Canada election: Charitie confused against climate change ads

  • Canada’s election watchdog has warned environmentalists that saying climate change is real could break the law.

Soils linked to climate change

  • Boreal forests store 30–40% of terrestrial carbon, and the increase in fire frequency will turn boreal forests from carbon sinks into carbon sources.

Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change U.S. Cities

  • From power cuts to infrastructure failure, the impact of climate change on US cities will be huge.

Cold-Climate Lizards May Face Extinction in 60 Years

  • Cold-climate lizards that give live birth to their offspring are more likely to be driven to extinction than their egg-laying cousins.

Iraq’s burning problem: the strange fires destroying crops and livelihoods

The New American Homeless 

Singapore Says Musk’s Electric Cars Are About ‘Lifestyle,’ Not Climate

Tesla is now facing its most dangerous adversary yet, and it could be proof that buying SolarCity was a huge blunder

American Apocalypse: The Enemy Is You

Shitpost Central:

Evidence That Points To Brazil’s Bolsonaro Starting Fires On Indigenous Native Reserves To Clear Land For Big Cattle



Amazon Rainforest Absorbing Less Carbon Than Expected

  • Phosphorus-deficient soils reduced carbon uptake by 50% in the Amazon.

More Than 2,300 Tigers Killed And Trafficked This Century

Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. 

The Nano Brain Conspiracy: Tiny Magnetic Particles In Air Go Straight Up The Nose To The Brain To Give Kids Dementia — No Magic Bullets, No Cure

Someone says I should use Duck Duck Go instead of Google, but power corrupts. If I could sell silence for money, I would always get woke and go broke anyways. I’m a real blabberpuss.

Up Your Nose With The Nano Brain Conspiracy, Ya Kook!

If Google takes Monsanto money to shut up, then who else? Big Nano Tech? Just follow the hopium hype of big ad money, and the answer will be high tech materials. You know the drill — transhumanism, smoothies on Mars etc.

The F-35 fighter jet is only mission ready 11% of the time. The Super Max 737 is mission ready 0% of the time, new condos are falling apart in Australia and Canada. Solar power works at peak capacity 10% of the time in northern Europe. Wind mills only generate 90% of their power rating 25% of the time, and kill bats and birds, just like glass condos.  We can’t safely electrify 1 billion cars at all, never mind in 40 years. We don’t know these things because of all the hype.

Social media news = ad hype. It’s the new currency, literally, I’m mean Libra(lly).  It’s brainwashing, and I don’t mean the good, like mushrooms, weed and beer.

Nanoparticles can do many wonderful things, but they can also do many terrible things, which are ignored. Scientists, motivated by greed, ignore the precautionary principle to put these poisons in our bodies, for money. As we have seen from the news that Monsanto paid Google to de-rank bad publicity, it’s really difficult to find bad news on the ill effects of nanoparticles. Especially in plain English. So I have taken it upon myself to present only the dangers of nanoparticles, because the so-called benefits of them are so easy to find. Thanks Google. You’re the best.

Nanoparticles have been around some 10 years now, and they’re everywhere, good luck avoiding them, they are in our toothpaste, make-up, food etc., they’re even in the air, and travel straight from your nose, to your olfactory nerve, to your brain. They also get into waterways to affect fish.

Nanoparticles from air leaves magnetic waste in your brain


Magnetic Nanoparticles Found In Human Brain


  •  Magnetite from air pollution gets into the brain to cause Alzheimer-like changes in our youth, in people as young as the teenage years. Magnetite is a particularly concerning pollutant because it forms destructive chemicals called reactive oxygen species, ( free radicals ) which lead to damage and inflammation. The fact that it’s also magnetic could cause interactions with external magnetic fields, which may cause further problems.

Silica nanoparticles induce neurodegeneration-like changes in behavior, mood dysfunction and cognitive impairment


  • Nanoparticles are often used for drug delivery mechanisms for inside the cells of your body.

Common food additive found to affect gut microbiota


  • Titanium dioxide nanoparticles, found in 900 food products, could trigger diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases and colorectal cancer.

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles exacerbates colitis


  • Titanium dioxide, one of the most-produced nanoparticles worldwide, is being used increasingly in foodstuffs. When intestinal cells absorb titanium dioxide particles, this leads to increased inflammation and damage to the intestinal mucosa in mice with colitis.
  • Joke of the Day: Researchers recommend that patients with colitis avoid food containing titanium dioxide particles.

Nanoparticle translocation and multi-organ toxicity


  • Inhalation of nanoparticles from air pollution enter the bloodstream to have multiple effects on organs throughout the body
I wash all my food like crazy’: scientists voice concern about nanoparticles


  • US foods are increasingly full of nano-scale additives linked to inflammation, liver and kidney damage and even heart and brain damage.

Silver nanoparticles are toxic for aquatic organisms


  • Silver nanoparticles are increasingly being used in consumer products, such as clothing and personal care products, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and in the food industry.

Air on board diesel trains is five times more polluted than beside a busy street


  • Ultrafine particles are often carbon nanoparticles, coated with hydrocarbons and metals. Do not sit right behind the engine.

Agricultural nanoparticles could mean more algae outbreaks in wetlands and waterways


  • Even low concentrations of gold and copper nanoparticles used in fungicides and pesticides turn clear water a murky pea soup color, its surface covered with bright green smelly mats of floating algae.

Of course, I can go on and on, but I don’t make money doing this. I’m not trying to sell magic bullet cures or looking for click money. I’m just a concerned elderly citizen enjoying early onset dementia. Now, where did I leave my weed?


Ye Olde Shitpost: https://old.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/cs0ni9/teflon_chemicals_in_99_of_americans_causes_male/?

North American Extinctions Areas in red show where indigenous organism populations have dropped below the “safe” limit of ecological stability, according to a 2016 study. Data from the Natural History Museum. ( source not confirmed )

unsafe extinctions

F-35 Test Fleet Struggling with Low Readiness Rates POGO

  • Boeing and the F-35 are shit.

‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Zizek on Google leak

Planes are not the problem in fighting climate change — Toronto Star

  • 2019 = 4 billion flights/yr | 2037 = 8.2 billion flights/yr | no problem
  • Toronto Star = Toxic Waste

Fracking methane may be light enough to be confused with biogenic sources

98% of the planet surface has been affected by abrupt climate change

Sand mining is killing wildlife, sinking ocean islands, and causing bridge collapses

Plague-infected prairie dogs have shut down parts of a Denver suburb | CNN

China buried dozens of containers with toxic waste in the desert of Northern Sudan. The waste was most probably from nuclear plants in China.


Carbon Pricing is Not a Fix For Climate Change

  • Does a good job of knocking down our current climate nostrums, but ignore’s Hansen’s 100% private dividends just like everyone else. Then lamely offers natural gas, CCS and energy efficiency as a solution.

Saint Greta: Greta’s Yacht Trip = 4X More C0₂ Than Flying

  • Here trip triggers 6 flights for yacht support personel.

Suicide rates have increased in almost every age demographic since 2000, especially amongst millennials.


Earth Stopped Getting Greener 20 Years Ago | Scientific American

We consume 40% of annual green stuff on land.

Trees are bio-solar battery banks who’s depletion accelerates atmospheric degradation and loss. We lost half the trees in 2,000 years, most in the last 60. That’s what physicists say, but I never trust physicists or priests, or anyone over 30 or under 25, but I trust trees, bees and my telepathic dog.

What is interesting is the low to the ground low moisture contrast to upper tropospheric moistening.

Ninesy Shitpost:


Morning Shitpost:


Plastics In Rainwater, Plastics In Snow, Plastics In Our Food, Plastics Everywhere


Since the 1960s, plastic production has increased by approximately 8.7% annually, evolving into a $600 billion global industry. Approximately eight million metric tons of plastics enter the oceans annually. In a few million years the only evidence that humans ever existed will be a thin film of nano-plastics. Nano- microplastics and minerals eat through the brain/blood barrier to infect your brain.

The millions of tons of plastic in oceans got a lot of media attention recently. But plastic pollution poses a bigger threat to land plants and animals – including humans. Micro- and nanoplastic is even in the air you breathe. It’s in everything you eat drink and breathe.

Plastics don’t chemically breakdown easily, they usually just get physically smaller and smaller. When they shrink to a certain size, they become toxic sponges, absorbing a wide variety of toxic materials. Each week humans eat enough plastic to make up a credit card. There are 52 weeks to a year. It’s like eating 52 credit cards each year on your birthday. There’s nothing you can do about, so sit back and enjoy the cake.

Eventually the plastic is broken down to nanoparticles, which are able to pass through biological barriers, penetrate tissues and accumulate in organs and affect behaviour and metabolism of organisms. Your brain is an organ.

The uptake of nanoplastic particles by algae, and their transport up the food chain, affects the brain physiology and behaviour of top consumer fish. Humans are a top consumer.

Scientists ignore the precautionary principle because of money. That’s why no educated idiot could prove cigarettes kill you in a court or hearing room, even though us normal idiots knows they do.

The first plastic was bakelite, it was a heavy, strong, brittle material that made early 20th century phones. The Talented Mr. Ripley is a movie about the corruption of wealth and greed, based on the heirs to the bakelite fortune.

**Brain damage and behavioural disorders in fish induced by plastic nanoparticles delivered through the food chain**


Microplastics in Seafood and the Implications for Human Health


Review of micro- and nanoplastic contamination in the food chain


Plastic planet: How tiny plastic particles are polluting our soil


Never Good News Having Particles in Your Brain


When you mix all this with photo chemical smog, PFAS and lead in drinking water, PFAS in the air, nano metals sticking to micro- nanoplastics, gene modded foods, pesticides, herbicides, hormone disruptors etc., it’s a wonder we can think at all.


China Cannot Be Stopped From Destroying Earth

While America can’t barely keep its Boeing and F35 jets in the air, China has formed a new crypto coin to compete with the oil dollar and Facebook’s Libra.

China close to launching cryptocurrency


China controls 80% of rare earth minerals, now they’re jumping into sea floor mining of them.

China extends domain with fifth deep sea mining contract


Methane is the fuel of tomorrow. China is extracting sea bed clathrates right now.

China Claims Sea Floor Clathrate Breakthrough


China To Build 700 Coal Plants Worldwide


China can build a nuclear power station in 5 years. Plans to build 8/yr up to 2030


China readies new phone OS to replace Android whenever needed


As for China’s 5G dominance, well… let’s no go there.

They say there are 4 billion flights per year, over half of earth. They also say flights will double by 2037.

8.2 billion Air Travelers By 2037


There are over 3 billion Asians who care less about climate than you do. We have to cut emissions 50% in 10 yrs to live. Ain’t gonna happen.

There are over 3 billion Asians who love Capitalism way more than 50 million Americans love socialism. China pours more cement every few years than America ever did. They build enough highway to cross America twice over every year. They lay more high speed rail track than all nations combined each year. China’s cruise ship tourism is going nuts.

Ninesies Shitpost: World Condo Collapse = Sooner Than Expected

China: A Kinder Gentler Disaster Capitalism

Compare cement production of China and the US. China pours more cement every few years than America ever did period.

China is using the same debt weaponization policy in Africa, as Europe and America used way back in the 20th century. They will enslave that country for food and minerals.

China lays more hi speed train track many times over the whole rest of the world.

The US exports war, China exports debt.

They lend money to grifter presidents, who pay most of that money back to Chinese construction outfits, to build huge vanity projects, that locks the country into a unpayable debt that’s used as political leverage.

There are 3 billion Asians who love capitalism.

When Communist China unleashed capitalism, it allowed regional governments to fraudulently ignore central party dictates, out of fear of collapse.

When America said Greed Is Good, China said Wealth Is Glorious. Since the 2008 Yankee bank bust, China has taken taken the debt explosion and sent it supernova by 2014.

The US sell weapons, China sells silk roads. You don’t need to be a socialist to have free healthcare and education, just like you don’t need to be a communist to act like a dirty capitalist pig.

Crisis? What Crisis: 40% of Americans Can’t Afford Vacation


Fracking in U.S. and Canada linked to worldwide atmospheric methane spike

Plastic particles falling out of sky with snow in Arctic

Scientists Find Micro Plastics Deep in Arctic Ice

How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis

Poisoned Palm oil ‘bergs’ wash up over British beaches

The Green Money Machine: Greed and Graft at U.N. Climate Program ( Not Just Russia )

Tests confirm increasing levels of algae blooms in Austin NBC

  • Gulf of Mexico is a shit hole country.

Lower Carbon Budget + Higher Climate Sensitivity + Higher Emissions = Sooner Than Expected = today’s shitpost — updated due to mal-cognition ignition



97% of World’s Large River Species Gone Since 1970

  • never get stuck with “Moby Dick” when playing charades

More Than Half Of World’s Forest Wildlife Lost In 40 Years (Ind.)

  • one step over the line to go

Shrieking Heard From Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell The Morning He Died (CBS)

  • didn’t go quietly

Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ (SAC)

  • not going quietly

Google’s algorithm for detecting hate speech looks racially biased

  • If I could read it I would

Current Events And The Law And Justice Collapse Inflection Point

Collapse is not a conspiracy, although we conspire to see it through. But, just as no good deed goes unpunished, so no good idea goes uncorrupted. You’re whole life is a conspiracy to survive.

The American trust in law and justice is totally gone. Even the average joe knows collapse is at hand, once law and justice corruption are too obvious to ignore, the rest is just waiting for the penny to drop.

Greta was “criticized” for her photo with Germany’s cute tree house terrorist, a young woman fighting to save a forest that sits on top of coal. Greta is going to fly across the ocean on a multi-million dollar super sailing yacht, to tell New York’s poor Uber drivers to stop working.

She’ll make world heatlines, and not a single Uber driver will stop driving. We’ll be made to feel helpless again. for yet another day.

Do you remember the “inevitable” trade deals of the 1990s? That media induced hopelessness is how they manufacture consent.

It’s the same as shutting up to put up with something.

Jussie Smollet broke the law and walks. Epstein broke the law and walked. Kamala Harris gets rich locking up blacks in private prisons for drug abuse, while everybody’s dying from synthetic fentanyl. Obama’s killed more Muslims than anyone since Madeleine Albright killed half a million Iraqi kids. If an investigative journalist gets within a mile of the Clintons, they get suicided. All these things are not secret. Can you imagine what is secret? The Bushes and Clintons ruled America for 40 years. As for the Bush family, you don’t want me to go there, I’ll get banned.

Extinction Rebellion is about youth and non-violent disobedience, which is a joke when you look at France, Hong Kong and Russia etc. Their main strategy is to disrupt traffic and ruin your business. If any ideal was more ripe for violence and corruption, it would be the notion of non-violent protest and disruption.

The Russians and Americans are killing journalists worldwide. This is known. Freedom of speech has been lost worldwide. Surveillance is up the ying yang worldwide. You can’t even get on the bus in China if your social data is worthless.

Facebook has been recording and transcribing our audio without permission or knowledge. Google’s deepthroat is coming out today. Twitter’s screwed with Tulsi Gabbard twice already. Climate Change has been stricken from the Democratic debates.

Monsanto paid Google to de-rank bad news about them. You have absolutely know idea how much you are being poisoned, both body and mind. If vaccines cause autism, I’m fine because so does everything else. But Monsanto is killing life on earth.

Poisoned earth: Farm Rot is Eating America Alive

Farm Rot is Eating America Alive

Political violence is up and we’re headed into a big election year. Homeless people are being shipped to Sanctuary cities. Pop up Fema camps are ready for large lock ups. China has like a million Muslims locked up somewhere. They’re accused of sterilizing them. While climate change is wayyy down the list of their citizens, they do like to breathe clean air.

Humans and livestock inhabit the earth, but we’re not the only ones getting sicker, our livestock are too. Deadly pig and chicken bugs are sweeping the world. Hunger has gone up 4 years running. Crop damage up, reserves down. America sold its grain reserves to world markets in 2008. We’re all in the same boat now when it comes to food. Some say we’re pouring frack waste water on organic foods. Whether true or not, hardly seems to matter. Michigan has so much PFAS and lead in their drinking water, it hardly matters. PFAS make you sterile, and worse, and they’re even in the air you breathe.

And what’s my point? We have reached a social tipping point that can’t be reversed or stopped no matter what you do. So relax a little, try to enjoy life while you can, and hang onto some hope, no matter what it is. But, if Michael Moore’s new energy documentary ends in sonorous overtones of Kumbaya, then it’s Hari Kari time for me.


Words and Ideas are not things.


Plastic Falls From The Sky In Rocky Mountains (G.)

  • it’s raining rainbow unicorns

Farm Rot is Eating America Alive (CP)

Superbug is evolving to thrive in hospitals and guts of people with sugary diets

Mass Extinction Is Past — Climate Chaos Is Now — Financial Crisis Is Next

Mass Extinction Is Past — Climate Chaos Is Now — Financial Crisis Is Next

Climate driven mass extinction has just begun. Mass extinction from humans and livestock started over 150 years ago. It exploded in the last 60 years. It went supernova 30 years ago, after the introduction of gene modded food. Ten years ago a biologist sent students to collect frogs, they couldn’t find any, he didn’t believe them. Now the insects birds frogs fish are dying off BIG time. What we have to face now is runaway mass extinction, which can’t be stopped or reversed once started.

Humans and livestock already caused 80% of species extinctions. There’s been a 97% river life die off since 1970. Gene modded food kills even the good germs in the soil, and the good germs in our guts. Just 3 neonic seeds kills 1 bird.

We burn corn, soy and palm oil in cars, and trees for electricity, and call it green energy. Indonesia killed elephants and orangutans in its own national park, to justify clear cutting the trees, to ship them to Europe, to burn for electricity, to replace that park with palm oil slave plantations, to ship the palm oil to Europe, to burn in German autos, and call it bioenergy. We burn plastic and paper and call it recycled energy.

We got micro and nano plastics and mineral particles in our brains and guts. There are so many pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals in the air, water and food that all vertebrates are becoming female. Our brain’s blood wall barrier is degrading from so many micro and nano particles that we losing cognitive abilities. All vertebrates are going sterile.

We just started blaming hurricanes and floods on climate change last year. We poisoned the soil long before it will run out. Our crop fields kills bugs fish birds frogs for miles around. In fact, the only geological evidence we were ever here will be a thin film of microplastics.

Mass extinction is not important right now because we still got cows and humans to eat. Serious runaway mass extinction and runaway hothouse earth are still some 10 years away, maybe. Right now, we have to deal with the financial fraud of the last 30 years, when someone said Greed Is Good on Wall Street.

The US is the #1 exporter of gas, oil and coal. Trade deals won’t matter so much once chip makers sell out to China, because they’ll get fossil fuel from elsewhere, once our fracking fraud blows up. All we get in return is synthetic fentanyl and political infancy. Walmart’s Waltons make $4 million/hr while workers get $11/hr. Amazon paid zero tax last year.

Globalization is collapsing, which means Europe and US will collapse before Asia does, because there are over 3 billion people in Asia who love capitalism, especially Communist China. There is no real green deal for us and resiliency is brittle.

The First Mass Extinction: The Fortune 500


UN environmental report: Humans are leading planet into sixth mass extinction



Quota Quote


  • “All our topsoil is vanishing and by this point even some people with jobs literally can’t afford food. But the state is militarized enough that no one really thinks about protest except for the occasional spontaneous riot that doesn’t accomplish anything long-term. Facial recognition software and ubiquitous surveillance and tracking means protesting is a one-way ticket to prison, if you aren’t literally killed or maimed by the police breaking up the protest. And anyway, even attending a legal protest harms your social credit score and means you won’t be able to get a loan the next time food prices spike and you can’t afford enough to get through the week. Drug abuse, overdoses, and suicide are all rampant as people lose hope and decide to numb themselves or end it quickly rather than die slow, painful deaths. There are people literally starving to death in the streets and every summer you’re pretty sure some of the homeless people lying on the sidewalk have died of heatstroke. Half the food you used to see in supermarkets is just plain gone, wiped out by disease or unable to grow where it used to or the supply chains that used to ship it in from halfway around the world have collapsed completely. The other half of the food is so expensive that you can only afford to buy the barest essentials. The wars on TV get worse as countries invade each other to get at the farmland that remains. Despite the police everywhere, law and order seems to be breaking down in your city, there are enormous waves of robberies, burglaries, home invasions, murders, as desperate people do whatever it takes to get through another day. The rich are comfortably secure in gated communities protected by private mercenaries with tanks and machine guns, who regularly use lethal force to defend their employers’ property.”


Collapsey stuff you may not want to know

‘It makes me angry’: is this the end for America’s Joshua trees?

Above-normal hurricane season now more likely with El Niño’s end, NOAA says

Climate change will mean more multiyear snow droughts in the West

Hepatitis A is breaking out across the country in wake of opioid crisis

Childhood cancer steals 7 million years of life in developing countries (including India)

Drug shortages forcing hospitals to ration treatments

Ralph Nader: Big Pharma Must Be Stopped

Slave Running Africa: The Barbarians Are Coming, Again

It’s not an invasion, it’s a flood. Our war should not be on the people coming here, where ever here is, it should be on the people who cause them to come here  — the super wealthy, both black and white. Both the poor left and poor right have to unite to beat the rich.

It’ll never happen.

China is using the same imperialistic credit policy in Africa as Europe and America used way back in the 20th century. They will enslave that country for food and minerals. America is killing southern and central America. Tropical climate collapse is a threat multiplier in a volatile situation. There is a racial backlash, denying that doesn’t help anything.

This is part of the collapse process and it’s heading to a racial ideological war exasperated by the war for tax money. Banks leverage both sides of this war. This is not a conspiracy, it’s how the world really works. People getting rich off collapse.

The Biggest Migration Since the Barbarian Invasions of Rome


Ai Weiwei On Leaving Berlin: ‘Germany Is Not An Open Society’ (Local.de)

  • If your country had a $50 trillion dollar bank bomb, it wouldn’t be open either

Whenever I search for climate news on YouTube, the top suggestions are all solar radiation nutbars, preppers and ice age kooks. I call them kooks because of their self-righteous mis-information. I’ve been watching these guys grow for the last few years, and they’ve lethalized bad news. They throw all the bad news in our faces and say its God’s prophecy or the white man’s revenge. I don’t claim to know what’s going on, but it’s real and I can see. To think what they say is not collapse related is a mistake. This is information warfare, which means both sides want victory over honesty. This is systemic because it stops us from dealing with greed and power. We’re delusional because of fear and greed. We have to tax obscene wealth, and this is very likely to never happen. We have a 3% chance of success in even being honest with each other.

Collapse by Algo: Big Tech Greenwashing = Class Privilege


Is Google greenwashing with its vows to make sustainability a centerpiece of its hardware business?


Apple, Google, and how not to go 100% renewable


Tech companies using green standards ‘to greenwash products


The green illusions and false promises of the electric car ( including Tesla )


Corporate Greenwashing – who what where


The Top 25 Greenwashed Products in America



The Wealth Dividend

Big tech is trying to greenwash society. It’s the ultimate mind control. Monsanto makes GMO seeds which destroys both soil and intestinal life. The microscopic life in the soil feeds the microscopic life in your guts. GMOs destroy both of them. They do this so they can spray bug and plant poison on them that destroys insects, birds, fish and weeds. The only thing that lives in a green field is the plant modified to survive extreme poison. Monsanto paid Google to derank those poisons. For every story they smother, there’s another story they promote, for more money. They’re like information brokers, they get paid win or lose, even if it’s lose-lose for us.

Germany and northern Europe are the green energy white collar mafia. They burn plastic and paper and call it recycled energy. Their cap and trade carbon credits are a racketeering fraud for fossil fuel corporations and banks. Solar and wind power are 100% fraud. Germany is calling Greta’s treehouse gal pal a terrorist. Germany uses solar wind power to build diesel cars that burn palm oil. Germany is razing its own villages and old forests to burn dirty brown coal, to run their solar and wind power. They get 50% of their renewable electricity burning forests imported from around the world. We give them trees, they give us cars. Germany’s Bayer bought Monsanto, and Deutsche Bank is a $50 trillion dollar time bomb. Northern Europe is the green energy equivalent of Peter Pan with a Hitler moustache.

If we continue with 10 more years of this fraud the earth will die. Life on earth won’t be better off without us, unless we’re subterranean bacteria. There’s a 3% chance this won’t happen, at most. They tell us we have a 60% chance, but they’re ignorant liars. This is because we allow the wealthy to make up the rules that enslave us for their greed. IMO, only a 100% private wealth dividend will prevent total civil chaos. If I were a credentialed expert in civil chaos, I would get paid to calm you down and de-escalate the situation. This is what Google gets paid to do. Google news is the same size as the 5 media outfits that own 90% of our news.

Greed is motivating us to use money to outsmart ourselves. It’s another denial projection. It’s like when a woman pounds on the protagonist’s breast in rage before she kisses him — like in old movies. It’s the outrageous rage of denial wrapped up in the sanctity of race and class. I recommend a strong does of 100% private wealth dividends, with a 100% universal basic income worldwide — before civil chaos strikes the land of machine guns. Both sides are greedy and power mad, and victory is never without total and absolute consequence. Just sayin.

The top greenwashed product in the world is your mind, what we used to call our soul.

— bbb

Google and Facebook Will Kill Earth

Google and Facebook can swing presidential votes by 2-10 million votes. Google promised Trump won’t win 2020, but that’s not important. What is important is who they promote. They promote centrists.

Did you know that YouTube is the 2ⁿᵈ largest search engine in the world? Really Graceful on YT has an excellent 5 minute history called “What the media won’t tell you about YouTube”.

Renewable energy is the biggest lie you were ever told. Europe gets 50% of its “renewable energy” burning forests, many of those forests are in America. Google’s own renewable energy experts quit because they found out renewable energy is fraud. The only reason you may even be aware of that is if you’re a long-time collapse reader.

Forests should never be used to serve our electricity needs


When Europeans take their recycled plastic and paper out on the curb, it is collected and burned for electricity. They call it “recycled energy”. Burning plastic and paper for electricity produces CO2, and god knows what else — but try searching for it on Google, and you’ll come away thinking it’s a good idea. All the top ranked articles will be positive.


It took us 30 years for solar and wind to reach 3% of total world energy use, and during that 30 years emissions went up 60%. Yet search for “renewable energy” on google and the top ranked links you’ll see is all feel good stuff. Do you honestly believe google unbiased? If google is willing to de-rank bad Monsanto news, what will they do for private healthcare and the NRA? Monsanto is poisoning us so they can spray food with enough poison to kill off all the insects, and Google helps them for money.

Google Engineers Explain Why They Stopped R&D in Renewable Energy


We are in the middle of a world mass extinction event, and we are at the beginning of runaway mass extinction, which cannot be stopped or reversed — meaning there will be nothing we can do about, period. Try searching Facebook and Google for that information, you won’t find much, but try looking for EVs and you’ll get all kinds of stuff. EVs will do nothing for the environment, but they’ll help FB and Google’s bottom line.

Google and FB are public forums protected from libel laws by the government, yet they claim they are private companies when they ban both the far left and right in favor of centrist MSM views that corporate advertisers love.

Monsanto paid Google to bury unfavorable news

The boomers going bust: why elderly bankruptcy is rising in America FT

The World’s Wealthiest Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour Bloomberg



97% of large freshwater species gone since 1970.

Wind farm = lights out

Hunting Trump supporters for fun and profit

Anti-NRA Liberals calls for stabbing death of senate majority leader outside his home, Twitter suspends senator for posting a video of it, hate filled liberals retrun home uncharged with anything. uncharged.


It’s fucking raining again, I should be outside. Never anger write angry.

Chase Bank forgave Canadian credit card debt, China bailed out bank #3, Deutsche Bank is dead man walking, and Italian banks are floundering. All the pay-go corporations are too big to fine. Gaddafi got ass raped with bayonets trying to get Africa out of the US dollar, and now all of Asia is doing it. Nobody wants a good economy going into 2020 because Trump. China’s got Trump by the balls. What else do you need? An election erection?

The MIC is a threat to Africa and world security. Ideological mass murder has arrived, and no one can face up to the fact that all the pigs, plebes and proles must stop fighting before the real shortages set in. All this happening in the context of runaway ecosystem collapse. But, we’re too invested into sitting at computers and not working the fields. Like that old Son House blues song says, “I’m want to be a Baptist preacher, so I don’t have to work no more.” There’s too many Twitter chiefs and not enough Indians!

Son House’s Preachin’ Blues ( First 30 some seconds will do )

Preaching Blues – vleb ( Way better player than singer )

Good thing I never tire of preachin’ — if you do, skip to the next headline.

What good are ethics departments if all they worry about is pronouns?

How will pronouns save life on earth? Maybe verbs are the real victims.

Did you know that work was once a verb? Like lifting — to lift something.

Playing guitar is not work, it’s something you work at, they’re different because one you hate, the other you love. Should you get big bucks to fly around in jets to play the guitar?

I wish I got 300 k/yr fighting for pronouns. Good work if you can get it. I wish could sing and play the guitar for a living, but I can’t. I can’t even wax lyrical, even though I’m a bullshit artist. I don’t want to work, I want to Dance! I’m an Artist! With the Rap skills of a dunce.

I’m being ignored so hard it hurts, good thing I played guitar so bad for 40 years. I’m used to it. But, I’m almost beginning to believe I’m being shadowbanned, deranked and downvote-brigaded, but that would be paranoid, wouldn’t it? Either that, or I’m a shity writer — which would be easier to believe! It’s like playing guitar or punctuating sentences — I’m not good at it because I’m tone deaf, all thumbs, and got no rhythm — but it makes me happy.

No more speed I’m almost there, gotta keep cool, gotta take care.

Then she sends me a message, comin’ in from Above

When the news man sang his same song,

One more shitpost lover, dead and gone.

— Radar Love

See what I mean?


Monsanto is 100 years old, only the name has changed.

Academia is in shambles. It’s not human knowledge that doubles every year, it’s human fraud. Rich kids get the cheat notes and tutors, poor kids get free debt and few jobs.

Many renowned scientists say the chemical industry was humanity’s greatest mistake, and now life on earth pays the price. We’ve screwed up the biosphere so bad, it’s reached an ecosphere extinction tipping point, which is a technical term for everything we touch is poison.

Monsanto is like 100 years old. It probably started with mustard gas in WWI. It’s a bunch of chemists trying to get rich making poison. You can see a history of the Rockefellers on health and education at the Corbett Report on YT. Corbett is terrible on climate, but good on media history presentations.

  • Critics Say Monsanto’s Spying and Intimidation Operation Show Why BioTech Giant ‘Needs To Be Destroyed Now’: New documents reveal Monsanto’s ‘fusion center’ aimed at targeting and discrediting journalists and critics


100 years ago, after the oil banker barons took over public credit, they took over public education and healthcare and corrupted them completely. Nuclear power was corrupted at least 60 years ago, back when they used slide-rulers instead of computers. The Rockefellers and Carnegies were the robber barons who started it, with eugenics research and public libraries, way back when books were a thing. Academics don’t like to discuss academic fraud, so they call it a conspiracy. How much more proof do you need that we are destined to collapse, if we don’t disabuse the pigs, proles and plebes of greed.

Nuclear power could have saved earth from us, instead all we got are depleted uranium rounds everywhere. We don’t have time for worldwide inclusive points of privilege. We gotta do something that’s real. We gotta stop believing in trips to Mars, transhumanism, 5G etc or earth dies.

There are 10,000 studies that say wifi and cell radiation harm life, yet we are putting 5G stations up every 300 feet in cities. It’s harming birds and bees. You don’t need to be a scientist to know this, but you’ll be labelled a conspiracist if you say so. To all my knowledge, this stuff is true.

Academics and scientists hate what I’m about to present to you. Here’s a list of scientific and academic fraud.


The reason for scientific and academic fraud is greed. The world is run by greedy pigs, plebes and proles. We have to tax the rich with a 100% private carbon tax that’s paid 100% back to the lower 40% worldwide. James Hansen knows how to do this.

I like listening to Chomsky, he’s smart, and lulls me to sleep ( socialism is the opiate of the masses — a word old dweebs use to get laid in college ), but he’s like 80 years old, and talking about ancient history. The revolution’s been coming for 100 years. This stuff is 100 years old, and we got 1 year to change everything. World socialism is too slow to save us. Quite a few billion people just don’t give a fuck.

Hear no Evil

A new lawsuit accuses Apple of violating user’s privacy by allegedly allowing Siri to record without consent Business Insider

Skype, Slack, Other Electron-Based Apps Can Be Easily Backdoored ars technica

Oops! Twitter ‘sorry’ for sharing user data with advertisers without permission. What’s new? RT

How AT&T Insiders Were Bribed to ‘Unlock’ Millions of Phones Wired

Microsoft contractors reportedly listen in on Skype call recordings, often from their own homes Business Insider

The Adonis Effect = Mirror World — Look deep into my balls, I mean crystal ball!

We have one year to act, action takes 10 years to effect, anything we do will be insufficient and ineffectual at best. You don’t not need to be smart, insightful or deeply empathetic to know this. This is basic knowledge you are not allowed to consider. It’s not a conspiracy, you’re just not allowed to know it because mars, self-driving cars and 5G. Pensions and Golden parachutes depend on it, they’re more important right now.

Next year is Quaternary Crazy Year ᵀᴹ, where you’ll be promised the world and all you really get is war. If the proles and plebes don’t unite before then, we fucked!

Nothing like fat beaver tails for breakfast:.

There are capitalist pigs, plebes and proles, the pigs and plebes make up rules to fuck the proles. They make you agree to rules they don’t abide. Concentration camp trafficking is in full swing, and it will get worse, not better without intervention. Virtue is its own evil. People with money love it. It’s like owning a mac. snigger .

Dead babies don’t take things from the shelves — Alice Cooper

Piggies and whiskey and wild wild women. — old high mountain song

Quote of the day;

“Plebes eat proles for breakfast, ya gotta keep em separated”

— Loki the Sheeple Dog

todays shitpost: https://old.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/cnkuon/why_the_world_ends_next_year_why_you_dont_know/?

Look how much r/climate and r/environment hate today’s shitpost. You would think the environment people would be smarter.


Current processes will not deliver either the speed or the scale of change required

by Spratt and Dunlop

Human-induced climate change is an existential risk to human civilisation: an adverse outcome that will either annihilate intelligent life or permanently and drastically curtail its potential, unless carbon emissions are rapidly reduced.

Special precautions that go well beyond conventional risk management practice are required if the increased likelihood of very large climate impacts — known as “fat tails” — are to be adequately dealt with. The potential consequences of these lower-probability, but higher-impact, events would be devastating for human societies.

The bulk of climate research has tended to underplay these risks, and exhibited a preference for conservative projections and scholarly reticence, although increasing numbers of scientists have spoken out in recent years on the dangers of such an approach.

Climate policymaking and the public narrative are significantly informed by the important work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). However, IPCC reports also tend toward reticence and caution, erring on the side of “least drama”, and downplaying the more extreme and more damaging outcomes. Whilst this has been understandable historically, given the pressure exerted upon the IPCC by political and vested interests, it is now becoming dangerously misleading with the acceleration of climate impacts globally. What were lower-probability, higher-impact events are now becoming more likely.

This is a particular concern with potential climatic tipping points — passing critical thresholds which result in step changes in the climate system — such as the polar ice sheets (and hence sea levels), and permafrost and other carbon stores, where the impacts of global warming are non-linear and difficult to model with current scientific knowledge.

However the extreme risks to humanity which the tipping points represent, justify strong precautionary management. Under-reporting on these issues is irresponsible, contributing to the failure of imagination that is occurring today in our understanding of, and response to, climate change.

If climate policymaking is to be soundly based, a reframing of scientific research within an existential risk-management framework is now urgently required. This must be taken up not just in the work of the IPCC, but also in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations if we are to address the real climate challenge.

Current processes will not deliver either the speed or the scale of change required.

Most populations accept “the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them and were never sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening” | Spratt and Dunlop

IMO: The Adonis Effect = Mirror World


Everything you’ll read here is poison, only a fool would read it 🙂 Good luck!

Climate crisis reducing land’s ability to sustain humanity, says IPCC | Environment


Climate Change Is Taking a Bigger Toll on Our Food, Water, and Land

Climate Change Is Taking a Bigger Toll on Our Food, Water, and Land Than We Realized

IPCC report: Climate change threatens global food security


Quarter of the world’s population is under extreme water stress, says WRI report


Several US states face significant stress on their water availability, data shows


Lithium, cobalt, and nickel supplies to face supply crunch in next few years


The Technological Revolution Devours its Children | Club Orlov


– Curmudgeon perspective

More than 1,700 activists have been killed this century defending the environment


Write high, forgetaboutit:

If I were young my rage would know no bounds

Even as old I barely contain my rage

It seeps across my words seething around

I see no way to turn the last page

— The Curmudgeons of Collapse


How To Speak The Language of Oppression



Why do synthetic opioids kill their users?

Because it’s cheaper and easier to smuggle.

A doctor told Michelle Greenberg on RT there are 10,000 studies saying all cell and wifi signals are poison.

Our food has synthetic DNA, microplastics. micrometals, herbicides, pesticides and petrochemicals.

Our water has so many pharmaceuticals that fish have cocaine in their blood.

The fish in the oceans are loaded with mercury. All vertebrate mammals are being changed into females.

Our social media makes us mentally ill, addicted to ideology and lonely.

We are losing the ability to act because of hormonal and cognitive imbalance.

We are unable to functionally think and work together.

We let loose over 80,000 chemicals since world war 2 and they are fucking with what it means to be truly human.

I don’t want likes or rank, I want people to see the truth.

We are killing ourselves and nature is just collateral damage.

Prognosis negative.

Latest Shitpost: https://old.reddit.com/r/collapse/comments/cnddhg/collapse_by_poisoning_affects_us_all/

Animal friendships change with the weather in African savanna


– Like fair weather social media friends.

The Life Factory: Synthetic Organisms From This $1.4 Billion Startup Will Revolutionize Manufacturing


– Nothing says lovin’ like synthetic life in the oven.
– Makes 5G and neonics look like flowers and candies.
– Synthetic life: candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

New Models Point to More Global Warming Than We Expected


– Because models look like truth, but with lipstick.

Challenges to natural and human communities from surprising ocean temperatures


– The trendline for life on earth has snapped.

Nuisance Ordinances: The New Frontier In Social Control


– Call 911 too much, and lose your home.

A Crashed Israeli Lunar Lander Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon


– It’s good to be king, or god.


Insect ‘apocalypse’ in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides

US agriculture 48 times more toxic to insects than 25 years ago, neonicotinoid pesticides account for 92% of toxicity increase

Animal friendships change with the weather in African savanna Science

Now watch as i make every effort to get deranked and downvoted on a social media forum dedicated to the collapse of civilization. It’s like taking candy from a baby. If people can’t face the hard truths, they ain’t gonna save Jack shit. If you can’t even change your mind, you ain’t gonna change the world.


I put a few all caps in the headline, just to make sure young people don’t read it.



Rivers of Dust: Water and the Middle East

Rivers of Dust: Water and the Middle East

Over 2000 Miles of Pacific Coastline Experiencing Drought


‘We can only watch our animals die’: A drought disaster in Kutch


Drought in the Horn of Africa is Threatening 15 Million People


9 Foods That Are Making The Drought Even Worse


Southern Alberta continues to battle drought despite wet July

Southern Alberta continues to battle drought despite wet July

No end to crisis in sight as drought grips India’s Chennai


Inside India’s water crisis: Living with drought and dry taps


Worst Thai Drought in a Decade Adds Pressure for a Rate Cut


Mekong River at its lowest in 100 years, threatening food supply


Gallery: East China’s Worst Drought in Decades


France asks EU to bring forward aid for drought-hit farmers


Drought Threatens Europe’s Ports

Drought Threatens Europe’s Ports

German potato prices set to spike due to drought


Trees suffered in drought-stricken African savanna


California’s Drought Killed Almost 150 Million Trees


Chile suffers the worst drought in 60 years


As part of the Running Dry series, the Guardian looks at how drought and famine are forcing Guatemalan families to choose between starvation and migration


Drought in East Netherlands now as bad as record years 2018, 1976


USA mega-drought warning: What is a mega-drought? Could new mega-drought hit USA?


Droughts Come And Go… But,

Old McDonald had a drought, E-I-E-I-O.

On his farm, he had no water, E-I-E-I-O.

With a drought drought there, and a drought drought here,

Here a drought, there a drought, everywhere a bloody drought.

Ol’ McDonald had no farm E-I-E-I-O.


Are these the first shots fired in the new civil war?

Princeton professor: ‘We are in a cold civil war’


Dayton shooter was apparently a self-professed ‘leftist,’ Warren & Sanders fan


I’m a super pacifist. I don’t like guns, but the real problem with guns is mental health and poverty, especially black urban poverty.

The Truth About GUN VIOLENCE by the Numbers (6 min)

This may come as a shock to you, but not all 7 billion of us are up to the task of saving life on earth.

This is what Johan Rockström says we must do to save the earth.

1. Cut emissions in half each and every decade.
2. Accelerated sustainable food growth of 1%/yr.
3. Copy China’s development model success.
4. Ensure the richest 10% do not have 40% of income.
5. Ensure gender equality and family planning worldwide.


1. If energy use were go down 50% in 10 years, the banks would blow up. Everybody loves the idea, but no one wants that.

2. We can barely grow the poison we eat now, let alone find anyone willing to do the field work it takes to grow safe food.

3. As for copying China’s development model, that doesn’t even make sense.

4. Take money from the rich, give it to Bernie Sanders, so he can give it Elon Musk? We will live on Mars before the DNC lets Bernie do anything like that. Obstruction is a DNC strong suit.

5. I love family planning and gender equality, it’s just that there are 5 billion others who don’t.

We’ve been fighting inequality for like 100 years now. Do you seriously believe our better natures will carry us to victory?

We can’t even stop the mass murders at home and abroad.

If you look at the chart below the Happy/Green place is on the top/right, and the Sad/Orange place is on the bottom/left. Where do you think we’re going? To the happy/green/top/right, or the sad/orange/bottom/left? There is no middle ground. There is no compromise, it’s do or die, all or nothing.

Science is good at numbers and models, not the base reality of human nature.




Fossil fuel burning leaps to new record, crushing clean energy and climate efforts

  • Excellent graphs

Every Bite You Take

Humans and livestock caused 80% of species extinctions.

Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed.

Nobody knows the point-of-no-return, except in hindsight.

Runaway mass extinction is occurring *before* runaway hothouse climate chaos.


We must change food production to save the world, says leaked report


Humans are driving one million species to extinction


Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’; Species Extinction Rates ‘Accelerating’


More than 150 different chemical residues found in bee pollen.

Save the Bees

Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’

More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered


But that’s just on land…


Beef, dairy and fishing industries are leading causes of extinction


Biggest mass extinction caused by global warming left ocean animals gasping for breath


Ocean Acidification Is Toxifying Phytoplankton

Ocean Acidification Is Toxifying Phytoplankton


This post got 574 likes yesterday. It was a lazy, sloppy, emotional throwaway post, and I even wrote the fucking thing before I had a toke.

Top 20% = 70% Emissions | Ignoring Billionaires Will Kill Us All

This posted link got 647 likes yesterday

Greenland’s ice sheet melting so fast it has caused global sea levels to rise 0.5mm in just a month

I worked hard on today’s post, and am happy I did.

Let’s watch it disappear into the ether like old friends. 

Top 20% = 70% Emissions | Last Chance To Eat The Rich

UBI = 100% Dividends

Here it is in full:

UBI = 100% Dividends

I spent 10 years promoting James Hansen 100% private carbon taxes with zero success, but I guess there’s a lot of new blood in this sub, because yesterday’s “throwaway post” was a big hit, and a bigger surprise to me. This is a detailed history of that post, with links and corrections. I’m very heartened by the interest.

100% Dividends = 0% to government + 100% to citizens

The very foundation of Hansen’s proposal is that **all** of the tax money goes 100% back to the people who will bear the brunt of a carbon tax — the poor. I define the poor as the bottom 40%. Kevin Anderson says that the top 20% of earners produce 70% of emissions.


10 years ago,James Hansen introduced us to a 100% private carbon UBI taxes which he called “Fee & Dividend” on February 25, 2009.

Carbon Tax & 100% Dividend vs. Tax & Trade

Click to access WaysAndMeans_20090225.pdf

Hansen believes cap’n trade has failed. A 100% dividend means 0% for government, and 100% to the public, notably the poor. This would be the equivalent of a UBI; but instead of just “free money”, the poor would be paid to fight carbon emissions. This would unite left and right, and drive a new green economy based on climate justice and equality. It puts the horse in front of the wagon, and the carrot in front of the horse.

The “Carbon Fee & 100% Dividend” as the best potential to initiate cause and effect that will lower CO2 emissions


Hansen came out with his plan in the news.

James Hansen rails against cap-and-trade plan in open letter


Hansen’s plea fell on deaf Obama ears. Obama supported cap’n trade.


“We will establish strong annual targets that set us on a course to reduce emissions to their 1990 levels by 2020 and reduce them an additional 80 percent by 2050,” Obama said.

Emissions went up 10-15% since 2009.


In 2015, Hansen tried again at COP21, without success, again


In 2013, Bernie Sanders introduced a fee and dividend bill that would allow the government to keep 40% of any carbon tax dividend, essentially neutering Hansen’s vision. It was a con job using the same language of fee and dividend, but allowing the government to keep 40% of it. It was highly celebrated in the green press.

Sanders and Boxer introduce ‘fee and dividend’ climate bill; greens tickled pink

It’s my contention that renewable energy is little more than a fraud without a 100% dividend, as evidenced by Solyndra and Solar City.

Renewable Fraud

Solyndra misled government to get $535M solar project loan: report


China controls 70% of the world solar market and has recently cut solar production 40%, and lowered subsidies, because they had more solar panels than their grid could handle.


Kevin Anderson says that in the last 30 years, emissions have gone up 60%.After 30 year of trying, solar and wind are less than 3% of total world energy use. Do you see that thin orange sliver, that’s how pathetic solar and wind growth are. What good are low solar panel prices, if they don’t solve anything? They have to be backed up with a 100% dividend. Even then, we’re not out of the woods, but at least we’re honestly trying.BP 2018
European energy fraud is almost indescribable. In northern Europe they get over 50% of their renewable energy by burning imported trees. They burn palm oil in their diesel fuel and lie about the emissions. Their cap’n trade system is so corrupt that the people making money off it are the fossil fuel companies. In northern Europe, they burn plastic and paper for electricity and call it “recycled energy”.

Scientists discover microplastics falling out of the air on remote French mountain


Even if we got 100% dividends for the bottom 40% by 2020, we have very, very little chance of survival. The midnight hour for civilizational collapse was set for 2024(?) way back in 1973. But just because we have little chance of success, doesn’t mean we should shun hope. Hope is what keeps us going in the face of failure.

400 years ago, there were more sea turtles in the Caribbean than buffalo on the plains by sheer weight called biomass.

150 years ago, passenger pigeons would block out the noon day sun during their annual migration. I believe they’re extinct now.

Mass extinction is happening now, and by now I mean before runaway hothouse collapse. This extinction will be worse than the worst mass extinction in earth’s history.

From 3 years ago:

 •  Humans + Livestock = 97% of the weight of all land vertebrate biomass

 •  Humans + Livestock = 80% of the cause of all land-air extinctions

 •  Humans + Livestock = 50% of the use of all land surface area

 •  Humans + Livestock = 40% consumption of all land plant growth (Net Primary Production)

 •  50% of China’s rivers have vanished since 1980.

 •  60% of China’s groundwater is too poisoned to touch.

 •  50% of China’s cropland is too poisoned to safely grow food.

I don’t imagine the US is much better off.

A lot of the following numbers I got from watching a video called,

The Call of Life: Facing The Mass Extinction (2010).


All this happened since the birth of modern- banking, socialism and feminism 100 years ago starting 1913. We have 10 years to get it done, and 10 months to talk about it.

 •  99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

 •  97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

 •  90% of Lions gone since 1993

 •  90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

 •  90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

 •  90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

 •  80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

 •  80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

 •  60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

 •  50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

 •  40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

 •  30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

 •  70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

 •  28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

 •  28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

From this 2016 post: https://lokisrevengeblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/no-soil-water-before-100-renwable-energy/


Greta sails million dollar yacht from Europe to New York to tell poor not to drive cars.

If we’re going to be eating green poop in caves, how do you think that will affect us? Will we become toothless, jawless, pasty, bone-withered idiots who can’t even drive? Will we have to bypass the eye’s optic system to play virtual ball games? Will our sex lives be nothing but ancient porn?

Did we just circle the moon, and fake the landing? Why do they insist the lunar landers are too small for telescopes to see? We can see the ends of the universe, and we can’t see the landers? It’s not like we don’t know where they allegedly landed. Who knows? I know I don’t. God sure is mysterious, like the ancient octopus, or even the robber baron octopi of just 100 years ago.


Imma Commie Damnit!

Ignoring Billionaires Will Kill Us All

So Katy Perry flew to Sicily to tackle climate change. I feel safer already. Leonardo Dicaprio, who was involved with the Malaysian oil corruption scandal, is going too. For a guy who sank on the Titanic, he sure likes his yachts.

These people are not virtuous because they’re rich, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Adulation of them is exactly what’s wrong with our society. How many homes, planes, yachts and cars does one person need?

Oil and gas are their primary sources of wealth. The latest gold rush is data, and this elite climate camp is sponsored by Google. Yet if IT were a country, they would be the 3rd largest emitter in the world. How many IOT devices do we actually need? Answer: none. Do we really need “smart diapers”?

If Bernie Sanders became president and raised taxes on billionaires (which I doubt he’d actually do), how many of those same billionaires would be in line, with their hands out, trying to get rich “fighting” climate change? Answer: All of them. Do you remember Elon Musk’s Solyndra solar panel fiasco? What good are falling solar panel prices if they won’t actually solve anything?

The reason that “progressive” billionaires promote carbon taxes is because they can afford them, plus they’ll be positioned to make even more money off of the tax handouts. Even the idea that billionaires promote socialism should give you reason to pause, and pause to wonder.

When president Marchon of France raised fuel taxes on everyone ( to fight climate change ), he cut taxes for billionaires at the same time. You can’t fight climate change on the backs of the poor. That’s how we got the Yellow Vest riots.

If you’re a low-income earner ( the bottom 40% ), would you pay more taxes to fight climate change? If you said, yes, then you’re more noble than 99% of us. But why not get paid to fight climate change? Especially if you’re poor.

James Hansen proposed such a thing 10 years ago. If taxes on the rich were 100% private, and paid 100% back to the poor, we could slay 2 birds with 1 stone. A 100% private carbon wealth tax means that NGOs, corporations and governments would get 0%.

Both socialists and capitalists hate this idea, especially socialist-capitalists. When James Hansen first proposed this idea, Bernie Sanders sponsored a law that would allow the federal government to steal 40% of any such private tax, way back in 2011.

I am very aware of how unpopular this idea is. I do not understand it, but I’m very aware of it. It is this awareness that leads me to conclude that no one is serious about fighting climate change, which leads me to conclude we’re totally doomed.

Am I claiming that 100% private carbon wealth taxes will save the world? No, I only promise it will stop profligate consumption and help the bottom 40%. I know in my heart of hearts it will never happen, but it’s the little things that keep me alive, no matter how irrational, sort of like life everlasting.

100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private UBI

100% private carbon wealth tax = 0% for governments, corporations and NGOs.

Exercises in Futility: Top 20% = 70% Emissions | Ignoring Billionaires Will Kill Us All


Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device that reads your mind MIT

  • A Libra penny for your thoughts?

Researchers Develop Speedy Soft Robot That’s More Robust Than a Cockroach IEEE

  • A thermoplastic layer is sandwiched by palladium-gold electrodes, bonded with adhesive silicone to a structural plastic at the bottom.
  • IOT = plastics + metal
  • Great, like I need a thousand more bugs up my ass.

Note: Facial Recognition (FR) has to be calibrated for race contrast — when set up for blacks, it can’t see whites, when set up for whites, it can’t see blacks. This means they need at least 2 systems for mixed neighborhoods. I heard AI learned how to play chess better by reading about it, instead of using the self-teaching routine. That’s scary because I can read something 10X and not get it. Especially my own writing. If AI can learn how to read, the only chance I got is to fuck with its brain.


Less Is More — More Or Less

Too much collapse can make you crazy, look at me.

Collapse is great for understanding how bad things are.

Collapse is terrible for making us want to give up.

Collapse can always be worse than it has to be.

Giving up hope will guarantee it.

Like a beautiful mind, collapse is a terrible thing to waste.

This post will tell us how bad it is, and then say how to fix it.

This is purely for speculative entertainment.

The Bad

Climate sensitivity has doubled, and our carbon budget has been cut in half, both of these facts means runaway hothouse earth will be sooner, and worser than expected — but isn’t everything?

Land mass extinction is reaching threshold criticality. Runaway ocean mass extinction will hit mid century. Total mass extinction will be 100X faster than the Permian one, and will hit both land and sea harder than the Permian event.

In geological time, methane from land and sea is exploding, while the ocean acidification bomb will also soon explode — killing both zoo- and phyto- planktons. This will kill more than 95% of life on earth, and destroy the atmosphere.

The chemicals that render all vertebrates biologically emasculated, feminized and sterile tend to move north, they also negatively affect vertebrate cognisance.

Big Food is killing us and everything else, threatening multiple viral, bacterial, fungal and insect disease vectors for all vertebrates.

The only chance for human survival will be underground, on higher ground. We will have to learn how to engineer a sustainable independent human biome. We do not know how to do this yet, and will likely fail.

We cannot live on Mars or the moon because of all the radiation, it would cost too much, and take too long to build safe, independent, sustainable living quarters off world.

Our nuclear waste from our weapons is building up. Our outdated nuclear power stations threaten geographic habitats.

We spend $1 trillion/yr in tax money fighting for foreign oil.

Nation state governance is corrupt beyond all reckoning.

The Good

The US has 300 years worth of low-carbon energy just from nuclear waste. 4G reactors can reburn nuclear waste eliminating storage issues.

Global dimming has slowed planetary warming, and its termination will have to be mitigated by Solar Radiation Management SRM. SRM is cheap and relatively easy.

The governance and risks of SRM to various geographies are currently being addressed. Scientific American has recently opined that SRM risks may be overstated.

Risks of SRM “May Be Overstated”


The World May Need Geoengineering, and Geoengineering Needs Governance


Geoengineering and the blockchain


Recent Google Scholar SRM Publications


When people like Michael Mann, et al, say renewable energy will save us, I lose hope because it’s just dim witted bullshit. But I cannot study collapse without some modicum of abstract hope.

I believe we have a 99% chance of failure, but that 1% of irrational hope is what keeps me sane. My life depends on it, so I choose not to deny it.

When our brains became smart enough to contemplate our demise, we needed a psychological defense mechanism to avoid the inaction of despair — so we invented religion and life everlasting. This hope got us through the tough times, until we hit the jackpot on a long shot. Giving up hope is not in our nature. If you’re going to be mindful of anything, be mindful of that — or you’ll end up just like me, hopelessly inane.

Note: Comparisons are subject to change upon measurement, usually for the worse.


A-listers flock to Google summit in private jets, mega yachts to talk climate change

  • Can’t wait for the billionaires to blame capitalism and heart socialism.
  • If Greta don’t go, neither do I.

Poland is becoming a northern European semi-arid desert

  • North coastal droughts surprise me.

The Most Important Event On The Planet Right Now – 1) Arctic Sea Ice is currently at record lows & at or near record lows within the Arctic Basin itself – 2) The Greenland Ice Sheet is forecast to lose 40 GT of ice in a matter of days – 3) The fires in the Arctic are reaching apocalyptic levels.

  • Impressive post.

Anomalous July methane peak in the Arctic. Normally methane levels in the atmosphere around the Arctic peak in February on an annual cycle. This year a sharp spike has been recorded & a very unusual July methane peak. Fires? Melting permafrost? Not enough data but worrisome.

Joke of the Day:



5G May Drain Batteries, While Base Stations Will Require Three Times As Much Power — IEEE

  • Battery Vampires.
  • Tinder and porn are worth it.
  • Small price for frying your brains and balls.

The terrible truth of climate change

  • Climate Sensitivity just doubled = temperatures @ 2X CO2
  • 2013 = 1.5 to 4.5°C | 2019 = 2.8 to 5.8°C
  • Carbon budget down 40% 2019 = 10 years off net zero charts

The Mueller Report On Collapse — A Homage

Early Dementia Test

Spell most………. Spell post……….. Spell host.

1. What do you put in a toaster?

Answer: “bread.” If you said “toast,” give up now and do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2.

2. Say “silk” five times……… Now spell “silk”
What do cows drink?

Answer: Cows drink water. If you said “milk,” don’t attempt the next question. Your brain is over-stressed and may even overheat. Content yourself with reading a more appropriate literature such as Auto World.

3. If a plane is flying at 20,000 feet over Germany, and it suddenly crashes, where would you bury the survivors?

Answer: You don’t bury survivors. If you said anything else, just lie down and die now.


Aviation emissions up 700% by 2050

  • Will the first person who arrives at the receiving teleporter be the same person who left the sending teleporter? Or will they be a different replicant who has all the same memories? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your own convenience?

    What if I left behind some emotional baggage, would I be a better me, or just a better version of me, kinda like self-help?

Do you see that thin sliver of purple below? It almost looks like the Younger/Dryas sedimentary rock layer. America has already collapsed, they just don’t know it yet. Maybe I should take a chart reading refresher course onaccounna my dementia.



The Potsdam Institute recently said that if our carbon budget were to increase 50%, we would only gain 10 years time to reduce emissions. Conversely, if our carbon budget were to shrink 50%, we would have to reduce emissions 10 years sooner than we hoped.

https://youtu.be/poHNsxbgHig ( 5 min )

Then, a few days later, Michael Mann came out and said that our carbon budget for 1.5 C has just shrunk by 40%. But, Michael Mann will turn around and say we still have hope, nothing could be further from the truth.


Below is a chart showing how fast we must cut emissions to 0% to stay under 1.5 C. As horribly unbelievable as this chart was, it was produced in 2014, before we found out our carbon budget was shot all to hell. What this means is that we must reduce emissions at least 50% in 10 years, and 100% in 20 years. This is impossible because our energy supply has never varied from economic growth by more than 3%. We are essentially asking people to destroy the world economy. This will never happen, 100% guaranteed.

For a visual aid depicting how impossible it is, I’ve included a chart showing where all our energy sources come from. That little tiny green sliver at the top of the chart is renewable energy. It represents roughly 3% of total world energy use. In other words, it would have to displace the other 97% of energy use in 20 years. This cannot be done, and is literally impossible.

Our fossil emissions in 1990 were about 22 Gtons/yr, by 2000 they were about 24 Gtons/yr, by 2020 they will be about 40 Gtons/yr.

By looking at the chart above, you can see if you are 30 years old, fossil emissions have increased nearly 100% in your lifetime. We’ve been pretending to fight climate change since 1990.

Since 1990, we came up with 4 world treaties to combat climate change. Those treaties are not worth the paper they’re written on. They are lies used to stall real action. If we had started real reductions in 2000, we wouldn’t be facing the horrible collapse we face now.

In the most under-reported story of this century, Hans Schellnhuber says that runaway hothouse earth gets triggered anywhere between 1.5 – 2.0 C. Runaway hothouse cannot be stopped or reversed once started. The previous sentence is the visceral essence of complete and total collapse.


In the last 10,000 years, humans and livestock have destroyed 98% of land vertebrate species biomass. Our green crop fields are so poisonous, they kill all birds, fish, frogs and insects that come within miles of them. There are so many poisons in the biosphere that all vertebrate species are rendered biologically emasculated, feminized and infertilized.

Mass extinction is preceding runaway hothouse chaos. Within this century our oceans will become super saturated with carbon and destroy most of the plankton on earth. In other words, earth won’t be fine without us.

Ocean Acidification Is Toxifying Phytoplankton

This next chart will vividly show you why the US and Europe do not matter anymore. What this means is that AOC, Bernie Sanders and socialist fantasies in America will have as much effect on emissions as renewable energy, which is to say none. I would like Tulsi Gabbard to be president, and Bernie Sanders to be vice president. I’m just saying while it may matter a great deal to you, it won’t matter to earth. We can always make things worse than they are, but we won’t make them better than they are. That time has come and gone.

This is my best collapse post yet. I was semi-lucid, didn’t swear and even read through it again for grammar ‘n stuff.


Will a basement CRISPR Incel destroy earth?

If you go to college for a couple of years, you can buddy up with all the CRISPR fanatics. CRISPR technology is getting so easy, you can set up your own lab next to your video game console, and try to invent a new bio-weapon, like in the movie, The Andromeda Strain. That way there won’t be any icky corpses to deal with, because they’ll all be desiccated. Maybe we should round all the smart ones up for virtual re-education camps soes we can keep an eye on them. We could use their game platforms.
Ranked: High probability medium risk, except on Valentine ‘s day. Fuck, I hate that day.

This was a graph showing how fast we must cut emissions before Michael Mann’s revised carbon budget numbers for 1.5 C — the budget having shrunk some 40%.

energy sources






Deep coverage: Pakistani journalist goes viral for news report in chin-high floodwaters


More than two mill hectares on fire in Siberia, with tundra on fire destroying the permafrost

Alarming Sonar Results Show Glaciers May Be Melting Faster Than We Expected

Alaskan Glaciers Melting 100 Times Faster Than Previously Thought 

A pesticide that alters the brain function of children approved by Trump administration

Farewell to the Fishes

Amazon Deforestation Is Fast Approaching a ‘Tipping Point,’ Studies Show | The Weather Channel

India has the fastest growing major economy in the world

Siri “Regularly” Listens In On Your Sexual Encounters

  • Too bad about the stage fright thingy.

The 5 Forms of Retreat – Important

Today’s reddit post:  

Our carbon budget for 1.5 C just shrunk 40%. Our response is to retreat into mindless self help fads.

The young bear checking out the chicken coop a few nights ago. We put up some pallets to deter him. We had to buy a motion detector alarm to scare him off. A few years ago, a bear took a swipe at the corner of the coop and took out a whole section that had to be repaired. The dogs had started barking, so I sent the little woman out with her rifle to shoot at him over his head. He never came back again. 



The oceans are acidifying 10X faster than in all earth’s history, and when they reach a “critical threshold”, ocean acidification will explode 100X faster than now, killing all sea shell creatures in its wake. These micro-shelled creatures form the basis for food on earth. Life on land depends on life in the ocean. Ocean acidification makes it harder for phytoplankton to absorb nutrients. We need phytoplankton to breathe.

Ocean Acidification Is Toxifying Phytoplankton

Micro-plastics in the ocean are killing the plankton that produce 10% of earth’s oxygen.


And that’s just the oceans. On land we have destroyed 98% of the mega-fauna on earth and replaced them with cows. There are 25 billion chickens on earth.

Germany’s green energy miracle is so completely fraudulent as to defy description. Here’s just one example: They burn over 60% of their recycling refuse. Their forests are dying, and they’re moving whole villages to get at some the dirtiest coal in the world.


The Insurance Journal recently said we have to cut emissions 50% in 10 yrs to avoid 3° C by 2100. Claire Fyson of Climate Analytics says the same thing. Stefan Rahmstorf says we have to cut emissions 100% in 20 years to avoid 2° C.

Here’s the problem, 2° C on land is the equivalent of the critical threshold danger for our oceans. Hitting 2° C will trigger five major feedbacks, which will trigger 8 other major feedbacks, leading to runaway mass extinction and runaway hothouse climate catastrophe.

Here’s the really, really bad news: even if we managed to increase our carbon budget 50%, we would only gain 10 years to cut emissions. But there’s a flip side to this because arctic methane emissions are not modelled, and will likely cut our carbon budget by up to 50%, meaning we will have 10 years less to cut emissions.

But it gets worse still, because we are slamming headlong into runaway mass extinction ahead of runaway hothouse climate change. Both runaway hothouse earth and runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once they tip past that critical threshold. But it gets worse.

We have to cut emissions 50% in 10 years to save the planet, otherwise ocean acidification will go into overdrive and reach mass extinction escape velocity, but China will not even begin to significantly reduce emissions until 2030 at the earliest. But it gets worse.

**If the IT sector were a country, it would rank 3rd in energy use, after China and the USA**

The 4 main sub-sectors to IT are: 1. devices 2. networks 3. data centers 4. manufacturing.

Data Centers: Used 21% of total IT energy use in 2017.

– Google uses 16 data centers to run 40,000 searches/second.

– Data centers used 320 Terra Watt Hours (TWHs) of energy/yr in 2012.

– 320 TWHs of data center energy use was 2% of total energy use in 2012.

– Streaming video is projected to increase data center energy use from 2% up to 13% of total energy use.

Networks: Used 29% of total IT energy use in 2017.

– Network energy use increased from 219 TWHs, in 2007, to 354 TWHs in 2012.

– 354 TWHs could power 32 million US homes for 1 year.

– Network energy use is growing 10% / yr.

– Steaming will grow to 80% of internet traffic by 2020.

Devices: Used 34% of total IT energy use in 2017.

Manufacturing: Used 16% of total IT energy use in 2017.

Netflix sucks at green energy compared to Google, and I fucking hate Google, even more than Netflix.

Netflix just lost 17 billion bucks in market value the other day, and I’m cutting my subscription. I’m sure that’ll finish them off, just in time for next year’s financial crash. A financial crash is when people could care less about the climate than they do now. They also tend to vote for populist nationalists more.

**The Potsdam Institute on the IPCC Special Report:**

To stay below 1.5 C we have to cut emissions 100% by 2050.

To stay below 1.5 C we can only emit 420 gtons C02 total.

Even if we managed to change the 420 gton budget by 50% up, or by 50% down, we only get 10 years more, or 10 years less time to cut emissions 100%.

If methane emissions increase enough to shrink our carbon budget to 220 gtons, then we have to cut emissions 100% by 2040 they say.

Mass extinction not included.

I think this means if we don’t cut emissions 50% in 10 years, we’ll never make it. Emissions will go up between 10-15% in the next 10 years.

If you are 15 years old, emissions went up 30% in your lifetime.

If you are 30 years old, emissions went up 60% in your lifetime.

After 30 years trying, solar and wind are < 3% of total world energy use.

Just think of the last 10 years. since 2009, emissions went up some 15%.

Can you take 10 more years of the same old bullshit, I know I can’t.

Here’s the part that everybody will hate, Bernie Sanders and AOC will not stop any of this.


Giant ticks which hunt their prey confirmed in the Netherlands Dutch News

A Zen Bullshit Artist Discusses Climate Change Art:

Modern art is 100 years old. Art critics are ageless.

Power is a word the meaning of which we do not understand. — Tolstoy

Power comes from the control of energy.

Oil made Wall Street banks powerful.

Private banks stole public credit 100 years ago.

Modern civilization is 100 years old. ie – phones, cars, planes etc.

Capitalism, Communism, Propaganda, Feminism, Organized Crime etc. as we know them today are all about 100 years old.

These things have been around forever, but were all writ large with the advent of massive banks, mass propaganda, mass electrification, mass transport etc. All came into their current forms because of advanced technology.

All our technology came from oil 100 years ago when robber barons of the gilded age stole the credit and currency of the citizens of the United States.

The lust for power from oil, and the fear of loss of power to communism, took over the US 100 years ago. We are so far removed from that time that most people do not know about the history of when modern civilization began.

The birth of bank power happened at the same time communism was born, which began during a world war, which fueled a boom, which led to a bust, which led to a war… etc. etc.

Power, energy, propaganda have driven the the boom-bust-war cycle 3 times since 1914, through 3 world wars.

The 3rd world war started in 1990 as a kinder, gentler war, and in 2001 turned into the sadistic forever war of today.

Capitalism bought out communist China 40 years ago.

When a Canadian clock manufacturer started sending jobs to China in the 1950s, it was the beginning of the end for western civilization. By the 1970s, Canadian ceramic souvenirs were made in China and shipped to Canada, for sale to US tourists. From  around 2,000 to 2011 some 60,000 american manufacturing plants moved to Asia.

China is now king of the world. Both the US and China want Muslim oil. This means war. That war will heat up in August.

The Guns of August — The Automatic Earth

Dulce et Decorum Est

  • Too bad I banned myself there, fun while it lasted.

The boom-bust-war cycle is inexorably reaching its logical conclusion, the biggest boom-bust-war of all time.

The only thing that is stopping China from complete world dominance is oil and computer chips. China imports 90% of its computer chips from the US. China has the minerals and the holds the chips. This is called a Mexican Standoff.

Both countries have to cut emissions 50% in 10 years, or life on land & sea dies.

We are at the very beginning of the bust cycle. German and Chinese banks are stretched out beyond their limits, at exactly the time when humanity faces food and water shortages.

The 2024 collapse of civilization was predicted 50 years ago.

The only thing we know different now is that we are going to kill all life on earth faster than anything earth has ever seen.

It took the dinosaurs 13,000 years to die off, we’re going to make the asteroid look like child’s play because we have ignited an explosive plankton die off event in our oceans.

We have also triggered a massive land die off because humans and livestock caused 80% of species extinctions over land.

The petro-pharma-chemical wipe out of biomes on land is causing runaway infertility. We are killing and poisoning everything too fast for life on earth to cope.

The atmosphere on earth is not a permanent thing and I fear we are accelerating its demise. Physicists say that we may hasten the end of air on earth, and that the vacuum of space will descend to the ground sooner than we like to imagine.

Our socio-economic ideologies are not designed for shortages.

What this means is that we have to redefine money, power and energy, which is easy to do because we don’t even know what money is. We’ve forgotten. The only way I can even imagine how to do that is to tax wealth and pay 100% of it back in a universal basic income. This will never work because both socialists and capitalists want control, or power, over that money.

We have the solution but not the will to do what must be done.

The brain poison you see in the news is 100 years old, that’s why so many of you don’t know this stuff. This next video is very instructive on the perils of public/private partnerships. Plus this impish beatnik humorously puts the emph in emphasis.

Apocalypse Now and the Joys of Predatory Socialism

Just because your house flooded after the forest fire. and before a tornado hit it, doesn’t mean you can blame it on climate change. It’s the stupidest artificial distinction I ever heard of. Only an educated mind would say that kind of shit. The latest one is the effort by big pharma to use climate fear to boost medication profits. The drive to over-medicate kids started in earnest in the 90s.

Those kids are now in their 30s, and they have no baseline reference to how fucked up they are. When I was a kid, our parents didn’t drug us, they relied on good ol’ physical and mental abuse. When I was a kid, we were taught to believe in things that aren’t true. Nowadays, we teach adults these things.

Life has taught me 2 things; never come between a gardener and their favorite flower, and “progressives” are some of the most abusive pricks on earth. Rednecks I understand because that’s just naked bullying, but progressives dress their bullying up in virtuous drag. Look at today’s virtuous media war pigs mourning Saint Mueller, who’s only purview he can remember is not to exonerate Trump. It’s the modern day version of a pope not blessing a king, or when the kings and priests of ancient Egypt fought for power. It’s one brain-dead dinosaur not blessing another. These are the useless idiots running our world.


Here is the 1996 cover of Newsweek. It’s fucking disgusting. It’s like grooming kids for rape. Those kids now dress up in blackface and beat the shit out of whitey. All this is done by virtue of being right — self-righteously so. It’s the right man’s burden. It’s good to be god. All virtue is twisted into evil around boardroom tables. I remember being told it was my fault that 6 women tried to kill me, by a gay predatory social worker, The worst social predators are shrinks. I remember one telling me he had the power to lock me up and rape me.

Lawyers are the worst because they’ll do anything for money. Presidential hopeful, Michael Avenatti held a press conference the other day, and only CNN showed up. The room was empty, except for a CNN microphone on the podium. CNN wanted him to be president, he’s now charged with stealing money from wheelchair bound old ladies.

Physicists are telling us they’ve seen the mathematical mind of god, because they’re bat-shit crazy. I stared at a clock for 10 minutes once high on acid, and I couldn’t tell what time it was, was it 10 to 2, or 2 to 10? Never do math on acid. Priests tell us god talks to them, and not your kid. There was an orphanage in Italy for deaf-dumb kids that was run by pedo priests.

Virtue and predators fit like a fist in ass. Tight. The virtuous predator is as old as Nanook the Eskimo.

Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow. — Frank Zappa.

We live in a make believe world of wealth and power based on hard credit and debt. Money is the guiding social construct we made up in 1913. The banks have been fucking us over for more than 100 years. 3X boom + bust +  war.

Socialism is a word beta males have been using to get laid for over 100 years. There’s 4 billion people who don’t give a fuck about socialism. There are also 4 billion flights per years. 20% of those flights are socialists. It will take 50 years to educate the world about the joyous wonders of socialism. Progressives are the stuff of predatory college campuses. It’s predatory capitalism in socialist drag.

We have to reduce emissions 50% in 10 years. Virtuous predatory socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC will not be able to do that — and no — they’re not the first step, unless we got another 100 years. U.S. politics cannot reduce emissions 50% worldwide. Only money can do that. Religion sure as fuck won’t do it, and neither will feminist gayism. When I see nazi redneck rubes and femi-nazi fags dancing in the streets, then I’ll believe they have a chance.

As far as I’m concerned, everybody is gay and racist, they just don’t know it yet. Being a gay socialist feminist is just a cop out; an educated privilege used to hide our predatory lust for power. This predatory lust for power subverts our freedoms. The men with the guns watch kids down in the mines of Africa, so we can tweet our faux outrage. We are not going to fly to mars on unicorns. Renewable energy is only increasing 1% per decade. Grow the fuck up and get real.

The only way money can fix everything in 10 years is if we make it 100% private and open. Modern day crowdfunding can do what governments used to do — if there’s no motive to get rich. This is a chicken and egg argument, no egg — no chicken. Why do I so insanely make this argument daily? Because I’m not the crazy one, you are. How else could you read this? 🙂

Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage — Smashing Pumpkins



  • Boeing buys $9 billion of their own stock in 2018.
    Fly like an eagle, buy like an eagle.

How climate change disrupts plant-animal relationships

  • There’s a hungry young bear hanging ’round my chicken coop.

Would You Give Up Your Privacy For $5000 Worth Of Amazon Crap? — Gizmodo

  • What exactly anything new would I be giving up?

Pledging Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030 or 2050: Does it Matter? — Econospeak

  • The only thing that matters is fake helplessness. No, I didn’t read it.

Anal probe looms in Microsoft case: Paid Thai officials for deals — Bangkok Post

  • I love paid Thai. I used to get flaming hot paid thai at Yonge & Bloor in Toronto.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Defund U.S. Military: Spend $1.5 Trillion on Climate Change. “Instead of spending $1.5 trillion on weapons to kill one other, let us unite against the common enemy that is climate change,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on his twitter account.

  • I hope he succeeds, but wanting is not doing. He’ll mis-spend like crazy.
  • And won’t leave 100% private carbon tax credits alone.
  • So come on Antifa, give those ol’ Proud Boys a big sloppy kiss.
  • You know you want to, just be gentle.

Opioid makers say there’s no proof they are responsible for the epidemic’s harms — Washington Post

  • Music to a lawyer’s ears. The blindfolded justice of deafness.
  • 3916f524-abe9-46fc-bebb-feee2f5c2f6d

If you think progressivism will save us, then you’re the real kook. Like I say, socialism will pay the bills for a while, but it ain’t gonna save jack shit. We got 2 years to get real, and the crazy clown posse elections are in 2 years. If we get that far. Good luck with that.

A few months back Yale put out an anti-methane video to quell the masses’ fear of the methane bomb. It was the same modus operandi they used to show how some poor redneck could become racist if he watched too many alt-right YT channels.

They portrayed a victim who became deathly afraid of research about the methane bomb, and claimed it was all nonsense without offering any proof. This is the norm now, ever since they passed a law allowing the CIA etc. to brainwash their own people.

I call this the collapse conspiracy because the deep state and shadow government want to maintain the status quo. If you think the world’s richest and most powerful men do not conspire to maintain their privilege and wealth, then I cannot help you.

Here is the original brainwashing video: 7 min.

Here is Peter Wadhams debunking that video: 27 min.


2019 Mass Die Off Update


Arctic permafrost now melting at levels not expected until 2090

  • Ocean acid super saturation + runaway methane emissions = death

Beaches across America showed unsafe levels of pollution last year

A Deadly, Drug-Resistant Fungus Could Be The First Infection Spread by Climate Change

Mexico facing a guacamole crisis

  • No corn, no quac, no millennial happy times.

Europe is burning just as new research offers a chilling truth about the volatility of climate

Ground Ozone threat from climate change

USDA Report Sees Dire Climate-Change Impact on US Crops

Risk of mass extinctions as climate changes faster than animals adapt

How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials  — Nature

Heatwaves in the ocean can rapidly disrupt marine ecosystems — Nature



Fighting The Kid Tranny Deep State Fugue

The war between deep state straights and gays is an oversimplification of what I see.

The gay deep state mafia wants the kid tranny state to bomb Iran. While most straights are just as evil as most gays, I can’t help but hope that some deep state gays and straights are fighting to end war and child trafficking, but fantasies do my thinking for me.

There’s a mafia for everything, i.e. green wet noodles. Right now there’s an underground wet noodle network fighting for acceptance, and if they help progressives win the next election, these green wet noodles will sell out to the Google Pedogon Complex, just like everyone else. I hope there’s a mafia for good, and if there is, I hope they don’t sell out.

If the Google Pedogon Network were a person I would kill it.

Okay, that was fun, now it’s time for a little sobriety.

For total energy use, solar and wind power are increasing 1% / decade.

We must cut emissions 50% / decade.

Emissions are rising 10% / decade.

Ocean acidification is set to go super exponential.

Methane emissions are accelerating from Arctic sub-sea clathrates and tundra thermaklasts, as well as from non-reported human sources.

Ocean super acidification will destroy plankton.

Methane will trigger 5 major runaway hothouse thresholds.

Petro- pharma- chemical use grows 7X human population.

If we repeat the last 10 years over again, it’s over.

And that is exactly what we’re doing. Reliving elections.

We don’t have time for false victories, it’s do or die.

Fighting for carbon dollars is not going to win this.

You can’t manage collapse.

100% private wealth tax = 100% private UBI



There’s No Such Thing as a “Progressive Prosecutor” in a System Designed to Criminalize Blackness Black Agenda Report

  • Prosecutorial misconduct allows the rich to shit on the poor, who are black.

U.S. Shale Is Doomed No Matter What They Do OilPrice

  • No brainer. After the oil bust. they’ll say at least emissions are going down.
  • Tipping points are 20/20 hindsight because it takes 20 years to pinpoint them.



2019-07-22 – Stay Tuned for the magic to happen! Watch me disappear.

Gay Mafia At CNN & MSNBC Wants Assange Dead!!! green check mark

What a difference a day makes! Taken at 8:45 am today.
The middle 3 posts are all the same, link above and below.
Save the tab and hit refresh whenever you want,
it’s like watching slow mo bullshit commodities .


Talking shit while eating shit picnic sandwiches




  • I was reasonably well behaved on reddit today. Good boy Robbo, good boy.

Breaching a “carbon threshold” could lead to mass extinction

  • Oceans acidifying 10X faster than the Permian mass extinction event

The Brutal Reality Of Being The World’s ‘Best’ Recycler

  • More than 60% of all plastic waste in Germany is burned

Jeff Bezos Says We’re Destroying Earth

Vast stretches of Earth’s northern latitudes are on fire right now. Hot weather has engulfed a huge portion of the Arctic, from Alaska to Greenland to Siberia.

Cigarette butts causing ‘serious damage to environment

”Red List’ Reveals Nearly One-Third of Assessed Species Under Threat

Germany’s forests on the verge of collapse, experts report

mericans’ plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

Major U.S. cities are leaking methane at twice the rate previously believed, and could represent a far bigger problem than leaks from the extraction of the fossil fuel itself.

Space tourism is coming, and it’s going to wreak havoc on Earth’s atmosphere

Nutrition Science Is Broken. This New Egg Study Shows Why.

The Potsdam Institute on the IPCC Special Report:

To stay below 1.5 C we have to cut emissions 100% by 2050.

To stay below 1.5 C we can only emit 420 gtons C02 total.

Even if we managed to change the 420 gton budget by 50% up, or by 50% down, we only get 10 years more, or 10 years less time to cut emissions 100%.

If methane emissions increase enough to  shrink our carbon budget to 220 gtons, then we have to cut emissions 100% by 2040 they say.

Mass extinction not included.

I think this means if we don’t cut emissions 50% in 10 years, we’ll never make it.

Just think of the last 10 years. since 2009, emissions went up some 15%.

Can you take 10 more years of the same old fucking bullshit, I know I can’t.

I don’t wanna hear socialists Naomi Klein or Bill McKibben 10 years from now.

I do know that.

I don’t wanna keep hearing about the virtues of socialism in 10 years, because emissions will likely rise another 15% by then, outpacing world socialism like 10 to 1.

Anybody with a half a fucking brain knows world socialism will take 50 years, if at all.

Runaway hothouse mass extinction will happen 10X faster than world socialism.

It’s 20 fucking 20, 2050 is only 30 years away, 2030 is only 10 years away.

Wake your kids up, snap them out of their socialist fugue. WAKE UP!

Internet Energy Use:

The last third of this video blows chunks.

If the IT sector were a country, it would rank 3rd in energy use, after China and the USA.

The 4 main sub-sectors to IT are: 1. devices 2. networks 3. data centers 4. manufacturing.

Data Centers: Used 21% of total IT energy use in 2017.

  • Google uses 16 data centers to run 40,000 searches/second.
  • Data centers use 320 Terra Watt Hours (TWHs) of energy/yr in 2012.
  • 320 TWHs of data center energy use was 2% of total energy use in 2012.
  • Streaming video is projected to increase data center energy use from 2% up to 13% of total energy use.

Networks: Used 29% of total IT energy use in 2017.

  • Network energy use increased from 219 TWHs, in 2007, to 354 TWHs in 2012.
  • 354 TWHs could power 32 million US homes for 1 year.
  • Network energy use is growing 10% / yr.
  • Steaming will grow to 80% of internet traffic by 2020.

Devices: Used 34% of total IT energy use in 2017.

Manufacturing: Used 16% of total IT energy use in 2017.

Netflix sucks at green energy compared to Google, and I fucking hate Google, even more than Netflix. I watch Crave, so I know I’m no better than anyone else.

Netflix just lost 17 billion bucks in market value the other day, and I’m cutting subscription. I’m sure that’ll finish them off, just in time for next year’s financial crash.

Note: It’s not easy to get good numbers for this.

You don’t need socialism for free healthcare and education, you just need to cut the Pentagon. This Jimmy Dore live show is great. I like the fisting joke.


Rising CO2, climate change projected to reduce availability of nutrients worldwide

  • In 30 years: protein -20%, iron -15%, zinc -15%

On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours…

  • Hard to notice past Trump tweet mania.

IUCN Red List Reveals Wildlife Destruction From Treetop To Ocean Floor

  • The Guardian loves socialism and war.

Mankind’s destruction of nature is driving species to the brink of extinction at an “unprecedented” rate

  • Rich, straight, white guys destined for red list.

At This Rate the African Elephant Will Be Extinct in 11 Years

  • Likely will take more than 10 years, but WTF?

What counts for our climate: Carbon budgets untangled

  • It’s like trying to figure out how many cigarettes you can smoke before you die.

NASA and NOAA confirm: June 2019 was the hottest June on record

  • Ask anyone in Europe.


My next project is to research transgender suicides, and whether hormone treatments make any difference to them. My wife says non-treatment is worse. I’ve heard otherwise.

I’m doing this because I’m against deplatforming people who don’t agree with our hi tech overlords. While most who don’t agree are likely transphobes, deplatforming will silence the truth. even if the truth is buried in mounds of bullshit. It’s impossible to stamp out hate, and doing so will stamp out truth.

Loki’s Tindr Page

According to my hate list, if I were on tindr, I would be looking for someone under 30, over 25, and neither black or white, male or female, straight or gay, rich or poor, smart or dumb. And especially not any evangelical string theorists. I would describe myself as a 61 yo overweight male who likes to prance about in g-strings.

Swipe Right



The Child Gender Dysphoria Health Crisis:

Kickstarter To Deplatform Anti-Transgender Social Media Lives: https://youtu.be/PyJFPyszHek
(starts @ 4:30 )

Child Gender Dysphoria as a Result of Endocrine Disruptors in Air, Food, Water:

The dried Aral Sea is releasing deadly bio-chemical warfare agents to the air.


I was once told that Zen was like trying to taste tea, with eyes closed, out of an empty cup, or shooting an arrow at a target, with closed eyes — for me, it’s trying to smack mosquitos in the dark, or write a cohesive complete comprehensive sentence.  It’s the sublime reward for insanity, because you have to practice daily to get it right.

Decoupling Debunked

Click to access Decoupling-Debunked-FULL-for-ONLINE.pdf

  • There is nothing I hate more than a socialist. These are the smugly arrogant assholes who started saying, 10 years ago, that we could decouple the economy from emissions. Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben etc. They are the green con jobs people, who are so full of shit, it makes me sick. They fly around hyping books and preaching moral superiority, none of it based on fact. “I mean, just look at how green is Germany.” says KleinWe wasted 10 years on their bullshit. Do you think Naomi Klein will ever admit she was wrong? No, she never will, because she is addicted to ideology, not reality. She is addicted to ideology because it brings her wealth and fame. Good luck with that brat of yours Klein. Never trust a German or a Jew, and especially German-Jews, or any other race for that matter.The Hate List | Never trust…
  • Germans or Jews
  • Physicists or priests
  • Over 30 or under 25
  • Male or female
  • Black or white
  • Gay or straight
  • Rich or poor
  • Capitalist or Socialist, but especially Communist
  • I live surrounded by old hippies, who many years ago, tried the back-to-the-land communism of my youth. It didn’t take too long for them to figure out, that those who talked longest loudest and bestest, did the least work, and got the best women. Ask my wife, she knows I’m lazy as fuck.Socialist people are educated and delusional. They’re just smart enough to write a book and win a debate, but that’s it. Klein’s Disaster Capitalism was so awesome, I gave up reading it. Her next book was so awesomely stupid, I gave up criticizing it. McKibben and his pals stabbed Hansen’s 100% private carbon dividends in the back. These guys are socialist mafia scum. They the same scummy pieces of shit the red hats are, except maybe stupider, because they want to believe in victory.When Germany swore off nuclear power to build diesel cars, these commie dick heads sang chorus lines of praise, like as if the second fucking Messiah had arrived, and it was a Jewish American Princess from Iraq — all Jews are from Iraq, even if all jewish people are not.Heroic romance fantasies about how blacks, gays, women and Jews are gonna kick some, straight, whitey, rich man ass to save the world, is exactly the narrative used to destroy it. Have you seen Netflix lately? I can’t wait to see the tranny child slut fashion show.Things are so bad that kids think we can open the borders, give free healthcare and education to all, pay reparations to blacks, gays, women and jews, and still have money left over to save the planet — and bomb anyone who gets in their way. These stupid rich liberal socialists have never known hunger and poverty. The elite socialists will never suffer, but the poor up-and-coming wannabees will.The Four Horsewoman of Apocalypse are the avenging angels of doom, as shown by the Democratic Chick Squad in the news. Women run the Deep State for the Shadow Government. Dershowitz was introduced to Epstein by lady Rothschild. Rothschilds and Rockefellers, et al, stole public credit and currency 100 years ago. Socialism was supposed to be the answer to Communism. Both are subservient to Capitalism, just look at China.Both hate and love are 2 way streets. Young people think they gotta smash the Fasch, to save the planet, for a socialist paradise, and that the red hats are evil racist scum, only deserving of becoming street junkies. They don’t understand that their hatred and moral superiority is exactly what the Klu Klux Klan was all about.Don’t mind me, I gotta go clear some brush. Hopefully I see some worthwhile links later. Have a great day. I hate whitey as much as the next guy. But holy fuck kids, grow up, get a grip.


Child Gender Dysphoria And The Hormone Health Crisis

Are we turning kids into life-long hormonal debt slaves?

An endocrinologist speaks out about the real dangers that cross-sex hormones have on humans; the problems with puberty blockers; and the ways in which the scientific and medical community are being misinformed regarding gender treatment. If you’re a health professional, you need to see this.

Gender dysphoria usually resolves itself by age 20. It is my belief that endocrine disruptors are largely responsible for gender dysphoria in our youth. Our youth do not want to hear this because of chronic and acute identitarianism. Life is not about what you are, it’s about who you are. This is not the fault of youth, it’s what they are taught.

See The Withering Bones of Humanity on this blog, to witness our ongoing evolutionary destiny. If you are a novice here, do not be lazy and afraid.

A Gender Dysphoria Resource for Health Providers:

Site Review: https://old.reddit.com/r/collapse/

How Green Is My Money — A Conspiracy To Save Gaia

100% Private Wealth Tax = 100% Private Basic Income

  • Reddit’s collapse is just about the best link resource you can find. The downside is that they are extremely restrictive in terms of discussion. For instance, they discourage talk of collapse mitigation, and absolutely forbid gender dysphoria and child rape discussions in terms of collapse. It’s like having a shit sandwich forum, and forbidding discussion of shit.
  • It’s also the modern day, secular version of “holier-than-thou”. They view anybody who is not progressive — as they define it — to be evil. This means they view libertarians as Nazis. They’re a bunch of well meaning socio-fascistic dick heads — but other than that, they’re okay.
  • ☭NN (CNN) did a hit piece on Assange. A real piece of fucking work. The Atlantic magazine says the Epstein child trafficking conspiracy is making people believe in, well… conspiracies. I remember not telling anyone when I first put tape over my laptop lense. Nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google didn’t have nano-bug sniffers up my ass, eating their way to my brain, from dark chocolate covered almonds, activated by my debit card.
  • Humans are too bio-chemically inefficient to power the Matrix. It takes more energy to keep us alive than we deliver over a lifetime. The desire to control the data in your head is a self-reinforcing, exponentiating driver of the collapse matrix.
  • In the old days, we swore oaths before death, now we click on Devilish terms of agreements. Transhumanism is a crime against god, not because of transhumanism, but because of our greedy, selfish nature.
  • Even our desire for justice is greedy and selfish in nature. China has won, the socialists won, because we refuse to disincentivize them. The socialist SS war itself pays for the data war like an incestuous black and white tornado. Which is just a fancy way of saying we better tax the rich for ourselves, and only for ourselves, worldwide.
  • It’s rich people ( grade 12+ ) who fly. Four billion bums fly each year. That number will not go down 100% in 20 years. The sheer mass of inertial bum energy guarantees it. You can’t stop giant oil takers on a dime. It takes them 11 miles to turn around. Socialism is too fucking slow, stupid and retarded to save a nickel.
  • 100% Private Wealth Tax = 100% Private Basic Income.
  • Close your jaw and kill it.

Humans May Be Accidentally Geoengineering the Oceans – Iron released by industrial activities are falling into the seas in greater quantities than previously thought. Known as “iron fertilization,” it could promote the growth of phytoplankton, which naturally suck up carbon dioxide.

  • Even a broken clock gets it right 2X more per day than I do.

Pentagon To Review If It Exposed Americans To Weaponised Ticks (G.)

  • Don’t eat dark chocolate almonds, they’re my fav.
  • They got brain eating nano bugs in them.
  • Eat avocados instead, I hear they make frogs gay, or green, or something…

FBI Spreadsheet Puts A Stake Through The Heart Of Steele’s Dossier (Solomon)

  • Just one Dracula? They can’t show Mueller because his brain is dead.

The secret Swiss Agent: Puzzling comments reveal new twist to the Lyme disease saga Stanford Medicine

  • If Stanford is on it, it’s fucked, either way, a new income stream. I’ll pass for time.

Forces behind growing political polarization in congress revealed in new model PhysOrg

  • Never trust physicists or priests.
  • Or anyone over 30 and under 25.
  • I’ll pass for now.
  • Don’t forget to vote for post term abortions up to the age of 60.

Climate Solution: Use Carbon Dioxide to Generate Electricity

  • Educated people are stupid, slow and retarded, even when right.
  • Skip promises, go to problems in the last third.



‘Clone tick’ swarms, new to U.S., are killing cattle by draining their blood, chasing after humans

  • Looks like Congress wants to ask the Pentagon if they did this.

Dead gray whales keep showing up along the west coast of North America, from Alaska to Mexico, and it has become a concern for marine biologists.

Thousands of palm trees in Florida are dying from a new disease

More than 821 million people suffered from hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition worldwide last year, the United Nations reported Monday — the third year in a row that the number has risen.


The True Cost Of Cheap Food Is Health And Climate Crises

Pathologizing Kids, Pharma Style

  • Millions of kids today are on meds for conduct disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, mixed manias, social phobia and, of course, ADHD. But according to data from IMS health in a Wall Street Journal article, just as many kids are being treated for non-psychiatric conditions that were often considered “adult diseases.” In fact, 25 percent of children and 30 percent of adolescents now take at least one prescription for a chronic condition said Medco, a pharmacy benefit manager, making the kid prescription market four times as strong as the adult in 2009. Between 2001 and 2009, high blood pressure meds for kids rose 17 percent, respiratory meds 42 percent, diabetes meds 150 percent and heartburn/GERD meds 147 percent. In one study, 18.6 million children’s doctor visits for sleep problems, resulted in sleeping med prescriptions 81 percent of the time.

Toxic technology: How social media is making us dumb, angry — and addicted


  • There’s a pill for that.

Talks at Google (more like shut up and listen)

Google shadow bans this comment. A shadow ban is a comment that appears in Chrome, but not in a privacy browser when not signed in to my YT account. Google is an evil fuckin’ piece of shit. Fuck off and die Google. Here’s the banned comment.

  • If you are 15 years old, emissions went up 30% in your lifetime.
  • If you are 30 years old, emissions went up 60% in your lifetime.
  • After 30 years trying, solar and wind are 3% of total world energy use.
  • Claire Fyson said emissions must go down 50% in 10 yrs to avoid 1.5° C.
  • Stefan Rahmstorf said emissions must go down 100% in 20 yrs to avoid 2.0° C.
  • Hans Schellnhuber said 5 of 13 major hothouse tipping points start below 2.0° C.
  • When these 5 points are triggered, they trigger the other 8.
  • This results in runaway hothouse, which can’t be stopped or reversed once started.
  • Earth will take thousands of years to recover.
  • But we are also headed for runaway mass extinction, which can’t be stopped or reversed once started.
  • 10,000 years ago humans and livestock were 0.03% of land vertebrate biomass.
  • Today humans and livestock are 98% of land vertebrate biomass.
  • Human/livestock food production caused 80% of land vertebrate species extinctions.
  • Petrochemical use grows 7X faster than human population.
  • All vertebrate males are being biologically emasculated, infertilized and feminized by petrochemicals.
  • In plain English: our dicks and bones are shrinking, we’re shooting blanks, and we’re turning into females.
  • For tons of data on this, read: *The Withering Bones of Humanity* on Loki’s Revenge Blog.
  • The top 20% of income earners produce 70% of emissions.
  • 100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private universal income
  • Propaganda is 100 years old.
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism is 100 years old.
  • The theft of public U.S. credit & currency by private banks is 100 years old.
  • These banks started the boom/bust/world war cycle 100 years ago.
  • The men running the think tanks are 100 years old. (snark)
  • Women’s rights is 100 years old. Human flight is 100 years old.
  • There are 4 billion human flights per year.
  • Organized crime started 100 years ago.
  • Communism is 100 years old. We have to unite the left and right, and save the planet in one year.
  • 2020 is another quadrennial mass racketeering bully pulpit year, we call elections.
  • We have to unite rich/poor, black/white, refugee/native, Muslim/Christian, etc etc in one year, take power away from nation states and allow people to run their own lives.
  • We are headed for a second civil war.
  • The first civil war is what brought us the boom/bust/war cycle of the bank baron age.
  • The bank baron age is 100 years old.
  • I’m 61 years old, I don’t trust priests, physicists or anyone over 30 and under 25.
  • I believe in post term abortions up to the age of 60.
  • I’ve been waiting for the collapse of civilization since 1977.

How WeChat censors private conversations, automatically in real-time MIT


Calling Epstein a pedo is an insult to child sex victims everywhere. He is an underage pimp to billionaires. Quick!, name one feminist who stands up against pedophiles and speaks out against pedophilia? You do not have to answer that question because I already know you can’t. That’s okay, because I know you don’t know any better.

Women Run Deep State Military Industrial Complex — Think Rachael Madcow.

4 of the top 5 defense contractor CEOs are women.

The 3 top dogs at the CIA are women.

The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer and the chief overseer of the nation’s nuclear stockpile now join other women in some of the most influential national security posts, such as the nation’s top arms control negotiator and the secretary of the Air Force.

How Women Took Over The Military-Industrial Complex (now imagine if Hillary won)


Sisterhood of spies: Women now hold the top positions at the CIA

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/all-three-cia-directorates-will-now-be-headed-women-n954956 R

Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network’s Support For Endless War

View at Medium.com

Madeleine Albright and the Clintons starved to death half a million Iraqi kids of medicine and food during the 90s.

Hillary Clinton and Obama destroyed Yemen, Libya and Syria with media collusion.

Now watch as feminists attack Derrick Jensen for speaking out against queer theory pedophilia.

I’m okay if blacks, browns, gays, women and Jews take over the world because it’s dying, and we deserve this stupidity because of our cowardice. They are not holier than dumb ass straight white guys.

Only one link today, because of too much weed and wine last night. Have a great day!

Why “Incremental Change” Is Worse Than No Change At All Caitlin Johnstone


Not too much today except some blather that climate change is making kids suicidal. Both left and right seem to want a little denial for their kids.

Someone said I should watch the Amazing Polly on YT, and her research on the mad science fund by Epstein. I was very skeptical at first, but I’m glad I did. It’s 50 minutes long and the last 10 minutes will blow your mind. If you mix Allister Crowley, Aldous Huxley, NASA, transhumanism and 21st century mind control, this is what you get, an incestuous panoply of nuttiness by elites. When you got a billion bucks to indulge your beliefs, things tend to get nutty.

It is exhaustively researched and pretty well done. In fact, it’s nearly unbelievable. The presentation takes an open mind and patience. While she’s something of a Christian, she’s not too hardcore. I’ve seen worse, but if you spend all your time listening to people you agree with, you’ll never learn anything.

Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists


All magnetic pole flip articles end with: Don’t worry, it will take thousands of years.

Evidence of fast magnetic pole flips


Earth’s magnetic field may be in danger from ‘leaking core’


Evidence Shows Earth’s Magnetic Field Once Flipped In Just 200 Years


Earth’s Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly



A Massive Hunk Of Ice Will Reshape The World’s Coastlines Sooner Than We Thought


Billions of Air Pollution Particles Found in Hearts of City Dwellers


Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death; experts fear for humans


Global clean-energy spending is plummeting


We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Must Be Halved by 2030 to Avoid 3C Warming: Scientists




Kinky’s Kollapse Konspiracy Theory

Christiana Figueres ran the Paris Climate Agreement and is funded by the Rockefellers. This was after the Rockefellers partially divested from oil in one of their financial arms, as a PR move.

Here is her TED talk link below, where it clearly states that it’s funded by the Rockefellers.

The Rockefellers have been running the “Oil Age” for 100 years.

They have been corrupting universities and healthcare for 100 years.

Propaganda is 100 years old.

The world war cycle is 100 years old.

Socialism vs. Capitalism is 100 years old.

The theft of public U.S. credit & currency by private banks is 100 years old.

These banks started the boom/bust/world war cycle 100 years ago.

The men running the think tanks are 100 years old. (snark)

Women’s rights is 100 years old.

I wouldn’t be surprised if gay rights is 100 years old. Civil rights is 50 years old.

World War 3 started in 1990, the same year we found out about climate change.

The climate change war and WW3 are 30 years old.

In those 30 years, we killed a couple million people and emissions went up 60%.

America built 75,000 dams since 1930 to move away from coal.

America did not move away from coal, they only added hydro to coal.

Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring is 50 years old.

The petrochemical food revolution is 70 years old.

Petrochemical use is growing 7X faster than population growth.

Genetically modified foods are 40 years old.

Everything has conspired to perpetuate itself for 100 years.

Tribal humans are as old as the hills.

Urban humans are maybe 30,000 years old, tops.

Large scale wars are maybe 5-15,000 years old.

We govern our societies through racketeering and bully pulpits.

Organized crime started 100 years ago.

The passionate ideals you feel are 100 years old.

None of this is new, except mass extinction.

We have to unite the left and right, and save the planet in one year.

2020 is another quadranial mass racketeering bully pulpit year. We call them elections.

We have to unite rich/poor, black/white, refugee/native, Muslim/Christian, etc etc in one year, take power away from nation states and allow people to run their own lives.

Governments, NGOs and corporations are self-perpetuating, racketeering bully pulpiteers.

The top 20% of income earners produce 70% of emissions.

Human flight is 100 years old. There are 4 billion human flights per year.

All the above are self-perpetuating historical constructs to maintain social cohesion.

Cohesion is a twenty-cent word for control.

Social cohesion is exactly what is breaking down.

We are headed for a second civil war.

The first civil war is what brought us the boom/bust/war cycle of the bank baron age.

The bank baron age is 100 years old.

We have to change all human history on a world wide scale in one year.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to change the world without killing it.

Good luck! As usual, I will disavow any of your actions.

100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private universal income

Video 15 min: James Hansen – The New Gods of Money.

Video 15 min:

The inside story of the Paris climate agreement | Christiana Figueres


The Kooky Part:

Christiana Figueres is a subterranean native space lizard who communicates telepathically with my dog, my dog telepathically rats her out to me, that’s how I know all this.

The Kookier Part:

Like hitting my thumb with a hammer, I never know when to stop. — old carpenter’s joke.

The Death of Satire: There are 2 things old than me, God and Mad Magazine. Mad Magazine has ceased regular publication. Bye bye Mad, ideology is merciless. Next!

Antidotal Anecdotes:

What Is The Biggest Rock? – Onion Talks – Ep. 4, 3 min


James Hansen Calls Guy McPherson Crazy

Earth’s Ancient Life Forms Are Awakening After 40,000 Years in Permafrost

  • Get ready for Helliconia all over again.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know Who The Democratic Party Is Anymore

  • Dinosaurs in disarray.

Why planting one trillion trees won’t solve climate change

Can We Feed 11 Billion People While Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease?

This is why I hate my life.

Dear 15 yr olds,

Collapse is either a rough and tumble slope, or it’s straight down.

If you are 15 years old, you barely heard of James Hansen because he’s verboten.

James Hansen told us what to do 10 years ago. We ignored him.

McPherson is from the left, and Hansen is from the right.

Just because you accept collapse, doesn’t mean you should make rash life decisions.

If you are a McPhersonite, and believe humans will be extinct in 10 years, then you are going to make big mistakes that will ruin your life and accelerate collapse.

You might be dreaming of living in a van, that will be the worst decision you ever made.

James Hansen and Rachael Carson are my heros. You are at the apex of the history of all life on this planet, and what goes through your mind right now is more important to life on earth than at anytime throughout human history.

Peter Carter put out a video recently saying we do not have 10 years to do something about the climate, we got 1 year.

James Hansen has the key to a 100% private universal income, and Guy McPherson has the key to hell.

I’m probably breaking all kinds of rules warning you about this, but I don’t care.


Robert Callaghan




Today’s Flub

I realize I don’t know how to talk to kids (<30), or even tweens (<40). You get to be ageist after 60, and since I’m 2 years older than god it’s hilarious to watch me try.

It’s really fucking hilarious, the other day I rhetorically said to someone, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and they replied, what the fuck is that supposed mean?

It’s like watching Moe give Curly single-handed, back and forth slaps to the puss.

I wonder if my Keystone Kops references are stale?

Today’s Flub


Pedo Pals

Ben Swann reports that the Pedogon ranks 19th out of 3,000 p-2-p child porn networks, and, 5,000 out of 25,000 employees were busted for child porn back in 2008. The investigation was stalled, killed, MIA. 5,000 = 1,000/side of the pentagon. When I posted the video on reddit/conspiracy yesterday, the post was immediately taken down with no notice. The no notice part is significant. Imma big fan of Swann. I think my comments on RT are shadow banned because they do not appear when I’m not signed in. The world is run by nerdy retard wannabees, or SJWs who are just smart enough not to read this blog.

Update: Niko House on YT didn’t shadowban my comments, either that or he’s asleep. This means shadow banning on YT appears to be client based, as well as top down. It’s the first time I haven’t been shadowbanned in so long, I was totally shocked. Niko is the Tulsi man.

Now that I think about it, neither does Paul Beckwith on YT, and Just Have A Think on YT. What this means is that the smaller and better the voice, the higher the honesty, mostly. Plus those sites are relatively free of SJW comment flaggers. I guess if you’re under 60, this isn’t news, but it is to me. Maybe comment cruising SJWs don’t get up too early.

This online culture shit is hard. So Google censors, a bunch of SJWs censor, and content creators censor. Wow, it’s miracle we can say anything at all. I’m beginning to think all my wordpress shadowbanning fits are just procedural errors my part. Guess I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Oh well. There goes my detective career.


US named world’s top trash maker, risks being buried in its own garbage

  • 4% people = 12% garbage


The hard truth about being a 21st century tree in California Mashable

  • Profound die off started 2010 with drought. It’s just beginning.

U.S. Considers Allowing China To Import Oil From Iran OilPrice

  • Mom! Somebody was paid off again.

Huawei founder predicts internet of things is next US battle Financial Times

  • IOT will turn us into thick skulled wispy waifs.

Bitcoin Rally Fuels Crypto Derivatives Wall Street Journal

  • Retard afterburner ignition, check.

The eviction crisis is starting to look a lot like the subprime mortgage crisis MarketWatch

  • How to kick it down a notch.

Climate Change Made Europe’s Mega-Heatwave Five Times More …

  • Wait! Lemme guess… more bad!

Emission impossible? Harsh facts on climate change

  • I wouldn’t read it for trigger reasons, but now that I said that…?

Climate change means more pesticides in your wine

  • If the bugs can’t drink it, I will.

China pledges to strengthen climate plan

  • Reminds me of the Boy Scout pedo pledge.

more links to come…

I’m reposting yesterday’s rant below in case you missed it.

I watched Peter Carter and Paul Beckwith on YT yesterday.
It’s floods one year, drought the next, no more normal weather.
The only thing normal now is runaway emissions and mass extinction.

Beckwith 30 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0TNUNu1P-w

Carter 24 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV3S4v5yTdA&t=936s

Paul was saying, there is no normal, normal is gone — it’s floods one year, and drought the next. Peter clearly demonstrated that annual emission jumps are breaking records, especially in the Spring of each year. Alaska is turning into a melted ice cream cake. Methane variables are not yet in large climate models.

Mass extinction is ignored. Green energy is a fraud, and the seriousness of our situation is a gigantic lie. Natalie Shakova released a new paper hitting hard at her critics about methane.

We are ten seconds from war with the whole world. Kids are dying in Yemen while we fight about who oppresses whom. Wireless urban life is mutating our offspring and converting all vertebrate males into emasculated infertile females. Our video displays are toxic, and mal adapts young brains. while wirelessly cooking them. Too much youthful screen time causes myopia. Every single year, children’s bones are withering away.

Our online culture fosters ideological addiction and mental illness. All our girls are depressed, and mental illness from social media is epidemic. 20 more years of living this way will turn us all into circus freaks.

Our food is so poisoned it kills the soil, and all the bugs, birds and fish within miles of it. We add nano-particles, synthetic DNA, micro/nano plastics and petrochemicals to our food that literally destroy your guts and brains. Petrochemical use is growing 7X faster than the human population. We don’t burn oil anymore, we turn it into plastic.

We are starting a civil war and entering near term poverty and hunger, and the only food and water we got is poisoned. It’s not climate change affecting our minds, it’s everything. This is due to a lack of meaning in our lives except for selfishness.

Mass extinction normally follows runaway hothouse climate change. This time it’s different, mass extinction is happening before climate change.

We live isolated from reality because increasing food prices here means starvation somewhere else. We are massively unprepared for food and energy price hikes. We have not faced mass hunger in America and Europe since the 1930s, nearly 100 years ago. Our socialist/capitalist binary is 100 years old and will not solve runaway mass extinction and hothouse earth in 10 years.

100 million Indians in 20 cities will run out of groundwater next year. The warning about running out of soil in 60 years is already 10 years old. Hard rains, droughts and floods are washing soil away faster than ever before.

Australia’s wheat belt has moved south of the continent into the Antarctic ocean. They had to import wheat from Canada this year. Two brand new condos there had to be evacuated so far this year because of sub-standard concrete. Nobody knows how many new condos will only last 20 years, or less.

China shipped all their defective solar panels to Australia, and now up to 30% of them only last a few years when exposed to moisture. China is building highways, train tracks, coal and nuclear plants all over the planet, faster than anything in human history. China has destroyed our regulatory framework. It’s China’s way or the Huawei.

If you are 15 years old, emissions went up 30% in your lifetime. If you are 30 years old, emissions went up 60% in your lifetime. Emissions must go down 50% in 10 years and 100% in 20 years for humanity to survive. Economists who say we got 40 years are lying.

The Republican/Democrat binary is a dysfunctional billion dollar fraud that resulted in Trump and Clinton, both of whom are an insult to democracy and freedom. It’s too bad the scope of discussion is so limited.



Soros Sucks Kochs

The reason Soros and Kochs say they want world peace now is to frack the whole fucking world. Natural Gas is the fuel of the 21st Century says Vaclav Smil. Natural Gas is very explosive. They are not your friends.

Soros and Koch Team Up to End ‘Forever War’ 

When I saw Soros backed Antifa chanting, “No border, No wall, No USA at all.” I realized that’s exactly what they mean. That’s what Soros’ Open Society means. Wage deflation. They do it by promising to free all illegal immigrants, promise them the vote, promise everyone free education, free healthcare; and they top off with the cherries and cream of black and gay reparations. If you believe they’ll deliver after opening the borders, I got some land in Florida for sale.

Kids want all this while we ignore all the death and destruction we cause overseas. Until the war with Iran stops, we don’t get no free education and healthcare. Everybody wants everything, and they’re too stupidly selfish to agree on what to do. Peace first.

Most of those immigrants are caused by all the evil shit we’re doing in South-Central America. They say it’s all caused by climate change, it’s not. The more we fuck them over, the more they’ll fuck us over. Do you want to spend the next 5 years praying and hoping for free education and healthcare, only to be denied? We don’t got time for that.

War will not be so much nation against nation anymore, it’s rich against poor world wide. When peripheral nation states wither away, the dissolution of governments will arrive here with all the immigrants and climate refugees we caused, while we stoke our virtuous egos on our our toxic pocket photon devices.

We started overseas killing in 2003. Emissions went up 30% since 2003. Climate chaos started overseas in 2011. Mass extinction started overseas killing big time in 2012. These dates are cherry picked for dramatic effect to make it clear what’s going on.

Global boom in natural gas is undermining climate change action

Update: Right after I wrote the above, I found this link… I can’t fucking believe it. It’s saying exactly what I’m saying, just not as colorfully.

The oligarchs won’t give you peace Carl Beijer — Will I get hit by an asteroid today?


Sinister ‘Hunger Stones’ With Dire Warnings Have Been Surfacing in Europe

  • From just last year.


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Soros ♥ Kochs: Making the world safe for fracked natural gas — posted in Conspiracy

Soros ♥ Kochs: Making the world safe for fracked natural gas — posted in Energy


21 Indian Cities Will Run Out Of Groundwater By 2020

80M jobs could be lost by 2030 due to climate change

Robots set to take 20m jobs globally by 2030

‘Hell Is Coming’: What Lies Ahead for Europe’s Climate – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

South Pole sea ice is now vanishing at an alarming rate, too

Biomass of flying insects in Germany down 76% since 1982

‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed

An area of Amazon rainforest the size of a football pitch is cleared every minute.

More than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific — and it barely made a dent

Superbugs: cockroaches becoming immune to insect sprays and nearly impossible to kill

Bird spotted feeding chick cigarette butt in ‘devastating’ picture: Cigarette butts were the most common item of all types of rubbish collected from beaches globally

  • Don’t fucking look, or you’ll spend the next week in bed.

Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Not So Much In Record US Expansion (R.)

Scientists Alarmed by Bark Beetle Boom

Ecosystems Shifting Hundreds of Miles North

Alaska’s heat wave fuels dangerous smoke, melts glaciers

‘It’s getting warmer, wetter, wilder’: the Arctic town heating faster than anywhere

Restoring the Great American Middle Class American Conservative

  • Good diagnosis, childish prescription. Nobody likes 100% private wealth taxes.
  • They should call all think tanks stink tanks. They stink of money.

The Final Solution

Top 20% income earners

= 70% of emissions.

= 100% private carbon wealth fee and private poverty dividend

= 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments

= 100% private universal basic income

= Yes stupid, it means giving all your money away to the poor.

= We don’t need no stinkin’ governments, NGOs or corporations to do it.

= Help stamp out philanthropy.

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