2040: 30% More Energy, 100% Less Emissions

The 1st female secretary of state destroyed Iraq, killed 500,000 kids

The 2nd female secretary of state destroyed Libya, she’s bisexual

The 1st black president destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria

Blacks, gays and women are just as evil as rich white men

Socialists are every bit as evil as Capitalists.


2018 = 35 GtC02/yr | 2040 = 55 GtC02/yr

2040 = +40% GtC02/yr

GtC02/yr = gigatons per year carbon dioxide

Whenever you see a world energy chart with the words “renewable energy,” nearly half that energy includes burning wood, corn, soy and palm oils. These emissions are not counted because the trees grow back in 50 years. We don’t have 50 years to get emissions to ZERO.

The socialist green energy programs in Europe are a fraud, big time. They are considered money laundering ops for big banks and financial interests. Monkeys and elephants were killed to make the biofuel they burn in their German cars. Thy lie about emissions from cars and electrical production. The president of Greenpeace used to fly twice a day to work and home.

By 2040, world energy use will go up 28%, in 21 years.


By 2040, world emissions must go down 100% to avoid 2° C.

PEAK 2020

2018 = 35 Gt C02 / yr

2040 = 55 Gt C02 / yr BAU

22 yrs = from 0 to 20 Gt more C02 per year BAU

60 GtC02 2040


EIA projects 28% increase in world energy use by 2040


Why global emissions must peak by 2020




High Dysfunction

Talented people want your money and adoration.

To keep earth viable, we have to tax rich talented people.

Instead of giving credit to vestal eunuchs we keep it 100% for ourselves.

These gnomes have enough bugs up your ass to fuck unfuck and refuck your twice before breakfast.

They have God power over what you can say, feel and think.

The earth is flat, or everybody is equal.

In other words, they’re idiots.

Well meaning but dumb as rocks.

Like Satan doing God’s work.



Honest Expert Collapse Predictions For Youth

What’s Up

2040 = 60% more electricity demand worldwide

2040 = 45% more natural gas demand worldwide

2025 = 10% more oil demand worldwide

2030 = 50% less emissions to stay below 1.5 C.

2040 = 100% less emissions needed to avoid 2.0 C death spiral

2040 = Runaway Hothouse Earth + Runaway Mass Extinction

2070 = 100% less emissions’ nearest actual date

2018 = All statistics are lies to hide how bad it can be by 2040

While factually true, all these numbers hide the elephant in the room.

There will be nearly no elephants left by 2040.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is we know how to fix this.

If we tax the top 10% of income down to median wage, emissions go down 33%

If we tax the top 20% of income down to median wage, emissions go down 66%

If we tax the top 40% of income down to median wage, emissions go down 88%

Kevin Anderson advocates this as well as I, but he does not support 100% private credits.

Kevin is a socialist purist.

Common Sense matters more than exact numbers here.

It fills the Zen Cup of Empty Suicidal Silence.

100% private carbon dividends are taken, nobody’s going to give it to you.

Nation state currencies must tax wealth exactly the same to pay for health and education worldwide.

A separate 100% private carbon tax credit must pay in open public world carbon credits.

All this must be done in 2 years worldwide, or life on earth will end.

1.5 C = 50% less emissions in 10 years. No joke, all or nothing.

By 2025, the IEA says world oil demand will be up 7-10%.

That’s 7 years, which would leave 3 years to get emissions down 50%.

This is not a joke, all life on earth depends on it.

2.0 C = 100% less emissions in 20 years.

Socialist Europe has corrupted green energy beyond all recognition of reality and ethics.

They ship in and burn trees from all over the world to get 50% of their “green energy”.

Capitalism and Socialism are equally corruptible.

Bernie Sanders tried to steal James Hansen’s 100% private tax credits.

This is not a joke, all of this is real, you are not dreaming, you’re not woke yet.

My name is Robert Callaghan, I failed grade 12 three times until I was finally kicked out.

This is what the death of life on earth looks like on a chart.











Limited Gene Pool Horse Trading

If you think antifa is for real, get a fucking life and fuck off and die.

There, that takes care of the riff raff, now onto serious stuff.

To lower emissions 33% in 10 years, we have to seriously tax the top 10%.

To lower emission 50% in 10 years, we have to seriously tax the top 20%.

The more rich you tax, the lower the emissions.

Those government taxes should pay for education and healthcare.

We can use the armed forces to save people instead of kill them with tax incentives.

We can carbon tax poison food, and carbon incentivise organic food.

The rich are unenthused.

Rich = Black, Gay, Female, White Males and Jews (for some reason*)

To get the rich on board, you privatize carbon taxes.

100% private carbon taxes = 0% for government.

100% private carbon taxes is James Hansen’s idea, not mine.

Saving Earth = Government Taxing The Rich + 100% Private Worldwide Tax Credits.

We can’t make this work without them.

You don’t purge the goose who laid the golden egg, you tax them.

This will take 10 years.

Political Wet Dreams = Endless War + Violent Collapse

Purging leads to violence.

Reliving a 200 year old French revolution is idiocy.

Reliving Occupy Wall Street over a beer is good, but stale, like the beer.


(*) ever since they changed from creed to racist, they got all white privileged on our ass.


100% Unequal

Bullshit Working Title: Modelling non-ecocidal behaviors

Intent: A playful toss of economic incentives.

Result: A mish mash of mega-maniacal rage and tears of laughter.

Trigger: Straight Talk About Saving Humanity – Counterpunch


Carbon taxes are coming, that’s what it’s all about.

Bankers want carbon taxes, and governments will give it to them.

This means more Elon Musk fantasies.

Earth doesn’t fucking care what you think.

We need to get beyond left and right.

We need to tax up and down the vertical class structure.

If we reduce the top 10% of income earners to average wages, we will reduce emissions 33%.

People are 100% unequal.

Being unequal means 10% of us are rich.

We have to tax the rich to help the poor because we ARE unequal.

We to reduce the top 10% of income earners earnings.

We don’t need a massive scribe class of gifted eunuchs to do it.

This is not fucking rocket science.

Governments only give tax money back to the rich donor class, the top 10%.

Socialism vs. Capitalism is 100 years old.

We have 10 years to save earth.

People think their opinions are worth more than the planet.

We have to unite to save earth, not fight a political war of wretched fantasy.

The only way to unite both left and right is to make carbon taxes 100% private.

This means 0% for government.

That is the answer, and stupid political fantasies won’t change that.

Your political opinion is not more important than life on earth.

Even if America became a socialist paradise, the rest of the world won’t follow.

Even if they did, real change takes 40 years.

Grow the fuck up and get a pair of balls, admit you’re not perfect.

It was straight white guys and Russians who invented socialism in the first place.

When Gooses drink juices of White Russian mooses, they get fucked.

It’s not a coincidence, it’s irony.

Thinking you are right, and being stubborn about it, will do nothing at all.



Stumbles Mumbles

2018: The world uses 100 million barrels of oil per day for the first time.

2025: Over each of the next 7 years, oil demand will grow 1 million barrels/day.

2030: Emissions must be down 50% to avoid 1.5 C.

2040: Emissions must be down 100% to avoid 2.0 C.

Carbon emissions are growing +1.5%/year.

Carbon concentrations are growing +0.5%/year

1.5 – 2.0 C Triggers Runaway Hothouse Earth

Runaway Hothouse Earth = 450 ppm carbon concentration

Runaway Hothouse Earth will be triggered by 2035.

Runaway Hothouse Earth = non-stoppable + non-reversible.

Runaway Hothouse Earth = Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction = non-stoppable + non-reversible.

We don’t have 12 years to do something.