Your Top Ten Post-Collapse Everything

First, Your Pre-Collapse Daily News

China’s Credit UK Retail Sales Volumes Fall At Fastest Rate In Seven Years

Bubble Has Now Burst

Pope Likens Refugee Holding Centers To ‘Concentration Camps’

Scientists Consider Brighter Clouds to Preserve the Great Barrier Reef 

The trees that make Southern California shady and green are dying. Fast.

US business schools failing on climate change

107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud 

French election 2017: Marine Le Pen leading the race as polls open


Pundits Who Helped Sell NATO’s Destruction of Libya Push for Trump to Lead Syria Regime Change

Inundated with gunshot victims, Chicago doctors and nurses face ‘compassion fatigue’

Resistance in the 21st Century and the Futility of Reforming Fundamentally Vicious Systems

The Looming Neocon Invasion of Trumpland

How the Disappearing Arctic Ice is Already Changing Your Weather

Pollution from Europe helped cause a drought in India that was one of the country’s worst ever natural disasters, affecting more than 130 million people

7 Years After Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico Dolphins Struggle To Reproduce

Post Collapse Media Memes


Collapse 2107-04-22

Beware: The Next Financial Crisis Is Coming

Robert Prechter Is Awaiting A Depression-Like Shock In The US

Everything Gets Worse – Pakistan vs. India

On Neocons and their Mental Defects

28 Refugees Found Dead In Drifting Dinghy Off Libyan Coast

Ocean Currents Are Sweeping Billions of Tiny Plastic Bits to the Arctic

UK weather: Snow and storms to strike Britain with low temperatures lasting for weeks

South India’s slum dwellers forced to beg for water, authorities helpless

Death toll soars in attack on Afghan army base

Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying on Students

Louisiana’s Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline

Theranos Secretly Bought Outside Lab Gear, Ran Fake Tests

The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Shuttering at a Record Pace
Landlords have been trying to put through big rent increases, with the result that there are tons of vacancies.

U.S. Farmers, Who Once Fed the World, Are Overtaken by New Powers

NYU grad student goes undercover in Chinese iPhone factory and it ain’t pretty

Congrats, Graduates! Here’s Your Diploma and Debt

On Interventionistas and their Mental Defects 

Think UK’s coal-free day was a sign of progress? Not so fast

Vomitoxin makes nasty appearance for U.S. farm sector

Heatwave claims nearly 40 lives in Telangana at 45 deg C ( 113 F )

Nearly 40 million people live in UK areas with illegal air pollution

Bloomberg’s Carbon Clock

Water Is Streaming Across Antarctica 

EPA Considers Gutting Regulations on Lead Contamination

“Total Chaos” – Cyber Attack Feared As Multiple Cities Hit With Power Grid Failures





Collapse 2017-04-21

Arresting Julian Assange Is A Priority, Says US Attorney General

Austria Calls For Closure Of Mediterranean Migrant Route

Do African Famines Presage Global Climate-Change Catastrophe?

America Is the World’s Biggest Terrorist Organization

Trump tested as hard economic data spell trouble

The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners

Paul Tudor Jones Says U.S. Stocks Should ‘Terrify’ Janet Yellen

Alaskans live on frontier of climate change

NASA’s James Hansen: Data Proves Global Warming is Causing Crazy Weather

Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study

Pesticide makers claim endangered species science ‘flawed’

China probe uncovers environment breaches at two-thirds of firms

Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites

How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything

Watch Bubbling Alaska Lakes Catch on Fire

Climate change will fuel terrorism, report warns

Cash only doctors scare insurance industry

Palm Oil Expands Into Africa

No Safe Forests Left For Stranded Chimps

Scientists Explain Climate Change Using Before/after Photographic Evidence

Climate Change as Genocide

The Boom Boom Room





Collapse 2017-04-20

A Melting Arctic Changes Everything

Bose Corp sued over spying headphone app

Thousands of dead fish wash up on Lake Michigan

Brazil slashes environment budget

Canary in the Kelp Forest

Water Is Streaming Across Antarctica

Trillions of Plastic Bits, Swept Up by Current, Are Littering Arctic Waters

Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

For Cods Sake: The Future of a Collapsing Fishery

Corporations Will No Longer Have to Disclose Use of Bloody Conflict Minerals

Geoengineering Hits The Field

Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Same Six Corporations

The EU’s Collapse Is Now “Imminent”

40% of Spanish Children Live in Poverty

Feds Knew of 700 Wells Fargo Whistleblower Cases in 2010

The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners

The Jobless Economy

Our Food Supply: Always In Season, Always At Risk

Tiny Toonz


The Collapse Of Life On Mars

Plasma physicist and nuclear weapons expert, Dr. John Brandenburg, explains how Mars collapsed.

Plasma physicist, Dr John Brandenburg, discusses his new hypothesis concerning high levels of weapons grade radiation detected on mars. The evidence is irrefutably the ratio of xenon isotopes left by a nuclear signature large enough to destroy a whole planet. The blast was in the air and extended all around the whole sphere, leaving a debris field on the opposite side. There is also evidence of green glass beneath the blast sites that is formed when a nuclear blast melts nearby sand.

Brandenburg is a nuclear weapons expert and worked just down the hall from the fellas who invented the neutron bomb. He’s not some UFO tinfoil hat kook. He’s deep state, inner circle establishment. He has lots of support from his peers, who by the way, are not idiots, but are PHd scientists. He’s sat on this information for years, building his case, and is now old enough to not care what reactionaries think. His story about a technological civilization on Mars is supported by another ranking retired general.

The reason this is being slowly leaked into the mediascape is money. It’ll cost a trillion bucks to get to Mars, so we’re gonna need an exceptionally strong excuse to fund that kind of project.

You may have once heard the story about the faces and pyramids found on Mars, but there’s a lot more to this story than what you’ve heard. It is truly fascinating. Keep an open mind, don’t be dismissive, and listen to the evidence. The evidence points to a nuclear mid-air explosion about a quarter to a half billion years ago. If true, you’ve now learned about 3 separate civilizational mega-collapses. One on Mars nearly half a billion years ago, one on earth 13,000 years ago and the one coming up in the next 10-20 years.

Look at the map below, notice how all the Mars anomalies are in one place, the same place the rovers landed. Coincidence? I think not. Cydonia and Galaxias Chaos are also sites where the archaeological remains of civilization have been discovered. The interviewer in this video is clumsy and unskilled, but Brandenburg is patient, jovial and funny as fuck. He’s a guy after my own heart, and no, I did not smoke a joint yet this morning.

In the last decade new evidence has surface on Mars monuments, ancient ruins of cities, massive structures and pyramid complexes. Here’s Brandenburg again.


Collapse 2017-04-19

The Great Western Economic Depression

How Western Civilisation Could Collapse

Key South Africa Leopard Population Crashing

Sustainability: The Train Has Left the Station

Methane Increasing Because Banned CFCs Not Around To Destroy It

Climate change promises rough ride for airlines

Deforestation has become big business in the Brazilian Amazon

According to a recent study there are two major threats that have claimed civilisations in the past – environmental strain and growing inequality.


The Automation Grift: The Robots Are Hiding From The Data But Not From The Pundits, Part 1

Where Have All the Shop Clerks Gone?

Big Oil Field Discovered Off Somalia – Big US Guns Attack


Firefighters Vs. Climate Change + Collapse 2017-04-18

Trump’s Next Big Policy Reversal Could Be On The TPP

UK Will Never Build Enough Homes To Keep Prices Down

Critically Endangered Species Poached In World’s Protected Natural Sites

At Least 8,500 Migrants Rescued From Mediterranean In Three Days

Hunting is driving declines in bird and mammal populations across the tropics

‘Detergent’ Molecules and Atmospheric Methane

Humans Flood Interior Cities As Oceans Flood Coastal Cities

Big Heat Wave Vs. Little Ice Age

Protests as Turkey extends state of emergency

The Crisis of Attention Theft—Ads That Steal Your Time for Nothing in Return

New documentary gives an insight into the thankless task of moderating the internet


The sun savior is itself a sign of collapse, likely the bargaining stage of grief.

A New “CRISPR Pill” Makes Bacteria Destroy Its Own DNA 
CRISPR Scares The MuhFucking Jesus Outta Me

Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet 
Shape-shifting Clinton, Just Like His Dad, Pedo Complicit, Canadian Royalty – Castro’s Son

Theranos Agrees Not to Operate Blood Lab for Two Years 
Why isn’t Elizabeth Holmes in jail?

Abrupt cooling over the North Atlantic

FireFighters Vs. Climate Change – Bing

The future of fighting wildfires in the era of climate change

FireFighters Vs. Climate Change – Google

The Antidote