Adaptation = Free Health Education & Welfare For Refugees

Elite Urban Civil War Preps

Google contractors reportedly targeted homeless people for Pixel 4 facial recognition

  • The Verge

The refugees are coming, the rich don’t want to pay for them, and the poor want the rich to pay.

Socialists want the rich to pay the government. The poor want a universal income.

Capitalists do not want to pay taxes. Both sides want victory, neither side can totally win.

A normal compromise would be a 100% private carbon wealth tax and universal income.

This means all the money goes straight to the poor and governments get nothing.

If done world wide then everybody in the world gets a universal income.

That means the refugees would not threaten civil society.

If everybody has free healthcare, education and money, there won’t be a civil war.

This means drugs should be legal cheap and safe. Abortions and suicides good.

These compromises unite both left and right and reduces emission faster than ideology.

Severe food and water shortages are coming worldwide that will make the French revolution look like a cakewalk.

MSM are focused on selling your vote for either Saudi Democrats or Saudi Republicans.

The We Work IPO fraud is a Saudi MSM fraud.

Academia is intellectually and morally bankrupt, all our institutions have fallen to greed and corruption.

Democratic, Republican, MSM and Judicial corruption will unstoppably and irreversibly destroy earth.

Our public debates are mentally and morally deficient and destructively harmful.

Everybody has to give, nobody owns ideas and thoughts.

Wealth inequity dies or Earth dies, there is no compromise.

When James Hansen first proposed 100% carbon wealth taxes, Bernie wanted the government to get 40%.

40% defeats the purpose of making those taxes 100% private, which is to unite rich and poor to save earth.

When James Hansen and world biologists begged green NGOs to cease opposition to nuclear power, they said no.

Only nuclear power can clean up nuclear waste. The US has 300 years of nuclear waste power.

Even depleted uranium bullets can be reprocessed, getting emissions free power by cleaning nuclear waste.

All the offshore wind turbines are doomed to shorter lives and use 1,000 times more copper than on land.

Offshore wind turbines are made of petrochemicals that get pelted by sleet and rain plastic flakes into the sea.

Runaway hothouse mass extinction is now at its ultimate tipping point. There’s no going back, only forward.

We wasted trillions on nuclear arms, now billions of people are coming here. They won’t be stopped without war.

China can hyper-sonic drone nuke us in 30 minutes, and only 1 out of 10 of our F-35 jets can fly.

Do we really need trillions in new weapons, or do we need free health, education & welfare?

We have to be ready before they get here, or society will blow up.

I don’t want to live like San Francisco or Los Angles, with homeless druggies and private jails.

We can’t fix greed, but we can fix wealth.


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