Got War? The Debt Inversion Bubble

Feel the war drum vibe?

The Pentagon got busted for losing $6 Trillion the other day. The last time they were busted this big, they admitted to losing $1 Trillion on Sept 10, 2001. Well, we know how that went. America has always believed war and technology would always get them out of any jam. The only way it ever really does, is buy selling debt. This may be top secret, but you can’t borrow your way out of debt, while promising to kill anyone who gets into your way.  American operatives have said they will openly/secretly kill Iranian and Russian troops in Syria.

In 1975, I was a male army cadet lieutenant in Blind River, Ontario, Canada and in charge of the first girl platoon in our country. I gave them their marching orders wearing shoulder length hair and a lime colored Wile E. Coyote t-shirt because I ‘forgot’ my uniform that night.

Our troop had once visited St. Andrew’s Air Force Base in Michigan. Being lieutenant, I was allowed to sit in the left navigator seat in the belly of an American B52 Bomber. Since I was told to touch nothing, I flicked the next to last switch by my left elbow, that’s when two ankle clamps sprung over my ankles. The guide officer said that had I hit the next button, left of the one I hit, I would have been plainly ejected out the bottom of the plane. This is only clearly not obvious now. The reason I digress is that B52 bombers have been reactivated in Afghanistan for the first time in 10 years. The old carpet bombers Kissinger blessed Asia with.

Axis Of Terror: Killary-Obama-Hissinger

Quick, the antidote…



Your Collapse Command Center

Real Time And Near Real Time Collapse Modules!

Would you like to see the world unfold as it should? It’s not pretty, and it’s not for the faint of heart. You can watch it all in real time right now right here.

The World Weather Atlas

Get to know this module. By moving the globe to where you want, you can then click on the word ‘Earth’ at the bottom of your screen and select winds, ocean currents, temperatures to see what is happening now and what’s happening where, anywhere on earth.

The World Drought Atlas

Satellites can detect differences between rock, forests, and grasslands because these surfaces will emit energy differently back into space. In measuring these differences and observing patterns of vegetation, or lack of growth, NOAA scientists can monitor how droughts are changing across the world.

The World Wild Fire Atlas

Each of these fire maps accumulates the locations of the fires detected by satellites over a 10-day period. Each colored dot indicates a location where satellites detected at least one fire during a 10 day period. Color ranges from red where the fire count is low to yellow where number of fires is large. Having a world wild fire map that’s less than 10 days old is extraordinarily useful. You can literally watch the world burn.

Global Conflict Tracker

Curious about what the world’s number one terrorist organization is doing? On this map, you can see all the world’s conflicts that affect U.S. strategic interests world wide.

World Conflict Map News Tracker

This map keeps you up to date on all the world’s conflict news with just one click.






The Great 3 Dimensional Chess Game

Do you remember the original Star Trek tee vee show where Spock and Kirk play chess on a multi leveled see through chess board?  I do, and it was the most my mind ever got blown without sex or drugs.

Do you remember the ol’ school story about doubling a grain of wheat on each and every square of a chess board? It goes like this, if you start with a single grain of wheat and double it for every square on the board, you end up with more wheat than is grown in all the world.

We are changing earth’s forests and peat bogs from carbon sinks, that absorb carbon, into carbon emitters, opposite of the way we like it to be. I wish the last 2 Beatles wrote a song called ‘Don’t Let It Be’.  It’s like your gain is as large as your loss, or, it’s like twice the ol’ double whammy.

Natural emissions are rapidly accelerating from more than a dozen naturally occurring feedback tipping points, independently from human emissions. Natural emissions will soon outweigh human emissions. These tipping points are on exponential curves, just like the grains of wheat on the chess board. Exponential curves are like that drunken tipsy feeling you get before the ground rushes up and smacks you in the face. I did just exactly that on a subway platform 20 years ago. My dad once told me that you are not drunk if you can still hang onto a blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth, he was being facetious.

Collapse is an exponential curve. The economy is collapsing, but we are just barely feeling it. Or, we are just at that ‘pre-collapse tipsy’ moment, before reality rushes up to smack us in the face. Energy depletion is also an exponential curve. Just like I’m going get drunk this morning, and collapse tonight. Human carbon emissions are also on an exponential curve. But, far more seriously, natural source carbon emissions from a dozen different feedback systems are also all on exponential curves. This may be the weed talking, but I doubt if there are any really straight lines when talking about any throughput material like carbon.

It’s like taking a 12 layer chess board and placing a grain of wheat on each level, and then doubling them all for every square on the chess boards. The boards will collapse far quicker than it would from doubling just a single grain.

The temperate and tropical zones will soon feel permanent catastrophic consequences from weather and climate extremes in less than 5 years. But, people forget that the Arctic is heating up to 5 times faster than the rest of the planet.

An emergency meeting has been called at The London Royal Academy of Science because we recently found out that the oceans are losing oxygen 6 times faster than we thought.

When ocean temperatures finally reach 5° C, ocean oxygen will stop being produced.

When carbon emissions go up enough, oxygen slowly leaks into space.

When carbon reaches 1500 ppm, the oceans slowly drift off into space.

We are causing earth to lose its air and water.

The earth will not be fine without us.

3 D Star Trek


How Unsexy Kills – Cold Comfort For Cold Carbon




The Misanthropocene

I don’t like people, but I love animals. I could watch people die on video all day long. But, if a dog even gets hurt, I lose my fucking mind. I cannot look at sad photos or videos of polar bears, elephants, rhinos, bees etc.

Now, Commie Dreams reports that there are 18 years of data showing how neonics are hurting bees, and other insects, and deep down we know nothing will be done about it. You’ll wait ’til the cows come home before you wait for neonics to be banned. I don’t hate people. Some of my best friends are people. God, I can’t believe I’m human.

Like they said on HeeHaw, “Hey grandpa, what’s for supper?”

99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

90% of Lions gone since 1993.

90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

97% – Humans & Livestock are 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

10,000 years ago we were 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

Humans and livestock caused 80% of land-air-water vertebrate species extinctions and occupy half the land on earth. 

Global Conflict Tracker!/p32137



Even Gold Cups Need Water


You can’t drink gold!

We are in the sweet spot, if energy prices stay low, oil companies go bankrupt and so do banks, if energy prices go high, consumers go bankrupt and so do banks. The European bank system is faltering. Tokyo is a mess, and China has more debt than stars in the universe. China took the debt ball in ’08 and ran it into the biggest bubble in all human history. In the U.S. the neocons will win this fall, no matter who wins the election. Henry fucking Kissinger is back in the lime light.

The U.S. wants to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen’s woman and children, all while enforcing another murderous blockade leaving Yemen’s woman and children to starve.

We are headed for another financial crises, a new depression, and soon we’ll see water and food shortages and rising energy prices. The continental interiors will burn and the coasts storm and flood. The oceans are losing oxygen six times faster than thought. The Amazon is drying up and burning away. Just look at the daily drought map above. When oceans die and forests stop acting like carbon storage sinks and instead become emitters of carbon, then the whole world is fucked. The future of storms, floods, droughts is going to be worse than anything in all human history. The tropics will face catastrophic consequences from climate in 4 years. The temperate zones will face catastrophic consequences from climate also in 4 years. In five years, the refugee flood will turn into a Tsunami. Five more years of flood and drought extremes will damage civilization irreparably as water becomes more important than gold.

By this time, war and hatred will break out into the open.



Politics, The Art Of War

Fake Liberals = Neo Liberals

There are 2 kinds of liberals, the evil kind like $$ Clinton, and the kind that are anti-sexist and racist. They are both acting in rhythm to bang the Anti-Trump drum home daily, which will lead us to war if Hillary wins. Donald Trump will also war. We can’t win.

Go to liberal sites like Truth Out, Truth Dig, AlterNet, Commie Dreams, Grist, Think Progress and read the daily Trump dump diatribes, and be assured, you will go crazy, because the Clintons are stone cold killers who are strictly pay for play with foreign billionaires. In six days, five of their enemies conveniently died. I wouldn’t touch Clinton or Trump with a ten-foot pole.

Fake liberals are the people who tell you renewable energy will save earth. This is patently absurd. The world will die of hunger and thirst before renewables provide even 20% of total world energy demand. The technological mineral basis for renewable energy will implode before even 3 billion people move to renewable energy. The resource demand is too great. Even if we cut energy demand 50%, we still have to increase energy use 50% by 2050, just due to population and urban growth pressures.

Yet at the same time, some the biggest fastest growing cities in the world are in Asia. These cities are destroying our oceans and the oceans will soon strike back with never before seen super ultra maxi bad mega storms. By 2050, these gigantic storms will be unlike any ever witnessed in our 2 million year history as a species.  Asia’s brand new steel and concrete office and apartment towers will rust sitting in the oceans. They will quickly fall start to fall over in just 20 years after the oceans assume command of some of the world’s biggest mega cities. The coasts will face meters per decade ocean rise by 2060, and the tropics and temperate zones will be abandoned.

You may have notice that the coasts are flooding and storming more while the interior breadbaskets are drying up and burning away. Nearly a 100 million trees are dead along the North American coast, yes – that includes Canada yanks.

By 2050, 50% of humanity will be severely short of water. The soil is being consumed by GMOs which cause “green deserts”, where not even bees can live. We use so much nitrogen, the ocean fish are being starved of oxygen.

When CO2 gets to 1,500 parts per million, and it will sooner than you think, the oceans will long have stopped producing oxygen and all the oxygen in the atmosphere will slowly but surely bleed off into space. Yes, the air we breathe and the oceans we swim in will go away, it will take millions of years, but once started, all the carbon from nearly all the life that ever lived on earth will be turned into gas. So no, the earth will not be fine without us. We have set off a bomb that will blow up in our face in 10 years. Get ready, buy emergency food buckets, because when truckers stop bringing in feed, you’ll be eating your pet goats.

Further suggested reading – A condensed energy/ecology perspective.











How We Prepare Our Children For Collapse

What Are We Doing To Our Kids?

By now you’ve heard that 8 year old children are watching video screens an average of 8 hours per day. How is that affecting them? How will it affect them under the adversity to come?
My dad used to call the teevee, the “One-Eyed Babysitter” or the “One-Eyed Monster”.
Video screens are one of the few things that can hold the human eye still. You’ll notice when you stare at a screen everything that surrounds the screen fades into white. This is due to your eye holding still. In order to see clearly, our eyes need to be constantly shifting. If you stare a candle, and focus just on the flame, you can make the world disappear and fade into white. As an aspiring zen/buddhist teen, I was once right into this sort of thing. That was over 40 years ago.
If you combine the effects of video and environmental toxicity, you can see our kids don’t stand much of a chance. There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment, many of these chemicals likely recombine into brand new unknown chemicals. There is already a whole ecosystem of “undiscovered” man-made chemicals floating around in our bodies.
Then we add genetically modified foods, synthetic computer-designed DNA  and a hoard of nano-particles, just to juice up the spectrum of unexpected outcomes our children now face.
Okay, so our kids are going wacko because we poison their bodies and minds for profit. Now, let’s take into account what they are not doing. They are not playing outside. They are limiting their eye’s focus fixing ability and becoming lazy, narcissists who constantly seek affirmation for nothing.
After poisoning their minds, hearts and bodies, we will leave them with a world that is collapsing into a horror show no one can imagine. Good luck with that kids. You’ll need it.