Smog defies China’s Communist Party congress (

672,000 gallons of oil spill off Louisiana coast, Coast Guard says(

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We Should Be Talking About the Effect of Climate Change on Cities | But we’re not. Instead, the effects on cities tend to be edited out or statistically minimized. ( | Long headlines.

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Weedkiller scientist was paid £120,000 by cancer lawyers (

A String Of Dangerous Accidents In Alaska Sends BP Reeling, Emails Show: Internal emails, recordings, interviews, and other documentation obtained by BuzzFeed News show how BP Alaska executives are struggling to “reset” the company’s safety culture after five dangerous accidents this year alone. (

EPA says this town at highest risk of developing cancer from toxins. The plant emitting them says otherwise (

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A floating mass of plastic and styrofoam found off the coast of Honduras (

Robert Mugabe chosen as WHO ‘goodwill ambassador’ despite international sanctions (

The biosphere lost 2.5 gigatons more carbon from the tropics in 2015, than just four years earlier in 2011 (Radio Ecoshock)

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A Giant Insect Ecosystem Is Collapsing Due To Humans. It’s A Catastrophe (G.)

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The Intersection of War, Inequity, Injustice And Climate Chaos


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Plastic in animals gut (

Climate Shifts Shorten Marine Food Chain (Science Daily)

Sea Level Rose in Bursts During Last Warming (Science Daily) | Not so golden showers.

Mass Animal Deaths for 2017 (End Times Prophecy) God damned Christians scare the fuck out of me.

How fast is Earth warming? Ocean heat content and sea level rise measurements may provide a more reliable answer than atmospheric measurements. ( | WTF? A sensible article in the media? The end is nigh!

Brazilian Amazon loses 660,000 hectares of forest in one year (

What’s Fake News Depends On Who’s In Charge ( | Nothing’s changed except the cacophony of hysteria.

Global pollution kills 9m ayear and threatens ‘survival of human societies’( | 80k untested chemicals mixing in air, water, soil and bodies.

Pollution linked to one in six deaths ( | Seems low.

The author of a 2015 study claiming that Antartica is gaining mass thinks that increased melting means that it is no longer doing so ( | Once I’m rich and famous, I’ll recant and say whatever you want.

Renewables will give more people access to electricity than coal, says IEA | True, but not for long. Tropical islands are sacrifice zones now and 50% of earth’s land surface will be uninhabitable in under 20 years.

Nestlé is extracting water from Canadian towns on expired permits( Evil mofos!!! Kill pussycat kill, run pussycat run, faster faster!!!

Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined( | Synthetic opioids and crack kill more. Get pollution out of drugs! Make drugs not poison. Make drugs great again.

Today’s video trigger event – The Ivory Tower Blues

I gotta laugh when scientists trot out their planetary boundaries slide and yammer on about an 800 Git carbon budget based on some cockamammy 2 C fictional limit invented by a fuckin economist of all things. If you took a scientist and sucked out their geekiness, you would end up with an economist. Half as dumb, twice as stupid.  2 C is catastrophic, and we are 3/4 of the way there.

In corner number one, you got Monsanto and Bayer using poison to soon kill half the insect biomass on earth and destroy human soil agriculture in 50 years.

Monsanto and Bayer have already destroyed 50% of land vertebrate species biomass in the last 50 years.

In 25 years they will destroy 50% of the remaining land vertebrate species biomass.

Human livestock and 7 billion people now live on 50% of the land on earth.

Livestock and people eat most half the green production on land each year.

Monsanto and Bayer will destroy life on earth in 50 years.

Humanity will destroy the weather water cycle in 5-10 years.

The tropics will be uninhabitable in 5-10 years.

The tropics are 50% of land on earth.

The temperate breadbasket zones will be uninhabitable in 10-20 years.

This means the US mid-west and the Mediterranean are finished.

Each swing of the ENSO pendulum jumps us to another planetary heat state.

From watching American Horror Story this year I can see we care more about race, sex and class wars. I miss the good Bum Wars days of old.

We let War Pigs and Banks take our money to kill people and all life on earth.

The US spends $1 trillion per year tax money killing all over the world.

Drug companies are killing us with unregulated black market drugs.

So when some pampered climate professor gets up with his pretty little planetary boundary chart, I lose my shit because this guy will likely say he’s optimistic, and he ain’t got a clue.

The planetary boundary chart explodes from the center like a pie chart.

Intersectional collapse looks more watching the Shakespeare Equation in a mirror. The only thing scarier than a priest, physicist or a Christian is a good old math mystery.

Perhaps some may be offended with how I say what I’m saying, more than you are offended with what I’m saying. That’s okay, it’s by design. It gives you an out.

Elon Musk and Richard Branson want to bring clean energy to Puerto Rico. It won’t be easy. A decrepit grid and dire finances stand in the way.( |They want your tax money, investments and donations for personal gain. The Caribbean is lost, they know it, and they want to suck the sow dry before she’s gone. Belly up lil’ piggies.

Far away from any witnesses, my small town is being poisoned by fracking waste | The Guardian ( | Likely the last you’ll hear about that for a while.

I found this on the Automatic Earth today. It’s fuckn awesome! I love it!! She’s certainly hot alright.


Scandal-Hit Nissan Suspends All Production For Japan Market (AFP) | Dat Soon?

Tensions Rise On Aegean Islands As Migrants Continue To Arrive (K.)

Human attention affects facial expressions in domestic dogs Scientific Reports | Just like that Puss’n Boots Disney cat.

Domestication has not made dogs cooperate more with each other compared to wolves (Science Daily) | Me and wife have made peace too.

AI Experts Want to End ‘Black Box’ Algorithms in Government WIRED | Big fuckin deal, I wanna million bucks, ain’t gonna git it.

Uncle Sam is not going to smash Silicon Valley The Week | Kill pedo fantasy land? Computers make you retarded. Look at me! A cashless society will account for every single person and destroy fraud worldwide. Privacy is unsustainable now. We have breached the privacy break even tipping point.

RMI Reveals Greatest Banking Threat is Farm Foreclosures AgWeb. “The [Rural Mainstreet Index] survey showed almost one in 10 bankers expect farm foreclosures to be the greatest challenge to banking operations over the next five years.”

Saudi Arabia’s Footprints in Southeast Asia The Diplomat | Danger Will Robinson.

D.N.C. Chair Purges Dissenters in Surprise Shake-Up Vanity Fair | Fuckin progressives give Dems a dirty name.

Pollution killing more people than war and violence, says report Deutsche Welle | Only not in America you say?

Self-organisation of small-world networks by adaptive rewiring in response to graph diffusion Scientific Reports | Likely baffle geek for mind games.

The Purge 2017













Electric TaskRabbit Vehicles

Blood Cobalt = Dirty Oil

Cobalt demand ⇑ 100% in last 5 years.

Cobalt demand ⇑ 200% in next 3 years.

By 2025 cars will need 1.5 Gib wifi data/sec. to self-drive.

The rare earth elements required to do that means we have to mine billions more tons of base metals.

We have to move, leach and rinse thousands of tons of base metals for 1 gram of rare elements.

We don’t have the base metal mining break even point projections to convert to 100% electric cars.

Mining in the tropics is a major cause of rainforest deforestation.

TaskRabbit style unfettered mining there is unregulated and poisonous to life.

China and South-East Asia have the most dangerous mines on earth.

The woman who owns Australia’s mines wants to enslave her own citizens.

Our food system is killing earth, don’t let electric cars dreams take us over the cliff.

The 3 primary collapse signals are 1. food prices 2. failed states 3. free speech.

Free speech = truth

The fake sustainability narrative has gone on for 10 years now and has supplanted truth and reason.

This is the final collapse signal.

Collapse can happen tomorrow or 20 years from now.

If you read these words, don’t say you weren’t warned.



The Insect Collapse = 66% of Life

NOTE: No mathematical or rhetorical concepts were hurt in this post.

Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers (

If you look at a photo of a “nature reserve” in the German insect study, you can clearly see the reserves are an intensive agricultural area.

It’s kinda the point. It’s like southern Ontario, a big shit hole of crop fields with small tree islands. The islands are too isolated and small to sustain biodiversity. Ecology needs a depth and breadth of forest to propagate.

My brother-in-law used to say, if the bugs won’t eat it, neither will I. I always admired the bald faced simplicity of that claim.

6 corporations = 100% of media.

5 families = 100% of food. (poetic license = slight exageration)

Humans and livestock occupy 50% of land and caused 80% of land vertebrate species extinctions over 10,000 years.

Humans and livestock caused 66% of insect die offs in the last 20 years. 80% of 75%?

Humans and livestock will destroy 100% of soil destruction in 50 years. 100% of 0?

Our food is killing all the earth.

When soil dies we will have to cut more trees to grow food.

This is clearly not only unsustainable, it is anti-sustainable.

The food that is poisoning us while destroying earth and burning soil is not a giant corporation filled with worker drones.

Almost 90% of food products we buy is owned by 10 corporations, and those 10 corporations buy their food supplies from 5 super rich powerful families.

These 5 families now own the poison proof seeds and technology we need to eat. This is why we allow them to do it.

Monsanto and Bayer are the 2 primary drivers of mass extinction. They are going to legally merge into one giant earth killing machine, and we’re too caught up in race, sex and class politics to notice.

Collapse Daily

Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers (

More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas (

The extinction crisis extends far beyond rare and endangered species– “Biological annihilation” (

Rising temps cause soils to release carbon on a scale that accelerates climate change, reports 26-year study. | A day late, but not a dollar short. A quarter century? Do I need to spell it out? We’re f-u-c-k-e-d-!

New Amazon Threat? Deforestation from Mining | We need heavy metal mining for erotic minerals.

Al Franken Auditions for Senate Climate Lead. Millions Watch ( : El Franco Diablo Stein

When Chicago River runs backward, no denying danger of climate change(

The Heartland Institute science denial playbook has been leaked. This is a copy.( | The establishment handbook.

Norway becomes the world’s first country to commit to zero deforestation ( | That’s because they import the wood and burn it for electricity and heat.

Beavers: A Potential Missing Link in California’s Water Future ( | Sorry, I never met a beaver story I didn’t like, let alone worship.

more links coming shortly…

Don’t Rely on US Consumers to Power Global Growth (DDMB)

Something Wicked This Way Comes: McDonald’s Stock Buybacks (Lebowitz)

$1 Trillion In Liquidity Is Leaving: Market’s First Crash-Test In 10 Years (ZH)








The Dumb Man’s Burden

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Trailer Park Shed

Too dumb to hang onto your money? There’s no cure for that. But there is something called crowd funding. And if serious coin is burning a hole in your pocket. Then look around.

One guy refurbished a bottle sized dehumidifier and promised to stop world thirst, he got over $300,000 seed money.

Another guy took the same dehumidifier and hooked it up to a small wind turbine, he also got over $300,000 seed money. The BBC even ran an article about it. It won’t work.

One guy pretended to invent artificial gills and got over $800,000 seed money.

Another guy invented a wearable air-conditioning watch to cool you off and got over 2 million Hong Kong dollars seed money.

Some other guy reinvented the self-winding watch, made it IOT ready, and got $1.5 million seed money.

The best one is where a guy took a $150 juicer, stuck an IOT chip on it, and charged over $800 for.. wait for it… a “smart” juicer. He got $120 million in seed money. This fake hippy is made of juice. You gotta see it to believe it.

Do you remember that $10 million, 1 kilometer, low air-pressure tube Elon Musk built? Well Musk got air-head virgin Richard Branson to give him $250 million seed money.

How to blow $120 MILLION DOLLARS in one year!

RIP – Jim Lahey




Heavy Metal Magic Mineral Feedback Loop

Adding organic matter to soil has a limited effect on water holding capacity ( : Ecosystems need time to hold water. Water needs life, not just organic matter.

World hunger is increasing thanks to wars and climate change ( : Ask anyone in Yemen, they’re dying of hunger, thirst and cholera.

The Great Alaska Meltdown ( : The permafrost meltdown is invisibly naked to the eye. The myopic leading the blind.

How IPCC graphics could be made more accessible ( : charts are lies

Using emotion in discussing climate change:  ( : ya want emotion, I’ll fuckin emotion ya, you can take that fuckin emotion and stick it up your ass.

How To Cut And Paste Renewable Energy (SKS) : now that is fucking lazy.

Acidifying oceans a bad trip for marine ecosystems (Mongabay) : Means we don’t got enough time to save oceans, which are 98% of the living space on earth. Ocean acidification doubles by 2050, triples by 2100.

Climate Change’s Impact On Early Societies (Science Daily) : 2 drunk cavemen start world’s first anthro forest fire 30 thousand years ago.

 Warming soils bad for atmosphere (Climate News) : day late dollar short

Less rain, more floods in Ireland (Climate News) : Storm surge = Tsunami

The Gig Economy Chews Up And Spits Out Millennials (Guardian)

Canada Methane Emissions Far Worse Than Feared (Guardian) : And that’s just the industry! Most don’t have a clue about the soil.

The Lie That Poverty Is A Moral Failing Is Back (Fintan O’Toole) : It’s a fucking moral failure alright, I’ll fucking moral fail ya right up the ass.

Netherlands is planning to end all its coal power by 2030 – Dutch government also announced plans to ban all petrol and diesel-powered cars by the same year. : This is what Nazi propaganda looks like!

Ancient Egypt may have been brought down by volcanoes and climate change (Independent)

Why climate change puts the poorest most at risk (FT)

GM to test self-driving cars in N.Y. in early 2018: Gov. Cuomo (Reuters) : probably explains the mystery towers.

Haunted by Student Debt Past Age 50 (NYT)  : School kills.

How “Big Data” Went Bust (Slate) : Too data intense to fly in data storms. Come on honey let’s fly! F35: I’m sorry dear, I got a data ache.

What is sleep, even? (Quartz) : Stuff that young people do.

Vid Trigs

Magical Snowflake Minerals stuck in a Heavy Metal Feedback Loop

Media reports abound about China’s record breaking doubling of  solar/wind power in 2016 alone. What the media will say is that China controls 60% of the market, they won’t tell you that China, India and SE Asia control over 75% of the world market. All this gigantic progress means only that renewable power now accounts for a mere 1% of their total energy use.

Yet, as of date, all stand-alone energy storage projects do NOT recover capital expenses. It’s the great big giant dam and canal projects, along with liquid natural gas and nuclear power plants that do. China will install more solar energy in the next 6 months than Germany ever has. China pours more cement in 3 years than America ever has in 300 years. The super giant silk road project will be the biggest baddest road on the planet. This project cannot fail or the Chinese economy will fall from the sky and crash land.

We need the heavy industry cement and metal mining projects to extract the magic minerals our hi tech renewable energy demands. Without more aluminum demand we can’t afford to buy new smart phones every other year. It is the aluminum frame that holds your solar panels that also drives the development of them. You have to mine more metals to get more minerals. The minerals are a by-product of the mining because you have to mine thousands of tons of metals to get mere ounces of minerals. If the mining and cement making stops, the smartphone / renewable energy business stops.

Yet solar and wind are planned obsolescence with 30 year life cycles. To build a green economy, you have to intensify leeching and rinsing thousands of tons of rock just for a few ounces of magic mineral powder. This means if we don’t continue building cities and roads we will drive up technical prices, which are clearly inevitably unsustainable going forward. This means only the rich get to fry their brains and orifices in IOT data mines.

Many will respond, yeah but recycling. We do not recycle anything virtuously. Recycling is currently a-virtuous, energy intensive, with diminishing returns. This means it’s unsustainable.

Lots of meteors in SOTT.






Blade Bummer 2049

While Blade Runner isn’t to die for, you’ll wish you were dead after trying not to squirm for 3 hours in a semi-catatonic stupor. I had to take 3 runs at it to watch it all without falling asleep. Cut out the cinematography and the movie’s like half an hour long.

The only way we can have $1,000 smart phones and self-flying uber drones is by making them so expensive only liberal NGO elites can afford them. So the Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2017 launched the Global Battery Alliance, a corporate/NGO roundup of the usual fake green suspects include Volkswagen, Trafigura Group, the OECD, Unicef and the African Development Bank.

Whenever you see “sustainable” & “development” used together run don’t walk, these guys want your money. Well, it’s not really your money, it’s the government’s money they stole from you for security reasons of the rich.


Boom in electric cars and smartphones drives environmental and human rights risks (Global Trade Review) Oct 2017 : Cobalt mines for the kiddies, lithium, nickel, manganese and graphite pollution for the whole family.

Global Battery Alliance Aims to Eliminate Human, Environmental Bullshit (Sustainable Brands) Oct 2017 : LOL. Sustainable brands!!!!

The Supply Chain Can’t Handle Skyrocketing Demand for Lithium (motherboard) Oct 2017

The Metals In Your Phone Aren’t Just Rare; They’re Irreplaceable (Gizmodo) Dec 2013

Key smartphone ‘ingredients’ could soon run out (Futurity) Mar 2015 : Great article. Illustrates how we need to produce lots of steel, nickel and copper because exotic minerals are a byproduct of regular metal demand. This is why all the ancillary support infrastructure drives the hi-tech green energy boom. The frame that holds your solar panels in place does so all up and down the product lifecycle stream. This means we can’t have a green energy world without high CO2 extraction activities like mining and ore leeching with solvents and water. It’s like Heavy Metal drives Exotic Metal.

Metals in your smartphone have no substitutes (The Conversation) Dec 2013