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Abortion And The False Heroes of Collapse

Climate change = Central American refugees (wesa.fm)

Canada’s largest national park is deteriorating (thestar.com)

Waste incineration to overtake recycling in England

Millions of Americans denied access to safe water.  (thehill.com)

The global corn crop is vulnerable to the effects of climate change

Climate change to worsen urban air quality, lifting death toll

Are We Ready For This Year’s Global Monster Hurricanes?

Apple Keyboards Have Been Collapsing Since 2012, And For A Mere 2 More $Grand You Can See If The New One Is Any Better (motherboard.vice.com)

Toronto medical official calls for decriminalizing drugs as opioid overdoses skyrocket in CanadaWaPo

As The Tech Empire Ravages Environment, Wealth Cannot Protect Silicon Valley From Climate Change

Is it time for a post-growth economy? Al Jazeera

  • Stupid Headline of the Century

Daily Peeve

When people say they can turn food waste into energy, what they really mean is that they want to steal soil food and burn it. The more circuitously, the better. The more 3rd party supply chain, the better. Turning anything into methane means it just gets burnt.

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The Kardashian-Jenner Industrial Complex

Reports of coal’s terminal decline may be exaggerated (iopscience.iop.org)

July 2018, The 3rd Climate Security Risks Assessment Of The United Nations

Fracking On The Rachel Carson Trail (loe.org)

Scientists urge Indonesian president to nix dam in orangutan habitat


Carbon Capture = 5 gtons/year 2050

After reducing projected emissions by 700 billion tons in 20 years, we have to suck 10 billion tons of year out of the air forever after to avoid 2° C.

The most optimistic scenario says we can hope to remove 5 billion tons of carbon per year by 2050. This is clearly ineffectual.

We can remove up to 5 gtons/year by 2050.

But, we are putting up to 40 gtons/year now.

We will put up 700 billion tons by 2040.

We have to emit 0 gtons/year by 2040 to avoid 2° C.

2° C = Disaster says James Hansen.

Removing 5 gtons/year by 2050 is not enough.

We have to remove at least 10 gtons/year after 2040 every single year to avoid 2° C.

Source: Climate State lecture 25 min. Excellent video. Go to 22:50 for conclusion.


Asymetrical Bullshit

The real news is that carbon change is destroying the web of life.


The unspoken news is that humans, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows destroyed 80% of species in the last 50 years.


The fake news today is about California and Ireland’s carbon reductions. It’s just green bullshit, because it doesn’t account for import/export carbon throughputs.

Ireland is a corporate whore. Hollywood and Washington are both NRA child trafficking centers. Neither left or right will help us now.

Carbon will reach over 500 ppm by 2050.

This will set us on track for 8° C by 2100.

This will lock in 2° C by 2035.

We have to reduce **all** emissions in 20 years to survive.

We have to start pulling 10 billion tons/year out of thin air every year after that date, if we figure out how do it. Even if we knew how, we are losing soil at 2X times the rate we need to find new soil to do it.

We are losing trees at 40 football fields per minute to eat meat. We need to double that rate to grow the carbonless energy we need.

This is complete bullshit, like time travel, immortality etc.

Bulshit is not going to save us, it only makes rich folk richer.

If you read the Union of Concerned Scientists’ **Climate Hot Spot** report, you’ll find it tepid at best, offering the usual science-will-save-us bromides. We don’t have the luxury of optimism.


Many redditors are scientifically oriented. Nobody’s job is holier than anyone else’s job just because you’re smart. A material scientist is every bit as complicit in world destruction as Eric Prince, the christian mercenary.

If high ideals and mindfulness could save, we would all just stop eating meat and wasting food tomorrow. It’s not enough. We need to financialize the carbon economy without government and corporate involvement. Our knowledge economy is now based on **manipulation algos**. We have to remodel the incentive economy. We have to redefine money as 100% private carbon dividends world wide before the robots take all our jobs.

Chat bots can now get higher marks on the General Practitioner Health Exams than humans can. Data insights are now an AI preserve. We don’t even need all the college kids anymore. In fact, we need more bad news bears to manipulate data patterns into a bifurcated economic model, where the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

These economic and climate models are bullshit. Unless you’re blueblood. The only way to unify humanity in a way fit for purpose is by changing all the e-money in the world into 100% private carbon dividends.

I know this makes no more sense to you than sex/race social constructs make to me, but if we don’t talk, we die.

Social constructivism is nice for the first few million refugees, it’s the last few billion that will kill it. Every generation has its conceits.

Cheers, have a great day.

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The Black Ribbon Campaign

Opioids now kill more people than breast cancer

  • I smell a Run-For-The-Pill Black Ribbon campaign for expensive big pharma research on over-priced, marginally more effective drug monopolies.

California’s cap and trade benefits go mostly out of state to the rick, hurt the poor at home, and do nothing for the climate.

  • (* This is a neat trick, by redefining progressive, I can bend the world to my will)

Zombie Collapse-calypse

Harvard study finds that during heat waves, people can’t think straight (bostonglobe.com)

Polluted Air Can Cloud Your Morality, Lead To Unethical Behavior (psychologicalscience.org)

1 in 6 Americans Takes a Psychiatric Drug – Scientific American

Nearly 60% of Americans take prescription drugs

Strong link found between air pollution and diabetes

Nights Are Warming Faster Than Days. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous. (nytimes.com)

Scorched Earth: Global warming to blame for all-time heat records being set worldwide. (dailymail.co.uk)

2017 Tree Loss: 72 million acres = 40 football fields per minute (dw.com)

50% of climate plans ignore natives and poor (news.trust.org)

10 GW of reliable, low-carbon, baseload US nuclear power going offline.

  • 1 GW = 1 nuclear plant. Likely to be replaced by natural gas, while China builds 400 GW nuclear by 2050.

7 am do you know where your parents are?

Facebook and Google are arbitraging the data laws FT

  • arbitrage = fuck you

Pushing drug pushers harder Scimag

App Traps: How Cheap Smartphones Siphon User Data in Developing Countries WSJ

  • selling your ass is the model

How Rare Earths (What?) Could Be Crucial in a U.S.-China Trade War NYT

  • surveillance states can’t wipe their asses without erotic metals

My close encounter with an airport security robot FT

  • Auto-kill fembots make me pop, sex and death sell, maybe we should put lipstick on drones.

The cutthroat turf war behind the race to charge Bay Area electric scooters Seattle Times

Black farmers were intentionally sold fake seeds in Memphis, lawsuit says WMC

The cutthroat turf war behind the race to charge Bay Area electric scooters Seattle Times

  • The green mafia

Save the Tigers Ask a Korean

  • Elite anti Asian bias dressed up as diversity drive. Reminds me of lesbian disdain for chicks with dicks.