Soros Sucks Kochs

The reason Soros and Kochs say they want world peace now is to frack the whole fucking world. Natural Gas is the fuel of the 21st Century says Vaclav Smil. Natural Gas is very explosive. They are not your friends.

Soros and Koch Team Up to End ‘Forever War’ 

When I saw Soros backed Antifa chanting, “No border, No wall, No USA at all.” I realized that’s exactly what they mean. That’s what Soros’ Open Society means. Wage deflation. They do it by promising to free all illegal immigrants, promise them the vote, promise everyone free education, free healthcare; and they top off with the cherries and cream of black and gay reparations. If you believe they’ll deliver after opening the borders, I got some land in Florida for sale.

Kids want all this while we ignore all the death and destruction we cause overseas. Until the war with Iran stops, we don’t get no free education and healthcare. Everybody wants everything, and they’re too stupidly selfish to agree on what to do. Peace first.

Most of those immigrants are caused by all the evil shit we’re doing in South-Central America. They say it’s all caused by climate change, it’s not. The more we fuck them over, the more they’ll fuck us over. Do you want to spend the next 5 years praying and hoping for free education and healthcare, only to be denied? We don’t got time for that.

War will not be so much nation against nation anymore, it’s rich against poor world wide. When peripheral nation states wither away, the dissolution of governments will arrive here with all the immigrants and climate refugees we caused, while we stoke our virtuous egos on our our toxic pocket photon devices.

We started overseas killing in 2003. Emissions went up 30% since 2003. Climate chaos started overseas in 2011. Mass extinction started overseas killing big time in 2012. These dates are cherry picked for dramatic effect to make it clear what’s going on.

Global boom in natural gas is undermining climate change action

Update: Right after I wrote the above, I found this link… I can’t fucking believe it. It’s saying exactly what I’m saying, just not as colorfully.

The oligarchs won’t give you peace Carl Beijer — Will I get hit by an asteroid today?


Sinister ‘Hunger Stones’ With Dire Warnings Have Been Surfacing in Europe

  • From just last year.


But first… let’s see if this gets removed by reddit.

Soros ♥ Kochs: Making the world safe for fracked natural gas — posted in Conspiracy

Soros ♥ Kochs: Making the world safe for fracked natural gas — posted in Energy


21 Indian Cities Will Run Out Of Groundwater By 2020

80M jobs could be lost by 2030 due to climate change

Robots set to take 20m jobs globally by 2030

‘Hell Is Coming’: What Lies Ahead for Europe’s Climate – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

South Pole sea ice is now vanishing at an alarming rate, too

Biomass of flying insects in Germany down 76% since 1982

‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed

An area of Amazon rainforest the size of a football pitch is cleared every minute.

More than 40 tons of trash from the Pacific — and it barely made a dent

Superbugs: cockroaches becoming immune to insect sprays and nearly impossible to kill

Bird spotted feeding chick cigarette butt in ‘devastating’ picture: Cigarette butts were the most common item of all types of rubbish collected from beaches globally

  • Don’t fucking look, or you’ll spend the next week in bed.

Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Not So Much In Record US Expansion (R.)

Scientists Alarmed by Bark Beetle Boom

Ecosystems Shifting Hundreds of Miles North

Alaska’s heat wave fuels dangerous smoke, melts glaciers

‘It’s getting warmer, wetter, wilder’: the Arctic town heating faster than anywhere

Restoring the Great American Middle Class American Conservative

  • Good diagnosis, childish prescription. Nobody likes 100% private wealth taxes.
  • They should call all think tanks stink tanks. They stink of money.

The Final Solution

Top 20% income earners

= 70% of emissions.

= 100% private carbon wealth fee and private poverty dividend

= 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments

= 100% private universal basic income

= Yes stupid, it means giving all your money away to the poor.

= We don’t need no stinkin’ governments, NGOs or corporations to do it.

= Help stamp out philanthropy.

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