Cross Purposes

Giving up meat is not going to fly.

Taking away guns is not going to fly.

Taking away video phones is not going fly.

Equal abortion and family planning is not going to fly.

We can’t save ourselves if we all don’t change.

We can’t promote underage sex.

We can’t have machine guns.

We can’t have new phones every year.

We can’t eat high volume meat all the time.

It would take decades to change these things without a cash incentive.

Civil war will break out by 2025 if not next year.

We have to agree on what to do to save earth.

It won’t be fine without us.

Social media has poisoned our souls, turned us hard against each other.

We have to step back, sit down and talk openly, not like in China.

You can’t dox all the bad guys first and save earth second.

There’s no time.



Note: This post will be highly edited for the foreseeable future.

“It is not difficult to imagine that conflicts arising from forced migrations and economic collapse might make the planet ungovernable, threatening the fabric of civilization,”

– James Hansen

When Hansen warned of meters/decade sea level rise by 2060, back in 2015, he meant everything is subject to radical change, on short notice.

Richard Alley even admits it means that large and rapid change is possible.

Michael Mann mumbled something.

Hansen says to think of sea level rise like Moore’s Law for computer power, starting with 10 feet by 2065, and faster to come. He’s talking exponential runaway sea level rise.

This could cause things that science may refuse to contemplate, but I don’t.

James Hansen is god as far as I’m concerned, but Charlie Parr is my personal Jesus Christ.

The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here – James Hansen

James Hansen’s Bombshell Climate Warning Is Now Part of the Scientific Canon

Dahr Jamail quoted a scientist saying that sea levels rise 1 foot for each 1 ppm carbon dioxide rises. Carbon dioxide rose 130 ppm since 1750, so that’s 130 feet of sea level rise locked in.

Carbon dioxide goes up over 2 ppm /year, with small chance of changing over the next 7 years, or so the IEA says. That means 14 feet more of sea level rise in 7 years.

Climate Disaster Is Upon Us – Dahr Jamail on oceans

Oceans are set to gouge and flood coastlines with a mighty roar. Good luck with those offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines use 1,000X more copper than land turbines.

Global wave power is increasing by 0.4%/yr as a consequence of oceanic warming

Climate induced changes to oceans such as heating, sea level rise, salinity flux, oxygen depletion and other conditions are expected to impact marine organisms and associated fisheries.

Climate change impacts on marine biodiversity, fisheries and society in the Arabian Gulf

Rising global CO2 emissions will further damage to coral reefs and kelp forests

Co-extinctions annihilate planetary life during extreme environmental change

Ocean Acidification Impacts on Marine Life

Over Half of oceans will turn ‘deep GREEN’ by end of century

Per unit area, mangroves can store up to four times as much carbon as land-based forests. Mangroves, sea grasses, kelp, saltwater marshes and tiny organisms on the sea floor all work together to store carbon, and are turning from carbon banks into carbon bombs. That’s why any talk of harvesting kelp to feed cows is pure nonsense.

Mangrove deforestation emits as much CO2 as Myanmar each year

Threatened blue carbon ecosystems store carbon 40 times faster than forests

I used to live in Nova Scotia. I knew a guy there who went to public school in Cape Breton 50 years ago who was so poor, he had to eat lobster everyday for lunch, while all the rich kids got to eat bologna. Drag line trawlers are the nuclear bombs of the sea floor.

Many of the ‘solutions’ to marine ecosystem destruction involve voluntary compliance, wishful thinking and ineffectual regulation.

  • Global warming is causing sea levels to rise, threatening coastal population centers.
  • Many pesticides and nutrients used in agriculture end up in the coastal waters, resulting in oxygen depletion that kills marine plants and shellfish.
  • Factories and industrial plants discharge sewage and other runoff into the oceans.
  • Oil spills pollute the oceans, though U.S. water-sewage treatment plants discharge twice as much oil each year as tanker spills.
  • Air pollution is responsible for almost one-third of the toxic contaminants and nutrients that enter coastal areas and oceans.
  • Invasive species such as poisonous algae, cholera, and countless plants and animals have entered harbor waters and disrupted the ecological balance.
  • The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 31.4 percent of fish stocks are either fished to capacity or overfished.
  • Source –

Thailand’s slave fishermen

Sea level rise predictions are all over the map. The peer review process is broken, and a major Scripps study stupidly over-estimated sea level rise. In my view, we are getting a shit kicking from oceans already, and we’re barely just getting started.

Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study

Earth’s oceans have absorbed 60% more heat than previously thought

Physicists tend to believe oceans can boil away from climate change and climate scientists tend to believe that isn’t possible, as far as I can tell.

Earth’s Oceans Lost In Space – Nature Communications 2016

Greenhouse Gases Boil Oceans Away – Motherboard 2016

Planets with too much carbon dioxide could lose oceans to space – New Scientist 2016

Stephen Hawking, All of Earth’s oceans boil away into nothing – Inverse 2017

Several billion years ago Venus had oceans and atmospheric oxygen – Daily Star 2019

James Hansen Retracts Runaway Hothouse Venus Syndrome

I was shocked to hear the Hansen retraction. But fool me once shame on me. I would take him at his word, but I reserve doubt. If there’s 2 things I don’t trust it’s climate scientists and physicists.



Wireless = Diabetes + Mental Illness

W = D + M

That’s the mufucker of all bombs.

So wireless signals and social media cause mental illness. That explains a lot.

Just found the Why I Stopped Being Vegan thing on YT.

There’s a woman called Freelee who’s extremist vegan videos are hitting the toxic wall.

This is what happens to your mind on social media. She’s on  poisoned by belief addiction.

It has the same lame argument structure as MGTOW INCEL RED PILL and Feminists.

Our social media is infested pools of extremist toxicity made from child blood.

This is how you exploit toxic social media for money.

The rich go off on social media about race money sex and climate while the poor die.

Social media cannot even save itself, let alone the planet.

Video screens cause blindness and addicts you to narcissism and ideology.

This pushes us to do great and stupid things.

Every debate gets monetized.

I’m glad I don’t do debates.

We are combining wireless mental illness with social media idea addictions.

This video screen addiction will not last too much longer because of our proxy wars.

Proxy wars start in the Congo and end up here with dangerous immigrants and worse.

I don’t blame dangerous immigrants one bit.

They here there real get used to it.

Only the best get through at first.

We exploit miners in the Congo and dumb rich liberals and conservatives here for media money.

The good news is that weather might settle relatively for a couple of years.

Looking at video terminals causes myopia and fries your visual cortex.

It’s funny we are ALL going to hit a MGTOW wall in maybe 10 more years.

Our video tech supply chains are stretched too thin for external disruptions.

We have so many intermeshed tech dependencies, we will leave no record of us.

We are poisoning our bodies and minds while we send boys to kill diaper heads.

David Attenborough said we are too busy looking at ourselves to stop the end of life on earth.

We are doxxing and destroying people who don’t agree while killing women and kids for money.

We can’t stop killing woman and children while we look at ourselves on temporary phones.

Wireless/tech causes narcissism, diabetes, blindness, mental illness, extreme ideas.

No wonder I love it.

I don’t respect people’s racial sexual religious beliefs, they’re not worth killing earth and browns, blacks and yellows for.



Lee Camp + Cory Morningstar

I had to resort using the Go-Duck-Go search engine to find anything on earth oceans lost to space.

We did 10,000 years ago and the rich are doing it right now.

Everybody knows everything is wrong.

The thing that is wrong is money.

Money = everything that is wrong.

We try to hide money, pretend it’s not there, always have always will.

We have to tax the rich pay the poor more than ever in human history.

Runaway hothouse earth and ocean loss are on the table.

The Celtic Jew vs. Yellow chip overlord thing has to stop.

The Chinese Baby Huey has multi hundred billion budgets.

China is hoovering up Yankee chip manufacturing and bio-tech.

Everybody is unequal, that’s why you tax the rich to help the poor.

We have to harness data to re-Rationalize our political economy.

This is done by replacing consumer currencies into open-to-the-public private credits.

We have to do everything differently.

This restores accounting integrity instead of this laissez-faire bullshit.

The right has the guns and money, the left want to take it away.

The fastest way to save both humanity and earth is to make carbon credits 100% private.

This means governments NGOs and corporations will get ZERO PERCENT !!!

The World Economic Forum says the trilateral apex predators won’t let go.

The people of the world have to meet each other in the middle ground.

We tax the rich and make the tax 100% private, NO MIDDLE MAN.

This is not a God-father movie.

This is the key conceptual point.

It’s not negotiable.

0 = 0

The whole fate of the world rests on this concept.

Everybody’s too invested to let go and change.

The carbon taxes will be heavy on the rich but privately owned.

They will be phased in over 10 years.

These credits are yours and free to trade internationally for hardware fee.

Our technology is peaking out past the point of diminishing returns.

We have to stop the 5G IOT plastic robot roll out.

Sticking bluetooth butt plugs up your ass will infect your brain with micro plastics.

If we spend the next 10 years transferring the world economy to a new credit system so we can take power peacefully and get on with the nuclear mess.

Both the media NGOs and Neocons are too invested to deal with reality.

The left is addicted to ideological extremism.

Both are subject to fascism.

Mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

Unless the whole world does what’s right for everyone, the rich will kill everything.

All that stuff is just the preamble to

Lee Camp and Cory Morningstar.

They are not big fans of 100% private public carbon credits.

The beauty of open private credits is that it’s not a data hog.

It’s easy to do and audit. There’s nowhere to hide wealth.

It’s all out there.

Pretending the liberals will beat the conservatives is inimical to life on earth.

World ideological transitions take decades to propagate.

We got 10 years to stop using fossil fuels.

We have to be logical as a whole, no more nation-state bullshit.

There is no other way than to tax wealth.

There is no other way than tax it privately worldwide.

Pretending the rich are good will destroy us and earth.

I’ll clean this mess up later, I gotta go get wood, big snow coming.




Kid Fuckers

We’re on the home stretch now. I’ve been promising myself to do a deep dive into the oceans, but my wife has a week off work, and today’s our 24th anniversary. Sometimes I swear I feel 2 years older than God. After my oceans project, I plan to put all my climate collapse links into one super gigantic mega post, hopefully within a couple weeks.

Plummeting Insect Numbers ‘Threaten Collapse Of Nature’ (G.)

  • Keystone species anyone?

All The Ways Gen X Is Financially Wrecked (MW)

  • Bend over a bit more Gen X-ers I can’t reach the hole.

Pablo Escobar’s hippos keep multiplying and Colombia doesn’t know how to stop it CBS News

  • At least they’re not high on coke.

Town in northern Russia battling invasion of polar bears Irish Times

Food & Water Watch: Carbon Tax Is a Sham Truthdig. Lee Camp.

  • I’m pretty sure they deleted my comments there. I’ve been sending Lee a lot of my stuff. He’s not quite as funny as he is good, But I always like fart jokes.

83% Of Consumers Believe Personalized Ads Are Morally Wrong, Survey Says Forbes

  • WGAF

The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything MIT Technology Review


Drug companies are sitting on generics—43% of recently approved aren’t for sale Ars Technica

  • Never trust drug dealers.

Why the Justice Department Can’t Be Trusted to Investigate Abysmal Conditions in Federal Prisons Intercept

  • More than one judge has been busted for sending kids to private jails they’re invested in.

The Juvenile Junkie Ecosystem which is a whole industry that shuffles juvey junkies between school, jail, hospitals and courts. The apex predators are the lawyers and doctors followed by nurses, social workers, cops etc. These secondary people are not all bad, they just don’t understand what they’re actually doing.  Rated R. Don’t watch if you’re a pussy (as in chickenshit). This officer is highly decorated and has been in the kid fucking business a long time.





Venus Syndrome

Don’t believe in things you don’t understand, and never trust a priest or a physicist. There seems to be some disagreement between physicists and climate scientists about the possibility of earth turning into Venus. Here’s what I could find for the pro Venus camp.

Greenhouse Gases Could Eventually Heat the Earth Enough to Boil its Oceans Away – Motherboard 2016

Planets with too much carbon dioxide could lose oceans to space – New Scientist 2016

Planetary science: Earth’s oceans lost in space – Nature Communications 2016

  • Ocean loss due to vapor drift takes millions of year, but will happen.

Stephen Hawking, All of Earth’s oceans boil away into nothing – Inverse 2017

  • Everybody says his deathbed message is wrong, he can’t defend himself.


  • Most interesting, earth leaks 90 tons/day into space at the poles. When magnetic poles flip, we can end up with as many as 7 poles roaming the earth all at once, lasting as long a thousand years, taking up to a decade to pass overhead.

    This is especially interesting if crustal rebound affects gravity which may affect molten flux which affects magnetic flux.Another interesting factor is lower stratospheric mid-latitude ozone depletion in conjunction with magnetic field weakening.

    While the Antarctic ozone hole is mending the lower mid-latitude stuff has never stopped depleting, and that’w where the majority of this stuff is. We never could detect the decline there until we got some new fancy ass space junk up there.

We’re Boiling the Ocean Faster Than We Thought – Intelligencer 2019

  • Illustrates we’re not as smart as we like to think.

Several billion years ago Venus had oceans and atmospheric oxygen – Daily Star 2019

  • The author is a physicist. I think he’s right.

Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind – PNAS 2015

  • No trees no air. The vacuum of space kisses Gaia’s face.

Earth will not be fine without us…

unless you are subterranean bacteria.

cut ‘n paste this post to people who say:


I used all caps cuz young people hate that




Corporations, NGOs and Governments

Greenwashing Climate Catastrophe

  • Socialism will not do what needs to be done. It will pay the bills for a while, but it won’t save Jack Shit. But I’m pleased Cory is getting the attention she deserves. I saw a guy reassure all the super rich in Davos when he said that corporations, NGOs and governments still have a role to play in climate change. 100% private carbon tax dividends will ensure that role is minimized.

Manufacturing Greta

  • The thing about being a crazy old hermit, is that you often feel like, well, a crazy old hermit. I’ve been singing the same song for a few years now, it’s like a revitalizing breath of fresh air to even recognize anything remotely similar.

Cracks Herald the Calving of Greenland Iceberg

  • I’m no scientist (thank God) but I do have a sciencey fetish, I don’t think glacial calving events are supposed to be happening in February.

Hurricanes are strengthening faster in the Atlantic, and climate change is a big reason why, scientists say

The worst green energy fraud offender is corporate academia. Yale, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford are the worst offenders. Remember a couple years ago  when Stanford said we can have 100% renewable energy by 2050? Pure bullshit. I think they went to court with ‘real’ scientists who disputed their bunk. Silence. I never heard anything else about it since.

While 2018 was fourth warmest year on record, next 5 years will be much hotter

  • I have doubts about this because things usually cool it a while after a super El Nino. I suspect a couple of slightly normal years will ensue before another heat state jump.

Tesla Model 3: US Deliveries Plunge 55% to 60% (WS)

Get over it: Asia rules Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.

America’s Navy Is Going To Rat Shit – Pro Publica

The World’s Oceans Could Change Color Thanks to Climate Change

  • Oceans will be more blue going ahead until the AMOC shuts down and stratification will eventual render anoxic oceans a purple color and the skies will turn green.

Green New Deal

‘It’s crazy. It’s loony’: Republicans giddy as Democrats champion Green New Deal Politico

Green New Deal Targets Link Between Trade Policy and Climate Change Capital & Main. David Sirota.

A Green New Deal for Housing Jacobin

  • Taxing the rich is gaining ground. Good. Giving that money to socialists is bad. They will just turn around and give it to their fiends. Sure, the poor will benefit for a while, but it won’t stop the collapse. It’s too little too late. See here.

Facebook Getting Finger Banged By Obama Team

‘Brilliant!’ Trump applauds Democrats’ Green dream to ‘eliminate all planes, cars, cows & military’

Repeat after me, protests in Venezuela good, protests in France bad!

The Last American Hero