Collapse 2017-04-17

2017 Is Set to Be the Hottest Year in Recorded History

Climate change taking big bite out of alpine glaciers

BP Struggles to Control Damaged Well in Alaskan Arctic

In seven minutes, Brazil committee approves selloff of 510 thousand hectares of protected Amazon forest – Nearly 2.2 million protected hectares at risk

11% of Chinese deaths due to air pollution are tied to goods consumed in the U.S. and Western Europe

Threatened Himalayas: What do we know?

Global warming could destroy far more Arctic permafrost than we thought

The Legacy of Monsanto’s PCBs: Oozing Pus, Birth Defects and Immune Problems

Latin America’s Oil-Dependent States Struggle to Repay Chinese Debts

Time Has Come For Banks To Prepare For Interest Rate Rises – Bundesbank

World’s Biggest Aluminum Producer Faces Default

India ATMs Run Out Of Cash

Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Streams, Rivers

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart

Too Late to Compensate Free Trade’s Losers

What Would Jesus Disrupt?

Who Would Jesus Bomb?




Big Easter Collapse News

Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage

BP trying to get leaking oil well under control on Alaska’s North Slope

8 Million Californians Have Been Drinking Polluted Water For Years

Weather and climate: in the eye of the storm

Who Will Buy Baby Boomers’ Homes?

Canada Completely Lost Its Mind Over Real Estate

The Dream Is Officially Over For Iron Ore

Russia Could Soon Take Over A Chunk Of US Oil Infrastructure

Marine Le Pen Faces Wipe Out In French Election After Computer Blunder

Pharmaceutical giant ‘plotted to destroy cancer drugs to drive prices up 4,000%’

Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic?

Nevada Becomes First State to Install Syringe Vending Machines

Children as young as 13 attending ‘smartphone rehab’ over screen time

Scientists just uncovered some troubling news about Greenland’s most enormous glacier

Disastrous 2016 shows butterflies are “failing to cope with our changing climate and how we manage the environment”

Hungry, exhausted, only half their normal weight: Tragedy for black bears in eastern Russia

Concurrent heat waves, air pollution exacerbate negative health effects of each

The bird population in Vermont’s forests has declined 14.2 percent over 25 years,






Collapse 2017-04-15


New Posters Imagine National Parks in 2050

Oil spill reported in Alaska, volume unknown

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

Money to Burn: As the Wealthy Get Wealthier, Carbon Emissions Grow in US States

Scientists Uncover Fingerprint of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Arctic Tundra

More Than 2,000 Migrants Rescued In Dramatic Day In Mediterranean

Uber registers $2.8bn loss in 2016 expansion drive

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt requests 10 additional full-time bodyguards

56% of Congressional Republicans Still Deny Climate Change

EPA Chief: U.S. Should ‘Exit’ Paris Climate Deal

The Large Bitcoin Collider Is Generating Trillions of Keys and Breaking Into Wallets

Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows Users Around The World

Hackers Release Files Indicating NSA Hacked SWIFT, Global Bank Transfers

The ‘Smoking-Gun’ Quote On The Recent Syrian Gas-Attack

In 3 months, Trump has Charged into 4 Mideast Wars, to no Avail

Torture hoods used in U.S. prisons

The Last Country We “Liberated” from an “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

Washington Post Doesn’t Disclose Writer Supporting Syria Strike Is a Lobbyist for Tomahawk Missile Manufacturer


Collapse Blues


Collapse 2017-04-14

Humans must reduce net greenhouse gases emissions to zero “well before 2040” in order to ensure global warming does not go above 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century

Early Heat Wave Bakes India, Sign of What’s to Come

Scientists Announce That The Great Barrier Reef is Officially ‘Terminal’

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Caught Using Dodgy Audits

Scientists Fear Climate Data Gap as Trump Aims at Satellites

The USDA Is Using Cyanide Bombs to Kill Wildlife

Research Shows Just How Much Hunting Reduces Animal Populations

Almost 2 billion people now rely on imported food

This is the garbage spreading across Canada

Heat from the Atlantic Ocean is melting Arctic sea ice further eastwards than ever before

We’re Heading Straight Into a Recession

Wall Street Fear Gauge Hits Fresh High For The Year

America Wastes Over 60% Of Its Energy

 Macroscale Modeling Linking Energy and Debt 

 At Least 97 Migrants Missing As Boat Sinks Off Libya

CIA Director Brands Wikileaks A ‘Hostile Intelligence Service’ 

MOAB, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used by the US military, explained 

MOAB Only Killed 35 ISIS Fighters

The Democratic party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates 

London Has The Most Cocaine In It’s Wastewater

For 3rd  Straight Month U.S. Killed More Civilians Than Russia

Q. What is Communism?

A. The longest, most painful road to capitalism.





Media Collapse And The YouTube Apocalypse

Fake News, YouTube Demonetisation, Main Stream Media, etc.

I remember the good ol’ days when newspapers and television news could tell bald faced lies and no one could call bullshit on it. The best you could ever hope for was to get your angry letter printed a few days after the brouhaha died down. Well, we’re right back where we started.

The cost of all this new online openness is media extremism, with each side trying to pilfer readers and watchers from the soft, silent majority – who are neither extreme nor well defined. The trick is to push the button that gets the most bang for your buck.

The six corporations who own all the books, magazines, radio and television stations only want one thing, to manufacture consent for war. The left has sold out identity politics for war, and the right has sold out liberty for war. And, all the rest of us bewildered, illiterate assholes are stuck in the middle scratching our heads wondering, what the hell is going on?

Well wonder no more! You see, Larry Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent, spent the last election following Clinton around the world. Alphabet owns Google, Google own YouTube.  So when Lady Rothschild, George Soros and Larry Schmidt wanted to quash the voices of dissent, they got the Wall Street Journal to do a hit piece on some idiot named Pew Die Pie, who had 50 million YouTube subscribers. So now, unless you’re brown nosers like The Young Turks, you can’t say shit about nothing, without losing your adsense revenue.  Many controversial YouTubers have lost over 90% of their revenue, which believe me, is for them, the apocalypse.

I generally disagree with almost everything these alt-right types have to say, but I was terribly happy that they had the opportunity to say it. It challenged my thinking, but more importantly, it challenged my complacency. That’s all gone now, the mighty roars of once ferocious alt-righters has diminished to mewling bleats of dissent.

I feel sorry for those fools who thought Trump was on their side, just as I felt sorry for those leftist fools who thought Hillary gave a shit about showing up for her supporters to deliver her concession speech. Unless you got hundreds of thousands of dollars to give away, politics has nothing to do with you. It’s not about you. You’re just the voter.

Voters only matter inasmuch as they can be defrauded by fake news, and by fake news, I mean the MSM fake news. IMO Hillary had bought and stole enough votes to win the popular ballot, but miscalculated about winning the electoral college.

So what does it all mean? The voices of dissent, hate and introspection have been squashed. The stage is set to head full on into collapse with the media distracting us peons with fake Pepsi commercial controversies or disgusting airline snafus. Thanks to the US-Zionist-Arab axis of evil, a child starves to death in Yemen every 10 minutes, while most illiterate Americans don’t even know or understand we are war with Yemen, with both Trump and Obama responsible. How can you vote for people who starve babies? FAKE MSM, that’s how. When we blocked medicine to Iraq for 10 years, we stopped counting when over 500,000 Iraqi children died.

We are more obsessed with the trans-human/trans-sexual nature of identity politics than the fact that we burn innocent women and children alive everyday, or that we now support the bombing of schools and hospitals as a matter of fact. George Orwell would be ashamed.

Now, watch this video of Brian Williams, on the so-called “liberal” MSNBC, as he quotes Leonard Cohen while watching a missile take off. It’s obscene to watch this old guy get off on watching missiles launch. So, while he sits there with a mental erection, just remember, he will never show you a video of where those missiles land, and the women and children they kill. Watch this video, and then tell me MSM is not Fake News. There’s plenty of fake to go around.


Collapse 2017-04-13



Guatemala issues red alert as national parks burn

Climate cycle fuels famine in East Africa

Sea-level rise in California will be bad to catastrophic, study says

Indonesia slams potential EU palm oil fuel ban
EU is just considering a ban, sort of maybe by 2020. Enter lobbyists. Fake News Spin.

Fracking comes to the Arctic in a new Alaska oil boom

Racing To The Precipice: Prof Noam Chomsky (March 2017)

Arctic heating 2x faster + for each degree, 1 billion acres of permafrost thaws

Seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic every year, study shows

Former GM Vice Chair: I Think Tesla Is Doomed

Antarctica’s sleeping ice giant could wake soon

The De-Electrification of the U.S. Economy

‘I Am Not Going!’ New Footage Shows United Airlines Passenger and Police Arguing Before He’s Dragged Off Plane

How the Government Is Turning Protesters Into Felons

According to a survey, 85% of Americans think global warming is happening. The other 15% work for the White House