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This is not banned in reddit collapse

The following text is banned is banned in reddit collapse:

America Collasped —> They just don’t know it yet.

I don’t hate to tell you this, but it took 20 years for America to build a subway in New York and half as long to not build a high speed train in lalaland. China builds several thousand miles of high speed track every single year. They built more skyscrapers in 10 years than America did in 100 years. They pour more cement every 3 years than America did in 300 years. The only good thing about life in lalaland is that you can take a crap anywhere.
The F-35 can’t fly 90% of the time, The 737Max flies 0% of the time, and it’s been 8 years since America flew a man into space. It takes America 10 years to not build a nuclear plant and China can whack one out in 5 years. They build them on barges next to volcanoes riding on tsunamis from melting glaciers. The reason we gave them our jobs was to make General Electric happy, you can buy shares of their stock now for a dollar fourty-nine and a bottle of wine.
We can’t ban Huawei because they got the drop on us. You can’t have a fair gunfight with someone faster than you. Soon the world will figure out EVs won’t work in Europe and Canada, and hydrogen will have to fill the gap, by that time Germany will have figured out how luxury EVs are not really a thing. Japan is in the driver’s seat of hydrogen vehicles but China still has them by the balls on minerals.
America’s MSM is the world’s running joke, and we just play the Russia game out of embarrassment for you, and fear for us. America is the big drunk retarded bully in the room. The political economy is criminal and works on blackmail, persecution and corruption. We send tax dollars to the Ukraine, they skim and launder that money, and send it back to private foundations like Biden, McCain, Obama etc. This is bipartisan. Both sides serve the rich, and you ain’t in it. The situation as it stands in American is terminal to life on earth, because they can’t figure out how to reconcile greed with survival. It’s like Bart Simpson getting repeated shocks by an electrified cookie.



I am evil because wordpress won’t let me publish.

I am evil because mods kill me.



Synchronized Cascading Social Ecological Climate Collapse

With climate discontent rising, scientists warn of social ‘tipping point’ – Reuters
The collapse is so huge and complete educated people can’t rekon with it. It’s like 3rd eye blind.
It’s all fubar! I can’t wait for big fancy pretentious ass words to collapse and expose the nakedness of our fears.
Synchronized means waltzing with your wife and mistress without crushing their toes. I don’t know how to say it in gender speak.
I’m 2 years older than God, and God is not half as old as you. Plants emit ultrasonic death cries. Cows are grass root cereal killers and your bellybutton is your 3rd eye. Never trust anyone over 30.
100% private UBI = 100% private carbon wealth tax
Accept no substitutes or die like babies

energy sources

C02 HUMANenergy sources

canada-emissions-recordthe cliffDANGERTIPPING POINTS

The following is the offending hate text.

How Star Wars Drove Mathematical Fantasy

This may come as a shock to you, but math is not the end all be all. You already knew this because of statistics.
Mathematical fantasy is very unhealthy because using math to prove lies is bad.
69% of all data does not support your biases. 99% of all people are sexist and racist but don’t know it yet.
Here is Sabine Hossenfelder’s very easy-to-understand video on physics fraud, 5 min.
An honest mind is a beautiful thing.
There are people who make a living getting you to believe in wormhole space travel. This has been going on so long that people think it’s normal. Fantasy informs the basis of much scientific literature. I became aware of this from studying renewable energy fraud. My first brush with renewable energy fraud came from the book, Green Illusions by Ozzie Zehner, 2012.
I have written and sourced a lot of information about science publishing fraud to much disapproval by the science acolytes who infest this sub. Never trust priests or physicists, it’s not the science you should doubt, it’s the scientist. If Bill Gates is your own personal Jesus, that’s fine – just don’t expect your bobble headed Jesus to solve runaway hothouse mass extinction.
Star Wars sparked a lot inspiration for kids to become scientists, which is good. It has also inspired grown ass billionaires to believe our future is in space, which is bad. Recent research has found that human brains suffer in low gravity. It is this same driver that makes people tell you we can have 100% renewable energy by 2030, or 2040… or even 2050. While it may be possible to have 100% renewable energy by 2090, it won’t fucking matter because the world as we know it will be long gone by then.
  • Scroll down the large Scientific Fraud section. The research for this post is one year old.

After the 20 billion bucks spent on the Hadron Particle Collider produced spectacularly few positive results, the eggsheads around the world decided that we need a newer 40 billion dollar collider to prove their mathematical fantasies. The main reason people hold physicists in high regard is because their theories gave us the atomic bomb. There are people who make a living in academia and media telling you that green energy will save earth. There are scientists working feverishly to tell us that nano-particles can save us from micro-plastic pollution. There are scientists working feverishly to tell us we can’t survive without gene modded foods. The scientists poisoning your body and mind are the same scientists “curing” you. There’s nothing wrong with science and its limitations. There’s nothing wrong with religion and its limitations. Just be sure to limit your faith in priests and scientists.


Burn all wordpressers! If you serve one in a restaurant, hork in their food. Maraud them, water-witch board them, make them confess, lock them in public stocks, throw food and urinate on them, then burn them at the stake. Most of them are old yuppies anyhow, who’s gonna miss them?

Personal wealth is destroying the planet, and the only reason the commies give a fuck is because they want some of it.

I’m not too sure I’m not banned, If I were me I would ban me.

Wife’s pumpkin


Kill monkey kill, run monkey run, kill kill kill – morning folks

  • The silence of the bombs going off in socialist Sweden makes me happy I’m not a white commie.

How high can you stack shit? – Pretty high it seems

  • smell test insanity = yet more proof worse than expected
  • 70% of Yanks think we’re 2/3 of the way to civil war.

100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private UBI = 0% for government

Triple Witching Hour

Special thanks to Gail et al for much needed feedback, will continue turbine research for the next couple of days. Since I love being removed, I thought I would try the following.

This post got so deranked its not funny, it took less than hour, that’s what makes me laugh so much. I guess the bullshit quality prevents it from being removed.

It seems wordpress has cut my ability to post daily down to maybe once every couple weeks. My last allowed post was Oct 16, and today is the 29th. The reddit collapse sub has likely either deranked or shadow banned my posts again. I know I’m unlikable, but this is ridiculous. Must be election season, or something.

I just did some research on electric grid fragility. Now I guess I’ll do a little research on wind turbines.

How Renewable Energy Models Can Produce Misleading Indications

  • Gail’s great post about grids and stuff.

Delamination of Wind Turbine Blades

  • Great starting point on internal wear of laminated blades.

Wind farm turbines wear sooner than expected

  • Discarded blades pile up on land, recycling is as usual.
  • Lots of promises about making better, little success as usual

lifespan of wind turbines

  • The complex wind conditions they are exposed to and the wind turbine dynamics result in abrupt load changes. We need to reduce or to avoid damage in the systems and components.Without suitable control methods, this can cause fatigue and other damage to the blades and the other wind turbine components. This is especially a problem for the largest turbines, because they experience more complex conditions and the situation near the ground can be very different from the situation at the highest blade tip. Also, the experimental testing has to be representative of the real problem.

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  1. Etyere Petyere says:

    Scotty kilmer has only one idea .
    “It is an endless money pit unless it is a toyota corolla”
    Thats all what scotty kilmer is about


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