Killing Free Speech

George Monbiot gets my dick hard. He’s a Guardian columnist who’s got the dirt on dirt, meaning he’s a soil truther. He got shit canned by Facebook.

The Twitter Soy Boy CEO complained about a corporate tax to help San Francisco’s homeless, who don’t even have a pot to piss in, meaning there are no public washrooms for them.

They did this in Toronto many years ago when they got rid of public drinking fountains.

The alt-prog guy from Reverb magazine who cheered Alex Jones’ unpersonhood, is now whining about FB fucking him over.

This is literally forcing you to censor your feelings.

This is literally forcing you to lie about what you feel inside.

They always say it’s the computer’s fault, but that’s bullshit.

Last week’s UofT Magazine published a 2 page report on a hyperloop from Toronto to Montreal.

The hyperloop is complete anti-scientific propaganda. (See Thunderf00t on YT)

Dick Suckerberg and Tweety Blow Boy are under direct orders of the Saudi-Jewish neocon mindfuck mafia.

Both SJWs and NeoCons are anti-science. Men are taller than women. Races are supposed to be unequal, and just because there’s more diversity within each race, rather than between each race, does not make race a social construct. In fact, making that argument is a social construct.

Both SJWs and NeoCons lie because they are fighting over your tax money.

The SJWs want to corrupt carbon taxes and the NeoCons want to continue gangsterism and racketeering.

20% of people are very conservative

20% of people are very progressive

60% of people are too fucked up to give a fuck.

Each 20% claims part of the exhausted majority.

They mis-over-guesstimate their support.

The war of righteousness has been going on for 100 years.

It will go on for another 100 if we let it.

The left will win only when we all lose.

The right will win only when we all lose.

The only alternative is SS Stazi Fascist Statism.

We have 10 years to turn back 200 years of emissions.

We have to undo our whole way of life, top to bottom, left to right.

Using race and sex against class will end in violence.

Violence will lead to collapse because people sell out for safety.

You can’t just tear the world apart without a grownup plan to fix it.

This why we have to phase in 100% private carbon taxes, or we all die.


#climate2videos = Win $$$ !!!

Spend first 33% doomsaying.

Spend 2nd 33% sciencey overload.

Spend 3rd 33% singing songs of Musk.

Spend 1% closing on a personal note.

Send them all to me and bribe me to win first place.

Winner will be announced after a $200,000 gofundme goal.

Guess I better go shut a waterline down.




Runaway Tipping Point = 2020

1.5° C = 2030 | Vee Ramanathan

2.0° C = 2030 | Anthony Ingraffea

1.0° C = Dangerous Climate | James Hansen

1.5° C = Runaway Hothouse | Hans Schellnhuber

1.5° C = 50% less fossil fuels

2.0° C = 100% less fossil fuels

2030 = 50% more food + 30% more water demand | UN

2030 = 40% more food, water demand than supply | UN

2018 = Yemen collapse

2020 = 30% civ collapse

2030 = 100% collapse

1858 – 2018 = 0 – 40 carbon gtons/yr in 160 yrs

1978 – 2018 = 17 – 40 carbon gtons/yr in 40 yrs

2018 – 2028 = 50% less gtons/yr in 10 yrs to avoid 1.5° C | Claire Fyson

2018 – 2038 = 100% less gtons/yr in 20 yrs to avoid 2.0° C | Stefan Rahmstorf

70 years = 100% world energy transition | Vaclav Smil

Anthony Ingraffea = fracking emissions 4X higher than reports


We have to destroy in 20 years what took 200 years to build up.

This requires a new AI open private world social credit system.

2020 is the lock-in date for 1.5° C and likely guarantees hothouse.

This is harder than most people can think, but it’s even harder to do.

20% = very conservative

10% = very progressive

70% = exhausted, sick and tired of the 30%.

30% mis-over-guesstimate their support from 30% of the 70%.

Even 30% of activists hate political correct language.

Ideological wars = war on terrorism + war on drugs.

They cannot be won because they are just ideas.

We need practical solutions, not hyperloops for every garage.

Ideology is exactly how to fail.

Sleepy Sven from Another World: 5 minutes counting sheep.

Gets good around 8:50

Today’s comment:


Ideas Kill

The idea that some people are virtuous enough to spend our money is idiotic at best. I guess that’s why god invented AI. It better hurry up and take over the world, we ain’t got much time. We are still trying to grow a green economy in a media shit storm.

NASA claims four ounces of milk and fracking Yellowstone’s supervolcano will be a essential source of virtuous green geo-energy.

  • Pacific plate subduction is sending pulses of magma to Yellowstone, which is rising due to a gravitational loss of water mass from groundwater and glaciers. So if everybody is having sex after a really hot movie in LA, they could butterfly effect the Yellowstone supervolcano. A famous volcanologist said even a single hand shake can set off a built up energy potential. Funniest volcano story ever. I got kicked out of Reddit again for that one a while back, for inauthenticism, or what we used to call heretical blasphemous witchery. What I call too much imagination. They think collapse is for sciency edgelords. Whenever I joke about science – bam! – I’m outta there.  Being god is good.

Dems say no to climate after mid terms. – The Hill, not worth the link

Chickado Attack: 25 % very conservative + 8% very progressive = 68% too tired to care

The media makes you think more care than really do, most too tired:

Only 20% care says Chickadoodle – RT YT 2 min

Alex Smith goes full tilt bleaktard this week.

bbb – my first post

Whiney comic boy has endless hissy fit over whiney comic girl. – YT

  • at least those trees aren’t dying for nothing. I was a Jack Kirby comic artist wannabe when I was 14. I wish they could retoon the Silver Surfer. Loved the comic and cartoon, hate their movies, Marvel is just plain evil now. Kirby had the tunnel vision. He went down the page’s perspective rabbit hole. He took on the whole page organically, with as many disasters as epic masterpieces. I wanted to be Kazar, a blond barbarian. The hardest part of being a comic artist is staring down the blank page.







Trump Vs. Hillary 2020 !!!


The UN’s Devastating Climate Change Report Was Too Optimistic

  • Extraordinarily good article. American arms dealers did 911 for money, and it will be much harder to get rid of them. Some say we hit the energy wall in 2015. I thought it was 2006, but that’s splitting hairs.

10 Reasons We May Be Entering a Dark Age of Technology 

  • Super excellent YT video 10 min, very excellent machine cog materials analysis, because despite all I say I’m still just a rat in a cage.

Interlude: The world is run by super-evil men and women. The richer, the eviler. This has been true longer than there’s been a pope. But now we have the tech to be super-ultra-maxi evil. Like evil with 36 zeros behind it, which is a galactic level 3 energy use scenario. They take turns at the top. This has nothing to do with good.

How Hillary Clinton could win in 2020

  • Because 30 years is not enough. She will suck up all the oxygen on earth. I hope I die before I get old.

The Elon Musk Fiction: How Myths Paralyze Progress

  • My Pet Psyop Peeve

‘Do Not Track,’ the Privacy Tool Used by Millions of People, Doesn’t Do Anything Gizmodo

  • Antiviral Mob

Washington Post Says that Protectionism for Its Friends is “Free Trade” Dean Baker

  • Bozos Insane Clown Posse

Self-Censorship: Where The Real Damage Is Being Done Caitlin Johnstone

  • Ima K8y Lesbo Whore but still haven’t read it yet

“They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive”: Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist Killing Emerge

  • She Came, She Saw, She Laughed, when Kadaffi got a bayonet up his ass

Albright and Clinton starved half a million Iraqi children in the 90s. Letting women become catholic priests will not stop pedophilia, because both men and women do it.

The first black president ran out of bombs in Syria before he retired.

If you think Liberals or Conservatives are going to help, you’re retarded.

Go 3rd or go home.

Clickbait: Man on moon takes down YouTube for forty mins. Details at r/conspiracy.

Funny As Fuck Interlude: Do you know what happens to a coke can in a vacuum?





Inauthentic Pedo Bunny Fun In The Sun

There’s a photo online of Bernie Sanders at Voodoo Donuts. I believe Bernie is a pedo bunny, which is why he said Assad has to go. The Saudi Deep State has him by the balls.

Trudeau’s 2016 Foundation report has the classic blue pedo triangle on it.

The prime minister of New Brunswick used to rape jeuvey boys at the mansion.

Jordan Peterson is pedo bunnies with Russell Brand and Stephan Fry, both who appear in Pedophiles in Parliament by Sonia Poulton.

The pope is a pedo bunny personified.

The idea that green energy is going to save us while the largest planned mass starvation event, since 90s Iraq one by the Clintons, is ongoing in Yemen, and it is exceedingly hypocritical of news media to downlist the atrocities and has to stop. Without honesty, there’s no saving nuthin. Especially when Bozos, Soros and Kissinger are accusing us of inauthenticism.