Burn WordPress ~!

– I can’t believe I have to paste links to my own blog. This post is very very important. Those fuckers at WordPress should be paying me to post here. But I’m such a slut puppy, that I would accept a 100k per year not to write here.

China Growth = US Collapse




Kill Green NGOs

Ten years ago James Hansen told us we need nuclear power to get clean energy burning nuclear waste.
The US has 300 years worth of clean nuclear power in their nuclear waste.
You can even get clean power recycling depleted ammunition.
He was treated like he said clean coal because green NGOs funding models depend on it.
When James Hansen and renowned biologists begged green NGOs to stop their opposition, they said no.
Green NGOs have a vested interest in status quo, the Greenpeace CEO took a jet to work each day.
The Panda Posers count palm oil plantations as rain forests. They’re not indirectly divested.
These guys have been around since most of you were alive. They know how to live.
Emissions are 50% higher since they stated saving us.
China can now crank out a nuclear power plant in 5 years.
James Hansen works for China now.
Petrochemical IOT nano particle poisoning is now super exponentiating.
They are using nuclear power to produce more IOT plastic than ever thought possible by peak oilers.
Google can’t even unionize. Google wants to flood the world with plastic IOT junk.
Google boosts IOT nano plastics marketing and deranks bio petrochemical poisoning.
By 2030, IOT nano plastics will use more oil than 2 billion gasoline cars.
Petrochemical plastic use grows 7 times faster than population.
High life satisfaction requires 30,000 lbs of petrochemicals per person per month.
High life satisfaction exceeds sustainability by 300%.
High life satisfaction is unsustainable for everyone. It is inequitable.
Google is 1,000% behind this. Google sells privacy for fake security. They love IOT plastic.
They claim your health is national security because they know people will hate it.
Google wants to poison us for money. Google et al need China to live.
They are the evil force inherent to the affairs of people like us.
Google is the status quo, they got the Pentagon and petrochemical contracts to prove it.
You can’t run the world like a Boeing 787 Max or a F-35 fighter jet.
IOT technology must be tamed or earth dies even after we’re gone.

Collapse Memo For Newbies and Lurkers

The Youth Are Revolting | World’s Billionaires Make 2 Billion Bucks Per Hour
Socioeconomic Stability Becomes Impossible
I find old people revolting too.
While the world erupts in chaos, mainstream political and policy debates here have failed to recognize that human impacts on the environment have reached a critical stage, potentially eroding the conditions upon which socioeconomic stability is possible. The glaciers oceans and lands are going to explode. California’s dead trees are burnt in Europe for fraudulent green energy carbon credits. Runaway rapid onset ocean acidification is imminent. Message to old people: Earth will not be fine with out us.
High Life Satisfaction = 4 X Sustainablility 80% of phone sales are replacements
found that 75% of the land on the planet has now been “severely altered” by human actions, as has 66% of Earth’s marine environment. Most frightening of all, 85% of the planet’s wetlands have disappeared.”
A report released in June found 25% of the bird species in Canada face precipitous decline. A similar report from 2016 on birds in the United States found that half the species of ocean and tropical-forest birds were in crisis, while coastal and grasslands species were in steep decline.
Pesticides in the Dock: Ecological Apocalypse But Business as Usual | Counterpunch found that neonicotinoid insecticides cause damage to the central nervous system of insects that is virtually irreversible and cumulative.
The Chemical Anthropocene: Glyphosate as a Case Study of Pesticide Exposures found that part of the Pandora’s Box of unique changes humans have wreaked upon our environment with industrialization, which has brought about the Anthropocene, is the unleashing of chemicals in the environment that harm humans and other organisms. As an example, since World War II, US chemical production has increased by 15 times, currently producing 30,000 pounds ( ✓ ) of chemicals per resident each year. Severe regulatory gaps exist, however, between rigorously testing these chemicals, and their legal production and toxicity in our environment.”
Why Does Bayer Crop Science Control Chemicals in Brexit Britain’ | Secret Brexit chemical negotiations
Petrochemical use is growing 7 times faster than human population. By 2030, turning oil into IOT nano plastics will consume more oil than cars will. Petrochemicals and Google are giants. Google gets paid to boost Monsanto and derank Bio-Petrochemical destruction. When England’s top scientists said the petrochemical destruction of the ecosphere is humanity’s great mistake, Google buried it, nothing must stop the IOT roll out. Facebook and Google can swing millions of votes. Apple is now a leader at a top university in China.
Google = FAM
IMO, it’s because we don’t know how to honestly and openly handle money, that we are destroying the reproductive and cognitive capabilities of all animal and insects on earth. This is cumulative, unstoppable and irreversible.
The European Union is spending $1 trillion bucks on climate change over the next 7 years. Through the magic of European duplicity, that money will go straight to green NGOs, petrochemicals and banks. They burn trees for 50% of their green energy and they burn paper and plastic for electricity. Norway is building one of the largest offshore oil investments in history, while offshore wind turbine blades dissolve faster than expected, a mistake right up there with the Hubble telescope mirror. Offshore wind farms use 1,000 TIMES more copper than normal and are pelted by micro-particles at 80 kilometers per hours. There is no magic bullet fix. Carbon trading is fraud, offsetting is fraud, solar wind is fraud, the anti-nuclear lobby is fraud. Four billion people fly each year. China was sold as the solar savior of mankind. They can’t stop emissions going up for 10 years. Emissions must be down 50% in 10 years. The reality is we got 10 years to fix everything, if we can even make it that far without killing each other.
A 3 Hour Cruise on the Deep State Ship
Nobody knows what, when and where the collapse tipping point is. The tipping point is where collapse is unstoppable and irreversible. We agree we’re mostly past that point, but what is it?

It’s the point where our ideals are corrupted by the deep state, the deep state are the 40 year veteran officials of the state and justice departments. They thwart the ideals of both left and right to maintain the even keel of the ship of state. They don’t give 2 cents for your ideals except as a valuable tool, like personal data.Red hat or black mask it doesn’t matter. Both sides work for the same people inside of each side on the massive ship deck. Like any deep ship of state, it takes 30 years to turn it around. We don’t know how to articulate capitalism and socialism into a rational monetary fiscal political economy.I believe that point came and went when James Hansen and several economists from Texas first proposed 100% private carbon taxes with 0% for government. They said it would unite left and right reducing emissions faster than all this socialist propaganda. Socialism and Capitalism have been fighting for 100 years, it’s like sports betting for rich geeks. It’s the deep ship of state. It’s all we know. You can’t turn it around in less than 30 years. You need both teams bailing, or the ship goes down.

After Fukushima, James Hansen said we need nuclear power to clean it up and reduce emissions. The US has enough nuclear waste to get emissions free power for 300 years. You need nuclear power to clean nuclear waste and reduce emissions. The green NGO industrial complex said no. They are corrupt as any Capitalist on earth. Both sides corrupt high ideals. Priests rape kids and lawyers hide the truth.This collapse of ideals is the inflection point of collapse. But, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy, than continue like we are past the point of no return, like a we’re on a 3 hour cruise.

So How Does The Deep State Drive Collapse?

The deep state are bought off insiders. They’re the people who say poisoned water is safe to drink. They’re the people who allow nano-particles and PFAS in our food, air and water. They are scientists, doctors, lawyers, authors etc., in short, they are our elites. They are the crooked cops and private jails. They are the green NGOs who count tree plantations as forests. They are the IMF and CIA working foot in mouth to destroy countries in South America. They are the primary force driving collapse. They are the people flooding the world with spybots. They are energy science frauds like Elon Musk who blasts cars into space. They are the invention scammers Thunderf00t debunks all the time. In short, they are smarter than me, but then again so is my dog.

700 scientists say we got to disrupt, and 500 academics say climate change is unreal

My wife bought a motion detector for chicken curious bears and it’s driving me crazy
The IOT gold rush trades privacy for security, i call it the blackmail economy
Urban 5G transponders every few hundred feet harms bugs, birds and trees
The PFAS etc they require will fill the world with plastic
Offshore wind farms caused the UK blackout, the blades are disintegrating worse than expected, and they use 1,000 times more copper than land turbines
Our green energy gold rush will cause ten times more harm to the environment than the energy they provide
The exotic minerals IOT and green tech require are too carbon massive for the energy they return
The only magic bullet I can think of is to carbon capture at source, within existing infrastructure
Protected classes and huddling masses will lead to mass incarceration just so Google etc can get cheap help
The immigrants are coming there’s nothing we can do about it, and the only way I can imagine less inequality is if we carbon tax the rich and give 100% back to the bottom 40% in a new carbon credit worldwide
I don’t gamble because when my grandpa taught me poker, he took all my money, and looked me in the eye and said, don’t ever play poker rob
The State of Deep State
Biden can barely form a thought, let alone policy. If Biden Pelosi and Mueller went through a revolving glass door, 2 would get stuck in the middle as Joe forgets where he is, turns and starts pushing back on the other 2. Adam Schiff should win Dumbest Spook of the Year award. I expect more early onset cognitive disorders going forward.
Emergency Anti-Collapse Music | Break Glass 6 mins
Alice Phoebe Lou – Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix (Cover) – YouTube
Alice Phoebe Lou – Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side – YouTube
If you attended Harvard or MIT and didn’t fly the Lolita Express, raise your hand?
Pedos tend to be short, clumsy, not too bright and left handed.
So just because the guys from comet pizza are short, clumsy and stupid doesn’t mean they’re left handed.
Biden Pelosi and Mueller can barely form a thought, let alone policy.
If Biden Pelosi and Mueller went through a revolving glass door, 2 would get stuck in the middle as Joe forgets where he is, turns and starts pushing out from the inside.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix (Cover) – YouTubeAlice Phoebe Lou – Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side – YouTube100% private carbon wealth tax dividends = 100% private UBI = 0% for government

This unites left and right against billionaire tax dodgers destroying earth.
This is how collapse works, if you think of something good, I’ll make us lots of money.
Quote: If all threatened species are extinct within 100 years, it will take 250 more years to reach mass extinction, 75% of life on earth. If only critically endangered species go extinct within 100 years it will take 700 years to reach mass extinction. — Anthony Barnosky
Barnosky said in a YT video that mass extinction can’t be stopped or reversed, once started. The mass extinction tipping point, when it becomes unstoppable and irreversible, happens well before the 75% die off, and nobody knows exactly when. Whether now or sooner nobody knows.
We lost 60% of critters since you was a kid. We will lose another 60% before you dead.
We lost control over nature, and it’s ultimately why we are regressing into childish fantasies.
Sexualised infantilism is caused by the click economy. I’ll get back to that.
The crop losses this year are staggering, off the charts, nothing like it since the Great Depression.
Food and water shortages are here. You don’t need to be an AI algo genius to know when.
My upper ponds have gone dry because moisture from earth is held way up in the lower atmosphere, while at the ground level, hot temperatures bleed the earth dry.
China is paving the world faster every 3 years than the US did in 300.
Mega urbanization projects are the norm, the US is pushing back its only mega rail project past 2033.
Emission must be down 50% by that date.
We have chemically altered all vertebrates with a cumulative, unstoppable, irreversible reproductive cognitive decline.
We are chemically going extinct, and making ourselves retarded in the process.
All this is happening while we robotosize the protected privilege throughput economy.
The internet is a money sucking crowdfunded kickstart scam of virture signalling con jobs.
YT’s Thunderf00t debunks crazy kickstart money scams all the time.
The guy who invented reddit is dead and a harvard kid owns the internet.
The FBI CIA and Justice departments are privatized human trafficking scams.
Watch Murder on the Bayou, think Kamala Harris.
Six days of Bezo’s pay can pay for all his worker’s healthcare.
Billionare tax havens have weaponized the destruction of earth.
I still used to think we need Gabbard/Yang, but now I think we need Yang/Gabbard.
Magnetic Field Loss + Upper Ozone Loss = More Radiation Sickness
Solar radiation sickness affects both plants and animals.
At 62, I’ve given up sun tanning, I know the sun burns more.
China was caught trying to smuggle illegal ozone destroying chemicals into Europe.
Contrary to MSM reports, the ozone layer has never stopped depleting between 60° N and 60° S, in the lower part of the upper atmosphere, where the vast majority of ozone resides. Most people live between those 2 latitudes.
UV radiation always gets stronger the closer you get to the equator, and more people live there.
The earth’s magnetic field is weakening extremely fast and affects South America and south Africa most.
A weakening magnetic field lets in more UV radiation, which combined with lower ozone protection, means people can expect increased solar radiation sickness, but especially in South America and south Africa. Sun tan lotion makes corals sick.
Air Conditioning demand is skyrocketing due to longer, more intense heat blocks. By 2050, air conditioning is expected to use up all available renewable energy production.
This AC gold rush will result in more chemical smuggling and more ozone destruction.
The rush of human urbanization is biggest in China, who pour more cement in 3 years than America ever did in 300. They pave enough roads to cover America 2X each year. They have mega projects coming out the ying yang.
The LA SanFran rail project has been pushed to 2033. World emissions must be down 50% by that time.
The gold rush for condos worldwide will result in construction fraud and unsafe buildings. Many condos will be unsafe in 20-30 years. Safe construction sand is running out. Construction fraud is the new normal.

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