Spit Kitties = Honker + Squeaky

Understanding Long-Term Trends in Ocean Layering

Quasi Pseudo Intellectual Bubble Rap

A fancy way of saying invisible hand jobs for the ideologically driven brain.

The Hill’s Krystal and Saagar are hilarious.

Krystal rolls her eyes and makes indignant muted honky sounds of rage.

Like a trombone with a plunger over its mouth, she mewls a lot.

Saagar gets so excited his voice breaks and his words spit.

Like good cop bad cop, I call them the spit kitties. The dynamic duo.

Excellent, glass is half full of corporate shit, attack kitties.

I know I’m being ever so slightly terribly unfair. But what the fuck, eh?

But when their attack opinion rhymes with mine I think they’re ingenious.

All my comments are not allowed there anymore, now by blanket default.

Michael Tracey and Redacted Tonight appear to allow my level-2 rude comments.

Dave in the UK, from the Just Have A Think climate and energy YT vidcast, even replies.

Jimmy Dore allows very few level-3 comments. Lame. More success means less access.

The Collapse Chronicles guy was likely deleting comments.

I don’t blame him or spit kitties. YT is the Time magazine of video. Evil.

Look up monkey abuse videos to see what I mean.

The kaleidoscope of opinion still focuses on nothing, it’s why I don’t do video or rap.

When it comes to rap I’m kind of like Steve Martin on the porch trying to clap to black music. It’s the kind of thing you have to do in order to do it. Like learning to ride a bicycle or swimming, everybody can do it at some level or not.

Just because I can’t do something doesn’t mean I won’t. I can’t carry a tune but I sing.

None of this matters because I may be just lying to myself.

If you stare at a candle or smartphone the eye and mind will actually hold still for a brief moment.

Everything else around the focus point turns white and fades away.

The Sault Greyhounds beat the Peterborough Petes. Go hounds Go! Kill Kill Kill !!!

The brain takes a hit of micro nirvana, and you’re in a timeless afterglow.

I call it a goofy fugue, but I’m a foogy goof that way.

Only phones and candles can easily do that kind of brain hit thing.

When your mind’s eye lights up and you can’t actually see the world around you.

This is because the constant shifting of our eyeballs is what creates the world we see.

I never submitted more than a few level-1 insult comments on YT.

I was triggered to write this after my uncharacteristically glowing love letter to S&K was banned by default. Normally I’m not that bad, mostly, sometimes…

Except to that blonde chick on OAN and David Frum. May he fuck off and die.

Along with Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Eric the googler.

These guys are the hairless ape trifecta of evil. They make money targeting people.

Frum was a guest of Saagar’s.

The Lakefield Herald said nothing about Prince Andrew’s pedo priest pal at his childhood school. It’s how media works. You don’t get money for news, you get money by shutting your mouth. Just like google makes money targeting youth and shutting its mouth. It’s why pedos run the BBC and Disney. Underage sex and pedophilia is the agenda. This may come as a shock to you but some people underage sex and pedo rights are more important than Gaian rights. I know eh? Crazy world. Especially the tech and media world.

It’s all the video time. Brings out our worse inclinations. It’s nice to a rich king.

If we can’t even be openly honest, how can we even deign to lie to our kids.

It’s AI target profiling for blackmail, rape, oppression and violence.

It’s brute force anti-female power run by feminists and corporate commies.

Gay rights run by child rapists. White rights run by warmongers. Woking by a tree…

The world is run by a gay tranny black power power bluff.

The so called gay socialist agenda will never win again. It’s the end of the socialist agenda. They don’t want Trump or Bernie to win. Even if Bernie win he waffles. He’s Obama white. If being a gay black socialist pedo commie from hell is your preference I don’t mind, I just don’t want you people running the world into the ground. I don’t want 5% of people running the world. They play both sides and no one is honest.

The Church is run by pedos. It’s not the institution or cause you should trust, it’s people.

Like whitey, I’ll never understand God and especially white women.

It’s like they’re gay men with brains. Cringe.

The concerns of urban gay commie pedos has nothing to do with nature.

You may think I don’t know what I’m talking about, but likely neither do you.

Google’s premature ejaculate into the $200 billion / year gamer market is not how to reduce climate emissions, let alone data emissions. Google will live to rape again. Like the F-35 fighter jet, socialist commies only work 10% of the time, and they’re right less than 2% of the time. I call it the right man’s burden.

There is no such thing as military intelligence. Data is god and god don’t go to jail. It’s a diminishing returns spectral ghost. It’s why the F-35 can’t afford to fly 100%. It’s why we’ll never have enough electric cars to go to mars. We are zero tolerant to zero gravity. The combined effects of high radiation and low gravity may not be a net positive thing, especially if you have to eat Mars food.

We are lying to our kids for money. Sitting in a 5G car for 40 minutes will make you testicularly challenged for the rest of your life. Sixty minutes will turn men into little girls.

We will turn our kids into back seat boneless dumb sterile glow worms for money.

You don’t need that much microwaved plastic in one car.

This post was triggered at the queue. I can’t watch the rest for a while yet.



The claim that human petrochemical demand has been growing 7X faster than human population is obscured, either that or disappeared faster than a polar bear in a blizzard. I may be next, please god, I don’t want to die I want to live. At least until tomorrow’s hangover. Cheers. Unread eye catch of the day.

Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election (Webb)

  • pink blue commies from hell and muh election, or was that blue pink commies?

Immune systems not prepared for climate change PhysOrg

Flight attendants sue Boeing over design they say causes ‘toxic’ cabin air Chicago Tribune.

  • I’m led to believe by Ozy ABC that cabin air runs over engine air, who’s particles may be in the myriad of indoor nano petrochemical plastic minerals in the air. There are 4 billion flying monkeys every year.

Sanders Outlasts Forever Chemicals 

  • I like Sanders when he acts like Token from South Park. Punishing is what socialists do real good.




I expect much construction fraud to reveal itself as runaway grift consumes China. This grift is endemic to each and every hairless ape institution, whether commie or capitalist, white, brown, black and yellow. Nothing can survive us. China has built more urban blocks in the last 10 years than America did in 100. All large scale construction jobs are rigged for personal gain over benefit.

White socialist monkeys are irrelevant to emissions. They’re only half of all white monkeys, that’s not enough to do anything right. Each and every year four billion monkeys fly. Flying hairless apes. There will be 8 billion flying monkees per year by 2050. SUV and trucks caused 40% of new emissions growth over the last 10 years. Construction uses 40% of all material use.

china cement

2040 Renewables = 20% of global energy at best.

1.5 C = death

1.5 C = 50% less energy demand in 10 YEARS !!!

Notice I didn’t say emissions, I said energy. 50% less energy. This fundamentally at odds with our hairless ape way of life, liberty and all that is holey, 50% of western hairless apes are social commies. The rest are normal.

Hairless male apes will rape and eat the young in times of stress, like after the Superbowel, or when they form roving youth gangs. A murder of crows is when 5 teen male crows go looking for trouble. Give any young hairless ape a computer and he will turn the world into a pedo/gun/drug running economic tour de force. There are billions of hairless apes like that, in all colors and stripes of race and sex.

When hairless apes first learned how to make booze they became intoxicated, mildly poisoned. But poison is women’s work, until men started burning witches for money. Male hairless apes were killers, and female apes were poison control experts, now they run the CIA and Pentagon.

Modern food is poison, cars are poison, water is poison, air is poison, drugs are poison. This is called intersectional fucking you up the ass poisoning, especially for youth. Let’s pretend we found free clean energy and carbon free cement tomorrow, we are going extinct anyways because we are going sterile, and all males are becoming more biologically female. This affects everything, not just one species. Poison fucks everything it doesn’t care which species you are.

All plastic breaks down into nano particles which combine with toxic nano particles to eat our brains and organs. Fluorine and Chlorine are toxic.  The nano-magnets from carbon combustion causes Alzheimer’s in kids. Brain degradation, male demasculation and feminzation with male sterility are our future now as a species. I imagine it affects men more than women for reproductive endeavours and it affects women more than men in offspring sexual development. This also affects more than one species. This started 100 years ago, and really exploded in the 1950s. This is a fundamental split with earth OS tolerances.

The nano petrochemicals from rubber tires and wheel brakes cause lung and cognition disease and emotional degradation.  There’s so many poisons you can’t prove which causes what. It’s a lawyer’s paradise, just like Bob Marley song, pimper’s paradise. Urban indoor air reduces cognition 15%. There are thousands of different kinds of PFAS petrochemical particles are in the air food and water. They get into our skin, lungs, noses, brains and stomachs. 5G will turn you into sad obese emotional retards, but like cigarette warnings to kids, nobody gives a fuck.

Both PFAS and plastic softeners are bending the genders of all vertebrate animals and bugs. Maybe not exactly all, but enough to matter. If continued, it is an extinction bomb of sterility for more than one species. Life won’t be fire without us. The effects of this are obvious in the mind control campuses of today. Academic institutions have been whoring themselves out for a hundred years, ever since they invented socialism.

Oil companies and governments have been hiding this inter-generational poisoning from us for 20 years, during which time our emissions rose 40%, and 50% of new emissions came from SUVs and trucks. By 2040, less than 20% of cars will be electric. What this all means is that idiot tech culture turds are lying to themselves and their kids and parents so hard it hurts, but not to just one species. When Zuckerberg wrinkles his hairless crown, every species in the whole world cringes, including every bug, fish, bird and creature on land.

Four billion hairless apes fly each year, now now imagine them wearing wireless ear buds. That’s a lot of toxic nano micro crap. The air in jet cabins is highly very likely filled with nano micro toxins. Nobody will go to prison for this because it makes too much money for people. This is a self driven extinction event of plausible deniability.

The new wireless earphone buds from Apple are like $250. They are made of plastic and material that is poison to all life on earth. They expect to make like 6 billion bucks a year on them because they’re world wide consumer items. When you drive your uber taxi in 2025, your car will be filled with gaseous nano petro mineral particles and microwave radiation, both which will turn your kids and dogs into sterile, stupid glow worms.

By 2030 when your 5G car strolls down the neighbourhood birds and bees will drop dead in its wake from the microwaved nano toxins. The scientific literature is in cahoots with corporate idiot cults because fame and fortune are our primary drivers.

People like Bill Gates and Microsoft are tech whores who sell your momma’s soul for a nickel. They are probably deep into the Monsanto Bayer shit hole. Food has combined with pharma petrochemicals to weaponized food and even water, just wait until they figure out how to filter water cheaply. It will probably mean even more petrochemical demand.


Did You Know? – CAPP

  • By 2040 the biggest demand for oil will be for petrochemicals, not transportation (diesel and gasoline)
  • The greatest demand for natural gas will come from east and west of all south Asia
  • By 2040, renewable energy sources are expected to supply 7% of total global energy demand

In its 2019 report, the IEA projects that by 2040:

  • 1.7 billion increase in global population.
  • 24% increase in global energy demand.
  • 36% increase in natural gas demand.
  • 9% increase in oil demand.

The other numbers for 2040 renewables are 15 – 20% of total global energy. Looks like it’s anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of global energy will be renewable by 2040, if all the unicorn fairytale constellations align.

There are over 100 thousand chemicals in our air water land food fabrics and materials with no health studies, only crooked safety studies. This is because scientists sell out for money. This conspiracy of silence is our primary driver of collapse.

Rich kids think zero latency is their sacred right and holey grail. By 2024, gaming will be $200 billion each and every year. Google is proto Sanskrit for sell out. They literally made every gamer mistake in the book within 3 weeks of their big gamer splash. Human brains and eyes get damaged in zero gravity. Space tow trucks are unreal.

Men are bigger and stronger than women. There are over 5 billion people who don’t give a fruck about socialist commie fantasies. You can’t divide the country to save the planet. You are being super righteous assholes when you do that. Socialism will not save the day anymore than a F-35 fighter jet. Both socialists and F-35 jets are operational only 10% of the time. Socialism’s energy efficiency is lower than an offshore mega wind turbine.

Socialists are like the Clintons, get rich helping the poor. Only 5% of all money reaches the poor. It’s called, Living off the avails of poverty and racism. You don’t need to be a socialist to get free health and education. You just have to stop killing people, and locking them up. If you goddamned socialists would stop fighting for justice we could actually get some. You have to unite with white monkey junkies to survive.




A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Extinction

I forgot I was banned. I’ll paste what I posted, after I add a few extra post scripts, because I was playing it straight for a general audience, I need to vent. The next few sentences are at the trailing edge of intelligence, just to add balance to all the straight writing in the pasted post. No good deed goes unpunished.

Post Script >

  • To all you unwhite/white, gay/straight, pedo/feminist, socialist/commie freaks out there, fuck off and die.
  • I really mean it. I wish you were all dead. Serially… I can’t wait for both the rich and the poor to eat you.
  • Best and brightest minds knew about petrochemical feminized sterility for 20 years and covered it up. There’s a mafia for every cause and there was/is one for this one.
  • 100% carbon wealth tax dividends have been covered up for 10 years by socialists.
  • Both capitalist and socialist are in on all this. Each side playing off the other. Nobody goes to jail, just like banks own Occupy Wall Street, judges own jails and doctors own poisons. Priests, physicists and politicians are pedos. The bestest and brightest are corruptest.
  • Arthur C. Clarke and Jimmy Page are/were into underage sex, Jimmy’s a Crowley fanboy, and Clarke was a little brown bum serial rapist. I still like their work, I don’t like them. A lot.
  • Laura Silsby got busted running little brown bums for Clinton, and gets work at Amber Alert, after being defended by a pedo lawyer. Sanders and Trudeau are likely pedos. So are Stephan Fry and Russell Brand are likely pedos. Free health and education should be more important than them, it’s not. The Pope is a pedo.
  • The idiot/culture race war will intensify collapse over the next year or so. This war cuts both ways and will hurt everyone. I’ve been wrong about collapse for 40 years, thank god. But we came close 12 years ago, and we’re even closer now. Oil is what’s keeping the US economy alive. That economy is dead walking, it just doesn’t know it yet.

Post Paste >

The US leads global petroleum and natural gas production – EIA

From 2000 – 2015 global energy demand went up 40% says Vaclav Smil.

In 2017, the EIA projects 28% increase in global energy use by 2040

Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth | US news

50% of the last decade’s new emissions growth came from SUVs and trucks.

In the last 30 years, human emissions went up 50% and renewables reached 4% of global energy.

In the next 20 years renewable energy will reach between 15-20% of global energy.

On the last page of his new book called, Energy and Civilization, Vaclav Smil says 100% energy transitions takes several generation to accomplish. Last page = Run Loki Run, Kill Kill Kill !!! Never trust a priest or physicist over 30.

Many headlines say renewables are 30% of global energy. This is not true, it’s 30% of global electricity use, which is only 20-25% of global energy demand. Contextual omissions are called, “lies”. The biggest boosters of this lie are MSM Stanford and Yale.

Heat blobs called Rossby Waves are killing fish and seabirds. These blobs will destroy human food and water security by causing intermittent intense droughts, floods and storms.

World water demand is in crisis, and the drinking water we have left is poisoned by metals, pharmaceuticals and thousands of different forever chemicals. Forever chemicals like nano plastics combine with nano metals and toxins to attack the brains and organs of humans.

Internal combustion engines emit nano-magnets that enter inside your brain through your nose and cause Alzheimer’s symptoms in youth. There are many different sources for premature Alzheimer’s in youth. Every mom knows this, and I’m not your momma anyhow.

Car tire and brake nano particles attack the human body in ways we’re just beginning to understand. Nano particles are in all the food, water and air that enters our bodies through our skin, lungs and guts to attack our brains and vital organs.

Most westerners will be sterile by 2060. Humans are evolving smaller, more brittle bones. The chemicals, pharmaceuticals and particles attack the body synergistically to harm our brains, organs and reproductive abilities. All male vertebrates and bugs are becoming sick, sterile, female and confused. Nobody likes to talk about it because there is almost nothing we can do about forever chemicals. PFAS/PFOS come in thousands of varieties. Plastics do not recycle, they become nano particles, which are highly attracted to nano-particles of metals and toxins.

The reason we got here is because of the myopic dishonest business model of academia, which has been going on since Carnegies and Rockefellers started corrupting them 100 years ago with big grant money.

There are 25 billion chickens on earth and just 4% of all mammals are wildlife. We are on track to lose half of that 4% in 20 years.

Carbon capture cannot be scaled up effectively in time. Zero gravity destroys human brains and eyes, and leads to blood clots in your jugular vein. We cannot survive living in zero g.

The ozone on the ground is killing plants and animals. The ozone high in the sky between the poles is like a huge protective security blanket. It’s where the vast majority of earth’s ozone protection resides. It has never stopped losing ozone, meaning that blanket is becoming more threadbare each and every year. Just like human bone density and size are becoming more threadbare every year.

The other blanket around earth that protects plants and animals is our magnetic field, which is becoming more threadbare each and every year. Combined magnetic and ozone loss will hit people hardest in South Africa and South America.

Oceans are turning to acid each and every year, by 2060 the acid bomb in the ocean will destroy enough oxygen to destroy life over vast geographies.

Corporate food monopolies are degrading our soil each and every years. Small farmers may grow 80% global food of but Monsanto and Bayer poison nearly all of it. Highly concentrated food and water monopolies are weaponizing food and water. The Open Society initiative doesn’t care how many refugees flood the north because concentration camps are coming back, and when the energy runs out, so will slavery and cannibalism.

The reason I don’t mention 5G or google specifically is because of bias in the academic and tech world. I am pretty much an expert on all I just told you, and everything I told is true to the best of my ability.

Collapse is intersectional, but we are not collapsing, we are jumping off a bridge. Four billion hairless apes fly each and every year. Do you think we will voluntarily cut flying monkeys 50% in 10 years? If you compare the new giant cruise ships with the Titanic, you’ll get the picture, most of that business is in Asia. America already collapsed, they just don’t know it yet.

The only thing I imagine we can do is tax the rich and give 100% back to the poor as James Hansen tried to warn us, before the civil war. Both socialists and capitalists hate this idea. That’s okay, I’m not the world’s momma.



Top 2,000 = Bottom 4,600,000,000

Massive Neo Nic Story
– The Intercept ( big expo on media whores like YT etc. )

Gulf Stream 15% Weaker In 50 Years = Hot Flooded Florida
– Phys org

Hot Ocean ‘Blob’ Killed One Million Seabirds
– Commie Dreams

Beetles and fire kill dozens of ‘indestructible’ giant sequoia trees
– Guardian

New Chinese virus ‘will have infected hundreds’


Gone Fishing? No Fish, but Plenty of Pesticides & a Public Health Crisis
– Counterpunch

‘Alarming’ one in five deaths due to sepsis

Chemicals In Tap Water Cause Thousands Of Cancer Deaths Across Europe 
– RT

Flame retardants and pesticides overtake heavy metals as threats
– Neuroscience News

Insect Apokalypse ‘threatens collapse of nature’
– Guardian

Porcine Apokalypse = Flying Commie Pigs From Hell
– The Conversation

Avian Apokalypse = 25 billion flightless fowl +  no wild birds
– Business Insider ( Qatar owned )

Naked Ape Apokalypse: 40% Restless = 100% Dangerous
– CNBC = MSJW ( mainstream justice warrior )

Best Carbon Capture Facility In World Emits 25X More Carbon Than It Captures
– Clean Technica ( joke of the day ) should read

Climate change, inversions, and the rise of “super pollution” air events
– The Daily Climate

Ocean Warming Is Speeding Up, with Devastating Consequences
– Inside Climate News

Southeast Asia rubber fungus has auto industry bracing for shortage
– Nikkei Asian Review

US Fracking = 30% more emissions by 2025 – Commie Dreams

Google and Monsanto are the people who know what Academic Fraud is. They do not want to talk about it because their economy is tech dependant. This is completely normal and unacknowledged.

Academic And Scientific Fraud

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility – Nature

Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science – Royal Society

Peer-Review Fraud — Hacking the Scientific Publication Process – NEJM

Worst Science Fraud – Discover Magazine

Is the Peer Review Process a Scam? – enago academy

Let’s end reviewer fraud – Publons

107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud | Ars Technica

Why scientists need to do more about research fraud – Guardian

Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws – The Toronto Star

China cracks down after investigation finds massive peer-review fraud – science mag

The Bottom of the Barrel of Science Fraud – Neuroskeptic

Scientific Fraud – EuroScientist journal

5 Common Types of Pharmaceutical Frauds You Should Know About!

Da Bone To Pick With You – RJC

A plateful of plastic – Reuters

Plastic Is Killing the Bacteria That Make 10% of Earth’s Oxygen –  Nature

Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand – IEA

Ocean Acidification Toxifying Phytoplankton – Planet Experts

Global petrochemicals market size projection – Newswire

Brake dust nanoparticles will kill you – INEWS

The future of petrochemicals – Deloitte

Rising use of plastics to drive oil demand to 2050: IEA – Reuters

Facing climate change pressure, big oil bets on plastic – Axios

A Surge of New Plastic Production Is on the Way – Yale

PFAS in almost everything – Yale ( there are thousands of different kinds of them )

Pollution Causing Feminization of Males Across Multiple Species – The Independent

Environmental impact of estrogens on human, animal and plant life – Science Direct

Warming warning over turtle feminization – PhysOrg

Environmental Warming and Feminization of Sea Turtle Populations – Cell.com

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Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products And Endocrine Disruptors in Water – EES

Black carbon found in women’s placentas, even in remote sites – Newsweek

Environmental pollution is associated with increased risk of psychiatric disorders in the US and Denmark – PLOS

Top 10 air polluted cities are all in India = worse than China – FT

Lead Found in Drinking Fountains at 17% of California Public Schools – Capital & Main

Lake Michigan’s water volume can’t dilute its chemicals – E Magazine

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Moderate use of nanoparticles in food, toothpaste affects brain – Nebraska Today

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How DuPont Poisoned the World with Teflon – Organic Consumer


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‘Suppressed’ EU report could have banned 31 pesticides worth billions, the report said pesticides are making us stupid, depressed and infertile – Guardian

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Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain – Psych Today

What Screen Time Can Really Do to Kids’ Brains – Psych Today

Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can’t you put it down❔⁉️ – The Globe & Mail

Myopia Epidemic From Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Sunlight – USC

Teflon Frying Pans = Smaller Penis – Daily Mail

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How social media is making us dumb, angry, addicted – the college fix

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How Modern Life Is Transforming The Human Skeleton – BBC ( with apologies )

100 Years Evolution = small jaw + crooked teeth + sleep apnea – PLOS Blog

Spermacidal Junk Food Blues – The Telegraph

Unorganized Links

Long-term Antipsychotic Treatment and Lower Brain Volumes – NCBI

Chronic refined carbohydrates = neurocognitive deficits – NCBI

Refined sugar intake = lower cognitive continuum – Neurology

Excessive carbohydrates = insulin resistance – Nature

EMF Effects on Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife – EH Trust

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These scientists think that plastics are shrinking men’s penises – SMH

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Plastic Food Packaging Shrinking Dicks – The Sun UK

Naval Medical Research Institute: 2300 Studies on EMF Health Effects – EMF Research

PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions – Nature


PFAS/PFOS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060


EMFs = Adverse Reproductive Effects


PFAS/PFOS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water And Air


Drugged Waters — how modern medicine is turning into an environmental curse


Anti-Depressants And Violence (pro-gun, but still useful)


Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the U.S.


Your Cosmetics May Be Killing You


Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body


Photo toxic video light makes you myopic, frys your brain, damages your retina and disturbs your sleep.




EMF = Brain/blood barrier degradation which exposes brain to blood contaminates.


Nano-plastics penetrate the blood/brain barrier in fish causing behavioural disorders.



Ozone Retards

Who Perp Walks For Human Extinction?

If you are still reading this, get help. You are mentally ill, you just don’t know it yet.

Academic literature is corrupt marketing information now.

The breakdown of honest coherent narrative is undeniable.

You can’t plant trees, kill persians and drive IOT-EV cars for tax dollars.

The world doesn’t work that way. That shit is 10 years old.

These are the last days and words for life on earth. So be patient for once.

Don’t react, think. Reacting is how we got here.

Wealth Sex Taxes are reactionary. Whatever that means.

Academic physicists got their heads light years up their asses looking for nano black holes, and betting big on quantum dick measuring contests, while wind turbines break down out to sea. Anytime spent in zero gravity will wreck your brain and eyes.

Nano-magnetic combustion engine particles go straight inside your brain through your nose and causes Alzheimer’s in youth. Youth retardation is an environmental intersectional vector driven nightmare. Kids are getting it from all sides. Urban C02 levels of 1,000 ppm make us 15% less cognitive.

Thousands of different types of PFAS/PFOS petrochemicals are turning your boys into sterile, stupid girls through time as a species. They float of the furniture food water and clothes and enter the body through skin, stomach and lungs. All the nano plastics and metals are making us sterile, spectral and extinct as a species. Data mining will literally destroy society, 5G will make you stupid, obese and sterile. We are turning into mental ghosts before we go extinct.

When boys turn into girls, species go extinct. When all our boys are turning into sterile girls, species extinction lays straight ahead. Plastic doesn’t recycle, it breaks down into nano particles which are attracted to nano metals and toxins. The barrier between our brains and our blood is dissolving just like the ozone layer.

We are making ourselves sterile, stupid, female and extinct. I mean every bug, bee, bird, fish and ye. By 2060 most of our males will be sterile (personally extinct), and all males will be weaker-boned, sicker stupider and more female. That’s what all this nano plastic metal pollution is doing to all fish, frog, bee, and ye. The nano particles from car tires and brakes alone will make you depressed, stupid and sick.

The new car smell is brain and gender toxic. If you think bees like 5G you are already dead., you just don’t know it yet. Nobody is going to jail over this because of justice greed, paying judges to put you in jail is retarded. Especially when poverty and 5G petrochemicals are driving people and animals crazy. Particles and microwaves in you brain are not healthy. Plants and animals don’t like them.

I am not the only one smart and crazy enough to know this. This is known, and nobody talks. The omission of guilt. If you can watch Pam Bondi’s full speech and not want to fuck something, then your’e not human, or even alive, you just don’t know it yet. Or maybe you are already just a zombie, and don’t know it yet either.

I am not a doctor, so why is no academic medicine guy talking about everything working inter-sectionally to defeat us? It’s because they got their heads up their asses seeking the nano black hole of fame and fortune. Smart people try to get wealthy, it’s what they do. If we don’t stop this all our kids will grow up looking like Adam Schiff, of the house intelligence committee, except with the radiant glow of retardation.  Nobody speaks about drug and chemical safety while we go extinct.

The government gets us sick, addicted and jailed using our money.

Now that they made us pay them to get sick they want us to pay them to cure us.

The ozone emissions here on the ground are bad for plants and animals.

We are vegetable and animal.

The good ozone high in the sky is essential for plants and animals.

It is like a thick ozone blanket hi in the sky between the poles.

That ozone blanket is more threadbare each and every year.

The magnetic field between poles is another blanket getting more threadbare each year.

More radiation will hit you day and night each and every year ahead. Especially in South America and South Africa.

So you got pollution and radiation making you sick, and you can’t trust your doctor from turning you into a junkie. The fish and the frogs are turning into stupid sterile females. Our kids will have little hunchback brittle bones, becoming myopic blue light dopes.

The only reason you can’t believe it is because no one will tell the truth.

The invisible hand job of the google market is not going to do it.

Free health and education can’t be had without vast personal wealth.

Health Education and Justice matter, not Sanders. Sanders is a sell out.

The cult of personality is like trying to piss upwind in a storm to get something done.

We are going extinct because of the petrochemical industry and no university professor is in jail. No judge is in jail, No lawyer. No George Soros pimps perp walking from pizza shops to jail.

A 100% private carbon wealth tax will give zero to government and go straight to the poor. Tax dollars go straight to the Ukraine and back to the MSM/MIC.

If you don’t agree with me then you are a traitor to life on earth.

But worse, you are betraying yourself.

Socialists and capitalists have been hiding petrochemical health information for 20 years.

They both have been hiding the tax information for 10 years.

Nobody perp walks nobody talks because of personal fame and fortune whoring.

Do you seriously think socialism and super commies will defeat capitalism, destroy nuclear weapons AND save the planet in 10 years? The Chinese are living proof it can’t be done. They build whole cities with fraud. They built more cities in 10 years than America did in 100 years. They pour so much cement they’re affecting their gravitational zone, like in that movie Heavy Traffic. Everybody looks heavy in that movie, even thin people.

You’ll be lucky the rich white people with guns won’t be eating you in 10 years. Cities with no food is bad, even the Romans knew that. It’s always been this way for over 2,000 years. Two-thousand year wars won’t cut it this time. It’s the very last chance to do something right. The last chance for life on earth depends on the stupid people, and the smart whores of fame and fortune, uniting in a cause fit for purpose, instead of trying to be the Freddy Mercury of greed forever. Pretty good move, I only closed my eyes a few times.











Intersectional Retards

How many different environmental drivers are there for dementia, decognition, obesity, autism etc.? Did you know EMF fields cause sterility and obesity? The only way you would know that is if you are retarded enough to read this blog. Google is so busy hiding bad Monsanto and EMF news, the average person will be lucky if they ever hear of it.

Soy oil has been linked to obesity and brain damage. That’s just the soy oil alone, never mind what we do it before you eat it. First off, we genetically alter the fuck out of it. It’s not like you’ll ever find out what damage that poses for you, what with all the academic science publishing fraud. Whenever you doubt there is academic fraud, just remind yourself of Economics, or Physics. Although physics fraud is mostly not intentional — they just think 2 + 2 = 4, no matter what. Secondly, they spray the fuck out of GMO soy with pesticides, herbicides etc.. Who knows what fucking evil they do to soy processing it after harvest. Especially when they turn it into soy burgers. Basically, if you go soy-boy, you’ll fuck yourself up, and become a sterile stupid spectral she man. But, if you’re okay with that, then so am I.


This gives me a new idea! Instead of listing all the chemicals and describing their ill health symptoms, I’ll list the symptoms and match all the chemicals to them. For instance, endocrine disruption means gender disruption but how many different things disrupt the endocrine system? That way people can see how many things are synergistically fucking their heads up. Too bad there won’t too many bright enough to appreciate it. Fucking morons.

I finally finished Vaclav Smil’s book, Energy and Civilization. He ends the book saying that energy transitions take several generations to effect. That wiley ol’ fuck wouldn’t come right out and say it early – no-o-o-o-o  – he waits until the last page. He also says that he believes that white monkeys living on mars is a fairy tale, which makes sense because zero gravity destroys eyes and brains. So, if you think you can spend a year flying to mars without brain damage and blindness, good luck actually surviving there.

The HFC-23 controversy has been going on for over 10 years. This is important. I remember writing about China’s fraud with this stuff.


Global Groundwater Is Threatened by Unsustainable Practices Amid Climate Crisis – TruthOut

The reason TruthOut is called TruthOut is because they always leave the truth out, meaning more socialist propaganda. Kill socialists! Die socialists die! Kill all social commie pigs. And then kill all the capitalist pigs. Problems solved, except for the environmental hazard of all those dead bodies. Some days I’m glad I’m not an evil genius. I’m just plain evil.

Mclean’s magazine is just as out of touch as Time magazine. They say talking about over-population is racist. Fucking whiteys, someone should kill them all.

Fracking Under Pressure – Naked Capitalism

Frackers use higher pressures to get more oil faster, which leads to steel or concrete casing blowouts, which occur near the top of the well. This leads to groundwater contamination. 

Well casing failures pose a huge risk for water contamination via fracking fluids, which contain a vast mixture of chemicals with various health risks. And these failures represent another way that oil and gas production can lead to releases of the powerful greenhouse gas methane.

Methane pause from 2000 – 2009 and resumed its upward trend, I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear fracking was a major part of this.

Right Next To Sinking Jakarta 



Fuck Off And Die !!!

People donated 500 billion bucks to help with Ozzy wildfire reconstruction, and the social commies who begged for relief money are keeping it for themselves. I bet like only 5% gets to where it’s needed.

When the Clinton Foundation was in full grift mode, they only gave away 5% of the millions they got in pay-to-play donations from the Ukraine. Up to 2015, the Ukraine was Clinton’s biggest donor. The military aide that US taxpayers sent there was skimmed, laundered and donated to Clinton, the hoariest old cunt to ever walk the earth. She got plastic surgery recently and looks like a fucking freak, but the MSM butt kissers were saying how beautiful she looked. If you got the guts to look, go ahead, just remember you can’t unsee this, so get that scrolling finger ready. She looks like a turtle. An ugly turtle.

big clit

They say that if you insult readers, or jurists, you are making a great mistake – so fuck and die dear readers, the only people sicker than me writing this shit are the people reading it. And, that won’t be my last mistake either. The cancel culture we now live in doesn’t allow for honest opinion.

The worst offenders for climate and energy fraud are Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and a few more I can’t think of. People like Nick Breeze raise YT money off climate change, but they won’t let me comment. The climate and social progressive who allow my YT comments can be counted on one hand. Michael Tracey, Redacted Tonight, Aaron Matte and Just Have A Think. Believe it or not, I’m actually quite circumspect on YT, whereas here, I’m more circumcisional.

Listen to me. I hate blacks, whites, straights, gays, women, men and anyone in between. The only people I like are under-30 mulatto tranny libertairans, with the exception of the one who tried to knife me years back. I’ve seen plenty of the evil SJWs can do in the name of justice. I could write a whole book on it, but it disgusts me too much to do so. Socialists are vain egomaniacs, like modern day church reformers from the last century. Do you think there are pedos in the Church of England?  You can bet your child’s ass there are.

Now come the quiet months before the spring offensive. I need to work on ozone and PFAS, to be as overwhelmingly ineffectual as possible for the earth day insurgency of commie hypocrisy. So fuck off readers, and don’t come back again – until further notice. All the best to you, and have a good day. And remember, everyone is sexist and racist, they just don’t know it yet.


Never trust priests or physicists – APS Physics

Ozone Pollution and Plant Growth – Science Daily

Warmer and Acidified Oceans Can Lead to ‘Hidden’ Changes in Species Behavior – Science Daily

Local Water Availability Is Permanently Reduced After Planting Forests – Science Daily

Climate May Play a Bigger Role Than Deforestation in Rainforest Biodiversity – Science Daily

The Nile River War – Al Jazeera

Cyanobacteria in Water and on Land Identified as Source of Methane – Science Daily

2026 = Goodbye wildlife – Living Resilience

Oil/Gas Wells = 1 Trillion Tons Toxic Waste Per Year – Rolling Stone

Nat the Brat on Redacted Tonight





Coronavirus Goes Nuclear

Drugs May Be Killing Twice as Many Americans Than Previously Thought – Healthline

  • And those are the so-called good guys.

Insects Bites + Climate Change = Double Trouble For Crops – Science Daily

  • Climate models wrong again, things worse than expected
  • This is the collapse meme

Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas Have Grown, Contradicting Reports of Huge Reductions – Science Daily

  • If you trust emissions reports, I got some real estate for you
  • I imagine they’ll blame the Gaia somehow

Microsoft talks climate pledge while funding oil – Vice

  • Bill Gates and Tim Cook are the Able and Cain of Satan

Sea Level Rise Could Reshape the United States, Trigger Migration Inland – Science Daily

  • Good, then we can go postal on coastals

Elizabeth Warren is Harvard’s first official professor of color. Academia says the world’s biggest pyramid was built in 20 years with copper/tin chisels. The Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico is the 3rd largest pyramid, it took 350 years to build. If you believe half the shit physicists tell you, then you are an idiot. If you believe anything a professor tells your, then you’re lost in a goofy fugue.

If you believe that all scientists and priests are noble, then you’re in for a rude awakening. The socialists are using Greta to get at middle class tax dollars. If you want to give your tax money to those fucking assholes, go right the fuck ahead. I’m not your momma. The number one topic of conversation among university professors is who’s fucking who, and how much they hate them.

Those fucking morons at PETA say wearing wool fuels climate change. I support their cause, but not the holier-than-thou social retards running it. Hell, scratching your ass fuels climate change, and I’m not going to stop that. I can only like Pamela Anderson so much. Sugar is a major climate change driver, so get get ready to go without. You can’t stop animal cruelty or sugar, you can’t stop food waste, and you can’t stop meat eating. So grow the fuck up. You’ll be lucky to stop cannibalism.

McDonalds French Fries Cause Brain Damage Using Soy Oil – RT

  • Would explain why soy boys are so stupid.
  • How many vectors of stupidity are there?
  • After 50 years trying to kill brain cells, all I had to do was be born 20 years ago.

Supercalafragilisticexpealadocious Drought – UC Santa Barbara

  • Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico
  • Needs new drought map color, maybe black

Humans Consume 100 billion tons of materials per year– Yale

  • 50% of the total is sand, clay, gravel, and cement used for building, along with the other minerals quarried to produce fertilizer. Coal, oil, and gas make up 15% and metal ores 10 percent. 25% of the total are the plants and trees used for food and fuel.
  • On average, every person on Earth uses more than 13 tons of materials per year. The lion’s share of the materials – 40% – is turned into housing. The materials used by the global economy have quadrupled since 1970, far faster than the population, which has doubled. Only 8.6 %is recycled. Treating the world’s resources as limitless is leading towards global disaster.

Doomer says Information Warfare Is #3 Collapse Driver – Inverse

  • That’s bullshit, it’s number one!
  • Why Greta Sucks – by me ( my youth targeted brand marketing initiative )
  • If you think Sanders or AOC will save anything, then you’re naive as fuck.

The world’s best resource for understanding PFAS – The Environmental Working Group

  • That’s bullshit, I’m number one! ( although I strongly recommend them )
  • Their avoidance guide is $10/download because caring ain’t cheap.

Trump opens 60% of waterways to pollution – Vanity Fair

  • I hate Trump more than anybody in the world, except Democrats.

The good news about the coronavirus is the low death rate. It probably only kills the old and who the fuck cares about them? Should make Biden happy, he’ll finally get those social security cuts he always wanted.


Please Don’t Kill The Yuppy Puppies

I got a radio for Christmas on my 14th birthday, it weighed one ton and was the size of a lunch bucket. It came all the way from China. I slept with it every night.

Do you think smart phones and flying cars will be normal? Four billion people fly each year. You cannot make smartphones, flying cars and 4 billion flights each year out of the sun and the wind. No matter what Tinkerbell says.

update – the fish market sells snakes, koalas etc. as source for patient zero. I have no idea what that means, but love saying it. Wifey says likely mammal, not fish sourced.

Eat anything much? – Loki came face to face with an otter once, the vet said otter attacks are pretty vicious. He looked like a panic frozen bunny and got away with it. The otter hissed in his face with massive cobra fangs. A giant killer tree rat called a Martin fell out of a tree around here once, landing on somebody’s head. For those who don’t know Loki is white monkey talk for ‘shit disturber’.

Bill and Melinda Gates were entertained by Jeffrey Epstein in Paris, pedophile’s butler claims – meow meow magazine

Vanna Fucked Bill’s Shit Up His Ass – and I like it

I write spectacular absurdist reductionist science fiction soaked in rhyme, wrung in facts and beaten past death over cold rocks – on a good day, sometimes. It’s why I don’t do laundry, or take writing too seriously, I can control it.

I can die in peace knowing Bill is ever so very terribly, not in the least, slighted by this. I normally caution against trusting any physicist, but this next granny is hot. Unless I watch the rest of the video and something changes. I’m always in a fickle pickle with physicists.

Vandana Shiva books amazon

triggered at 8:08 stopped for now

Let’s pretend there’s 3 billion socialists, that leaves 3 billion crooks, nothing will change that for another 100 years, believe me I’m an expert procrastinator, I bought the book on the it 40 years ago and never read it yet. We got 5 years to get shit under control for a hard landing – over a straight up and down nose dive.

When Julian Assange spoke of evil dust, what do you think he meant? He meant 5G IOT NANO Butt Bugs Bunnies made of plastic toxic metal nano particles soaked in microwave saturation.  Google wants to rush nano bots up beetle butts and locusts like the plastic plague. And I don’t mean just metaphorical butt bugs. The smaller the bugs get, the more disposably dispersed they are, the solution to nano bug pollution is dilution. All these devices cannot be recycled, instead they break down into toxic combinations of nano-particles, many many lasting forever.

Saturating yourself in a microwave nano plastic metal petrochemical goofy foog will make you and yours 20% stupider, 50% crazier, 100% fatter and infinitely more emasculated. Emasculation and male sterility is human extinction. Don’t let the chicks fool ya. We are the chemical asteroid to life on earth. Just ask the bugs birds and bees, ask any fish, funguy or germ. There are thousands of different PFAS and PFOS, all petrochemicals have the same bad effect to one degree or another, but together they are worse than expected, which is what we pay scientists to say.

Got a mental masturbation moment off this next story:

PFAS worse than expected – Guardian

  • Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans
  • member when Michigan was PFAS ground zero
  • imagine safety level flux, dissolution, write off, bail out and COPs
  • PFAS COPs will be the kiss of death on action

so if ya really wanna know




77 Sunset Strip

Rant trigger links:

Lori Handrahan pedo professors
– google: Like any idiot, Lori likes to blame white men, can’t say I blame her.
– kill whitey is what i always say, safer that way

Naked Ape Kitties = 80% animals + 50% plants gone
– Global Citizen


For the 3 years I went to high school, I got an average of 77%. I failed grade 12 3X for tax reasons. Mass extinction is 75% of life gone, the tipping point for unstoppable irreversible runaway mass extinction is where you are now. We can do everything in our power to fix it all and we will not do it. We would rather let earth die than change our opinion of life.

The people who make poisoned food own the cute farms. They are food racketeers. The food destroys the soil and groundwater. The food puts the make up on its face: 40% of corn is burned in cars and trucks. SUVs and trucks caused 40% of last decade’s new emissions growth. There are 4 main magical food crops and cotton. Small farmers may grow 80% of food, but they are also controlled by 4 private families who’ve consolidated to 3 business, to control all the nano plastic metal toxins that go in your guts and brain.

The same people poisoning you are the same people curing you. Drug and chemical dealers. Drug and chemical dealers have now merged with food racketeers. These gender bending chemicals are in the air water food and fabrics. Car brake and tire dust will make you stupid and kill you. Combustion nano magnets gives kids Alzheimer’s, so does high EMF saturation. That’s what IOT is, it’s nano EMF plastic metal low-level background saturation of mixed assorted chemicals and drugs. The sum of these effects is greater than its milieu of parts.

The food is completely undernourished to grow fast and big. Peppers taste like starch watermelons. Your deep immersive new car dashboard is filled nano plastic metals that will make your kids sterile, stupid and spectral. Energy rich means EMF rich. When you combine nano toxicity with EMF toxicity, you get sterile stupid glow worms for kids. This EMF nano plastic metal toxicity is chronic, acute and can’t sexually and cognitively be stopped or reversed with exposure. That’s the good news, the bad news is they last forever.

Data is EMF nano toxic metal and plastic. Plastic doesn’t recycle it just gets small enough to get into your organs. Kids are taught EMF danger = crazy by pedos. If I were Elon Musk I would be in the child robot business, I like the I-Cub, or The Mini Me. The funny thing is the cumulative low level nature of EMF sickness. It will be borne out through 30 years of data just like climate science. These things are witnessed effects you can see with your own eyes. I don’t want socialist glow worm nazis for offspring because I am a victim of cognizacism, or I’m cognitively biased. I’m getting fatter and stupider with age so go figure.

Energy use has gone up 50% since 2,000, and from 2,000 to 2015 energy went up 40% says Smil. 40% in 15 years. 50% in 20? Like I said, math is hard.  In 30 years human emissions went up 50%. In 15  they went up 10%.  In 10 more years they’ll go up 10% more. When you combine EMF petro nano plastic metal toxicity with large scale food and water destruction, fairly abstract consequences conspire to fuck you up. This is the butterfly effect to black swan path. We spent the last 10 years trying to make impossible things fly and north south Asia made rock’em sock’em hyper gliders, I wonder if you can rent a seat on one. I am not against cross genderism, I’m against the gender mafia.

If women and men want to turn their kids into AI feminized pedo bots that’s fine with me. I’m not your momma, and I’m sure the Asians don’t care, they got enough bugs up their ass. The feminized socialist pedo bots who run the deep state are not wonderful people. They are the elite Little Fingers who follow behind their dragon army of choice. The only reason Bernie didn’t apologize to Hillary for her attack on him is because it would be too em bare assing.

Speaking of socialist AI pedo bots, people don’t even trust their own medicine any more not because they are crazy but because they are afraid. Crazy or not doesn’t matter because fear = crazy. I would rather have shortened spectral lives than a preventable epidemic. Plus you make money treating those short lives with unsafe drugs. I don’t have time, or even know how to debate this. I study effects not medicine, but everything is in chaos, and chaos is in everything. Times ain’t normal. Would doctors make your sick on purpose to make money curing you? Do judges make money locking you up? Do drug dealers fuck you up the yin yang? There are 2 types of drug dealers, government or giglateriat, both sell unsafe drugs.

Voodoo donuts is pedo infamous, so why does Bernie go there? This is why he sells out. https://pbs.twimg.com/ext_tw_video_thumb/725801404275646464/pu/img/5u0SCNmXQDAemLxm.jpg

Warren is Harvard’s First Professor of Color, she defended breast implants and asbestos against women. That’s a lifetime of academic fraud plain and simple. She’s a feminized socialist nazi in white face.

Women Run Deep State Military Industrial Complex

4 of the top 5 defense contractor CEOs are women.

The 3 CIA top dogs are women, the CIA = Torture

The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer and the chief overseer of the US nuclear stockpile now join other women in some of the most influential national security posts, such as

the nation’s top arms control negotiator and

the secretary of the Air Force.

How Women Took Over The Military-Industrial Complex (now imagine if Hillary won) https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/02/how-women-took-over-the-military-industrial-complex-1049860

Sisterhood of spies: Women now hold the top positions at the CIA https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/all-three-cia-directorates-will-now-be-headed-women-n954956

Madeleine Albright and the Clintons starved to death half a million Iraqi kids of medicine and food during the 90s. Hillary Clinton and Obama destroyed Yemen, Libya and Syria with media collusion. Clintons won the black vote to lock black men up and sell out to China. The top 20% make 70% emissions and that’s the last glass woke ceiling

The reason I mention all this is because nobody endorses 100% private carbon dividends. Free health and education matter, not evil pieces of it like these people. America’s gotta a big wallet but they’re dumb as fuck. That’s why we got the dumb schools and politics we got now.


Fun $$$ With Pedos

Leaked Santa note to elves: you cannot make EVs out of sun and wind.

Pedos come in all our glorious rainbow monkey hues, but the majority of them are gay men I believe. Early queer theory lit all stated and implied positive pedo declarations.

Even the largest sex study from the 60s had a whole chapter on pedophilia, where the author described their pain as delight. Our petrochemical poisons are turning all the fish frog bird and insect males into female pedos. When you fuck the chemical balance of nature, it fucks you back. And unlike justice, nature always wins.

Pedos are some 5% of the population, which like the Higgs Bosom depends on definitional parameters and a spectrum of variables. That number is likely growing 7X faster than the human population, just like petrochemicals do. No coincidence pun not intended. 5G will turn your kids into stunted glow worms, so why not?

The majority of pedos have physical brain characteristics, but not all pedos share them. Lots are psychotically cunning. Like the Pope.

James Alifantis and David Brock may be short, clumsy, stupid, gay pedos, but it doesn’t mean that they’re left handed. The urban petrochemical environment will cause increased sterility, mental illness, chemical overload, decognition and demasculation of most all species. We are a species.

These effects become chronic, acute and accumulative because we can’t remove their source, things like earplugs, and nano iot butt bugs – geek joke. They don’t recycle, they dissolve into nano bits. Smaller than life itself. They are a human organ eating disease. The brain is an organ. They enter your skin, lungs, stomachs, nose and eat the blood barrier to your brain. Nanoplastics love toxic nano particles. Nano toxins and EMF saturation gives kids Alzheimers. It makes them sterile, obese and stupid. That’s what the Joker is about. That’s why liberal commies hate it.

Male apes will kill and eat the young, fling poo at you, bully the shit out of you, or kill you for sport. I know eh? Men, you gotta hate them. Petrochemical companies have merged with pharmaceutical companies. The people who poison your GMO foods with pesticide and herbicides are the same people who cure you from pesticide and herbicide poisoning. It’s one of those cradle to grave services the rich use on the poor.

The rich live in separate identity groups fighting a forever war that has nothing to do with reality, except its corruption. These people are vain, megalomaniacal black holes of indifference. People like being right more than they like the planet earth, or the other monkeys who surround them. It’s called the right man’s burden. I know eh? I’m always right. Am I always right?

Back in the day they always said 10% of people are gay, and as near meaningless as 10% is, it will go up going forward, through the developmental evolution of our life, but more especially for our offspring. Petro pharma chemical pollution has saturated our organs on the sub cell level. This pollution eats the blood vessels in our brain. It rots our guts and degenders us.

The effects of petro pharma poisoning are generationally accumulative. The effects will be a worse than expected prognosis negative, in a judgey sort of way.

The adult swim cartoons are all hard pro pedo. Pro pedo de-genderfication will go up moving forward. The rich are divided into pro-pedo-degender people against family values. If we took wealth out of politics, we could fix this. The only way to do that is to tax wealth and give 100% back to the poor, which means 0% for governments. That’s literally how you take money out of politics.

The whole point isn’t how wrong or right I am in the cascading preponderance of hell fire evidence. If you were to read all the papers in this LINK, and make a mental word danger cloud, you will see certain very terrible truths. There is a preponderance of evidence saying we chemically fucked ourselves. All this started back in the day, like in The Talented Mister Ripley. This shit is old and boring in the face of planetary collapse and how to socially mitigate it moving ahead.

Elizabeth Warren is Harvard’s “First Professor of Color” who defended breast implants and asbestos against women and men. Not joking. She loves to cook indian & eskimo babies to eat. I’m joking. Queen Elizabeth stole 10 little indians from canada, and likely thus the children’s song, one-two-three little indians. I’m not joking.

Women run the deep state and men are turning into women. Danger Will Robinson!

Four of the top 5 defense contractor CEOs are women. The 3 CIA top dogs are women. The Pentagon’s top weapons buyer and the chief overseer of the nation’s nuclear stockpile now join other women in some of the most influential national security posts, such as the nation’s top arms control negotiator and the secretary of the Air Force.

Clintons killed half a million Iraqi kids in the 90s.

If men and women want to get rich turning everyone into drug addicted, violent, gay female pedos, I’m fine with that. But it’s not like it has nothing to do with the end of the world.

How Women Took Over The Military-Industrial Complex (now imagine if Hillary won) https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/02/how-women-took-over-the-military-industrial-complex-1049860

Sisterhood of spies: Women now hold the top positions at the CIA https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/all-three-cia-directorates-will-now-be-headed-women-n954956

If identity politics is anything, it’s corrupt. Ever since the first cavemen it’s been so.