Vaclav Smil Sucks Cock

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With a canyon like that, it’s amazing your guts don’t fall out Gaia. Can you spot the jeep?


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White Monkey Ozone Pest

trigger links: ozone killers + neonics = death

What adds these links together is the pathetic bathos of media malfeasance. Watch how deceptive we are.

After the Chinese got busted smuggling ozone killer chems into Europe, we got a follow up in MSM about the ozone hole healing. I now know it’s because the killer chem emissions are not counted when they are used as feedstock for, or are a byproduct of, fracking, petrochemicals etc., while the real ozone hole is right over our heads. Search my links on ozone.

Germany’s neonic propaganda is of epic 1,000 year reich stature, it’s fucking historic. I recently got to the page of a book where Vaclav Smil said the 911 twin towers fell down just like Popular Mechanics said they did. That’s when I heard my brain squeak. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say never trust a German priest or physics professor.

This is bad ecological safety, and bad health news, on a planetary scale. I always try to pose a health threat directly to the reader, but this is bigger than readers. This is everything. It is the meaning of life, the universe, everything.

I always liked Germans, ever since I watched Bridget Loves Bernie in the 60s. But they are evil as a country, not a race. White monkeys have betrayed the earth. Being locked up 6 winter months of the year makes white monkeys wacky. That’s why I don’t despair crazy billionaires hiding underground.

That whole area between England Belgium and Germany is rife with corruption because they got 6 months of winter every year to dream evil shit up. They say this all started when white christian monkeys borrowed money from Jew monkeys to make war.

I just heard a 97 year old philosopher say it was the pointless loneliness that gets you in the end. When you combine 6 months being locked up in a shack with also being inbred anal retards, then special Shining things start to happen. In Canuckistan we call it “going shack wacky”. By February, I’ll be completely retarded – like, “Here’s Johnny!” retarded.

Germany is going to sell steel diesel cars made out of sun and wind, while shutting down nuclear plants and building new gas plants. Kids really think you can make steel cars out of sun and wind. If ozone killers are not counted as feedstocks or byproducts in the manufacture of those cars, and 50% of their renewable electricity comes from burning trees, while 8% of their diesel fuel is palm and soy oil, then the level of concern should be mega.

When you combine Volkswagon, Monsanto, Bayer and FOXCNN, you are setting yourself up to get royally fucked up the ass. It’s like gang raping mother earth. England is leaving Europe because they are monumentally evil, not that England is any better. You got a socialist white queen on one side and a nuclear limey queen on the other.

Okay, that’s enough slamming crazy Euro monkey queens. Let’s move onto Asian Queens, both east and west. White monkey Queens sold their jobs and countries out to Asia by kissing their ass for money, and Asia shit on them. Well, that’s monkey business for you! I don’t hate white monkeys, hell all of my family and loved ones are white monkeys, except for the boy,  who I’m proud to say is the black sheep of the family. He turned 30 and settled, and that’s good enough for me.

Post note: Both magnetic field depletion and lower stratospheric ozone depletion will destroy plant and wildlife. It burns us. The ozone on the ground is killing plants and maybe animals, and the lack of ozone high in the sky is killing both too, sooner than expected. If not now, soon. The oceans are acid time bombs, if not now soon. ad nausea. The modelling fictional math crowd are sell outs. They confuse their field with reality. The Pope is a sell out. The banks are sell outs. My dentist and plumber are really nice people.

The Arctic weather blobs are killing fish and crops more every year. Sea birds and fish are dropping like flies. When tech prices shoot up, they move to China, game over. Money talks bullshit walks, they are the AI IOT data mother load. Because data is mother, lover, sister, brother.

Judges get paid and profit in the US to put you in jail. They get tax money to lock you up. No one rich goes to jail since the 2008 occupy wall street. It’s been 12 years since 2008 and 4 years since 2016 and nobody is in jail. Justice is corrupt and fairy tales aren’t real.

Note to self, name subs to pillars, be nice lol

I been too scared to watch Beckwith videos lately.

Top 2,000 = Bottom 4,600,000,000 
– Reuters ( because they’re holier than you )

Head Of Leading Think Tank Suggests Deportation Of Anti-War Iranian Americans 
– The Iranian ( Fucking Persian pussies. Hey wait a minute, I love Persian pussy! )

‘Why the Foundations of Physics Have Not Progressed For 40 Years’
– IAI ( math ≠ truth ) I love Sabine.

Massive Neo Nic Story
– The Intercept ( big expo on media whores like YT etc. )

Gulf Stream 15% Weaker In 50 Years = Hot Flooded Florida m
– Phys org

Hot Ocean ‘Blob’ Killed One Million Seabirds
– Commie Dreams

Beetles and fire kill dozens of ‘indestructible’ giant sequoia trees
– Guardian

New Chinese virus ‘will have infected hundreds’ 


Gone Fishing? No Fish, but Plenty of Pesticides & a Public Health Crisis
– Counterpunch

‘Alarming’ one in five deaths due to sepsis

Chemicals In Tap Water Cause Thousands Of Cancer Deaths Across Europe 
– RT

Flame retardants and pesticides overtake heavy metals for some reason
– Neuroscience News

Insect Apokalypse ‘threatens collapse of nature’
– Guardian

Porcine Apokalypse = Flying Commie Pigs From Hell
– The Conversation

Avian Apokalypse = 25 billion flightless fowl +  no wild birds
– Business Insider ( Qatar owned )

Naked Ape Apokalypse: 40% Restless = 100% Dangerous
– CNBC = MSJW ( mainstream justice warrior )

Best Carbon Capture Facility In World Emits 25X More Carbon Than It Captures
– Clean Technica ( joke of the day ) should read

Climate change, inversions, and the rise of “super pollution” air events
– The Daily Climate

Ocean Warming Is Speeding Up, with Devastating Consequences 
– Inside Climate News  

Southeast Asia rubber fungus has auto industry bracing for shortage 
– Nikkei Asian Review

Nano micro tire dust = auto-asphyxiated erotica
– save the bugs = snuff selfies for sale

白猴子 = Commie White Monkey 

Poison and explosives used to kill elephants as record numbers die in Sri Lanka – Independent

Flash Acidification – fucks oceans for thousand of years, ask any dinosaur

Amazon will burn like Australia – no off switch for insanity

Since the 2015 Paris agreement, 33 major global banks poured $2 trillion bucks into fossil fuels, the IMF spent $5 trillion subsidising fossil fuels – Greta

  • Not bad for 5 years work. The next 5 ought to finish it.

Australia’s fires have pumped out more emissions than 100 nations combined – MIT

Sublimation, a type of defence mechanism in which negative urges are transformed into more positive actions. For instance, we distance ourselves from the tragedy of our existence and transform our awareness into philosophy, literature and art. – pretty interesting, I should read it.

Ayatollah Trump – US oil exports up 1,000% in 10 years


  • Petrochemicals will blow up earth by 2025. We drain groundwater to grow corn burned in luxury engines. So, why not? Oil is shipped to Asia, shipped back as plastic, shipped back again as waste, shipped back again as burnt or tossed air food water nano particles, which enter our skin, nose, lungs and guts to make us stupid, sterile spectral genetic ghosts of ourselves. Petrochemical use grows 7X faster than human population. Petrochemicals make all insect and vertebrate men sterile, stupid and spectral.

Over the Hilts and Far Away


100% private carbon tax dividends = 0% for government 100% for the poor

Loot Boxes

Climate • Energy • Charts
In case you don’t believe in failure

Youth Life Power
Never trust anyone 2 times older than god

The Pillars of Life

⯈ Climate

⯈ Ecological – unfinished business


Food Soil Water 

The Acid Bomb

They say renewables will produce 50% of electricity by 2030. This is a lie of omission. What they don’t tell you is that electricity is at most 25% of total world energy demand. What they are saying is that renewables may be at best 12% of global energy by 2030.

Climate science media whores are lying to you, McKibben, Klein, Mann etc. Global energy demand rises 1% /yr, and funny coincidence, emissions rise 1% /yr. Fossil use must go down 50% in 10 years to save life on earth as we know it.

Nobody gives a fuck about a few rats and cockroaches kicking around by 2100. Plankton are dying, oceans are deoxygenating, not mixing, and heading for explosive acidification. The reasons scientists can’t tell you about this is because they speak a fake language. We’ve known what sonar noise pollution does to animals for decades. There was an emergency international ocean oxygen meeting a few years ago, it wasn’t called that of course. It was called something mellifluous like, a symposium on dancing with water fairies, or something.

Bad Xmas Ocean News Forgotten By 2020 Hangover | Robert Callaghan
Krill Abundance down 80% in 30 years | May 2005, check use in supplements & make-up
For Ending Illegal Fishing Off Africa
– Steve Zissou | double check
Slave Fisheries – Mongabay
Key fish species at risk as climate destroys oxygen – Endgaget | sourced
Warming must stop at 1.5 °C or life on earth will collapse
– Nature 2019
Global Fossil Emissions To Go 120% Past 1.5 °C Safety Zone by 2030
Rapid And Extreme Runaway Ocean Acidification
Flash Acidification –  ask any dinosaur
Low oxygen ocean sites up 1000% since 1960 + anoxic zones up 300%
Plankton Die Off
Plastic Is Killing the Bacteria That Make 10% of Earth’s Oxygen
Arctic water more acidic with less oxygen

Daily Link Purgatory – Where links go to die

US Fracking = 30% more emissions by 2025 – Commie Dreams ( Enviro Integrity )

Go Back To Old Farming To Save Earth’s Bugs. – Guardian

Bug-PoKalypse – Nature

Antarctic waters: Warmer with more acidity and less oxygen – Physorg

Trump approves 100 banned pesticides

Climate Liability News – unread

Conservationists are ignoring climate change, risking mass extinctions

Peter Carter’s Biosphere Collapse Chart

The Best Show on Earth – Speaks pretty good English for a limey

Skeptical Science = excellent climate resource

The Amazon Will Die – Induces a pathetic bathos of scientific hallucinations

Early Spring = Dry Soil – Science News

Air Pollution = Weak Bones + Mental Illness – Newsweak

New Car Smell = Death –  New Scientist

China bans fishing in depleted Yangtze River for 10 years – SCMP

We can’t recycle our way out of over-consumption – Salon

Bozo the Clown and Google Now In The Oil Business – google

Bozo threatens to fire any workers who speak out about climate – Guardian

Bozo controls voting machines in 40 states, has seat at Pentagon – google

Big city, small farmers, and a dying river – People’s Archive of Rural India

The average life span of historical civilisations is 320 years – BBC

The 2010s were another lost decade on climate change – MIT

Everything is connected, and everything is changing – Sciam



⯈ Technology


New Years Day 2020

Happy Place

Running Editorial

100% private UBI:
= 100% private carbon tax dividends
= 0% for governments

Translation: Tax the rich give 100% back to the poor fuck the commies!

Commies Are Dinosaurs

Rich commies live in places like China and the Ukraine. When it comes to skimming & washing tax dollars, the words “all” or “100%” are meaningless. Skimming military tax money, washing it and giving it back to private political foundations is not how to save the world. It’s how and why China Ukraine Russia Gang Rape Gaia. It’s why male psych shrinks sexually abuse female patients.

A 100% private carbon tax currency creates a dual economy of global nation state currencies, and an international carbon UBI currency to mitigate the collapse of society, it’s like hush money for poor people, insurance against immediate rioting and looting. The rich are pissing their pants and this is the only way out. God, I have a deep meaningful fantasy life.

The new currency is phased in worldwide in 10 years, or humanity will die from stupidity fear and greed. Doing what Obama did 10 years ago will kill the planet irreversibly unstoppably and terminally for all life on ocean and land, even the fucking bugs and fungus. I wouldn’t be surprised if human sentience came from fungus and bacteria. The ocean will cascade into acid super fast. Ocean oxygen is in crises because small changes have big blow backs. Thank god for subterranean bacteria, I guess the meek will inherit the earth.

I’m serious because in just 3 years gaming will be a $200 billion per year business, and that’s like crack or smack to a capitalist socialist pig. Carbon credit skimming and washing is like putting lipstick on a flying pig. But worse than anything else, Tesla sales are booming. Stopping Tesla and 5G is like trying to not get suicided by the Democrats. We gotta take big food’s poison monopoly away from them, make zoomers and boomers stop hating each other, and stop poisoning our bodies and minds. Like I said, rich fantasy life.

Help stamp out philanthropy, greed is bad.

Oh yeah I forgot, a new international UBI carbon currency will reduce emissions 100% faster than anything the commies and capitalists can muster, and tweet-deedle-dee, it will unite the poor of both left and right over the rich. This is why rich commies hate it. Most of the world’s richest socialists are now in China.

The only thing America has going for it is bullshit, and if they sublimate it, we can all go home. By the time Trump finds the big red space farce button for Russia’s hyper gliders, China will have paved the world over twice again.

Small farmers grow 80% of the food, and those jobs face water doom. We are poisoning the soil and sucking the well dry for big fast bucks. Fossil food guarantees mass extinction. Bayer Monsanto Steve Jobs et al are poison.




3 thoughts on “Vaclav Smil Sucks Cock

  1. Red says:

    Glad you figured out the issue. I’ve used your informative links lots in the past and the new idea looks to be a winner. Understanding the severity of the situation is very important, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Not that I believe that there is any place to hide, there isn’t. Good luck going forward Loki.


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