Ecological Collapse

Petrochemicals and plastic use grows 7X faster than human population. By 2040 more oil will be made into chemicals and plastics than burned in cars each year, for the first time. People who work in plastic extrusion plants die young. By 2025 cars will spew over 5 gigs of EMF data per day, as your car makes more money from your personal life than the sale of itself new. By 2030 your car will lock you up and drive you to the cop shop triggered by AI debtor prison algos. Miss one big payment too many, and pray your car doesn’t suicide you off the road in revenge before it gets there.

In China your phone auto pays for your jaywalking ticket before you hit the other curb. AI IOT devices are made from toxic nano mineral petrochemical plastic particles. And, by 2025 there will be gazillions of IOT bugs. Gates wanted a computer in every home and google wants a bug up every ass. That’s why google protects people like Monsanto.

Smart diapers will eventually turn your kids into stupid sterile ghosts. Car tire and brake nano dust combine with combustible nano magnets, and PFAS dust, with C02 levels of 1,000 ppm, to literally make you 15% stupider and infinitely sicker. By 2025, sitting in your car for an hour will make you sicker than 2 hours of wearing VR goggles on Red Bull.

Urban water air food fabrics and EMF fields are toxic to life on earth, and will have unstoppable irreversible multi-generational genetic consequences that will be ever so very terribly slightly unkind. Our nano plastic metal gadgets, gizmos and bugs are making us chemically extinct as a species, the good news is that runaway climate extinction may slow the process somewhat.

Before You Begin Your Journey – I would like to introduce academic scientific fraud. This goes to prove how sold out academia and science are, with the possible exception of any subject ending in studies. I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground, but I do know that you should never trust anyone over 30 who is a physicist or priest.

Academic And Scientific Fraud

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility – Nature

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note to self = merge links from here, organize

PFAS/PFOS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

EMFs = Adverse Reproductive Effects

PFAS/PFOS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water And Air

Drugged Waters — how modern medicine is turning into an environmental curse

Anti-Depressants And Violence (pro-gun, but still useful)

Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the U.S.

Your Cosmetics May Be Killing You

Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body

Photo toxic video light makes you myopic, frys your brain, damages your retina and disturbs your sleep.

EMF = Brain/blood barrier degradation which exposes brain to blood contaminates.

Nano-plastics penetrate the blood/brain barrier in fish causing behavioural disorders.