Income Share For Bottom 50% of Americans is COLLAPSING


Young SJW Betas Are Our Last Hope

I identify as a progressive, pacifist, socialist. So don’t forget that after you read this. I’m on your side, you just don’t know it yet.

If you are NOT an Alpha male, you are commonly called a Beta personality. There’s an alpha asshole on YouTube called Mark Dice. He’s a racist, right wing nut bar, but he does have a satirical streak a mile deep and a mile wide. When he pokes fun at progressive youth, I can’t help but laugh.

SJW is the pejorative term for progressives who believe in racial harmony, social and economical equity – all the usual pie in the sky stuff that flies in the face of reality. They believe they are winning their war because that is what the progressive media tells them. That’s also why they were left in tears on election night while Killary stayed in her room to get soused. I’m 59 years old, so although I’m progressive, I’m also old enough to know we are losing. I’m not young enough to believe in the promise of trans-human, trans-genic, carbon negative technologies.

You may wonder why I post so many videos on my blogs. It’s because I just figured out that young people don’t read books anymore, and why should they? When I was young we had one television station and one radio station. If it weren’t for books, I would have lost my mind a lot sooner than I have already now.

SJW beta types hold the fate of nearly all life on planet earth in their hands. The same hands that twiddle x-box controllers all day, are the same hands that have the slightest chance of saving earth and humanity. If they can widen their focus, they can change everything. I still don’t think we have a snowball’s chance in hell, but at least I’m not totally without hope. Here’s what we got to work with as per Mark Dice.

Stupid Millennials Can’t Read

Are Millennials The Stupidest Generation In History?

Young Americans Sad President Kennedy Died This Morning

Young Think Incest Okay If Asked With A Leading Question

Liberal Youth Believe Killing Dinosaurs Is Bad

1966, How Baby Boomers, Music & LSD Brought Us To PizzaGate And Bohemian Grove


The Bohemian Grove Collapse Conspiracy

Did you know that Jim Morrison’s dad started the Vietnam War?  Did you know that the modern day American ritualistic murder and rape of children has its roots back in the 1967 Summer of Love?  If you are a Baby Boomer and you don’t know this shit, then you’re one sorry ass motherfucker.  Your whole life is a sham!
But never mind me, just go back to your cup of coffee, or tea.  I know today’s millennials think their too smart and hip to fall for this shit, but you’re not, you just don’t know it yet.  Modern day ritualistic child sacrifice started in Bohemia in the 17th century and spread throughout the church, state and financial elites since.
I was born in 1958. I’m a progressive, socialist God loving atheist, which just means I love God, but don’t believe in life after death.  When I was in my 20s, I thought I was too smart and hip to get fooled too.  I was wrong, and if you’re a millennial SJW beta type, you don’t know how wrong you are either.  Here’s why.
The collapse of civilization will happen in about 10-15 years, and human cannibalism will become widespread.  Do you understand how progressives will become cannibals?  It’s called hunger.  In a couple of years, the old peak oil story will reassert itself upon your consciousness.
How The Military Brought Us From the 1967 Summer of Love to today’s Pizzagate.
Sofia’s Smallstorm’s Practical Succubus Theory of Bohemian Satanism

Why So Many Upper Crust British Are Pedos

Cuz the British crown is fuckin’ German and Germany caught the pedo flu from heretical Jews who came from the Khazars of East Central Europe.
Which is probably the same place where the Catholic church got it when they started borrowing the big bucks for their praise palaces.
When Queeny Liz was young she stole 10 native kids from Canada never heard from again.
Lady Rothschild hangs in Washington, so somebody’s gotta die.
I’m just making this shit up, just in case I’m right, which I think I am.


World’s Richest 1,000 Pedophiles

Elton John, Richard Nixon, George H. Bush, Ted Turner, Billy Graham Fucked Kids !!! This  list makes PizzaGate look like child’s play.

1,400 of England’s Top Pedophiles Have Over 100,000 Victims (May 2015)

The high and mighty names listed by Operation Hydrant in England over a year ago are so upper crust and pervasively powerful, that it is feared British High Society will collapse unless delayed and covered up.

When investigating, you are always told to source things, or no one believes you. Ask any scientist, but a real investigation doesn’t work that way. Detectives call this a hunch. Hunches are the Underdog Hail Mary pass that pays off less in accuracy the longer the shot is. First, you formulate a narrative from evidence, then from rumor, followed by more evidence. You play the easy hunches first, eliminate the obvious, followed by the more long shot play.

Lady Rothschild > David Brock > James Alefantis  =  3½ Some.

The Mother Mary of all longshots runs from the Rothschild Illuminati Synagogue of Satan all the way down to a sure shot bumbling buffoon in a pizza store. I’ve gone up and down the list and discount nothing with little actual evidence, and I do this more to ease my mind than anything. Public opinion only needs evidence, it’s judges that need proof. As any judge knows proof isn’t always enough against money and power.

So what if someone came out and named names? You wouldn’t believe them. People ask, why don’t the victims speak up, and when they do, we don’t believe them.

FAKE HEADLINE? > Drug Crazed Child Star Accuses Obama Of Rape

You cannot see Obama raping children, just like you can’t see Jesus taking a crap. There is no list of world famous pedophiles, and you wouldn’t believe it if there were. It’s how they win. Today’s post was spiritually draining. I’m burnt out, and my wife will be happy to know I’ll be taking a break for a while, but first let’s watch Australia blow up.

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia
It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK

Oct 2015 – Includes the list from the top of this page with video news conference.

Top 5 Celebrity Pedophiles = Elmo of Sesame Street

Willy Wonka Pedophile Factory = Johnny Depp

Ten Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pedophiles = Pee Wee Herman

Are Tom Hanks and Will Smith Pedophiles?

Top 10 Pedophiles In History


Missing Children Stats And Their Correlation With Alice Day and Halloween

April 25 – Pedo Pride Day.
About 450,000 children are reported missing each year in the U.S.
About 18,000 are ‘endangered’ runaways, with about 3,000 due to child trafficking. 1-in-6.
In 2015 the CyberTipline received 4.4 million reports of assorted child sex activities.
FBI missing person reports show a spike in missing persons for April/May and Sept/Oct.
This coincides very clearly with Alice Day and Halloween, two popular pedophile days.
These numbers do not include ‘imported’ kids.