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Sinister ‘Hunger Stones’ With Dire Warnings Have Been Surfacing in Europe

21 Indian Cities Will Run Out Of Groundwater By 2020

‘Hell Is Coming’: What Lies Ahead for Europe’s Climate – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

South Pole sea ice is now vanishing at an alarming rate, too

Total biomass of flying insects in Germany has dropped 76% since 1982, new data shows.

‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed

An area of Amazon rainforest the size of a football pitch is cleared every minute.

Environmentalists removed more than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific — and it barely made a dent

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No Soil & Water Before 100% Renewable Energy — Jan 2016
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Reverse Psy Ops

Are vaccines safe? I doubt it, I was born stupid.

Are chemtrails real? I wouldn’t doubt it. Not if the Pedogon fears climate change.

Are we the pet monkeys of ancient subterranean lizards? We sure act like it.

Women run the CIA and Pentagon. Sorry mother Gaia.

Our black Prez ran out of bombs in Syria. Sorry Martin Luther King.

Madeleine Albright killed half a million kids.  Sorry Iraqi kids.

Bernie wants to steal carbon tax money. Sorry planet earth.

The MIC and Banks are out of control. Sorry again.

The media depend on hate for money.

We can’t have education and healthcare without peace.

The media divide us from uniting for peace.

Meanwhile the 100 year old circus show must go on.





Traitor = Bernie Sanders

massive nonlinear societal events

Scientists say we have a 5% chance of surviving climate change.

Political economists say we have a 50% chance of survival.

The hate economy drives the internet to divide the poor.

Kids blame capitalism, and turn to socialism, which is too little too late.

The cycle of boom, bust, war started in 1913.

Socialism, feminism, populism are 100 year old decadal cycles.

We use to burn oil for heat, now we turn oil into toxic photon video.

Green energy is controlled opposition.

The goal is to accelerate the collapse through the old divide and conquer ritual called voting, which divides people into halves and promising one of them power.

The problem is that the internet gave us the ability to rule ourselves outside of corporations, NGOs and governments.

Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk are fictions we feed kids, like Santa Clause and Barbie.

A couple hundred million socialists are not going to reduce emissions 50% in 10 yrs.

This is known.

Socialism was a great idea the first or second time around, it’s too late for that now.

We now have the power to take away rich people’s money world wide as they retreat into to their crypto tax haven money laundering ops.

Rich people come in all shapes and sizes.

The top 20% of earners make 70% of carbon emissions.

We now have the ability of privately taxing the top 20% and keeping all the money for ourselves.

This would form a universal carbon income and kill tax havens.

This is called a 100% private carbon wealth fee and dividend.

That means corporations, NGOs and governments get nothing.

Both Socialists and Capitalists hate this.

Bernie immediately sponsored a bill to allow the government to seize 40% of any private carbon tax.

In my mind, this is treason, that’s why I never trust socialists or scientists, or anyone over 30.

We now have the ability to get green energy recycling nuclear waste, yet green NGOs get too much money from recycling nuclear hysteria. Fukushima and Boeing suffered from greed far more than bad science.

Just I because I don’t trust scientists doesn’t mean I don’t respect them for the anal little assholes they are. Paul Beckwith excepted. I like his fat beaver tail risk analysis. The other guys I like are Hans Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf. Steffy’s got big balls for saying we have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years. Political economists say 40 years, but I never believe in priests or self-righteous commies.

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The Withering Bones of Humanity

Our bones are withering away at a very, very fast pace. Children’s skeletons are becoming more and more fragile EVERY year. On a decadal scale. This is frightening. Bones are synonymous with infrastructure because we would literally collapse without them.

Our jaws are becoming so tiny that crooked teeth are a feature, not an aberration. Some believe our tiny mandibles changed our language, and allowed a 3-fold increase in the use of “F” and “V” sounds over time. This is why we can now easily say “Fuck Vox!”.

Our smartphones are already changing the shape of our skulls and causing a spikey protuberance in the back near our necks. This is due to something called, “text neck”. Our new slouching postures are straining the muscles attached to the base of our skulls — and the body responds by laying down fresh layers of bone. This use to be rare — not any more.

When we compare the height of a person to the width of one of their elbows, we can see that human elbows are getting thinner. They are literally withering away.

Children do not play outside anymore — they play video games and stare at toxic photon devices. These devices are damaging the brain’s visual cortex and are causing endemic myopia. They also cause physical and mental illness. I don’t know what endemic means, but I like the sound of it.

The chemicals, plastics and metals that make our devices contribute to the biological emasculation, feminization and sterilization of all male vertebrates. In plain English: our dicks and bones are shrinking, we’re shooting blanks, and we’re all turning into women. While I think our acceptance of biological sexual deviance is ultimately good, it does not bode well for the terrible future we face because we are mentally, physically and sexually weaker.


Pathologizing Kids, Pharma Style

  • Millions of kids today are on meds for conduct disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, mixed manias, social phobia and, of course, ADHD. But according to data from IMS health in a Wall Street Journal article, just as many kids are being treated for non-psychiatric conditions that were often considered “adult diseases.” In fact, 25 percent of children and 30 percent of adolescents now take at least one prescription for a chronic condition said Medco, a pharmacy benefit manager, making the kid prescription market four times as strong as the adult in 2009. Between 2001 and 2009, high blood pressure meds for kids rose 17 percent, respiratory meds 42 percent, diabetes meds 150 percent and heartburn/GERD meds 147 percent. In one study, 18.6 million children’s doctor visits for sleep problems, resulted in sleeping med prescriptions 81 percent of the time.

Toxic technology: How social media is making us dumb, angry — and addicted

  • There’s a pill for that.

Spike In Autism Linked To Preservative In Processed Foods

How Modern Life Is Transforming The Human Skeleton

Thank Evolution For Your Messed Up Teeth ( smaller jaw = sleep apnea )

Spermacidal Junk Food

Men’s fertility irreversibly damaged by age of 18 thanks to Western junk food diet, study finds – A groundbreaking investigation has established that teenagers who favour high-fat and processed foods like pizzas, chips and snacks are killing off sperm-producing cells that can never be replaced.

It’s a myth that environmental regulations stifle economic productivity. Harmful chemicals cost the US $340bn a year.

Long-term Antipsychotic Treatment and Brain Volumes

  • I guess either way, you’re going to lose your mind.

Chronic consumption of refined carbohydrates has been linked to relative neurocognitive deficits across the lifespan. Hippocampal function is especially impacted, but prefrontal and mesolimbic reward pathways may also be altered. Early life exposure to refined carbohydrates, (i.e., prenatal, juvenile, and adolescence periods) may be particularly toxic to cognitive functioning.

Refined sugar intake is associated with lower cognitive performance across the cognitive continuum

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates causes insulin resistance. And insulin resistance is associated with Cognitive Decline among older Koreans

Background fish feminization effects in European remote sites, Nature

Endocrine Disruption Found in Fish Exposed to Municipal Wastewater, USGS

Phthalate Environmental Contamination’s Effects on Reproduction

Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, and Endocrine Disruptors in Water

Demasculinization and feminization of male gonads by atrazine: Consistent effects across vertebrate classes, NIH

Are Endocrine Disruptors Blurring Issues of Gender? NIC

Pollution Causing Feminization of Males Across Multiple Species, The Independent

Environmental impact of estrogens on human, animal and plant life, Science Direct

EMF Effects on Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife

135 reports showing effects of EMF exposures on male fertility (1972–2012)

PFAS/PFOS = male infertility + smaller penises

These scientists think that plastics are shrinking men’s penises

Pesticide residue on fruits and veggies tied to infertility | Reuters

Plastic ain’t fantastic…for your penis! Food Packaging Shrinking Dicks

Naval Medical Research Institute: 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects

PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions

PFAS/PFOS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

EMFs = Adverse Reproductive Effects

PFAS/PFOS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water And Air

Drugged Waters — how modern medicine is turning into an environmental curse

Anti-Depressants And Violence (pro-gun, but still useful)

Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the U.S.

Your Cosmetics May Be Killing You

Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body

Photo toxic video light makes you myopic, frys your brain, damages your retina and disturbs your sleep.

EMF = Brain/blood barrier degradation which exposes brain to blood contaminates.

Nano-plastics penetrate the blood/brain barrier in fish causing behavioural disorders.

It’s not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that make 10% of our oxygen

PFAS/PFOS in Drinking Water: Hazardous at Ever-Lower Levels

Pervasive Fluorochemical Exposure Continues

Scientists discover large amounts of tiny plastic particles falling out of the air in a remote mountain location.

Dirty air at age 12 quadruples chances of depression by age 18

Teenage psychotic experiences linked to high levels of air pollution

More than 90% of the world’s children breathe toxic air every day

Air pollution is impeding our children’s brain development

Air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body’

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals

City life damages mental health

Urban classrooms with 1,000 ppm C02 levels reduce cognition 15%. Bedrooms bad too.

Neurological Disorders from Ambient (Urban) Air Pollution

Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media (think girl in stuffy bedroom)

Endocrine Disruptors and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Pregnancy (Phthalates)

Environmental causes of cancer: endocrine disruptors as carcinogens

Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine Disruptor Fact Sheet

Low-dose BPA exposure induces marked adverse effects (Phthalates)

Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles —

Effects of Microplastics on Human Health (2018 Facts & Guide)

Chemical use will grow 7X faster than population between 1990 and 2030.

Global chemical production has almost doubled since 2000.

By 2030, the industry will almost double again from 2017 levels.

China to account for 50% of 2030 world market.

Pesticides and antibiotics polluting streams across Europe

Assumed safety of pesticide use is false, says top government scientist

Wide Range of Diseases Linked to Pesticides

High Rates of Suicide, Depression Linked to Farmers’ Use of Pesticides

Glyphosate linked to liver disease, birth defects and reproductive problems; may kill beneficial gut bacteria and damage DNA in human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.

Side Effects of Herbicides |

The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

After putting nano-silver in food, hygiene and container products, let’s see if it’s safe.

Impact of Nanoparticles on Brain Health

Nanoparticles in food can alter the behavior of gut bacteria

The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance, PNAS

Seniors and men are especially vulnerable to cognitive decline due to dirty air, Motherboard

Is air pollution making us stupider?

‘Suppressed’ EU report could have banned 31 pesticides worth billions, the report said pesticides are making us stupid, depressed and infertile, Guardian

Western diet cause reduced cognition, declining cognition and dementia, NIH

Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

What Screen Time Can Really Do to Kids’ Brains

Your smartphoneis making you stupid, antisocial and unhealthy . So why can’t you put it down, The Globe & Mail

Myopia Epidemic From Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Sunlight


The Second Civil War

I’ve been a hardcore pacifist for 50 years. I still am.

America is a land divided. Divided by culture, income and geography.

The newest division in the land is age.

Age hadn’t been so politically divided since the 60s.

All these divisions didn’t happen overnight. They started back in 1990s.

When Gore Vidal interviewed Timothy McVeigh, he painted a picture of a mid-western boy who was fighting the big corporate takeover of small mid-western farms. Gore says coastal MSM audiences were fed a one-sided narrative of the Waco Texas massacre and Oklahoma bombing. Link below. The Waco event was the largest massacre of Americans by its government in the minds of a great many Americans. It was Clinton’s first stand against the poor white nationalists of dispossessed farmers.

The signing of NAFTA and WTO accords at that time started the mass exodus of mid-western jobs to Mexico and Asia. The export of 60,000 manufacturing plants left the small mid-western farmer jobless, as well as landless. So they joined the armed forces and went to war overseas. Their coastal peers meanwhile got jobs in the media and tech industries. The rednecks returned armed with weapons and PTSD. A crackdown on urban black predators by the Clintons was now also in full swing.

So now you have 3 groups, poor mid-western whites, poor urban blacks and coastal elites. These coastal elites formed what is known as The Clinton Archipelago, the map below typifies the cultural divide in America, with dense islands of coastal elites, in a vast sea of Trump supporters.

When Chris Hedges talks about the betrayal of the middle class by liberal elites, the Clinton Archipelago symbolizes what he means. It is a map of the rural poor and urban rich. There would be a similar map for the Yellow Vests of France.

Below is a map of 2 things, the mid-west flood zone, and the Gulf of Mexico dead zone.

If you put the Clinton map on top of the flood map, you can perfectly see what I mean.

The floods of the mid-west are completely toxic, all septic tank and toxic farm waste have flooded into the whole mid-west. Maybe millions of rural water wells are contaminated with toxic shit and chemicals. These floods have destroyed wells and crops all along the mid-west.

You now have 3 groups, poor urban blacks, poor rural whites, and elite urbanites. Each group is traumatized by their environments in both a cultural and physical sense. Urbanites are flooded with media/chemical/radiation poison and Ruralites are flooded with poverty misery and and regular poison. Into this we are facing a food crises.

Pork prices rose 40% because China lost 30% of its pigs, a loss 30% larger than all US pigs. They are affected with an African Swine Flu, for which there is no cure and is unstoppable. If it jumps the species, as it is wont to do, our food security will be compromised if you’re being killed by your own food.

They say people don’t understand the exponential function, but they will when food prices crank up.

We are now facing polarized politics, food, drinking water and safety shortages due to flood/drought intensification.

If that isn’t bad enough, we’re headed into the most divided election year in history.

The first phase of collapse is cultural, the second phase is civil unrest, and the third phase is a civil war that descends into anarchy and chaos.

Okay, if you’re not scared now, read on.

The last video below is a civil war analysis and projection by right wingers. I do not endorse the views and opinions of this analysis, but it’s very real in the minds of those who do. I do not endorse violence, but it’s real and it’s there.

This post is not a threat, it’s a warning.

To illustrate what I’m saying, I’ve included 3 videos.

The first video fearfully portrays the damage of mid-west flooding. The repeated imagery only belies the fear. 10 min.

The second video by Jimmy Dore symbolizes the cultural divide in America.

The third video is just plain scary.


Hunting The Old Rich White Guy

Today’s old rich white guy safari will take us deep into the ORWG natural habitat, the court room.

This is where ORWGs tend to flock squawking for power.

It’s here where they also tend to rape and kill your woman and children while tweeting empty ideals and preening their feathers.

They tend to lock their beta-males into debt servitude to bleed them dry.

They debt indenture their young with the elaborate idealism of socialism.

ORWG plumage is very low-key and subdued to hide their apex predatory nature.

ORWGs like to imagine their destruction of earth is temporary, and that earth will be fine without us.

Pesticides, herbicide use is biologically emasculating, feminizing, and infertilizing their offspring. Most males will be infertile by 2050.

All male fish, frog, bird and mammal vertebrates are turning female, and all insects are dying off.

The last time I checked, we need those things to live.

ORWGs have hatched a mutant AI offspring that feeds on data.

Asian phones do not require banks to move money.

They have over 2 billion data customers. Bye bye OWRG dominance.

ORWGs should be rounded up and put on reserves.

Rich people produce 70% of emissions.

Tax the rich, save the earth.

If you’re 15 years old, you saw emissions rise 30%.

If you’re 30 years old, you saw emissions rise near 60%.

It took 30 years for solar and wind power to hit 2% of total world energy use.

Never trust priests, physicists or anyone over 30.

50% of Europe’s renewable energy comes from burning trees, including palm oil and plastic.

Electric vehicles will have 0% impact on the climate.

Elon Musk is a fraud funded by socialist ORWGs and offspring.

ORWGs, of both socialist and capitalist stripes, hate popular opinion.

They want to stamp it out before the new civil war next year.

As we leave the courtrooms of the ORWG, we can take comfort in the knowledge their own greed will breed them out of existence.

We should put them on the endangered species red list.

All power has been transferred to Asia, except the ORWG military ( run by females ).

OWRGs have so thoroughly destroyed their social structure and nest that war is all they got now, it’s the only thing that gets it up for them.

There are 25 billion chickens on earth.

Humans and livestock are 98% of all land vertebrate biomass.


Finding The Right Ammo For Hunting OWRGs.

100% private carbon wealth fee and dividend

= 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments

= 100% private universal basic income

Both demtard socialists and creeptard capitalists hate it, so it must be good.