The Right To Carry Words

I never believed in God much my life.

But I always believed in free speech.

When we created “hate speech”, we made a crime against humanity.

Collapse = high food prices + number of failed states + free speech

We are spending $1 trillion in taxes per year to make states fail.

Against this massive subsidy, we want self-driving cars and safe spaces.

The only thing urban geeks and rural freaks agree on is ending war.

But they can’t even stop hating each other long enough to stop it.

In the face of this, twat faced michael she mann says everything’s will be alright.

We are giving permission with each passing second of each day to kill kill kill.

We can stop it all in a second.

We have a theoretical 5% chance of stopping human extinction in 5 years.

We can’t throw trillions killing and save earth at the same time, all in the name of equal rights. We can’t buy the world solar panels and self-driving EVs.

There are kids alive now that will grow up not knowing how to drive, and will only be allowed to travel if weather permits, because salty snow is bad for the car. It will be safer not to decide yourself. It’s laughable.


The First Toxic Female Secretary Of State

As many as 576,000 Iraqi children died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.


Those children died of starvation and lack of medical attention. This happened after Bill and Hillary came to office in 1992. In 1996, Madeline Albright was asked on 60 Minutes if the death of 500,000 children was worth it, she said, “Yes.”

The number of children starving did not stop in 1996, the United Nations just got so embarrassed about it, that they just stopped counting them, the children continued dying, uncounted. So you could say countless thousands starved at the hands of a woman.

If you were to ask Madeline Albright if she was a feminist, she would have answered, “yes.” My wife says she’s not a feminist, but if a woman says she’s a feminist, how can you disprove it? We can’t just wait until they all kill half a million kids now, can we?

What good is an identity ideology if you can hide behind your sex to kill children?

Every single noble intention has unintended corrupted consequences.

There are women and children starving in Yemen thanks to us. If Killary Klinton got elected, would even one less child starve?

People talk about toxic masculinity all the time, are you even brave enough to say, “Toxic Femininity”? Of course you aren’t, you’ll be tarred and feathered if you do, and run off campus, or out of town. Was Condoleezza Rice any less toxic?

Years later, she said she regretted saying that, (not the killing, just the saying) just before she said that the people in Afghanistan “must die”.




The Values of Toxic White Feminists

Will toxic white feminism destroy earth?

Of course it will, along with the full spectrum rainbow of toxic feminine/masculine behaviors.

Hillary Clinton almost won the presidency touting her white fem cred.

The same woman who vilifies women her husband raped.

The same woman who burns and starves brown women and children alive.

If that is your glass ceiling candidate, then you are fucked.

Barack Obama won the peace prize because he’s black.

Barack Obama burned and starved women and children alive too.

Critical social/race theory is code for hate whitey, which I’m fine with.

If critical social/race theory can so easily be so corrupted, then what good is it?

I’m fine with hating whitey, but don’t leave the rich, blacks, gays and women out of the equation either.

I don’t believe that because the mass school shooter had weak parents was why he killed so many. It was because society created the conditions for weak parents.

Many on the alt-right now blame feminism for the shooting.

Feminism is not to blame, society is for indulging in identity ideology.

Political reality is now comprised of women, blacks and gays hating whitey.

Women, blacks and gays think they can overcome whitey politically.

There is no victory, the battle and war will never be truly won.

Any so-called victory like that will ring more hollow than my words.

This race/sex/class battle and war will not end in our lifetimes, but earth ecosystem services will.

We have a 95% chance of mass extinction and the destruction of oceans and atmosphere.

We can’t stop fighting enough to save ourselves.

There is too much hate.

There is so much hate, you can claim I’m writing hate speech.

Words don’t hate, people do.

Maybe we should replace the word gun with the word, word, in the 2nd amendment.





Evidence For A Younger Dryas Planetary Realignment Caused By A Black Hole

The first book about advanced prehistoric civilization came out in the 1960s.

It was by Charles Hutchins Hapgood.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age Paperback – Jan 1 1997, in reprint.

It was about maps. Copies of copies of copies of ancient mariner maps show us a prehistoric mariner civilization.

The reason we don’t know about is because all their cities are underwater.

Atlantis was all over the world in ancient times. It’s not a single place, it was a prehistoric civilization. Modern western civilization oppresses this idea.

If you put together all the ancient folk lore of all the world into a single story, a very different world of observed planetary orbital history emerges.

The planetary orbits, and indeed their very position in relation to the sun, do not match all our ancient accounts. Modern science disagrees.

The tyranny of peer reviewed literature is now just an echo chamber. Physics operates independently of peer publishing. Peer lit should not operate in a vacuum, Alt ideas must be published right beside peer lit. Side by each, one on top one another. (sorry, I just love saying that)

I couldn’t explain how and why planetary orbits could be rearranged, when it hit me, a roving black hole, I looked it up, and lo and behold, planetary orbits can be knocked out of wack with black holes, depending how big they are, or not.

The first writer to publish the idea of planetary realignment is Velikovsky’s World’s in Collision published 1950.

Wiki: Immanuel Velikovsky (/ˌvɛliˈkɒfski/RussianИммануи́л Велико́вскийIPA: [ɪmənʊˈil vʲɪlʲɪˈkofskʲɪj]; 10 June [O.S. 29 May] 1895 – 17 November 1979) was a Russian independent scholar best known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collision published in 1950.[1] Earlier, he had played a role in the founding of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, and was : a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

The Suppression of our Ancient Astrological Heritage

Symbols of an Alien Sky (Thunderbolts project 1:20 min)

Symbols of an Alien Sky is NOT about space aliens, and whoever named this video should be horse whipped, quartered and shot. I never watched it before because its title. It’s really about the stars all our ancestors saw in their sky, which was very different then, and how they all matched up with the same stories and symbols they handed down to us. What this means is that big things happened in this solar system maybe not so long ago.

What we have done is criminally hide our ancient human heritage from ourselves.

If I were a dictator, I would just shoot ever professor on campus and start over.

The current solar system configuration and ancient star lore conflict should be reconciled. It’s likely preventing real science from progressing. Once archaeologists and theologians get tenured it’s their way or the highway. Same with psychologists and feminists.

As a cautionary note, I suspect the Thunderbolts folks already sold out to the anti-climate change people, just like everyone else. As for actual black holes, they’re evidently invisible and difficult to detect.

Remembering the End of the World

The next video seems vaguely related, I did not watch it yet, likely libertarian nonsense.

But I do believe that James Hansen’s carbon dividends plan is libertarian.

Kymatica (Thunderbolts 1:20)






World Quake Swarms

Significant world earthquakes in the last 200 days

EARTHQUAKES and volcano eruptions around the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’ have sparked fears that a ‘Big One’ quake is on the way

Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms

How Climate Change Can Make Quakes Worse

How Climate Change Leads to Volcanoes

Scientists: 2018 will suffer a lot of big earthquakes


‘Swarm’ of 19 earthquakes strike eastern Taiwan

Canary Islands La Palma volcano hit with 70 earthquakes

Earthquake swarm hits Reno with over 230 earthquakes in seven days

400 earthquakes detected near Iceland in twelve hours

Earthquake swarm under Cumbre Vieja volcano, Canary Islands

Earthquake Swarm: 230 Quakes Hit Near Reno, Nevada

You will be told, time and time again, that all is well, go back to sleep, worry about the Russians etc., but you’re not really that stupid are you? Where to watch:

Mary Greeley Yellowstone Earhquake Youtube Channel

Ben Ferraiuolo Earhquake Youtube Channel


Oxygenless Ocean Water Up 300% In 50 Years

Global Warming Zaps Oxygen (

Wait—the Ozone Layer Is Still Declining? Scientific American

The world lost nearly 150,000 orangutans from the island of Borneo in the past 16 years due to habitat loss and killing (

  • Indonesia poisoned the elephants and shot the orangutans in their own national park to justify clear cutting 80% of it to grow palm oil plantations. The clear cut wood is turned into pellets and shipped to Europe to burn for electricity, the palm oil is burnt in German diesel cars.

Climate Change Costs Insurance Companies Billions, And Price is Rising TRNN

Oxfam Told Of Aid Workers Raping Children In Haiti A Decade Ago (Ind.)

Sea ice fell to it’s lowest level ever recorded

Burger-Flipping Robot Set For Big Rollout In California

Far More Methane Leaking at Oil, Gas Sites in Pennsylvania than Reported (

Arctic Permafrost is releasing more CO2 and CH4 than believed (

Borneo has lost half its orangutans due to hunting and habitat loss (

Dying Waters: India Struggles to Clean Up Its Polluted Urban Rivers (

Glyphоsate resistant weeds on the increase (



Collapse Data Cheat Sheet 2018

2040 = Day Zero

Note to youth: This doesn’t mean it’s all good until Dec 31 2039.

Stefan Rahmstorf says emissions must be ↓ 100% by 2040 to stay below 2° C.

The IEA says energy demand ↑ 30% by 2040.

The IER says emissions ↑ 16% by 2040.

2040 = energy ↑ 30%

2040 = emissions ↑ 16%

2040 = emissions ↓ 100% = 2° C

Kevin Anderson says we have a 5% chance of staying below 2° C.

James Hansen says that 2° C = Disaster.

We have a 95% chance of not staying under 2° C, where 2° C = Disaster.

We have a 95% chance of unstoppably abrupt, catastrophic mass extinction.

We have a 95% chance of destroying earth if we don’t stop fighting.

Both you and me.

According to the Earth-Battery Theory, we will lose our atmosphere to the vacuum of space.

The only thing left will be underground, extremaphilic bacteria with no oceans and atmosphere.

Yes, life on earth will survive, but there will eventually be no oceans or air, we will be especially vulnerable during a magnetic pole flip, and while it will take millennia, it can be unstoppable and irreversible.

During magnetic pole flip, earth could have 5 or more poles at the same time, with each one taking a decade to drift over you. This will burn both plant and aimals beneath. It may well take place after our tecno fuedal immortal overlords bless their souls. Well, at least the Ring of Fire will get them because super volcanoes etc.

In the meantime we want to make everything from butt plugs to condoms IOT enabled. It’ll be like sticking a coiled mercury light bulb up you keester and lighting it up.

We believe self-driving electric cars are safe for fuck sakes. How brainwashed is that? We don’t have enough minerals for both green energy and electric cars. I’m sorry nobody but an overprivileged fool has to be the one to tell you this.

Bill Rees says all the world’s electric grid only equals 20% of total world energy demand.

Vaclav Smil says converting to 100% renewable energy takes at least 70 years and trillions of bucks.

If we got 100% renewable electric grid power by 2050, we would only solve 20% of our energy problems.

Solar and wind products only last 30 years, and all the panels & turbines you see today will be gone in 30 years.

They break down 2X faster than we need to build them.

It costs more energy and is more toxic to recycle them than to build new ones.

Wind turbines use 100X more copper per watt than fossil fuels.

Offshore wind turbines use 1,000X more copper per watt.

Copper ore grades are plummeting. Energy costs will rise.

This will have to all essential, with few exceptions.

No amount of money will bring these ore grades back up.

Suprise ore strikes won’t last.

Wind turbines only work produce 90% of power rating 25% of the time.

Recent British studies suggest they produce near 20% of power ratings year on year.

Saying they produce 40% of their power rating 100% of the time means nothing.

People who belittle how many birds and bats they kill are in the business.

The Ivanpah solar plant killed thousands of rare desert turtles and fries birds and bugs alive in the sky. They pay people to pick up the smokers, slang for burnt feathers. That’s your green power. Instead of just not burning palm oil in diesel cars, they promise to do it 2 years from now. Do you know how many organgutans and elephants were killed for that oil? I don’t.

North Europeans, up in whitey land, get 50% of their rewable electricity burning trees unloaded off cargo ships, in pellet bags, from all over the world. This is a crime against life.

It’s all I can do to not drag Mother Nature herself, Hillary Clinton, into this. The supreme white feminist kahuna, destroyer of worlds.

In the last 40 years, we have lost 66.666% of all land species. The number is not important, it’s what the number means that’s important. We are going extinct 100 time faster than the dinosaurs who took some 13,000 years, we’ll likely be 100% gone in 300 and 50% gone in 30 years.

Some believe the sun is entering the galactic danger zone, we we’ll meet metors heading to a black hole in the center of the galaxy, and that this is why civilizations allways crash.

Brian Aldiss wrote Helliconia Spring, which is sort of like Game of Thrones. It’s about the repeated collapse of civilizations beyond historical reckoning.

There seems to be a physical cascading confluence of catastrophic events coming together at the same time. If orgasms are like a little death, then this is the same as a guy having more than one orgasm at a time. Don’t do it, I know what you’re thinking.