The Big Stupid Conspiracy

We are conspiring to collapse life on earth, here’s proof:
1. we must reduce emissions 50% in 10 years to stay under 1.5° C.
2. we must reduce emissions 100% in 20 years to stay under 2° C.
3. we still burn wood, there’s never been a 100% energy transition.
4. Europe gets 50% of its renewable energy burning wood from all over the world in giant furnaces. They say it doesn’t count because the trees will grow back in 50 years.
5. 1° C = Dangerous Climate Change

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Low oxygen + high C02 + air pollution = stupid

Air pollution impairs thinking.

A lifetime living with C02 at 426 ppm impairs thinking, likely by 2030.

Low oxygen impairs thinking. Worldwide, oxygen is 21%, but in major urban areas can be as low as 15%. The safe limit for humans is 19-23%. Oxygen levels below 18% impairs thinking. Oxygen levels below 6% no longer sustains life.

Water and Stupidity

Lead and mercury exposure, air pollution, and organic compounds all have the potential to damage brain functioning yet remain understudied.

Smartphones and cognition

Junk food makes you stupid

Drugs make you stupid – no links necessary

Facebook used to hunt and kill people





Rice farming up to twice as bad for climate change as previously thought, study reveals

‘Direct existential threat’ of climate change nears point of no return, warns UN chief

New ‘Poison Papers’ Leak: EPA Knew About Many Dangerous Toxins, But Kept Quiet Real News

Weed-killing chemical found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada: study

In an unusual twist, active hurricanes befall Atlantic, Pacific simultaneously(

70% chance of new El Niño weather event this winter says WMO

Rio Grande River Dying

Climate shocks increasing world hunger, UN says

Global warming is pushing alpine animals to mountain peaks — and extinction, B.C. study warns

Geofeedia Touted Surveillance Of Students To Sell Services To Police ShadowProof

Will World War III Start This Week? Sic Semper Tyrannis

Cryptocurrency Wipeout Deepens To $640 Billion As Ether Leads Declines Bloomberg






93% Piss RoundUp

World cereal production down – Keep your eye on this. FAO

Electric vehicles already able to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half – Complete bullshit

Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals – This is true but they probably want government control over our carbon tax dividends.

‘Explosive’ documents about Monsantο in Europe (

Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming – Scientific American

Criminal mafias take over Colombian forests

A Nigerian NGO reports that the country has lost 96 percent of its original forest cover

A move to allow industrial logging in the Congo could devastate the country’s forests

190 cases of illegal logging in Malaysia in the past decade

Illegal logging is impacting Panama

Weaker Gulf Stream To Cause Major Flood Damage in east US

Jimmy Dore on the Clinton cocaine connection 9 min

US Lawyers Say They Have ‘Explosive’ Documents About Monsanto In Europe (EN)

93% of Americans Have Roundup In Their Piss

Trump To Declassify Bruce Ohr, Carter Page Documents As Early As This Week (ZH)

Mexico’s Drug Cartels Are Moving Into the Gasoline Industry – Rolling Stone 

Are u ready for Civil War 2.0? Major Fake News Events?

There are going to be mega divisive events ahead of November.

“Tenured Canadian Professor Fired !!!” – I don’t trust Peterson, but he’s right about free speech. 7 min YT StudioBrule


Evolution dictates racial superiority, blacks are superior to whites in the tropics and whites are superior to blacks in the Arctic, and Eskimos are superior to both there. Our races evolved to be superior in their environs. That is the whole point of evolution. This is a historic fact, and the fact that genetic variation is greater within each race, does not make race a social construct.

Race doesn’t matter to me, superiority matters. Nobody is superior at absolutely everything. Even our superiors have weaknesses relative to each other. We don’t need the concept of race anymore, but saying race is a social construct is exactly what a social construct is. Superiors must be motivated to help inferiors. The trick is how to sublimate this motive into social good.

This is useful because social media has divorced status from wealth. People want to be famous even more than they want to be rich, unless they’re poor. If superior people collected private open carbon credits the same way they do likes, we would solve the climate mitigation challenge in 10 years.

End Run:

For safety’s sake, we must slow innovation in internet-connected things MIT Technology Review

Firefighters battle to gain on blazes across Northern California San Francisco Chronicle


Hurricane Florence Expected to Rapidly Intensify; Serious Rainfall Threat for U.S. East Coast Weather Underground

Disney secretly tracked children using 42 apps and games

What Can Bosses Access on Your Personal Devices? WSJ

Class Warfare – by Naked Capitalism (unread)

‘Monster’ Turns Our Farmers into Serfs and Sharecroppers American Conservative

EU seeks new powers for money laundering crackdown FT

Under Trump, the jobs boom has finally reached blue-collar workers. Will it last? WaPo

Land of Forever Tomorrow The Weekly Standard

Public Employees’ Pay, Benefits and Rights Become Campaign Issues


How Purdue’s ‘one-two’ punch fuelled the market for opioids FT




Net Culture Too Stupid To Live

So far on my discovery of net culture is the crushing realization of how fucked we really are. Priests, scientists, charities, greens, NGO and media have made themselves unfit for purpose.
When James Hansen and biologists begged green NGOs to cease opposition to nuclear power, they said no thanks.

When Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein conspired with Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders to sponsor a bill to allow government 40% of any private carbon dividends. They did this immediately after a photo op with James in front of the white house.

Michael Mann is a Clinton butt kisser.

Charities and churches are among the worse sadistic sexual predators in history.

Hollywood-MSM is an NRA child trafficking ring.

Liberal media are controlled opposition.

Regulators are captured.

Tech giants are evil blood sucking bastards.

Scientists are the most vain vindictive people on earth.

We burn women and children for good jobs, killing for jews and arabs.

Drug enforcers are the dealers.

Drug companies are the pushers.

Banks are the money launderers.

Politicians are Disaster Capitalists.

The Pope is an orphan pedo.

All for the love of sex and money.

Young people think they can win by fighting.


Net culture is too stupid to live.

Thank god for exceptions like Hansen, Ozzie Zehner, Peter Carter, Stefan Rahmstorf, Kevin Anderson, Schellnhuber and Wadhams plus some dozen others.

last but not least, the indefatigable Paul Beckwith





Welcome back EcoShock

We have to reduce emissions 50% in 10 years to stay under 1.5 C. | Claire Fyson

We have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years to stay under 2 C. | Stefan Rahmstorf

2 C = Disaster | James Hansen

1C = Dangerous Climate Change | James Hansen

Permafrost wetland carbon banks turning into bombs

Soil and forest carbon banks turning into bombs.

2050 = 5 tipping points start between 1.5 – 2.0 C threaten cascading collapase.

El Nino building up again this winter means crazy 2019.

Fracking = 5X more emissions than reported.

There has never been a 100% energy transition. We still burn wood, the oldest fuel.

Europe get 50% of its “renewable electricity” by burning wood products.

It takes several decades to make a 100% energy transition. | Vaclav Smil

In 10 years water demand will exceed supply by 40%.

Soil erosion will end farming in 50 years.

In the last 40 years, we lost 30% of our soil.

Livestock and farming cause 80% of extinctions.

Half of species numbers gone over 50 years, another half will be gone in 25 more.

We have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years, but it takes at least 70 years to do so.

We will run out of food, water and soil before we reach 100% renewable energy.

Chemicals will make children sick for generations.

Chemical feminization + lower sperm and testosterone in males.

Social media echo chamber addiction.

We now do 2 hours per day hate speech on social media.

We are reaching out to audiences, not cutting across the bullshit.

I hate Alex Jones and Mark Dice but…

Awesome Possum Holly




Whale Tales

Google Bosses Expected To Snub Senate (BBC)

  • it’s good to be king

Scientists have invented a way to create ‘unlimited renewable energy’
Daily Mail

  • Toyota and Australia are going hydrogen. A new source of hydrogen is good. Hydrogen acts like a battery made of gas.

Chemically Induced Frankenstein-Humans Counterpunch

  • If the chemicals don’t getcha, the drugs will.

Soaring bankruptcy rates signal a ‘coming storm of broke elderly,’ study finds ABC

It’s Africa’s choice: AFRICOM or the New Silk Roads Asia Times. Pepe Escobar

  • I remember way back in 07 when Lovelock suggested the Chinese would invade Africa. I especially remember the verbal turds flung at him.

Cryptocurrencies Flash Crash; Bitcoin, Ethereum Plummet

  • Fat whale tails

Feds Loosen Payday Loan Regulations

  • Shark bait cut ‘n run.

Fully Autonomous Cargo Ships Face Enormous Challenges Wolf Street

  • ‘Er been blown ashore Billy?