Kinky’s Kollapse Konspiracy Theory

Christiana Figueres ran the Paris Climate Agreement and is funded by the Rockefellers. This was after the Rockefellers partially divested from oil in one of their financial arms, as a PR move.

Here is her TED talk link below, where it clearly states that it’s funded by the Rockefellers.

The Rockefellers have been running the “Oil Age” for 100 years.

They have been corrupting universities and healthcare for 100 years.

Propaganda is 100 years old.

The world war cycle is 100 years old.

Socialism vs. Capitalism is 100 years old.

The theft of public U.S. credit & currency by private banks is 100 years old.

These banks started the boom/bust/world war cycle 100 years ago.

The men running the think tanks are 100 years old. (snark)

Women’s rights is 100 years old.

I wouldn’t be surprised if gay rights is 100 years old. Civil rights is 50 years old.

World War 3 started in 1990, the same year we found out about climate change.

The climate change war and WW3 are 30 years old.

In those 30 years, we killed a couple million people and emissions went up 60%.

America built 75,000 dams since 1930 to move away from coal.

America did not move away from coal, they only added hydro to coal.

Rachael Carson’s Silent Spring is 50 years old.

The petrochemical food revolution is 70 years old.

Petrochemical use is growing 7X faster than population growth.

Genetically modified foods are 40 years old.

Everything has conspired to perpetuate itself for 100 years.

Tribal humans are as old as the hills.

Urban humans are maybe 30,000 years old, tops.

Large scale wars are maybe 5-15,000 years old.

We govern our societies through racketeering and bully pulpits.

Organized crime started 100 years ago.

The passionate ideals you feel are 100 years old.

None of this is new, except mass extinction.

We have to unite the left and right, and save the planet in one year.

2020 is another quadranial mass racketeering bully pulpit year. We call them elections.

We have to unite rich/poor, black/white, refugee/native, Muslim/Christian, etc etc in one year, take power away from nation states and allow people to run their own lives.

Governments, NGOs and corporations are self-perpetuating, racketeering bully pulpiteers.

The top 20% of income earners produce 70% of emissions.

Human flight is 100 years old. There are 4 billion human flights per year.

All the above are self-perpetuating historical constructs to maintain social cohesion.

Cohesion is a twenty-cent word for control.

Social cohesion is exactly what is breaking down.

We are headed for a second civil war.

The first civil war is what brought us the boom/bust/war cycle of the bank baron age.

The bank baron age is 100 years old.

We have to change all human history on a world wide scale in one year.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to change the world without killing it.

Good luck! As usual, I will disavow any of your actions.

100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private universal income

Video 15 min: James Hansen – The New Gods of Money.

Video 15 min:

The inside story of the Paris climate agreement | Christiana Figueres

The Kooky Part:

Christiana Figueres is a subterranean native space lizard who communicates telepathically with my dog, my dog telepathically rats her out to me, that’s how I know all this.

The Kookier Part:

Like hitting my thumb with a hammer, I never know when to stop. — old carpenter’s joke.

The Death of Satire: There are 2 things old than me, God and Mad Magazine. Mad Magazine has ceased regular publication. Bye bye Mad, ideology is merciless. Next!

Antidotal Anecdotes:

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