The Right Man’s Burden

The Purge – In 2018, don’t vote for anyone over 30!

I always like to rudely play both sides of the political minefield so that everyone can find reason to hate me more than my truth, I’m kinda mental that way. If you don’t want to know my truth, then I’ll give you every excuse not to. I may no be right, but I’m never wrong. I call it my over privileged right man’s burden

Over my bed, I have 3 pin-up posters with James Hansen, Kevin Anderson and Peter Wadhams’ heads cut off and pasted on the shoulders of 3 Kardashian bikini bodies

Collapse Daily

Biology’s beloved amphibian — the axolotl — is racing towards extinction (Nature)

Robot army is transforming the global workplace (FT) | Techies’ beloved algos bear fruit

Genealogy Companies Say They’re Willing to Give Law Enforcement Your DNA (The Root) | My name is Kunta Kenyea

When Unpaid Student Loan Bills Mean You Can No Longer Work (NYT) | Oldy Purge

The Hidden Cost Of Electric Cars (

Green finance for dirty ships (The Economist) | Global Shit Show

Hackers could take control of cars and kill millions, ministers warned (The Times) | So, who gives a fuck because self-driving cars

Everything Is Overvalued And Implicitly Overleveraged (Peters) | #1 cause of last bubble, a mere 3% drop in valuations caused a massive de-leveraging tsunami

Millions of trees at risk from rising temperatures. Rising temperatures will put almost one-quarter of trees in Australian cities at risk by 2070. (

Environmental Economists Studying the Impact of Climate Change on Manufacturing in China Predict Substantial Losses by Mid-21st Century | What I been sayin! LOL! Assumes no extra magnitudinal seismic events on The Ring of Fire

Fracking’s use of water negates proclaimed benefits to society ( | The water use frack story always follows the emissions going down story, which is always followed by the economy decoupling from emissions story.

China Is The World’s Biggest Energy Market Mover ( | When greenies repeat the China is a renewable energy leader mantra, the do not also inform you that China is a leader in all forms of energy.

Climate Change + Finance = Green Financing ( | Climate Change + Finance = Green Bullshit

Progress made in climate talks ( | If you read this story, you will die

China is building 30 “sponge cities” to soften the blow of climate change ( | Sponge + City = Oxymoronic

What Climate-Conscious Cities Can Learn From Each Other ( | Tech site +  green cities = green bullshit

Per Espen Stoknes: How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming [TED video] ( | How to turn it into bad puns, bad jokes, bad errors in politics and style

Texas faces more Harvey-sized hurricanes | The Texas story is bigger than copping fake coal pledges because once the tight oil and gas are gone, the coal comes back, just like the cat

The Future of Lake Effect Snow (Climate Central) | Buffalo SnowField

Banks Show An Almost Autistic Disregard For The Law – Australia Senator (Abc) | I would know

Groundwater Depletion: Another Source of CO2 | Bad News All Over Again

Facebook is a bigger threat to privacy than is Aadhaar, says tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa (The Economic Times)

How a half-educated tech elite delivered us into chaos (Guardian) | The Great UnVaxxed

Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel (NYT) | Techies have a meltdown

GE faces lawsuit over role in Fukushima nuclear disaster (Boston Globe) | Dirty Tricks from beyond the grave. They should be in jail with the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas

Vid Nite Binge

If this guy doesn’t put you to sleep, you’re on crack

Indy Spirit boy puts on the best show despite chant intro

Kevin Slams open generational bid


































collapse daily news

Yemen children are dying at a rate of 130 a day while Saudi-led blockade continues (

Over 50,000 Yemeni Children Expected To Die By The End Of 2017 (Ind.)

Groundwater Depletion Could Be Significant Source of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 

More Carbon from Plants in Warming World

Industrial Strength: How the U.S. Government Hid Fracking’s Risks to Drinking Water Inside Climate News

World set for 3.4˚C by 2100

New research projects two percent increase in global emissions in 2017

Our Plastic Is Polluting Marine Life Found 36,000 Ft Below Ocean Surface (

Amazon Gold Rush Continues to Decimate Peru’s Rain Forest. Despite government efforts, mining has expanded into protected areas. (

US-Led Bombings in Iraq Kill 31 Times More Civilians Than Reported (

Pedo Frank: Indifference To The Effects Of Climate Change Is A “Perverse Attitude”(

Millions of trees at risk from rising temperatures. Rising temperatures will put almost one-quarter of trees in Australian cities at risk by 2070. (

Human-induced ecological crisis will turn fisherfolk into climate refugees: Ram Naik

Living with Pollution in China (

“The environmental cost of free two-day shipping” (on YouTube) (

Opponents “Incensed” Nebraska Panel Won’t Consider This Week’s Spill in Keystone XL Decision (

$14 million Idaho hatchery built to save salmon is killing them instead(

China’s plan to use solar power to melt permafrost to turn a Tibetan grassland into an artificial forest on the roof of the world: Scientists question the value and environmental impact of the expensive project, which is of special interest to the Chinese president. (

U.S. Forest Service will allow Atlantic Coast Pipeline through two national forests (

Nasa map of Earth over 20 years highlights astonishing impact of climate change (

Air Pollution Hindering Solar Energy Potential in China (

600 African Migrants Rescued Near Spain (AFP)

Is Satire “Fakenews”? – How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil Moon of Alabama

Twitter says you can lose verified status for bad behavior — even if it’s off Twitter Recode

With U.S. Backing, Ukraine Pushes to Privatize Paris Climate Agreement The Intercept.

Universities Cause 50% of Emissions? Intellectual Dishonesty. Kevin Anderson.



The Top 25 Reasons For Collapse In 2017

The Top 25 Under-Reported Stories of 2017 (Project Censored) | #1 = 3,000 U.S. neighborhoods have 100% more lead than Flint. That’s 2X, twice as much lead

Rockström: The Earth System in 2050 – Carbon Law (YouTube) | Rock nails it at min 3:45 about how after the great acceleration of 1955, we hit the red line danger zone in 1990. That’s nearly 30 years ago, or nealy as long as Bill and Hillary have been out of jail. Rock blows it at the end with a literal pie-in-the-sky exploding pie chart, because as long as America spends $1,000,000,000.00 / yr killing people, it doesn’t matter how many pies you explode in the sky.

<<< 30 Years Into The Red Zone >>>


Can carbon-sucking technologies hold back climate change? (Reuters) | Not as much Reuters sucking can.

Toxic algae: Once a nuisance, now a severe nationwide threat ( : Too much nitrogen in waters

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media ( | Conspiracy = Crazy

James Hansen Calls For Wave Of Climate Lawsuits (Guardian) | Gays, Blacks, Women & Rich Whites For James Hansen!

Afghanistan’s opium almost doubled in one year (

Electricity Consumed To Mine Bitcoin Rose 43% Since October (BBG)

Pope Francis denounces climate change deniers: “one of the most worrisome phenomena that humanity is facing” ( | Unlike pedophiles

Arkema Update: Chemical Plants and Climate Change (

More Than 200,000 Gallons Of Oil Spill Along The Keystone Pipeline(

The UK and Canada have launched a global alliance of 20 countries committed to phasing out coal  ( | Canada = Tar Sands | Tar Sands = Worse Than Coal

Canada’s most shameful environmental secret must not remain hidden( | Besides Queen Victoria stealing 10 native kids for pedo Montbatten. All who were never heard from again.

US lifts import ban on African elephant trophies  (

China’s Climate Change Paradox (Planetizen) | Green energy leader grows emissions faster than anyone else


In the Future, We’ll Love Our Robot Pets, But Will They Love Us Back? (The Daily Beast) | Chelsea’s poison chalice

Why the robot boost is yet to arrive FT | Boost!!!!?

Blockchain moves beyond its ‘moonshot’ phase (The American Banker) | If a banker says blockchain is good, it means they figured out how to cimininalize it

Saudi crackdown will not hit investments: energy minister Falih Reuters | It because of the hit investments are going to take, not enough juice for all

Bill Clinton’s accusers deserved to be heard, Donna Brazile says during Miami visit (Miami Herald) | Sean Fucking Hannity is a fucking piece of shit who has done more for women than than fancy feminist liberals

Democrats Are Shockingly Unprepared to Fight Climate Change (The Atlantic)| Like I said

The Uncounted (NYT) | NYT = Lies – Truth

Five Decades of Middle-Class Wages: October 2017 Update (Advisor Perspectives)

Researchers Measure Inequality Caused by Agriculture in Ancient World (Lab Equipment) | And automation hyper-intensified inequity

Greater post-Neolithic wealth disparities in Eurasia than in North America and Mesoamerica (Nature) | Evidentiary granularity: Too much belly button lint for navel gazing

Vid Trig

Do you remember way back several months ago when robots could barely walk?







Self-Driving Cars Will Kill Us

Youth are urban info junkies.

The youth tech startup dream cut us from our nature and each other.

Unless youth can articulate and organize revolution all is lost.

Unless we speak beyond the common narrative of race sex and class, earth will die.

It’s not about rich gamers and snowflakes and our immortal overlords.

It’s not about refereed literature and media credentials.

It’s about not fighting with yourself and others for a truce of survival.

There will be no time for a political revolution.

The coup de grâce will be a social media event.

But what and when won’t matter much if it’s too late.



Bill Rees + David MacKay = Epochal Collapse

Left Foot

If you watch the Dr. William Rees interview with Chris Martenson, you will get beautifully simple explanation of how bad our ecological footprint is for our survival predicament. We are literally stealing whale food now.

Right Foot

If you watch the Dr. David MacKay TED talk on renewable energy, you will get beautifully simple explanation of how bad our renewable energy ecological footprint is for our survival predicament. South Korea doesn’t have enough land for solar/wind energy.

Foot March

There is a lot of highfallutin talk of human systems ecology which triggers a viscerally mean spirit in my JuJu.



The Sand King

The Violence of the Lambs

We have to produce 2.-3 billion tons of iron ore every year just to get the rare earth minerals our A.I. driven windmills and solar panels need to thrive.

You can’t just dig up a couple billion tons of iron ore every year and leave it laying around, you have to sell it for construction, and construction causes 50% of human emissions. Dubai sits on a desert, but it has to import all its construction sand. Desert sand is too round because of the wind, it doesn’t hold cement together well enough for constructing buildings.

Our hi-tech immortal overlords have feet of clay on shifting sands.

Complicating this, is the looming world construction sand shortage. These shortages are so critical, there’s talk of Sand Wars and extreme measures to get it. The sand crisis is not some 2090s kind of thing, it looms large, and it looms now. We haven’t even begin to understand what it means. We mine over 11 billion tons of sand per year. If we stop, we can’t sell the iron, if we can’t sell the iron, we can’t get magic minerals our hi-tech dreams are made from. All work, and no dreams, makes Johnny a bad, bad boy, etc.

Blood Sand

There’s nothing Business Insider likes more than war:

The world is running out of sand (Business Insider)

I imagine that coal and sand will become pirated by outside third party contractors, along with the usual corporate promises for the pursuit of “clean” sand and energy.

 Search: rare earth elements from iron mines