer attention span than me, it’s smarter, plus I can’t out stare him anymore. He likes loot bags.

We’re told anti-depressant/vaccine dangers are worth the price.

We don’t know the price, it’s externalized with the magic of ‘accounting’.

Which is stupid white man talk for forgettabouddit.

We are burning out our Chi by poisoning our guts, which holds our second brain.

Humans have a second brain around their stomachs, like an evolutionary mini me.

It’s likely why our guts and dicks always fight for attention, along with our dogs.

It’s like they have minds of their own.

Our food is like crispr synthetic DNA embalmed in poison.

Which is stupid white man talk for Twinkies are evil pieces of shit.

Europeans say American bread is made out of yoga mats.

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs on your doorstep?

A western GM soyboy named Matt.

All this is happening at the same time we face the greatest threat this planet ever saw.

The reason we got here is because of greed. Greed transcends race and sex.

It’s who we are. It’s what we do. No matter color, sex or ideology.

What we can’t figure out is how to sublimate fear and greed.

Which is stupid white man talk for I can’t get over myself.

If we don’t privately tax wealth and eliminate tax havens, we’re fucked.

We will not even intellectually rise to the occasion.

Instead, we traffic in 100 year old political fantasy and kid sex.

We spent 70 years turning ourselves into gay socialist femtards.

We raised emissions 60% in 30 years while ‘fighting inequality’.

When I say fight inequality or climate change, I mean both for and against.

That’s our default. The fight is the media. Hate is the message.

Capitalists are swine, and Socialists are the afterbirth.

The next 5 years belong to 5 billion African/Asians.

Elites will get rich turning them into gay, stupid, sick, dickless wonders.

And a few hundred million gay social retards here will bleat-stream their infertility.

Thank God for immigrants. The more we attack them, the more they invade us.

Then the more they vote conservative and keep wages down – good plan.

We can finally bring the war home if we’re threatened by world peace.

We are too stupid to live. Do I hate gay gender stuff? No.

Five women and a tranny tried to kill me once, and I still don’t hate them.

I only hate censorship of Hate Speech by brain fried Pedogon geeks.

Plus everything else. I call this era the Misanthropocene.

After all, I’m gifted with delusions of grandeur. The right man’s burden and all.

Jordan Peterson flies to England to be with 2 pedo celebrities, and Bernie Sanders flies to Voodoo Pedo Donuts for a photo-op with a child coffin. True or not, it doesn’t matter.

Ignoring bad news is our default dead man switch. That’s what matters.

It’s how elites get away with it, both left and right.

Don’t get woke, get lit. And don’t trust anyone over 30.

Meanwhile, fake vegetarians are celebrating fake meat.

Why not? Chickens are fake now.

They get shipped to China, turned into nuggets and shipped back.

You’re child’s chicken’s likely been around the world more than you.



National Academies warn of synthetic biology dangers

Human Health and Environmental Risks Posed by Synthetic Biology

“Health risk issues as follows: allergies, antibiotic resistance, carcinogens, and pathogenicity or toxicity. Environmental risk: change or depletion of the environment, competition with native species, horizontal gene transfer, and pathogenicity or toxicity.”

Links you’ll never see on reddit: ( it’s called pick your poison )

American Soil Is Being Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of US Farmland Now Owned By Foreigners

Forget “Money” – What Will Matter Are Water, Energy, Soil, & Food… And A Shared National Purpose

Crop-tastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Progress Report Signals Nightmare Scenario

After Reading This, You’ll Probably Never Want To Eat Genetically-Modified Food Again…

Superbugs & The Ultimate Economic Weapon: Food

Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants & Then Buys Their Services

Floods & Drought Devastate Crops All Over The Planet; Is A Global Food Crisis Be Coming?

The World Is Getting Increasingly Dumber, Study Finds







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