James Hansen Calls Guy McPherson Crazy

Earth’s Ancient Life Forms Are Awakening After 40,000 Years in Permafrost

  • Get ready for Helliconia all over again.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know Who The Democratic Party Is Anymore

  • Dinosaurs in disarray.

Why planting one trillion trees won’t solve climate change

Can We Feed 11 Billion People While Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease?

This is why I hate my life.

Dear 15 yr olds,

Collapse is either a rough and tumble slope, or it’s straight down.

If you are 15 years old, you barely heard of James Hansen because he’s verboten.

James Hansen told us what to do 10 years ago. We ignored him.

McPherson is from the left, and Hansen is from the right.

Just because you accept collapse, doesn’t mean you should make rash life decisions.

If you are a McPhersonite, and believe humans will be extinct in 10 years, then you are going to make big mistakes that will ruin your life and accelerate collapse.

You might be dreaming of living in a van, that will be the worst decision you ever made.

James Hansen and Rachael Carson are my heros. You are at the apex of the history of all life on this planet, and what goes through your mind right now is more important to life on earth than at anytime throughout human history.

Peter Carter put out a video recently saying we do not have 10 years to do something about the climate, we got 1 year.

James Hansen has the key to a 100% private universal income, and Guy McPherson has the key to hell.

I’m probably breaking all kinds of rules warning you about this, but I don’t care.


Robert Callaghan




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