The Old Days

My nephew Corbin with a K turned 30, if you’re reading this shit, god help ya buddy.

The only people crazier than me are you.

The World Is Run By Expert Morons And Wet Stained Mods

Here’s what I believe to be the greatest Ska song from the 80s.

Police and Thieves Are In The Streets by The Specials

I love that guy singing like his balls are in a vice. Hey hey hey hey heeyy HEY HHEEYY

Thieves now work on social media with twitch hookers and game shills.

It takes one ton of coal to make 6 solar panels.

The panels need a natural gas plant fired up 24/7 or they don’t work.

To close a 1 mega watt fossil power plant you need 10 mega watts of solar wind power without a mega monster battery back up. I mean like Satan raping Gaia big.

The difference between a model wind turbine in a show room and one in the field is usually 2 orders of magnitude difference. I don’t know what that means, but it’s big.

Michael Moore and Extinction Rebellion shadow banned my comments, I took screenshots not to convince you, but myself. This is the same shadow banned post I always make. This is about my documentation of facts. I just insert myself deep into the absurd reductive implications of their logical conclusions. I don’t don’t know what I said but I love it. I guess my endless editorialising is why I never get adopted, or that pup over there.

For reasons unknown I got unbanned on the climate sub today, and it took me 3 posts to get the headline right. I got zero likes. I always think of Victoria Williams singing “You are Loved” when I do this. I bet that damn dog Loki puts me up this, he controls me with his mind when I’m not high or hung over.

The oceans and jungles have conspired to turn on us and give off more gas than my apoplectic turncoat liver. Me an the old gal are well beyond our wall hitting days.


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