Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The title of this post is from a Roxy music video 1974. It’s probably from some prehistoric literature or something from over 50 years ago.

Zarathustra was Zoroaster from ancient Persia.  Maybe the first one god preacher we know of. I believe the first monotheistic religion may be an older story than even the Sumerian winged man stuff, meaning pre Younger/Dryas over 12,000 years ago. It’s not hard to imagine someone invented a hot air balloon before recorded history. All the gay jew nazi arabs believe this kid of one god stuff. Gore Vidal wrote about it in a book called Creation in 1983. Great stuff for the time. I believe there are as many Gods as there are beaver.





Trump closed China borders Feb 2.

NY Dems promoted public rallies Mar 2.

Hate Trump, hate Dems worse than Trump.

Thousands of simps, shemales and chicks march downtown Toronto & NY Mar 8.


Bernie and Trudeau are pedos, have a great day.


The Two Person Problem

There’s white and yellow fighting over black and olive. The end.

Like I always say, put 3 monkey in a cage and you got problems.

You don’t want even 1 billion new people here eating wild stuff.

62 Edible Wild Plants That You Didn’t Know You Can Eat

The Two Monkey Problem

The breadbasket gets fucked first under global brightness, meaning more drought and flood. India is taking it up the wazoo as we speak, seriously. This is the beginning of the end I’ve been wrong about for forty years. I’m not even wrong twice a day like a clock. In addition, the breadbasket feels climate data impacts 20 years ahead of global average.

North polar ozone blowout events will happen more in time. Mid latitude ozone depletion continues. The North Pole ocean layer separating and heated acidification is the tipping point for the global ocean acid bomb which lasts 10,000 years, ending oxygen abundance forward. A demagnifying earth harms plants and animals. Zero gravity is zero good for brains and eyes in time. All this is happening while America feverishly builds tax funded weaponry for gay saudi jew rabia.

PS – i’m just an absurdist reductionist who likes graphs, the intersection of math and politics, like physicists chasing god particles, and finding them. Or is that priests chasing physicists, and not finding them, — it’s a complicated confused mating signal to noise ratio laugh thingy stuck on repeat. My jokes may be endlessly immortalized in run on sentences, but I’m not, or am whatever. I’m sure the interstellar fungi and lizard lesbos are snickering right now.

A second US Dust Bowl would hit world food stocks

The next time the fertile soils of North America turn to dust, the consequences will hit food stocks worldwide. Drought is already becoming the “new normal” for Californians, and the fertility of the Great Plains is in any case vulnerable to human changes to a natural landscape.


Loki = Gay + Racist

Loki is a black dog who likes white chicks. Daisy is Loki’s white bitch. His first love was a basketball, but it kept getting away from him as a pup. Loki is 11 years old. Loki thinks everybody is gay and racist but who cares? Only people who pretend they’re not. With 7 billion people running out of food it’s going to be embarrassing how little it matters. Like they said on the Titanic, gays and pedos first.

Four percent of vertebrates are wild, the bees are gone the frogs are gay and all males are turning into sterile shemales fed soy oil to get sick and go into debt by Bayer/Monsanto. Monsanto gets you sick, Bayer gets you well. It’s like the magic power potion of evil. The people poisoning you get rich curing you. Think about that for a second, these are the same people who sell jets that don’t fly and substandard condos. Weaponized food medicine and academic publishing. Imagine there’s no heaven.

The people running Bayer Monsanto go to wizard schools run by pedos, who believe they will live forever on Mars or some crazy shit like that. Or, the universe is a video game. I love that one, it’s like physicist priest pillow talk. Do you want to know why I’m so evil, because the deeper meaning of words we impugn is still beyond our grasp. In other words, we’re full of shit.

It’s like taking evil and mixing it with poison for breakfast to make evil assholes rich. We give all the money and power to evil fucking perverted people. We do this because we incentivize greed. Our society is 100 years old, it’s time to do the big people thing and do that thing, you know the good big thing thing. I’m Joe Biden and I support this message. This message is 10 years old. If you are 10 years old, pay attention.

100% private carbon wealth tax dividend = 0% for gov = 100% private UBI for you

This is the kind of power people can’t take away unless you let them. It goes against global high society. Private wealth is based on plenty. No plenty no private wealth. I am 100% evil and I support this message. So pussy up girls. I would rather be gay and racist than against this, or like I would rather have a bottle in front of my frontal lobotomy. It’s not the dying I mind so much, as the stupidity while I’m alive… from my cold dead hands.

Fuck! Ya’d think from the way I’m carrying on I was already dead. My life won’t mean much but was filled with meaning. I may not be gay but at least I still feel the meaning thingy. God help us when the booze runs out.


Tracey Stoller Lovefest

These 2 guys are my fav boy crushes when it comes to media sluts.

Tracey is the foreign policy geek and Stoller the economics freak.

Stoller thinks UBI is stupid, which is retarded, but I still like his connect insight.

100% private carbon wealth tax = 100% private UBI

This is faggy talk for !!!! FREE MONEY 100% ALL OF IT FOR YOU !!!! Ask James Hansen.

Stoller’s story on Bill Clinton selling military secrets to China is out-fucking-standing!

I first saw Tracey on Tubby & Titties. I would be a total Titty simp on TYT,

He was the first politically non woke cuck I saw in 2016. Which is a compliment.

I only got to 40 minutes after 2 tries, because I can only eat so much shit at sitting.

I scroll down to their necks to take the edge off all the fucking empathy shit.

Because it makes better listening than watching.