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Three’s Company. There’s men, women and all the rest. It’s like the Holy Trinity, whatever the fuck that is. No other losing presidential candidate in history spent a whole year whining about the election. See? I’m not here to inform you about human polity, sexuality or spirituality. I’m here to inform you of collapse and how us dumb as fuck oldies are killing you.

California inmates paid $1 an hour to battle wildfires (Statesman) : includes equal pay for women.

Out of Control: A Brief History of Neoliberal Deregulation in the USA (TruthOut) : They always promise it will be better next time because thinking about baseball is like watching paint dry during sex.

ADHD is vastly overdiagnosed and many children are just immature, say scientists ( : if only I could focus my anger, sublimate my rage, or maybe just do something… anything…

When Gaia’s Rhoids Hum (Volcano Watch) : Move map to The Burning Ring of Fire in the Pacific.

This is what America’s eco city of the future looks like Guardian : Eco City is oxy-moronic.

Long-Term Marijuana Use Changes Brain at the Cellular Level, Say Scientists (Inverse News) : Don’t smoke when you’re young.

Tropical thunderstorms are set to grow stronger as the world warms (

Scientist Daniel Swain on “Unprecedented Climate Conditions” Contributing to Deadly CA Wildfires (

Rich countries must provide funds for climate change victims ( : These nation-state tax fantasies are cash grabs. 

Puerto Rico struggles with massive environmental crisis ( : like calling death a life crisis.

China and the European Union should set aside differences on trade and strengthen cooperation on climate change to “act as a shield” to protect the landmark Paris climate accord, France’s environment minister said.”Beijing must move faster to cut dependence on coal and set a global example.” ( : China is too big to shield itself let alone the world. From 2014-2050 China will build 400 nuclear plants, dam half the planet, burn more electricity than the sun and outshine the moon at night.

Tropical Tree Roots Represent an Underappreciated Carbon Pool (Science Daily) : In related news… South of the Amazon jungle are scrub lands covered in bushes. These bushes don’t look like much but their roots are like a hundred times larger than their branche. We kill these bushes with cows. This lack of bush respiration helps block the sky rivers from flowing.

Kobe Steel Faked Quality Data For Decades (Nikkei) : If corporations are people, whey do we hate them?

Investigations of Wall Street Have Disappeared from Corporate Media (Martens) : Business Insider is a good source of BS protein. Four helpings of BI and one helping of BS are a good source of dysfunctionality.

Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist (G.) : Three hundred blacks blew up the other day and no one gives a fuck, but kill one single female rat and the whole world squeals. Real journalists get murdered. That’s why MSM sucks big time.

The US is invading Africa and will stir up business for itself by killing people. This has been going on since World War One.

2,000 Refugees, Migrants Landed in Greece Since October 1 (GR) : like a thou/wk

One in three Greeks live in poverty or social exclusion, Eurostat shows (Defend Democracy) : That scared me, I thought it said geeks.

Land management could be key in climate change battle (Toronto Star) : I hate TorStar, they’re owned by the Mexican drug/data cartel. What these fake libtards are too stupid to say is that, “without trees, earth dies”. I don’t just mean all the little bunnies die, I mean a space vacuum takes over the land. Then the oceans slowly drift away for millions of years. Link:

Scientists explore how climate change may affect mental health (AccuWeather) : Well, let’s hope they never get their hands on me. Psychiatrists are crazy or they’re evil and crazy.

How climate change is affecting travel — and what you can do about it : Maybe I can open a non-flight uber start up where you pay me not to take you anywhere. You know… for the climate and kids.

Trump Administration is trying to turn the worlds most abundant fishery into mine. ( : Fiish data mining.

Raw sewage is pouring into the rivers and reservoirs of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  (

Why fish can’t help but eat our plastic garbage ( : so do we when we eat fish.

Did Monsanto Ignore Evidence Linking Its Weed Killer to Cancer? ( : Do bears poop in the woods?

US military rushes to defuse looming crisis in Kirkuk after Iraqi army advances (Guardian) : Red meat recipes for disaster.

Facebook Is Looking for Employees With National Security Clearances (Bloomberg) : Must be pedo friendly.

108 U.S F-35s Won’t Be Combat-Capable (War Is Boring) : A trill just ain’t what it used to be.

We have no need for you,’ Erdogan tells Europe (Asia Times) : pawn gains Queen.

The war on coal is over. Coal lost ( : rope a dope, til it wins again. 

Surprisingly low concentrations of toxic chemicals – from fungicides to antidepressants – can change the way some aquatic creatures swim and feed, according to new research ( : phthalates make me wiggle.


U.S. experts doubt EPA curbs on Monsanto, BASF herbicides will halt crop damage ( : Plants vaping poison.

Vid Trigs

When Southern Baptists get pissed.

When Alt-Righties get pissed.












The Fountain of Youth And Predatory Consumers

Computers Destroy Your Brain And Judgement

Most people grew up staring at computers 8-12 hrs/day.

Peter Thiel pays for child blood transfusions. He flushes his own veins and arteries with the blood of children so he can remain younger longer. He wants to make money taking blood from poor children and giving it to rich old people.

The reason this is wrong is because we can’t all do that. You need a lot of blood transfusions to stay young and there are not enough handy kids for everyone. Besides, kids are way smaller than adults. Once more people do it. Then child blood trafficking services take over and corruption ensues. There is also the temptation to enforce mandatory transfusions and promote unregulated amoral supply sub-contractors.

Everybody cheats in China. Bejing can pronounce policy, but it’s provincial and urban powers that exploit non regulation. I remember reading about bears in China being kept in cages while they had their bile drained, so that some old rich guy could get it up.

This virile fountain of youth and post-human bullshit is why we can’t stop rhinos and elephants from being killed. It’s unaccountable unregulated urban demand. Chinese elites go to night clubs where they snort rhino powder up their noses to feel young again, while mixing cola and wine, because they like drinking wine, even if they hate the taste.

I don’t hate Chinese people. I’m talking about unregulated markets. It’s the same with iPhones being made by kids who would rather jump off the roof where they work than go on living. Right now there are children who fish as boat slaves pouring cyanide over coral reefs to make their masters a buck.

This is why I think it’s a moral imperative to unify the world using international, 100% private carbon tax dividends 0% for government and corporations. This way we take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Not a violent revolution, but a peaceful 10 year phase in world wide. Likely based on a open source honest block chain regulatory agreement. Because that’s all money is, an agreement.

If we don’t do this voluntarily before disasters overwhelm us we will hasten collapse. We can’t afford to pretend to virtuously recycle 10 billion phones a year forever. Nor will we virtuously recycle solar panels and windmills every 30 years for 10 billion people before collapse.

We should have started 20 years ago, now we have to change more radically going forward. We don’t got time for endless debates about our race, sex and class. We have to work together to get it done or Eric Prince and his boys will privatize the nation’s justice system and lock us down with our own phones. But they’re already doing that. Then they’ll take our children’s blood, and some favour the pineal gland found in a child’s brain, like Hunter S. Thompson. They say it’s the ultimate high. The ultimate predatory consumer.




Collapse Daily 161017

NASA Satellite Reveals Source of El Niño Fueled Carbon Dioxide Spike ( : El Nino caused more drought, heat and wildfires, but even where rainfall was normal, the added heat caused more plant respiration to give off more C02.

Firefight in Sonoma County reaches second week as flames force thousands to evacuate (The Press Democrat)

EU’s forest fires more than double (euronews)

Farming and forest loss: study exposes malaria’s best friends (Mongabay)

The palm oil fiefdom (Mongabay) : In depth series.

Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars. (

52 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump (

China’s pollution crackdown threatens hundreds of thousands of firms (

Poachers use online location data on endangered species. (

40% of English rivers are polluted with human sewage that can harm wildlife and humans. (

Climate meetings pose serious test in the Trump era (Nature)

US Equities “At Most Offensive Level Of Overvaluation In History” (BI)

Yellen Doubles Down: “Valuations Are At High Levels Historically” (ZH)

Goldman Sachs: 88% Chance We’re Heading Into A Bear Market (BI)

Electricity Required For Single Bitcoin Trade Could Power Home For A Month (BI)

Calm before the storm? Major central banks must act fast to prevent another global crash (South China Morning Post)

Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping (Ars Technica)

Downed PG&E power lines investigated as potential cause for North Bay wildfires (Daily Californian)

The Mathematics of Inequality (Tufts Now)

Evaluating the evidence on micro-aggressions and trigger warnings (The Economist) : You know it’s bad when economists weigh in.




Intersectional Tipping Point Triggers

Three things make our world go round, oceans, soils and trees.

They make the food we eat and the air we breathe.

When the sun hits earth, soils and oceans grow plants that suck carbon out of the air.

Here are a list of 30 different tipping points waiting to crush you.

The most important one is water vapor in the air.

Guy may be an egomaniacal ass wipe, but he’s articulate and detailed.


Plant plankton love cold water, they suck up carbon and spit out oxygen.

Critter plankton love warm water, they suck up oxygen and spit out carbon.

Each night the largest migration on earth occurs when the eaters swim up to the warmer surface to eat the growers.

The ocean are warming, so eaters are outpacing growers.

This is just one more way that oceans suck less and less carbon.

The oceans are so big that if they suck 10% less carbon, the whole world goes to shit.

2014–2016 El Niño coincided with the largest CO2 increase ever.

How tiny ocean shells will destroy earth.


Soils are made of carbon and minerals and are blowing away.

Fifteen minutes of hard rain will wash away more soil than anything else will all year.

Industrial farming is degrading soils and leeching them of their minerals.

In some ways this is worse, because you can’t see soil degradation.

The way we farm will destroy human agriculture in 50 years.

Peat bogs are vast carbon sinks that we burn to grow palm oil for food and fuel.

The tundra is a carbon sink that lacks snow so it’s melts and gives off carbon.

Carbon dioxide sources from Alaska driven by Arctic tundra


Each and every single day we cut down forests the size of North Carolina.

Temperate zone trees are drying up and burning, sending carbon up in the sky, as dry weather cells push polewards away from the equator. West African ocean storms are also washing sand dust out of westerly trade winds to let Caribbean storms grow stronger.

Northern Europe gets 60% of its renewable energy burning dead trees as wood pellets.

Trees are the energy battery that stores all the sunlight hitting earth.

Without trees, earth will lose its atmosphere and oceans will drift off into space.

The earth will not be fine without us.


What it all means. 

I have no clue. A climate scientist can’t explain how bad things are going to get any more than an economist, or a crazy old guy on the net. I just used Intersectional because it seems the latest buzzword I hear alot these days. It’s the same how everyone pluralizes “data” now, or use “they” as a sexual pronoun. I call it the slut gentrification of words. I shouldn’t be one to talk though because I love neologisms. They’re gasmic.

I read Costco’s got 20 year emergency food buckets for like a thousand bucks.










Collapse Daily 151017


A quarter million deaths per year is just a number meant to frighten you. It’s a cheap tactic because the deaths will very likely be much higher.

Oil spills into Gulf of Mexico after underwater pipe bursts (

Puerto Ricans Drinking Water From Hazard Sites Due to Crisis – teleSUR

400,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico (

‘Horror & devastation’: California wildfires death toll reaches 40 (RT)

California’s Hepatitis A Outbreak Accelerates (ZH)

World Meteorological Organization predicts upcoming weak La Nina conditions, (SKS)

U.S. Losing Legitimacy as Corruption Fighter, Experts Say (Foreign Policy) : LOL

The potential causes of megadrought in western North America (SKS)

Oil will crash to $10 a barrel with electric vehicle revolution, strategist says ( : The heart and soul of fake news.

More Americans Are Getting Their Electricity Cut Off (Bloomberg) : car plug?

GOP private-police bill could unleash mercenaries on Michigan towns (Detroit Free Press)

1 ppb = death : Hyperbolic overdrive? It’s your life.


2016-11-14_1537 (1)

Self-driving cars are on a collision course with our crappy cities (the verge) : likely a promo piece for intensive/expensive 5G infrastructure.

Airbus Corruption Scandal May Lead Straight to the Top (Der Spiegel)

Tesla Shareholders: Are You Drunk On Elon Musk’s Kool-Aid? (Lewitt)

The Amazon Effect: How taxpayers are funding the disruption of the U.S. economy (The Business Journals)

New Legoland development in New York State will destroy 100+ acres of old-growth forest that is home to endangered bat species. ( : For the kids.

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030:  ( : techno color LSD.

World’s first floating wind farm ( : techno color mescaline.

Geoengineering is not a quick fix for climate change, experts warn  The Guardian

Fossil fuels win billions in public money after Paris climate deal, angry campaigners claim ( : I”m shocked there’s gambling in the casino.

Americans are willing to pay $177 a year to avoid climate change ( : Seems high.

Climate Change: Poor Nations suffer The Worst (


The end of the monsoon as we know it? Climate change may slash our rainfall(

Official documents confirm that governments across the Muslim world privately recognise that climate change is a threat of “unimaginable proportions”, already compounding problems of land, food, water and energy scarcity. (

Google Has Made a Mess of Robotics (Bloomberg)

The future of surveillance is hidden in airport ads (Engadget)


The Big Meltdown: 25% of land now faces unstoppable irreversible runaway tipping point of over-heating

Cold region ‘tipping point’ now inevitable in northern Europe (sciencenordic) : 25% of land now faces unstoppable irreversible runaway tipping point. 

Slightly warmer temperatures and moderate CO2 concentrations over a hundred thousand years ago led to dramatic superstorms and sea-level rise in the western Atlantic Ocean (Science Daily) : Remember this next time you hear ocean wind farm.

Why China is winning the clean energy race ( : a bullshit lament for democracy, but great charts.

Tesla Fired Hundreds Of Employees In Past Week (R.)

Blade Runner 2049: Not The Future (Kunstler)

The geography of desperation in America (Brookings) : Brookings is the Doctor Evil training grounds.

Spotlight on Caribbean Climate Tools and Data (

Why wildfire season is getting longer and more destructive (

Media coverage of climate negotiations greeted with indifference ( : Like mother nature gives a fuck about fake news and fake negotiations.

The Arctic methane is melting – Is this getting enough attention ? (

Heavy precipitation is highly sensitive to the magnitude of future warming (skepticalclimate)

Midlatitude summer drying : An underestimated threat? (wiley)

California Blazes Are Part Of A Larger And Hotter Picture, Fire Researchers Say (NPR)

The Deadliest Fires in California History Aren’t Over Yet (Wunderground)

Prepare for larger, longer wildfires (Nature)

Why the 2017 fire season is shaping up to be one of California’s worst (Los Angeles Times)

California fire mystery: PG&E lines fell in winds that weren’t ‘hurricane strength’ (Mercury News)

Puerto Rico, by the numbers (Axios)

Nearshore wave power increase on reef shaped coasts due to sea-level rise (skepticalclimate)

The 2016 southeastern US drought: an extreme departure from centennial wetting and cooling (skepticalclimate)

The meteorological conditions associated with the onset of flash drought in the Eastern United States (skepticalclimate)

The rapid decline of snow and ice in the tropical Andes – Impacts, uncertainties and challenges ahead (skepticalclimate)

 Analysis of flash flood disaster characteristics in China from 2011 to 2015 (skepticalclimate)

Forest bees are replaced in agricultural and urban landscapes by native species with different phenologies and life history traits (skepticalclimate)

Combined effects of atmospheric and seafloor iron fluxes to the glacial ocean (Skepticalscience)

The devastating California wine country fires have made the air more toxic than Beijing’s — and it’s showing no signs of stopping (

Florida Faces 3 Toxic Crises Triggered by Flooding (

Supermarkets must stop using plastic packaging (

This apocalyptic is how kids are imagining our climate future (

A rare hole the size of Tasmania has opened up in the sea ice off Antarctica (

Federal regulators approve two major East Coast pipelines. (

What Do Rainfall Trends in Arid Regions Mean? (ScienceDaily)

Melting Ice Makes Greenland’s Sea Less Saline (ScienceDaily)

Less rain, more floods in Ireland (Climatenews)

What Keeps Poor Americans From Moving (Atlantic)

Worse Than Big Tobacco: How Big Pharma Fuels the Opioid Epidemic (Parramore)

Hackers steal restricted information on F-35 fighter, JDAM, P-8 and C-130 (NakedSecurity) : Endless upgrrade excuses a goldmine.

Saudi Arabia Looks To Shelve Aramco IPO (OilPrice) : Pssst, hey buddy, can ya spare a trill?

Black Americans Need Bourgeois Norms (Wall Street Journal) : Proof media is retarded.








Collapse Daily 131017

Climate Models Are Lies: Climate projections are bullshit because climate change does not play nice. Climate rules are meant to be broken. Mother nature likes to kick the chess board over and punch you in the face. Watch Jørgen Peder Steffensen, of Denmark’s Niels Bohr Institute, on YouTube.

40% of U.S. adults obese (AFP) 

Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Grow Rice (Vice)

Yellowstone supervolcano could produce cataclysmic eruption much faster than we thought (International Business Times) : Run fatties run.

Will Italy’s Ominous Supervolcano Erupt Soon? (Scientific American)

Penguin Disaster As Only Two Chicks Survive From Colony Of 40,000 (Guardian)

Ominous Prospects for a Warming Earth (Science Daily) : Looks like the east coast floods and the west coast burns.

New airplane biofuels plan would ‘destroy rainforests’, warn campaigners ( : if we don’t stop flying, we die.

Self-flying electric hover cars are here. You just send it your co-ordinates with your phone, and it comes to get you and drops you off automatically. You don’t have to know how to fly. Don’t get excited! Don’t get excited! You may have to wait until Christmas, or so, to get one. The Lillium can fly 300 kilometers at 300 km/hr. These numbers will improve.

Scientists See Climate Change in California’s Wildfires ( : because geeks are always the last to “know”.

Antibiotic Resistance Could Spell End Of Modern Medicine (Guardian)

9.5% of the methane emissions from the Baltic Sea come from clams and worms. That’s roughly equivalent to 20,000 cows. (

Canadian forests blow greenhouse gases instead of suck them for 15 years due to pine beetle and fires  (

Ozone layer recovery delayed by chlorine used in solvents and PVC, and are increasing much faster than previously thought. ( : Media proclaim it a “new” threat.

The Angry sea will kill us all. New Zealand’s island Neighbours. (

NASA satellite shows spikes in carbon emissions worldwide, particularly in winter, along with some other new insights (

The air quality in the Bay Area right now is as bad as Beijing (

Everyone Knew Houston’s Reservoirs Would Flood — Except for the People Who Bought Homes Inside Them (

Gender review of climate change legislative and policy frameworks (ReliefWeb) : Finally, bringing down the non-gender bias. I have no fucking idea what a “gender review” is.

Boeing Passenger Jets Have Falsely Certified Kobe Steel Products (Reuters)

Distressed Investors Buying Houston Homes for 40 Cents on the Dollar (BBG)

Tesla Plays Auto Game By Silicon Valley Rules (DN) : When is losing money bad?

Yemen’s cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms (Guardian) : Because thanks America.

Red pill pushed on elderly (CNN) : The most untrusted name in news.


Pigs Will Fly !!!

Coming Soon: The loneliness of the long distance flying pig.