Kill Whitey

Kill Fantasy 101

My recent foray into video games has taught me a lot. I love killing white niggers.

Die Whitey die. Especially white niggers. Fuck I hate those things. White niggers are academics. It doesn’t matter which color or gender they are. They’re conceited, arrogants, jealous, vain etc., but worse of all, they’re stupid.

Once you give a white nigger tenure, they shit on all the post-doc apes below them. All while spouting off about social inequity. If I were elected president of the Philippines, I would kill them all over the world, just for being stupid pompous insulting assholes.

The only white niggers worse than “social scientists” (oxymoronicism) are economists. So we give the worse academic frauds in the world all the power. Smooth move exlax. I would love to go around killing off those fuckers.

Then I would kill all those socialist nazi dweebs in silicon valley. Ahh yes, it would be glorious. I used to like dweeby nerds, but that was before they got power owning social media. Giving untold political power to a fucking creep like Zuckerberg is insane. But when you shit enough brain numbing plastic and nanoparticles every month to make 4 credit cards, what do you expect?

They recently found that elite universities have been secretly accepting millions from foreign governments. It was Bill Clinton who sold American military secrets to the Chinese. My wife’s uncle was complaining about the Chinese taking our jobs way back in the 1950s. Nobody listened then, nobody listens now.

They say we can’t implement the Paris treaty if we don’t stop cutting rainforests. hahahah. The Paris treaty is shit and everyone knows it. We got more chance of having Scotty beam us across the universe to Earth 2.

The Guardian says they got a plan to halt bio-diversity loss. WTF? Only 4% of land vertebrates are wild. All these rewilding half earth proposals are nothing but a soothing balm for your gender bent, plastic infused mind. I’m too old to give a fuck about sex and gender, but you can’t run the world on just pussy, although pussies of both sexes seem determined to try.

After 40 years of denial, they say whales are left stranded by navy sonar. They said the same thing 40 years ago, and promptly forgot it. I call it the circle of dealth. Forty years seems to be the average for world movements they say. Remember, only white niggers says this shit.

I have no intention of living past 70, but I know with 100% certainty nothing will change in 10 years. Right and left wing populists will still be fighting.

I live by thumb rule, and my first rule of thumb is to stop hitting your thumb with a hammer. The second rule is that all left wing populists become right wing populists over time. It doesn’t matter if your lefty populism is based on fairy godmother dust being sprinkled down from heaven. It will inevitably end with hell harpies pissing and shitting on you from above. All human institutions corrupt with the same certainty that all life dies. Hairless apes are stupid that way.

What all these fucking academic elites are counting on is that young people are too stupid to figure out it’s all over. There’s nothing left except the tears and hunger.

We steal Antarctic ocean krill and use them for make-up and health supplements. Meanwhile, We are stealing the food that Antarctic animals need to live. We call it economics. You die so we can get rich. Works every time.

So young elites think we are going to live mars, drive electric cars and give a trillion bucks per years to the oil war machine, all while becoming immortal gods — and I thought the child fucking machine in the Vatican was bad.

5G self-driving electric gamer cars are coming, each with a player screen for every passenger, all wheel drive, heated seats and built in butt plugs. Blasting rockets off into space as if we could actually live there. If you want to become a blind retard, then go ahead. GM is closing up shop in Vietnam. They sold it to China Inc.. Soon electric vehicles from China will be sold here. Too bad only educated assholes will be able to afford them.

Am I anti-intellectual? Not at all, I’m just anti-stupid.

Child Sex Trafficking And Higher Education

If I killed all the over-educated assholes, and religious pedos in the world, there would be no one left except us unemployed redneck asswipes. Too bad what I say and what I mean are 2 different things.


Report argues most plastics, especially #3-7s, falsely labeled as recyclable Waste Dive

World Economy Shudders as Coronavirus Threatens Global Supply Chains WSJ

  • Dow falls don’t mean shit anymore. It’s more rigged than the elections.
  • If Bernie wins Super Tuesday, I’ll make myself a nice shit sandwich and eat it.
  • Chris Mathews thinks Bernie should be crucified to save all the fake lefties.

“America Doesn’t Need A Revolution”: Judge Judy Says She’ll Fight The Bernie Sanders Campaign “To The Death”

  • Somebody should take cunty bitch judges Judy and Jeanine out to the wood shed for a whooping. Along with all the kids under 25 and over 30.



Crazy White Niggers

I hate everybody who is white black male female and everything in between.

I wish you would all just fuck off and die. Other than that, I’m okay.

A crazy white nigger is university educated and dumb as fuck.

They are neither white black male or female. They’re just over-educated and stupid.

I would rather listen to someone who is wrong, as long as they can think for themselves.

I would rather listen to black racists than lily white liberal pinko fag professors promise green energy revolutions. It’s all a big scam to suck your money up before we all die.

Green jobs are just more pinko commie bullshit. Speaking of bullshit…

Bernie is for open borders. Old Dems are not. Trump wins.

Goodbye free health and education. The Dems will do anything stop him.

He will be outed as a pedo or killed before he controls the Dems.

The Big Soros Clit will do it. It will do anything.

Bernie knows this, he works for the establishment, that’s why he tows the Russia bullshit.

Let’s say Bernie wins. His policies will lose, with both Dems and Repugs working against him.

It will take 10 years to get a fucked up single payer system so compromised and useless as to defeat its intended purpose. I don’t give a fuck if you can’t be the man or woman of your gender dreams. I don’t give a fuck if you are black white pink or purple. Emissions have to go down 50% in 10 years. If you compare the bad news of 10 years ago to the bad news 10 years from now, you will think you already live on Mars.

If you think 5G self-driving electric gamer cars have anything to do with the climate, then we deserve what’s coming. Pandering to 20% of the population won’t solve anything. Giving pinko commie fags power over the rest of us will not solve anything.

Pinko commie fags will not make earth green, They will make it black.


Accusing Bernie & Trump Of Being Russian Assets Opens Both To Campaign Spying

25% of all climate tweets are bots


The Space Lizard Lady

Politics is a conspiracy of ideas on how to spend tax money.

Collapse is what happens after all the money’s gone.

Money is the 1,000% increase in US oil exports in 1 decade.

Free health education and justice sold out to money 100 years ago.

20% of people cannot save 80% of people in 10 years. To think so is in vain.

We invented feminism, socialism and propaganda to control how to spend tax money.

Money and energy has bankrupted all hairless apes, and all surface life on earth.

Each dollar is 500 milliwatts of energy slavery = picking up a sock off the floor?

I imagine I use 500 milliwatts picking my nose until my eye waters.

Academics do one thing well. Academics don’t do anything well.

Academics use math to prove there is a god = how many angels can sit on a pin.

Math only proves measuring a body’s weight through time is useful.

There is no God particle because academics only do one thing well, sell out.

Ever since the first Nord and Jew joined hands to make fake gold. Alchemy indeed.

Humans are now barely able to reproduce, let alone have healthy children.

We want to stick the surviving kids heads into a microwave under a bright blue light forever.

In the old days kids died from disease, nowadays we poison them.

Everything see feel breathe drink eat and hear is cognitive reproductive poison.

4G plastic IOT nano toxicity is affecting all fish frog bug bird and monkey.

Four billion flying monkeys go into a toxic fugue from a toxic nano fog because of jets, each and every year.

Combustion engine, tire, brake and fabric nano particles numb the senses and brain.

The food water and plastics bend your mind as well as your gender.

By the time you get to the washroom, you’ll be 0.1% stupider, sicker, steriler and femaler.

Too many electromagnetic fields and nano toxins are inimical to all life.

Bugs love light, birds love bugs, kill one, kill all.

The Google academy doesn’t want you to know this, at all… period. Exclamation mark!

The increased use of EMF saturated petro nano cognitive reproductive degradation and depletion will cause human extinction in non-linear time through the abyss inside an eye of a needle.

We are in this ethical energy fix like someone sleeping with a spike in their arm.

It’s the inertia of 7 billion hairless apes, 4 billion who fly each year, imagine 2 billion less flights in 10 years, it will never happen on a voluntary basis. This is easy.

A feverish fugue of omnisexual socialist tax spending fever engulfs a couple billion of the hairless apes on earth.

Two billion gays pedos women blacks cripples jews against like 1 billion white hairless apes 20% cucks.

Definitions and words are what people hide behind when spending or hiding tax money.

They use words and definitions to hide energy and money from everyone like we’re idiots. Which we are.

It’s been 10 years since James Hansen challenged us to use 100% private carbon dividends as money.

All you gay pedo commie fags ignored him because of cars on mars or some crazy valley shit.

Eric Schmidt was probably let go because of his fetishes.

You have to actually be profoundly and embarrassingly demonic to get kicked out by money markets.

If I had a bug up every ass I’d have a lot fetishes to choose from.

Google is an old Indus valley word for sell your mom for a buck.

Social media comments about your farts are reflected in your profile.

AI knows 50 ways you’ll leave your lover before you even know you’re leaving.

Your fridge will notify AI apps to add more Kleenix to the just in time mass energy data throughput thingies called your tears.

Drinks with mood drugs will be droned to your door.

The only way things can be so wrong when we have so much power is corruption.

Corruption is caused by hiding mass energy data.

Ineptitude is directly proportional to corruption. It’s a pre-collapse metric.

Humans were once bred to be helper monkeys by subterranean polar native space lizard ladies, who hid underground 60 million years ago before the asteroid hit earth.

I would rather believe that than a priest politician, poet or physicist.

We are not going fly in cars on mars like forever monkeys because by 2060 money markets want 8 billion flying monkeys per year.

We have to remove 10 billion tons of carbon out of the skies each year, while at the same time we emit several billions into the skies flying monkeys around.

In the old days before Enron, this was called bankrupt.

Apes are zero tolerant to zero gravity and zero tolerant to cognitive/reproductive degradation through time. It makes use stupid sterile and sick in a way that accumulates offspring degradation.

Even as we grow our bones evolve. Our legs are like spindles compared to 100 years ago.

You can read The Withering Bones of Humanity to get an eyeful on that.

We becoming near sighted spindly spineless genderless sterile shrimp.

We are turning into glow babies, like the things they were growing in Blade Runner 2049.

All because someone wants to make money selling bluetooth butt plug apps.

There are no self-driving EV gamer social media cars in the future.

Even if there were, the rest of humanity will end up as shrimp on a plate.

This game of moral superiority will kill everything.

Curiosity Stream is run by neo nazi white dick wads.

Neo nazis are not all white. Some are Jew or Arab flavored.

Idiocy is not ineptitude it’s corruption.

This goes way back before Google got paid to target kids in real time.

It goes back further than the Enron scam 20 years ago.

Ten years after we promised to save the planet.

It goes all the way back to the dinosaur age 100 years ago.

All these tweets only hide what purport to show.

I want a little blue green glow worm emoji for my 62 birthday.


Eternal Pedo Space Monkeys

Creative writing class #1. Write lots of crazy shit, delete most of it, start again.

Apple has been found to submit iPhones for tests with lower RF emissions than those sold on shelves.

Four billion hairless apes fly each and every year.

There are a lot of hairless apes in the naked skies, here’s the story of just one of them.

Hairless Ape Links

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic nanoparticles in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic petrochemicals in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic endocrine sterility in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic metals in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic minerals in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic zero gravity in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic food oils in real time.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic wifi/cell radiation in real time.

Wireless Ape Chatter

Your gamer boy air food water cars and fabrics are killing your brain and gender in real time. You are saturated with oils, electromagnetic wave, nano- platstic- metal- mineral-toxins. It’s turning oceans into acid time bombs that will kill plankton for 10,000 years.

There are 5,000 PFAS and plastic softeners and conditioners turning you into a stupid sterile female, starting as a retarded soy boy cuck bot.

A cuck bot clone army of mood junky Jordan Peterson with his zero mood tolerance to pronouns, although I think that both pronouns and apps can go fuck themselves.

Young hairless gamer apes have zero tolerance to neurotoxic game latency in real time.

Because of this you and your off spring are turning into stupid sterile females in real time.

You will be 10% stupider, more sterile and more female before your next legendary game weapon.

Hairless apes have zero tolerance to synergistic accumulative neurotoxins in real time.

The Swiss banned 5G. I bet Israel did too. Thank God they’re safe.

Hi tech is killing everything and FAAMG paid academics are chin to balls deep in on it. That’s why we have fake safety studies and no real health studies.

Car fumes have neurotoxic nano magnets, Brakes and tires are nano neurotoxic. Interiors are toxic. Nano particles pass into skin lungs and gut and attack the brain and its organs.

Adding 5G to millions of cars will turn you and your kids into microwaved stupid sterile girly glow worms.

There are only 3 corrupt naked ape institutions; health, education and justice.

All 3 are 100% corrupted due to greed for money and power.

Money and power are what we call personal wealth.

We need money and energy to get it.

The world is full of rich fake commie/socialists.

Hi tech is saturating all land life in a real time EMF/RF NANO PETRO NEURO REPRODUCTIVE INFINITY LOOP to nowhere, fast.

The purpose of the deep state is to perpetuate the lies that make the most money.

Academics don’t talk about the ethics of taking blood money for their pet peeve SJW fantasies. Instead they talk about the ethics of everything else.

You can actually learn more about what is not to be talked about than what they actually talk about. These people pay thousands of dollar for years to learn how not to talk about stuff. It’s called corporate brainwashi camp for wayward young adults.

These guys are trying to get rich making more authentically meaningful butt plug apps.

The modern car is a monstrosity of fine wires and nano petro neuro toxicity.

Little Johnny will be 10% stupider just by the time you drive him to school.

A 5G self driving gaming car is so monstrous, it’s beyond your imagination lil’ Johnny.

It will turn your male offspring into sterile stupid females. NEW FLASH = Females hate it.

After your Gamer Gambler For Life free training regimen, you’re set free to code for bucks.

After giving all your money to the people who make you sick stupid and sterile, they want you to pay for making you well, assuming you don’t become a junky beforehand.

After bleeding you dry for what should be free health and education. you are jailed by pedo judges and layers, who are so busy blackmailing each other no justice gets done.

White conservative pedos, half-black fags and sick commie bitches say killing whitey is the only way to save the planet because they all want self-driving EV gamer cars too.

Eternal pedo space monkeys are not yet a card in the Tarot deck, we’re one short.

If you want to see this card added to the deck, please give me shit tons of money.

It’s a good cause, and it’ll help the kids.

And if we lower the age of sexual consent to 7, we can all walk under the socialist rainbow of inclusivity.

Everybody wins except for 0.01% of the population, which is probably quite a few tens of millions of people, but it’s not like you can lower it to new born. They have to be smart enough to actually say no, wouldn’t they? I mean it’s not like having with your wife.

That’s why I believe in post term abortions up the age of 60, and I never trust a priest or physicist over 30, or under 25.

Free Life Story For Sale – The Rodney Dangerfield of Philosophy





7,800 Boy Scout Leaders Rape 12,000 Boys



Soy oil is a neurotoxic endocrine disruptor enabler. Food oil saturated monkeys are new.

You food oil and EMF saturated, petro nanoparticle polluted baby monkeys are getting their gender developmental brains rewired from multiple sources, and also face myopic retina and visual cortex rewiring. They going blind stupid and sterile.

And once your brain dead genderless glow baby eats enough soy oil to get older, it’s likely going to join Boy Scouts, or worse yet, a Canadian Hockey League, or a British Soccer Club.

Boy Scout Rape? Who knows, they call all words rape these days, I call my dog’s barks rape. I call her farts violence, and Kathy calls my farts bullying.

But we never rape Gaia. I can think of no better way to say it.

I bet it’s way more than 12,000 kids raped or whatever, and Boy Scouts are still open for more business. You got to hand it to them, they love love their ball handles.

Boys? Who knows, these days the gender of your child is a secret, just like an immigrant’s country of origin in corporate America.

White gay pedos, half black fags and commie bitches are worried sick about straight rich male whitey.

The Boy Scouts go bankrupt from white gay male pedo rape.

If you go to school for 20 years you learn how not to say that.

The Goy Scouts go bankrupt and stay open for more business.

Greed wealth and power has corrupted every single human endeavor forever, always will.

Ever since Jews started lending Popes money.

Ever since German New York Jews been shrinking on Manhattan Island.

It makes German Jews rape and eat kids because hairless apes are mentally deficient.

And if you eat too much food you had sex with you go crazy on an epigenetic scale.

In other words, the crazy rapey eating kid thing runs in the family.

Male chimps will kill and eat other chimp babies for resource dominance.

Hairless apes will rape kill and eat other ape babies for the fun & profit we call survival.

It’s a genetic survival legacy. It’s why there won’t be any eternal genderless pedo space monkeys, and nice things.

When you saturate apes in nano toxic environments, developmental toxins cause cognitive reproductive cranial disruption.

Hairless apes are zero tolerant to zero gravity through time.

Hairless apes are zero tolerant to cognitive reproductive dysfunction through time.

I don’t care how gay pedo we are, I only know we will be more so in time.

This is happening throughout the surface animal kingdom as we know it.

Confused gender roles and lower hunting skills are observed in fish fowl frog and bug.

We have a whole wakeyarchy making sure we never talk about it.

Asia has won. North South East and West. Data is gold and all the brown yellow white asians agree. India is going to hell in a handbasket, but at least they agree greed is good.

Family values and grandpas with guns etc.

The new Vox video on America’s crumbling infrastructure is bank hostage takeovers.

We’ll soon have to out source infrastructure to China, while we lay around in a triggered fix

Mixing greedy personal wealth with our money is a soul destroying monetary policy to enslave all life on the surface of earth.

It’s been like this since we invented big railroads, oil, cartel banking, feminism and socialism.

All these things are 100 years old and taught by nearly 100 year old professors.

These guys literally live in ivory towers.

Living in ivory towers makes you dumb as fuck. But it’s worth it.

Academia means keeping secrets about Panama Paper tax scams for banks.

Academia means hiding the truth.

Banks are run by native female polar space lizards who have long been ready for the end of surface life.

I guess the dinosaurs got a head start on the hairless apes.

I wonder if native space lizards went non-gender binary before going all immortal and shit.

Hairless ape will never become genderless forever pedo space monkeys.

The native space lizards are already prepared to live underground forever.

Joe Biden is proof native space lizards are only 100 years old.

I guess it doesn’t mean they didn’t travel back from then.

All this shit I’m talking about is 100 years old, and it will not do anything in 10 years.

It takes them 10 years to figure out what they actually stand for.

The runaway intellectual bullshit idea economy is so huge it can’t be stopped.

It’s like a cruise ship with the royal crown swine chicken flu.

We have to reduce energy 50% and Asia builds whole cities 10X faster than America.

America can’t even fly its own jets because of greedy personal wealth accumulation.

The F-35 fighter jet is combat ready 10% of the time. This is called insane.


Silicon valley will control and target hairless ape species destruction.

They’ll get rich doing it. Gamers make $200 billion per year and counting.

Sitting around boardrooms with blue tooth butt plugs up your ass is not healthy.

We turn nuclear waste into bullets when America can get 300 years energy cleaning up nuclear waste.

100% private carbon dividends will unite us but

all we can do is divide us with 100 year old space lizard crap.

I call this intellectual and academic failure.

I bet those Harry Potter dorms stink like hell.

I only write these thing to show you pinko pedo fags how stupid you are.

Every day that another rich pedo pinko fag goes without 100% private carbon dividends, another angel loses its wings.

It’s an easy contrivance until you biches yell uncle.

I’m okay with female pedo rape though, and post term abortions up to the age of 60.

The Big Clit

I just got back from digging out some wood.

If all the boardroom wore blue tooth butt plugs I could program the app to light one up on cue in real time.

Below are 6 of the 200 space molecules we know of so far.

6 of 200 space molecules

I wonder if there are space shrooms?

Meanwhile, back on earth…

Swiss Gnomes Ban 5G

Good now both Germans and Jews are safe! Asia can take the highway to space monkey hell. China’s AI supremacy is inevitable, the mineral curtain will slam shut as soon as the oil peaks.


The 77 Deadly Sins

Super Plastic Poison Chart = highly organized graphical representation of 7 deadly plastic sins.

  • I never recite the 7 deadly sins because I always forget at least one.
  • Plus the rich little nazi jew from New York ain’t one of them.
  • The only thing NY did right was Jack Kirby and the last scene of Planet of the Apes.

Cambridge Goth Witch Say Whitey Gotta Go – This is your elite university now.


  • She looks just look those crazy white right Canadian professor bitches.
  • Soulless, vapid joy sucking bitches. Like my dog Daisy. I got white fur all over me.
  • Professor Patricia MacCormack blames white men for end of world. Swipe left!
  • Just like Professor Lori Landrahan blames professor pedophilia on white men.
  • Just like Elizabeth Warren is Harvard’s First Professor of Color. She’s squaw mish.
  • Kid Kommies will kill rich white men for social ends.
  • It won’t start that way, but it will end that way.
  • She’s the black fly in Lord of the Flies. The Wakeyarchy.
  • I would love to put her lily whate ass in a black sling.
  • I bet her favorite song is that pizza pedo song by Katy Perry.

Go to bed with a 10 and wake up with a 2.

  • Like the crime, gun, health & education industries, she is a black spider mind fuck.
  • If you can fuck her the way I want, you’ll lucky to leave alive before a state worse then death.
  • Crime & Guns Vs. Health & Education, both sides are social commies.
  • They thrive off the avails of government tax money.
  • But we can privatize wealth taxes and reduce emissions fairly.
  • But these dickless fags and crazy white commie cunts are stopping us.
  • So are the white capitalist gay dicks and half-black commie fags.
  • They’re in bare ass cahoots with chaps and pop guns.
  • They all look the same to me. They get good paid to say crazy shit.
  • Fuck them bitches.
  • I guess data models suck without bullshit.
  • So fags, half-blacks and bitches wanna kill whitey so they can live in Pedo Paradise.
  • They say it’s gonna save the planet. They are fucking retarded.
  • You can’t kill whitey and reduce emissions 50% in 10 years. Violence = emissions.
  • I know we are going to go this way when the oil crisis hits. Tropical violence is coming here. This ain’t Kansas no more. The guys you pay to take the guns will have the guns. They are the same white people you hate.
  • The killing will never stop. That’s what crazy witch bitches want. Violence.
  • I’m glad ol’ Jack Kirby ain’t alive today. It would make a great comic book.
  • This is like an old Harlan Ellison Original Star Trek episode.
  • Believe me, I know the souls of commie witch bitches like her.
  • Pay me a hundred grand per year and I’ll say anything and dress anyhow you want.

The problem is that the socialists think they are better than you because they are going to take your money and blow it on black mass goth pedo parties. If that chick doesn’t live off child human blood, nobody does. I mean this is fucking England we’re talking about.  I’ve been married to a English witch long enough to know one when I see one. And I would love to fuck her. She wouldn’t be death by a thousand little orgasm, that’s for sure.

Civil War is not what the planet wants or needs because society is collapsing. The immigrants are coming and we gotta figure out how to share.

And the best way to save earth and share is 100% private wealth dividends.

Both white dick capitalist fags and white commie bitch witches hate them.



Yves Smith Is A Fucking Retard

Efforts that promote eco-socialism, decolonization, racial justice, gender justice, direct democracy and multi-species kinship can help to challenge, heal and transform the roots of eco-crisis.

Efforts that promote eco-socialism, decolonization, racial justice, gender justice, direct democracy and multi-species kinship can help to challenge, heal and transform the roots of eco-crisis.

The above drooling drivel from Smith’s eco-rant sound like it’s lifted right off the podium of a Naomi Klein speech. What this is, is a recipe for civil war. We defeat the red hats and give all the money to the commies in planet wide come to Jesus moment. For someone who like cats so much, she should have included “pussy fornication” in the first quote. Multi-species kinship? What the fuck is that? Dr. Doolittle?

It reeks of moral superiority and psychotic hyper-drama. Something I’m good at. It’s so fucking disgusting it makes me sick. If this is the kind of shit commie chicks and soy boys think, we’re fucked. When translated it only means, kick whitey in the balls, take his money, and go dance around the campfire at night, making woo woo with the Indians.

It’s the kind of sophomoronic crap a first year gender studies student would write. If I were a chick, I would transition to a man just out of shame and embarrassment. Stupid cunt. She can’t help herself because this is the kind of shit they teach in schools and spew repetitively in the media. A narrative more pervasive and clingy than the choking urban smog in China.

But, I still love that website, even though I’ve long been banned from commenting there.

Eco-Socialist Rantasaurus by Yves Dumb Bitch Smith

I like this next quote. What Smith doesn’t seem to know is the 1.5 C is the point of no return for runaway hothouse mass extinction. I don’t remember seeing a headline saying we only have a 1% chance of staying below 1.5 C.

1% means 0%. They always politicise numbers. You are just not allowed to say 0% period.

Climate negotiations have been ineffective in the face of competing economic and political pressures to grow. Given our inadequate response, scientists predict there is only a 5% chance of limiting warming below 2°C, and a 1% chance of limiting it below 1.5°C by 2100. Even if every nation succeeded in meeting their commitments to the Paris Agreement, we would still experience 3°C of warming.


‘Western doctors overprescribe drugs’ – Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila tells RT why he went to Russia for treatment

Academics want old age to labelled a disease, wih unknown policy implications

  • There are only 3 diseases in life – old age, youth, and academia.
  • It does explain Yves Smith’s article.
  • Fucking oldies should be carted off to the glue factory.
  • Never trust anyone over 30 and under 25.

Biologists in WSJ: Only Two Sexes, Male and Female, There is No Sex ‘Spectrum’

  • Except on dress up night.

Toxic waste from oil and gas used to deice roads

Radium in drinking water

Sometimes I wonder if all the bad news is designed to make you feel weak.

Am I just as retarded as Smith for wanting 100% private carbon tax dividends to unite left and right?



Poisoned Pup

The Big Clit Rides Again

Bloomberg took time off frisking blacks and women to test market the Big Clit as VP.

The Big Clit will fuck that little Nazi Jew like Dick fucked Bush Jr. back in the day.

Bayer fraud 1

Byaer fraud 2

Poland drought threatens hunger

China Brazil soy is in the news because of Trump trade taxes. Soy fed to pigs.

China is stealing US tech edge.

Soy oil is neurotoxic. It’s in many foods. It’s considered an allergen.

Asthma come from tire particles. Remains unacknowledged.

Nano magnets come from fossil combustion and causes brain damage in youth.

Car brakes emit nano toxins.

Car interiors are air toxic, and filled with IOT plastic mineral devices.

Swine, chicken and hairless ape flu from China threaten trade.

People care more about their gender than life on earth.

Sabine Hossenfelder had an excellent discussion on academic fraud on YT,

Too much wine last night

On Feb 25 I’ll be 62 years old. I feel 2 years older than God today.

Since Feb 11 I’ve been married 25 years which is 25 years longer than I expected.

My second son Jason is native Indian and is 30 years old.

He finally quit drinking and got a good woman.

My first son Justin was given up for adoption, killed himself at 16 years old.

He thought his name was Dave. He was named after our pedo Prime Minister.

The governor of New Brunswick was quite the pedo back in the day.

He had juvenile delinquents at his home each day.

I heard about in the county jail in Nova Scotia when I was 20 years old.

It was common knowledge. Irving Oil owns New Brunswick.

I suspect Justin was raped as a child, as I was, and is why I hate gay pedos so much.

I can finally die happy, if miserably hungover.

I wish I could kill all gay pedos, but that would be frowned upon.

Probably because it would entail the deaths of hundreds of millions.

Not that I would have a problem with that.

The CIA etc. and pedophilia go hand in hand. This is known.

They are often tasked with looking out for wealthy pedos.

When you are wealthy you can fuck whatever you want.

Including the whole planet.

Wealth includes both socialist and capitalist.

Have a great day dog fuckers.

Don’t forget that pedophilia and pizza are a conspiracy.




Pedosexual Child Sex Robots

The University of Amsterdam was forced to apologize for inviting a pedosexual to speak at a campus forum. I’m totally shocked they had to apologize.

The Apple 11 phone submitted to the FCC for RF testing is very likely not the one you buy in the store. Apple turns down RF emissions for testing. Just like Germany did for cars.

I googled “child sex robot” and was shocked to see the progress on them since 2016.

Here’s an article saying sex robots may be bad for your mental health. Sex robots are programmed to act as if they are being raped. It’s not a leap of imagination to think that child sex robots will be too. If that don’t get it up for you nothing will.

Here’s a search for pedophilia acceptance. They’re coming for your kids.

If you think it’s all right to jerk off to pictures of abused kids, then fuck off and die already. If I had the poison you need to kill yourself, I would give it to you free.

How many non-offending pedos don’t watch child porn? Answer: virtually zero.

They’re not sitting around looking wistfully at Vatican paintings of winged urchins.

How many Congo kids don’t suffer abuse for your iphone? Answer: virtually zero.

When you poison people’s minds with chemicals, their offspring are born fucked up in the head. Being head fucked in the head by socialist ideals right out the gate, means your sexual and cognitive development will not proceed properly.

I remember reading pedo brain expert, James Cantor, saying that most pedos have less inter-regional brain connectivity, due to a lack of grey matter in their heads. I look forward to confirming this and presenting it with evidence  of neurotoxicity in the environment. Side by each, one on top another.

My expectations are that nobody will accept this, or even know about it, no matter how hard I try, but thankfully after years of social media bans, shadow bans, post removals etc., I’ve become used to it.

My wife helped here too. She is a super feminist. If I say anything even slightly not fem positive, she simply ignores me. If I say anything about pedos, she ignores me. I’m used to being ignored.

I spent years publishing a homeless newspaper for people who used to shit talk me to get money without selling newspapers, and if I were in their shoes, I would have done the same thing.

When I first told my wife about feminist socialists abusing me for years, because I’m a white male, she ignores me.  I’m extremely used to it by now. Racism only works one way in Commie Fantasy Land.

My mother died when I was 4, I was raped by adults until 12.

From the ages of 25 to 40 I was abused by socialist feminists.

This may shock you, but it’s not only rich white straight men who are evil.

Obama and Clinton probably killed more kids than anyone else in history.

If being a blue dog or a gay rhino is more important than kids, you’re completely sick.

For Canuckistanians: blue dog = Democrat | gay rhino = Republican.

I understand that no one will even listen to me. Nobody listens to kids either.

I’m doing this for me, because if I grew up without all the horrors I’ve seen gay feminist socialists do, I would be just a naive as you. So if you think gay feminist socialists are going to take down whitey and save earth, be my guest. Don’t let me disabuse you of political fantasies. Years of hard schooling are hard to undo at the best of times.

There is no #metoo for kids, there’s only #metoo for pedos.

I blame rich white straight men for the oppression of pedos. Poor bastards, the pedos I mean.

The only revenge I can have for all this is that the world is dying because it can’t accept the truth about how evil, greedy and delusional people are.

We talk like hippies and acti like thieves.



Eternal Space Monkey ❤ Young Gaia Goddess

Petro Chemical Class Warfare
Grantham triggered today’s post.

Extensive Chemical Safety Fraud Uncovered at German Testing Laboratory
Independent Science News – Ilsa the SS she wolf works there. I wish I was smart.

Surge in plastics production defies environmental backlash
FT – I just started this one, seems cling wrap is made of gas in Ohio.

Interstellar Space Beaver

Swipe Right For Gaia Before She Hits COP 30 Wall

EMF saturated nano petro mineral toxins affecting cognitive and endocrine functions respects no income boundaries. EMF saturation and nano toxins are only 20 years old, which is a whole lifetime to young people. We are destroying all vertebrates and insects. That’s all fish, frog, bug, bird and hairless ape. The little magic mother box is not a gift of Gaia’s bounty to you. There’s hell to pay. All manner of monkey bird fish and frog are going down for the little mother box in your hands.

We have taught hades to dance on the head of a pin. We think we can stick the universe through the eye of a needle. We believe in magic fairy tale dust about more than one life. That belief was once an evolutionary advantage. It ain’t no more. When ideas stop working kill them before they put you out of your misery. I always tell Kathy if she even stubs her toe too hard while hiking I’m taking her parts to the glue factory.

There are 4 billion flying monkeys each year. The nano toxins from jet fuel combustion, jet cabin air, and from jet tires and brakes are cumulatively and transgenerationally neuro toxic. So many things are neurotoxic it’s unbelievable. Hairless apes are zero tolerant to zero gravity through time. Hairless apes are zero tolerant to cognitive and reproductive disruption through time. Being a mental horny bastard, this has me literally concerned, which is something I’m not good at through time.

Humans have zero tolerance to zero gravity through time. It’s the same with EMF saturated nano petro mineral toxicity. That’s why there won’t be any immortal genderless space monkeys seeking out a new mother Gaia. Intersectional 5G IOT nano petro mineral saturation will kill everything on earth. Bug, fish, frog, bird and tree. Humans use 40% of annual green growth each year. It’s like inter-species ape privilege.

There are 120,000 different chemicals and pharmaceuticals destroying all vertebrates and insects. Just PFAS alone have 5,000 different variants. The accumulative transgenerational effects are incalculable. So turn on the wifi, plop your ass on the couch and suck in myriad nano petro mineral particles from your air, food, fabrics and water. All of which eat away at your brain both inside and out. I’m pretty sure there are no nano air filters, just like there are no sky hooks. Or cans of red and white stripe paint.

I just watched a video about how the surface area of one meter of good soil has enough fungi tubes to go around the earth. Seems fun guys are tubular. Anyhow it went on how climate models don’t include how the soil to air cycle affect assorted clouds.

It’s odd how cloudy climate heat models are. Food and water are the twenty-first century’s nuclear bomb. We need fun guys ( fungi ) and water transpiration to live, or the soil turns to cement in the heat. We need fun guys in soil to live. We are killing them. I’m no fun, but I’m balls deep into fun guys.

Modern big biz agriculture is destroying the foundation for human habitat on earth. People always wanted gold and silver, now they want food and water. We are pretending the gold and silver will get us the water and food, when exactly the opposite is true. Call it the 10 years between 15 and 25 on the human timescale. Our food is destroying the fun guy between the tiny rocks of soil.

Grass is only 50 million years old. The only cow that is a cereal killer is Rachael Maddow. Cows and grass go together when cows stay on the move. Tilling the soil exposes fun guys to accumulative increasing UV radiation forward through time. Fun guys hate UV. Ape hate EMF nano toxicity accumulating through time.

For every year in space you age five. It’s like a time capsule to an early grave. So hairless space apes and fun guys are adding up the hurt through time… each and every year forward human bones are shrinking in strength and size. Many can’t breathe because our jaws are too small. If you don’t chew food enough your jaw fades away in both strength and mass density.

Mega big money loves mega big projects. Air conditioning is such a big business that there is no way the mob is not involved. What used to be called the mob are now called international money markets. They are the criminals who will build the faulty towers of your dreams. We can’t stop China from destroying Gaia. We can’t even stop it from destroying the ozone. The protective ozone blanket over your head is way more important than the polar ozone hole, which along with a magnetic field crash, signals plenty of doom for vertebrate and insect life on land.

The oceans are set to ignite into a runaway acid explosion that will fuck ocean plankton right up the ass for 10,000 years. We destroyed half the trees and blessed lands on earth. The air water and food we do have is poisoned beyond belief. If you thought Occupy Wall Street was something, wait til we figure this one out.

All those old dinosaurs you see on teevee are responsible for the destruction of the human race. We are turning men into women and making them both stupid. We degrading our cognitive sexual abilities in the same way we are destroying oceans and even the sky itself. It’s like going to a Black Widow Strip Club on Sunday mornings.

Let’s see. Climate models excluded oppressed Arctic methane, it’s not a bomb, it’s an igniting super nova on geological timescales. I mean Gaia was once a teen with acne on date night too, just before she birthed life. Gaia’s biggest mass extinction event took 80,000 years from start to finish. It’s like we’re lighting the long fuse to a bomb that circles around behind our asses. It’s the same with the oceans.

If the German Saudi Jew glow worms will blow up the twin towers for 20 trillion, what will they do for all the marbles? Our fascination with minerals has turned us into gnomes, in the same way islands make hairless apes smaller.

When Bayer married Monsanto we gave the power to control food to a bunch of German Jews. I’m no expert, but believe me when I say this is no good. These guys killed monkeys and elephants for palm oil to burn in their luxury sports cars. The trees they clear cut there gives them 50% of their “renewable energy”. They burn plastic and paper and call it “recycled energy”. They saturate seeds and food with lethal cigarette poison. All these chemicals and minerals are killing all vertebrates and insect and fungus on earth. This food water energy wealth concentration is called evil, with an “e”. And that rhyme’s with me.

The people telling you the eternal space monkey story are a bunch of fucking rich pedos. This is known. Whether it’s boy scouts, church, soccer or hockey. Their pimps are everywhere. Whether child or underage adult doesn’t matter to these rich and famous predators. Wealth brings our our predatory nature. That’s why personal wealth must be destroyed. And I don’t mean just hand it off to the pinko commies from hell like China.

When Bernie crucified James Hansen’s private carbon wealth tax dividend, he betrayed the world, and nobody in the world will say this except me. Period, it’s not like I get a lot of fan mail. If these people are not pedos, they know pedos. Just like whores know pimps. Politicians who betray have good reasons to do so, good for them bad for you.

They like to hide money and fly to their yachts all over the world preaching about socialism and green energy. These elites are driven by living fossils nearly 100 years old. Bit coin is money laundering. We have institutionalized corruption in the 20th century. We have optimized the energy our money represents for family values and greed. We are driving ourselves to extinction. From morning to bedtime and cradle to grave because we believe greed is good. Wealth is wonderful. Which it is if every shared equally. Which is what James Hansen proposed.

Socialists fucking hate that shit. Go ahead, ask one.

A good socialist never says no, they say hmmya.

I love the smell of 100 year old ideology in the morning, it smells of victory.

Free tranny health education!

Please buy my book, French Kissing Dinosaurs