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Yanks pump up fresh drinking water, poison it, pump it back underground to frack gas, to burn for electricity, to charge their EV batteries, in a mega drought — and because of this Yanks cut emissions more switching to gas than Europe did switching to renewables, if you ignore all the leaky wells.

Europeans cut trees all over the world, turns them into wood pellets and burns them to make electricity to charge their electric cars — they burn palm and soy oil in their other cars — That palm soy and timber are made with native wilflife blood

2030 is the finish line for life on earth

If we don’t stop burning 50% of everything in 10 years it’s over

4 billion people live with water shortages one month per year
Water shortages threaten 50% of thermal and hydro power

Solar & Wind are 2% of energy says IEA

Europe gets 50% of its renewable energy burning 80% of global tree pellets

4% of energy is renewable says BP

15% of energy will be renewable by 2040

The IEA agrees with BP

28% of energy will be renewable by 2050 say US EIA

4% of energy is renewable and 4% of mammals are wild

See the monkey tail for wild animals? That’s 4% of mammals
There are 23 billion chickens on earth if one sneezes we all get the flu 😉