BLM = Commies

Uncle Tom = Colin Powell

The Democrats starved half a million children in Iraq in the 90s. They did it on purpose. It got so embarrassing the Euros stopped their yearly tally of all the dead kids, starved of medicine and food.

White people see the world in black and white. That’s why white people think Colin Powell is black and black people think he’s white.

Every other colour sees whites as crazy bloodthirsty Jewish henchmen.

Believe it or not, Jewish white people used to run the world before giving it to Communist China.

Commies are just another power base. Same master, different colour.

They are a bunch of old fat chicks pushing the cancel button.

Women run the deep state MIC media complex. They control how you think.

Every guy knows this.

Hell, even my dog controls my mind, along with the space fungi and bees.

You don’t have time to know everything, and they won’t tell you, that’s how it works. Loki’s a bitch that way. Sometimes he won’t tell shit.

Nobody has time to read all the fake reports to figure everything out.

The scientific sellouts poison you, drug you and extort you for unsafe medicine. Okay, enough of that. What’s it like to be black in Africa?

I recommend watching YT’s Caspian Report on Ethiopia’s 3 water basins.

Ethiopians are the only people not colonised by whitey. They got 3 big river basins and a mountain range right in the middle of their country. They blocked water south to Kenya, lowering a huge reservoir inside Kenya’s north border. I’m not sure if it’s actually Kenya, you’d have to see for yourself. Or even Ethiopia for that matter.

Ethiopians want new dams everywhere while ours collapse from out dated engineering mistakes. Just like our psyche research. Unsafe dams have been built from the get go here near 100 years ago. We put nuclear power plants in earthquake zones from the get go. The military gave us Fukushima because they’re anal about secrecy.

We can’t fix those dams and use them, just like we can’t fix offshore wind turbines as we go because that’s called bankruptcy. We can’t build super hi tech jet fighters that can’t fly 90% of the time, and cut forests to plant trees, while bees will get apes to burn your 5G pods because of nano plastics.

The Sahara Desert used to be a paradise. Lake Chad used to be larger than all the great lakes put together. There’s a whole ancient civilisation under the Sahara desert. As the lakeside country dried, the last of them settled in Egypt and built the great pyramid. I’m not sure who assimilated whom.

Jimmy Dore says Bernie Sanders sold out again, the task forcethes are dead.

Deep State shit is over 100 years old, and started after the first civil war when banks figured how much money steel and world war one would make, over 100 years ago.

Coal didn’t do much to climate until about 1840 and the deep state didn’t take hold until the post civil war oil train boom, and deepened with the rise of steel over iron in the 20th century. All right after the bankers stole federal money over 100 years ago.

Along with big steel came plastics, rare earths and nano particles. But the Talented Mister Ripley was just getting started. Now we self drive million dollar plastic EVs on oil sludge. China is building a new coal power station every 2 weeks from now to 2030 just to run them. They pave, concrete and electrify the world like nuts.

Look at how much your food weighs compared to steel sludge and rocks. EV’s don’t grow on trees and drive on grass. They’re are cereal killers. We have to stop burning 50% of fuel in 10 years, but we want more rocks and sludge to build EV’s and protect homes in climate danger zones. This is like doubling down on the ace of spades. It’s tilting dragons at windmills.

Some science group called for taking nano particles out of food today, but that’s racist because toothpaste. See? That’s how easy it is to derail a world run on intentions. It’s how central China rules. China is trying to stop skyscraper construction, but it can’t won’t do it before 2030 because money matters more than commies.

When you call for precaution doctors lose jobs. Rich lives matter.

You can’t have free health, but you can have rich doctors.

Education is about money not knowledge.

Saying it’s about power and not money is racist because reasons.

But I sleep safer knowing pedos love churches, sports arenas and Academia.

If they’re rich they get straight A’s and if not, C’s.

Pedos run whitey land, and Jusslain Maxwell is a sop. Ask Sonia Poulton

Ask Lori Handrahan if whitey runs Academic Pedo Potter land.

Whities run guns drugs and kids just like commies and everyone else.

Which colour of ape is my master means nothing to me.

Because slavery is the new black this year.

100% private carbon UBI = freedom


How To See Ghosts

Re: Education

I realise that not enough attention is paid to education. It’s too late now. By this November, civil war will be in full swing. When you take away jobs, money, food, water, health and hope, all you get is violence. Especially in that shithole country, middle America. That’s when the real education starts. The young adult fun camp was not your real education. Getting shit on by gay rich commies, while trying to learn a trade in college, was just the beginning.

There are 7.8 billion monkeys on earth. There is a ghost inside us all. Ghosts are called spectres. That spectre is the spectrum of demographics. Out of 8 billion people, how many are racist? How many are vegans? How many are gay? How many like underage sex? How many don’t give a fuck? I believe billions are gay racist don’t-know-it-yets. Not knowing you’re gay and racist leads to erratic behaviour. Enough billions that anything you say doesn’t matter to them. Enough billions to dash your dreams of justice, no matter how well intentioned or ill conceived.

The commies don’t care if they’re right so much as they want revenge for not winning the ethical high ground. Not all commies are bad, but enough are to not make a difference. It’s the same for every profession. Lefties are mad we don’t believe their social fantasies.

The world doesn’t run on twitter. You can’t tweet a better world. It’s not like the great gangster movie meme of the 40s, “We’re taking over, see?” We need all hands to survive the world’s greatest depression, or face total annihilation. Without free speech no life will live. You’ll be dead before you know it.

What the New Sokal Hoax Reveals About Academia – The Atlantic — unread

The FBI, doctors, lawyers, journalists and judges are all highly educated liars because enough of us are spectral gay racist liars who don’t know it yet. We don’t have to go broke paying for poisoned illegal drugs and unsafe medicine. There’s too many highly educated lawyers and doctors preventing safe cheap drugs from happening. That’s what status quo means, demographic behaviour.

Money is supposed to regulate us, but greed regulates money. Bitcoin is just naked sex-gun-drug greed. Electric cars and offshore windfarms are bad. They are not in themselves bad, but they have enough bad actors to guarantee them being unfit for purpose. Being able to go down three menu layers doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a sucker. Tech is a tool, not a god.

All this hype about material hi tech messiahs is hype meant to distract you from the hard work, which is hashing it out. Just because you are too stupid to win the argument, doesn’t mean everybody in the world has to shut up since you own the cancel button. You can’t cancel billions of people. Every time you push the cancel button you are cancelling yourself. If you are a female cancel button pusher, you are sick because of all the bad air, food, water and drugs. That and the bullshit are are poisoning your mind through time and making you sick. *

*_ cancel button and mugs are available on the merchandise page

All this poison food water air and drugs are turning men into simpy sterile crazy idiots. The modern soy bean is poison, soaked in an enigma, wrapped in poison. It’s not the bean your grandfather’s ate. Corn soy and wheat are poison. Our food water and air are poison, even the fucking bees know it. The bees are losing their dance. The bee dance feels confused and unfit for purpose. The fish are too high to mate. The frogs are going gay, and the bees are against neonics and 5G. Even the jungle knows it.

If you don’t know it, it’s because you suffer from being re:educated. All those campus pedo commies will haunt the rest of your life. I’m no social engineer, I’m a money engineer. Not because I’m smart, but because I read more bullshit over the years than any one person should have to.

All that bullshit is 100 years old. Every thought in your cranny is not new or old. The ancient dinosaur shit in your head is 100 years old and not going to fix anything. If I lived to be 100, I would be certifiably mad, and it’s a damn good thing nobody knows what that is.

We have to stop burning 50% of fossils in 10 years or die. Natural gas is fossil fuel. Politicians spew hot natural gas because they are living dinosaurs. They need dinosaur gas inhalers to live. The female commies and their gay, black, jewish, crippled minions will not stop the white shape of water without sound money, that does what you want, not what some rich Jewish American Princess wants.

When you lock up people for hate it never ends. It’s corrupted the judiciary. Locking people up is what cancel culture is all about. Don’t kid yourself. You can’t lock up billions of people, but that is exactly what they will do, the rich that is – and it doesn’t matter how smart of a brown noser you are, you will still get shit on your face. To live in fear is to die before you’re dead.

Money fit for purpose or eat the rich

100% private carbon ubi – accept no substitute



Here’s what our masters want you to think about evil dust.

Here’s what Julian Assange means when he speaks of evil dust.

i.e. – How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain – MIT 2013

Here’s what Loki means when he speaks of evil dust…

The Evil Dust – Loki 2020

Please note the addition of ozone fraud below.

Academic Fraud – Loki 2020

Climate And Energy Fraud – Loki 2020

Ozone Fraud – Loki 2020

5G Fraud – Loki 2020

CRISPR Fraud – Loki 2020

Collapse Charts – Loki 2020


Gaia Is A Black Woman

Intersectional racism is real. I always pictured Gaia being a white woman, mostly because of an old television commercial about mother nature not liking to get fooled by margarine that tastes as good as butter.

Tipping points are intersectional and Gaia’s bellybutton is represented by the letter C on the map below. The problem is that human tipping points are not represented on that map, like how there were over 4 billion flying monkeys last year. Nuclear war is a big tipping point. And from the look of things, so is this summer’s heat wave. I think the dems will steal the presidency and corporate rule will reassert itself. Corporates hate uncontrolled elections.

And just like there is a gay sentient fungi in my bellybutton trying to control me, the letter C on the map below is Gaia’s bellybutton.

Links for Virgins

The Evil Dust – Loki 2020

Academic Fraud – Loki 2020

Collapse Charts – Loki 2020

Climate And Energy Fraud – Loki 2020

5G Fraud – Loki 2020

CRISPIER – Loki 2020


Goy Soy Boy

If the world stopped eating meat and wasting food all will be well.

I will 100% guarantee 7.8 billion people will never stop eating meat and wasting food. Only educated assholes are stupid enough to think that. Soy oil is hidden in food and mislabelled on packaging. Soy oil is brain toxic and will turn you into a simpy fag faster than 2 hours of wearing VR goggles while drinking 3 cans of Red Bull. Link

They say we will hit the 1.5 C wall over the next few years, well before that COP whore hits the 30 year wall females piss and moan about. At 62 years of age I’m just banging from one wall to another like a drunken sailor in a sea storm. China announced they will be building a new coal fired power plant every two weeks until 2030. They cut their solar panel production in half over the last couple of years. The 1.5 C wall signifies runaway hothouse mass extinction, which cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

Neonic corn is a blue colour. If a bird eats 3 of them they die. Farmers have to wear gloves to handle them. The corn is genetically altered to withstand the poisons that kill all plants, birds, bugs, bees, frogs and fish for miles around. While farms may look green, they’re green poison.

Genetically altered soy beans are soaked in poisons in the fields. Half the seeds grown in Brazil are shipped for China’s pigs to eat. Both soy oil and palm oil are shipped to Nordic Europe to burn in luxury diesel cars as biofuel. The soy and corn are transmuted into junk food gold with a plethora of petrochemicals and nano particles.

The food is rife with preservatives for shelf life, the longer it can last on the shelf, the shorter your life gets. The soy/corn concoctions are blended with oils and wheat and stored in poisonous petrochemical containers. If you think going vegetarian is healthy, you a fucking idiot. American rice is riddled with arsenic. So grow a pair of balls soy boy and stop acting like a commie simp.

Tipping Points – google 2020

Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against – Nature 2019

  • The growing threat of abrupt and irreversible climate changes.

There’s no quick fix to climate change – The Verge 2020

  • Actions don’t bear visible results for 15 years.

Sustainability goals will do more harm than good – Phys Org 2020

  • It will kill off animals faster than it will do any good.

Arctic and Amazon climate tipping points – New Scientist 2019

  • The burning of both tundra and jungle is bad bad bad.

The Climate Crisis Will Be Shockingly Abrupt – New Republic 2020

  • What may seem like a manageable rate of deforestation could suddenly trigger a mass die-off.

These are the climate tipping points we simply can’t cross – Wired 2020

  • They totally fucked up the ozone story.

The Irreversible Emissions of a Permafrost ‘Tipping Point’ – Resilience 2020

  • Most permafrost will be thawed by 2100.

Nine tipping points we may have crossed – Carbon Brief 2020

Earth’s climate does not respond to forcing in a smooth and gradual way. Rather, it responds in sharp jumps which involve large-scale reorganisation of Earth’s system.

Links For Noobs

The Evil Dust – Loki 2020

Academic Fraud – Loki 2020

Collapse Charts – Loki 2020

Climate And Energy Fraud – Loki 2020

5G Fraud – Loki 2020

CRISPIER – Loki 2020

Dirty Gene Buckaroos – Loki 2020


White Conversion Therapy

There are 3 immutable laws of nature that cannot be changed.

You can’t pray away racism, you can’t pray away sexism, you can’t pray away climate change. Billions of people are spectral gay racist denialists. They don’t give a fuck what you think, and there’s enough of them to render all ideas inert, more even than a 16 year old gamer in 10 years.

I’m preparing a Stanford renewable fraud case right now, but nobody is stupider than an educated idiot. Idiots are idea people, they think ideals run the world. Data models are based on ideals, we can see ourselves better than ever, only leaving us wondering more. Sort of like Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS. Well wonder no more, there’s only one unifying force theory and it’s called money. The rests is evil bullshit to get more. Multiple currencies means multiple frauds in multiple tax havens — it means, spread the risks exploiting different languages. Languages even more cryptic than me. It’s the goddamned cash stash tower of Babel.

A banker puts all the government tax money on a table, he gives some to the right, he gives some to the left, he keeps the rest. The thing about science is that the simple models still work best, because the more data you have, the less you understand why all black swan butterfly effects are worse than expected. It’s like data is directly proportional to stupidity, the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. The stronger our models are the worse they look. It’s like giving into a SJW because you never get satisfaction. Data is insatiable. Data = mining. The real kind, not data mining. The more data you want, the more you gotta mine.

Below is why electricity is some 20% of global power. Notice the how much rock we move compared to food. Well, soon the food bar will get smaller in direct proportion to how big the rock part gets. Roads are made of oil sludge, not hemp. We need cars with less junk in them. Less junk in trunk.

Do you see how much wood use grows? They want to burn it because everything will be made of sand rock glass steel and asphalt.

These are the last days of a mountain of bullshit so high people forgot how to talk to each other. While knowledge doubles. so do lies and lust. Our uranium bomb dreams are 100 years old, instead of free power we got nuclear AI nightmares. The commies at Stanford, Berkeley and Seattle are all gay white niggers who want both left and right tax titties.

The only way to cut fossil burning 50% in 10 years are 100% private carbon wealth tax dividends, which means tax the rich give it all to the poor. It’s the only way to stop a weaponized academia, which is… 100 years old. Rich people fund their own ideas, they been doing it since we first traded a spear for a light. Ever since the first drunken cave men started a forest fire right after.

We weaponized school, food, water and drugs, it’s time to stop. Childhood’s End, as that ol brown bum pedo Arthur C. Clarke once wrote.

Divide and conquer is over 100 years old, we’re just better at it now because science. Word’s are not weapons, they’re bullshit. If you want to end slavery, disavow the power of words. I only believe in freedom of speech and private dividends for the poor. That’s it, the rest is bullshit. The following research speaks louder than anything I say.

Oh yea, the arctic soils are releasing nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane with the added special added effect of tundra peat fires. Models are scrambling faster than unsafe vaccines. I don’t want opioid pushers forcing me to take drugs, although I don’t mind voluntarily. Each additional poison we add to the environment is intersectionally exponentiating, which means the the shit pile of Babel is getting bigger faster. There are 4,000 new chemicals going on the books each year. Many thousands of them all drift north in food land sea and air. I like Eskimo pie. Not tundra shit storms.

The people who allow chemical deodorants in the home are highly educated people. Each poison is called safe by itself, but there are over a hundred thousand of chemicals everywhere. They are all over us at once through time. The low level multiple poisoning accumulates, just like green energy fraud accumulates, and nobody is better at green energy fraud than whitey, due to white academic circle jerk asphyxia. Each year a professor dies of circle jerk asphyxia, another angel loses its wings. which reminds me I’m worried for my gay fungi friend, Phil McCrackin.

Noob Links:
If you made it this far, call the SS now, social services. They help til it hurts.

The Evil Dust – Loki 2020

Academic Fraud – Loki 2020

Collapse Charts – Loki 2020

Climate And Energy Fraud – Loki 2020

5G Fraud – Loki 2020

CRISPIER – Loki 2020

Dirty Gene Buckaroos – Loki 2020

Daily Research Links:

  • Look into the white mice telomere thingy.

safety check phil

data talk – Smil says 1840 was coal’s climate birthday

Latest U.N. sustainability goals pose more harm than good for environment, scientists warn – member Schellnhuber Rockstrom and Rahmstorf? Those were good days.

Climate and energy are the least of our concerns; poverty, bankruptcy, sickness, drug dependency, thirst and hunger — with extra free poison and pricey poisoned medicine are real and getting bigger faster than a 16 year old playing a video game.

Free drugs, enslave drug makers. Not even AI can control drug crime.

People are buying guns like crazy.

We have to do what everyone hates or we’ll kill each other for food soon.

We have to free drugs and money first. We have to do something good.

Then we sick the bees on the 5G pods just for revenge fun.

I used to watch Another World as a teen, I’m not sure it ever ended.


Fuck Off And Die MuthaFuckass

Do the children of Yemen care what race or gender your bomb is?

God is a gay subterranean space fungi named Phil McCrackin and everybody is gay racist doesn’t know it yet. Everybody is a crazy gay white nigger from hell. Gay commies have been running the harem since Phil invented women. Raping your mother to extinction in the name of power is insanity. This is sort of like what Vaclav Smil means when he says we confuse energy and power.

All American power is about killing. The only social program is prison or war. Cops have all the money. The FBI should be in jail. Justice is a joke that’s killing us. Drugs, birth control and abortion should be free as education and healthcare. Trillion dollar jets don’t save shit. Cops, lawyers and doctors are fucking evil of shit. Soldiers and cops kill people. Blacks, gays, Jews and women are not going to win anything period, because it’s too late.

The only thing left is to do what’s right for once in the face of humanity. Civil war is no answer, it’s what those bitches in the deep state want. Giving blacks gays women and Jews power over white males won’t change anything, only 100% private global carbon wealth dividends will make any difference what so ever. I do this because I know it’s right, not to tilt windmills at imaginary dragons. I am just a scribe who documents research. The only thing I believe in is 100% private carbon wealth dividends, which is just fancy ass talk for FREE MONEY.

It doesn’t matter what you believe to get it done. I don’t care if you think you’ll fuck kids forever on Mars as long as we do it. Nobody cares about anything except money. Fix money fix everything. New contract. No more non-disclosure. Open simple cheap money, not crypto sex drug gun bucks.

We got enough data to predict your next pregnancy and break up, most energy hardware goes to hiding money.

Each link below details systemic, intellectually bankrupt fraud in the name of killing for tax dollars. Now food is the weapon. It’s additive to bullets. Tech is weaponized propaganda. They think we’ll go nuts if we find out, and apparently they’re right. Look at how stupid the conversation is. Both sides want the Ukraine and Poland arms deals to go through. You can’t be intelligent and say there’s no Academic Collusion. Which is 100 years old. Joe Biden is 2 years younger than dinosaurs, the big clit is in her wings and she wants to fuck you up the ass more.

The Evil Dust – Loki 2020

Academic Fraud – Loki 2020

Collapse Charts – Loki 2020

Climate And Energy Fraud – Loki 2020

5G Fraud – Loki 2020

CRISPIER – Loki 2020

Dirty Gene Buckaroos – Loki 2020



Do the children of Yemen care what race or gender your bomb is?

When PFAS and plastic conditioners first came out, all the world’s scientists called it the best thing ever. When wireless came out nobody cared how safe it was, except maybe Israel. When nano particles where first fed to us, all the science publications in the world told us how magic it would be.

It’s very very easy to find good news on CRISPR because corporations own research. If the corporations using CRISPR have to decide between your health and billions in profits, which one do you think they will choose? If CRISPR makes you sick nobody will care because you can’t prove a thing. Nobody could prove cigarettes could kill, even though the world knew, just like 5G, Mars, self driving cars and child sex change.

You can MEASURE how UNSAFE things are in direct proportion to how much HYPE there is in media. Safety hype is directional proportional to how unsafe the product is. This forms the basis of my opinions. If I hear one more physicist talk about multiple universes, or priest talk about god, imma gonna stab them and say now look at my paper cut. Capitalist Communist propaganda is 100 years old, like ever since Madame Curie or uranium.


We have to stop burning 50% of all the fuel in the world in 10 years and 100% private dividends is the only new world currency that is open simple and cheap. The only way to stop it is to pay the people to work the fields.

You can’t buy the world a coke and billions of wireless earbuds. You’re not going to live forever raping kids on Mars. Rick and Morty are pedos. Paradise PD is pedo. Adult Swim is pedo.

If you think the people who gave us unsafe opioids are giving us safe vaccines, then you are an idiot. An idiot is someone who believes in vague ideas about human nature that are not true. Thus ideologues. Ideology is an educated person’s word for, “What’s the big idea?” Idiots are extremely fascistic and doey eyed like pig apes or cows. The people poisoning us are the same people drugging us. Half of famous psyche experiments are frauds and the other half is run by non-disclosure agreements with big drug pushers.

Fluoride is in your water. Petrochemical fluorides and chlorine are raping life on the reproductive cognitive level. Condos are a rip off. I saw this 1971 movie in a theatre when I was 13. We lived in dream world then too.

Victory = Defeat

Same ol’ shit, different pile. This page is ongoing for now.

Generation of herbicide tolerance traits and a new selectable marker in wheat using base editing – Nature 2019

  • Developing herbicide-tolerant varieties by genome editing holds great promise for addressing the worsening weed problems in wheat cultivation. Here, we generated transgene-free wheat germplasms harbouring herbicide tolerance mutations that confer tolerance to herbicides by base editing genes. (Endquote). Yep, herbicide resistance is a bitch. Ask any bug.

All they are doing is making plants more poison resistant so they they can poison us more. This done in the name of food security. A Newfie gun is a gun with the barrel pointed the wrong way. Do you know how to get a one-armed Newfie out of a tree? Answer: wave hi to him

The F-35 fighter jet is such a wonder of science it can’t fly 90% of the time. It’s a female defense contractor’s wet dream. Four of the five biggest defense contractors are women. The CIA and Pentagon nuclear procurement programs are run by women. The torturer in chief is a woman.

Women can rape Gaia better than men because they don’t always suffer from academic circle jerk asphyxia as much as men. Do you feel safe knowing that you are paying women gays and blacks for the F-35? Do you think the children in Yemen care what race the hellfire missile is? You can’t run the world with a harem, they’re just as bad as whitey. Whitey versus the gay black harem doesn’t change anything. They’re just fighting over public private tax shares. You can’t cut 50% of fuel use in 10 years with a bunch of in-fighting harem girly men. It takes Michael Moore 50 years to wipe his ass.

Gene Editing in Agriculture Poses New Risks to Health – FOE 2018

  • Studies show that gene-edited organisms are prone to unintended and unexpected effects at the molecular level. These could pose a threat to human health and the environment if commercialized without comprehensive mandatory safety assessment and oversight.
  • Gene drives, designed to drive a particular trait through the entire population of a species, could have far-reaching and unpredictable negative consequences for organisms and the environment.
  • The prevalence of herbicide-tolerant gene-edited plant proposals implies that gene editing applications will further entrench a chemical-intensive approach to agriculture.
  • There are significant gaps in research about how unintended consequences at the genetic level may impact the whole organism or interact with complex environmental factors.   

CRISPR is a revolutionary gene-editing tool, but it’s not without risk – Stanford Med 2018

  • The rapid pace of CRISPR has raised questions about the regulation and oversight of this gene-altering tool. Bioethical concerns over the intentional misuse of CRISPR. The other is that people with good intentions will inadvertently cause harm.

DNA damage from CRISPR has been seriously underestimated – STAT 2018

Genetically modified wheat – Wikipedia

Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in Canada – CBAN 2018

Unapproved GMO wheat in Washington – AgCanada 2019

Canada finds unapproved GMO wheat in Alberta – Reuters 2018

Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In US — Again – IndianPublicMedia

Is CRISPR Worth the Risk? – SciTechDaily


Crazy Red Heads

If LGTB/BLM/Feminazis don’t support 100% private dividends fuck em. Women run the CIA, Pentagon and 4 of 5 mega defence contractors. Turning black gay chicks against whitey leads to accelerated destruction cheered on by fake intellectual bullshit that’s 100 years old – 2 years younger than the dinosaurs running for office. The reason 100% private dividends don’t get adopted is because they’re greedy and stupid and I hate them.

Ancient Sumerian math used a base 60 model thousands of years ago. Their civilisation lasted over a thousand years. You can learn a lot in a thousand years. They were likely survivors of both Indian and Nordic origin from a comet tail and solar flare that scorched and flooded earth. I’m not a academic, and I don’t trust scientists or priests because the more they talk, the less they work, as in even if Michael Mann’s Rossby Wave resonance paper is great, I’m not certain he actually did anything over just signing his name. And I like it that way.

Cascading Simultaneous Crop Failures a HUGE Risk from Unfortunate Jet Stream Resonances with Earth – Beckwith YT 2020

Lake Chad used to be bigger than the great lakes several thousand years ago or so. Africans had an advanced civilisation too. Africans and Eurasians were pals. Life was plenty and good then. Mammals and rodents as large as horses roamed America with saber tooth tigers and shit. It was rich.

China and America are now fighting over a dam in Africa that won’t have enough water to fill up. Millions of lives hang in the balance. Nobody is certain the Three Gorges Dam won’t bust except the commies. China can do big better than it can do good. Us blowing up school buses in Yemen in the name of LGBTQ/BLM/Feminazis won’t fix shit.

It will take Michael Moore and Global Socialism 50 years to wipe its ass because they’re all lazy fat pig apes who eat poisoned food, drink poisoned air and weeze poisoned thoughts. It’s not the thinking, it’s power of sex and death’s destruction behind the screen, the privilege that blue diode represents. There’s sex light from the screen and death behind its darkness. But that’s just mincing words, no matter how much merch your brand sells. I should look for some cup painting videos.

The Amazon civilisation likely was the offspring of whatever sunk offshore off Singapore. There’s more evidence of ancient coastal Australian and New Zealand societies. All Polynesian descendants know of seafaring redheads. Every race is ancient and valuable because they grew in different worlds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Satanic pedos ran things back then too.

Some Nord red heads are thick skinned polar fishermen who once linked south China with the Amazon and India in some misbegotten age before/after 12,000 years ago. The Amazon wasn’t always the jungle it is today and is likely Atlantis. This first global network could work stone like we work metal. I can’t imagine people who could work stone like that didn’t experiment with a pendulum. Who knows?

I really like this channel mostly because I used to work in a heavy sheet metal machine shop in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. I made the fish processing equipment that wiped out the cod.


Reddit Recovery Day One

The Honey War… I bet most honey is fake now like safe drugs.

I’m glad I’m too lazy cheap and suspicious to hide my ip address.

Jordan Peterson, Bernie Sanders and Justin Trudeau are child sex activists.

Russell Brand and Stephan Fry are pedo activists.

The reason we got Epstein is because 100 years ago feminists raised the age to 18.

The banks started printing money to lend the government for war 100 years ago. Socialists started talking crazy shit 100 years ago, GOT style, right after newspapers popped 100 years ago, likely run by pedos. Things don’t change you just get to know them better.

The people who sell guns sex and drugs are completely evil and they want tax money. Half the shrink research is crazy, and the other half is corrupt. If physicists were half as smart as they say, we would live forever in new universes where I’m the master and you are the slave. White slavery is the new black this year.

Slavery will be back and won’t care about your feelings even though that’s all anyone talks about. It won’t care if you think pronouns are good.

Only 4% mammals by weight are wild, and only 4% energy is green.

There is not enough world for global blue screen 5G.

Bees are directing the minds of red white necks to burn 5G pods.

Bees are not racist, everyone is.

They call me the bee whithler. I’mma queen drone nazi bee whithler.

And I’m worried about stroking so much I’ll end up biding my dongue.

There is not enough tax money for both fighter jets, cops, prisons or green energy and sex word stazis. You only get one shot. There’s not enough ammunition for both sides so pass the fags and damn the potatoes.

Runaway hothouse mass extinction can’t be stopped or reversed in 10 years.

50% of that green energy is a fraud shipping trees corn soy and palm oil to burn in cars, or just for electric power for more lovely tax credits.

Hi tech nano particles and mining dust are chocking the trees and oceans.

In coastal condo blue light land, highly educated people manage what makes the content behind your screen. It is exactly the opposite of the blue light in your eye.

The people who talk equal rights the most are the worst abusers of non white people.

Churches and orphanages are run by abusive rapist pedos who get rapey from all their frustrations with their predereliction.

Doctors are druggies, cops are crooks, priests are pedos, and LGBTQ/BLM/Feminazis are nuts. Unite the gav black poor against white men with violence will save us. Five billion are too fucked and poor to care.

There are likely 5 billion people who don’t give a fuck if it takes Michael Moore and global socialists 50 years to wipe their butt.

Winning matters more than living to the educated.

That’s how they do for 100 years.

You have to be highly educated to ban speech.

Not just any idiot can do that, or maybe they can and do.

Because that’s how they do.

It’s the price you pay for demasculation of body and mind.

It’s no wonder they didn’t allow girls in school 100 years ago.

Now they run the CIA and Pentagon.

Women run the ratlines.

Don’t tell me editing genes is safe, it ain’t just like every single thing else we touch, it turns to shit. Loosing cut and paste mosquitoes on the world is not progress it’s regress. That’s how we got brain eating dust 100 years ago.

Everytime a spark plug lights an angel gets its wings, and another little piece of magnetic ore goes up your nose to inside your brain next to a microwave oven. The precautionary principle means there is no data. Unsafe drugs are everywhere. Unsafe drug data isn’t.

Pollution levels on macro/nano scales are pernicious persistent and ubiquitous. Low gravity and high radiation will fry your ovaries and eyes, along with your brains and your balls. Twenty minutes in a 5G headset will turn you into a simp. This dust accumulates during your life and changes our evolution forever across generations. We are mutating into freaks. Since I don’t got no education, I don’t hate the word freaks.

The only god I believe are 100% private global carbon tax dividends.

If you want to believe fags gypsies and queens you go right ahead and god bless because I only change minds, not fix them.

I googled one of my own pages and it didn’t come up top, so here it is

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