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Planetary climatic habitat disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary human population disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary resource demand disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary resource supply disruption increasing exponentially.

Automated AI, Block Chain, Robotics, CRISPR and 5G disruption increasing exponentially.

Multiple threat disruption increasing exponentially.

Human Caused Disruption

Automated AI

Block Chain



5G mmWaves & IOT

Climatic Habitat Disruption


Collapse Daily

The World May Have Less Time to Address Climate Change Than Scientists Thought – Scientific American

Allowable ‘carbon budget’ most likely overestimated –

Why Hope Is Dangerous When It Comes to Climate Change – Slate

Gas pipelines supplying Europe “in real danger from exploding tundra” warns scientist

Water supplies are a threat to European energy – A large gas power station can use an Olympic-sized swimming pool of water per minute.

Sperm Counts In The West Plunge By 60% In 40 Years

More Fire and Anthrax for the Arctic: Study Finds 21 to 25 Percent of Northern Permafrost Will Thaw at Just 1.5 C of Warming – Scribbles

Climate Change Is About to Remake the Insurance Industry

10,000 evacuated over new fierce blaze in Southern France

Pope Francis turns off historic Vatican fountains amid Italy drought

Rome facing water rationing as Italy suffers driest spring for 60 years – Guardian

UK should increasingly expect record winter rains, says Met Office

Roombas have been mapping your homes for years, and that data’s about to be sold to the highest bidder – Hoovering the dirt in and on your home.

British kids losing touch with nature – Daily Record

Climate Change Is Killing Us Right Now – Wired

Ten out of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tested positive for cancerous glyphosate

Extreme El Nino events more frequent even if warming limited to 1.5C

Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017 – Guardian

Hundreds of dead fish found floating in Colorado lake

How we got here: The origins of post-truth anti-environmentalism – The Conversation

Dakota Access protesters claim responsibility for pipeline sabotage

After months of water rationing, Nairobi may run dry – “Our underground rivers have dried up”


Largest active US wildfire burns 250k acres in Montana

There Are More ‘Zombie’ Companies In Europe Now Than Pre-Lehman – CNBC

Netherlands and UK Are Biggest Channels For Corporate Tax Avoidance

Power Maps: See what powers the world and where

Climate change to bring great white sharks to BC Canada

In America, you are what you eat – The Economist

US is slipping toward measles being endemic once again – Ars Technica

The digital native is a myth – Nature

Can an electric shock help curb your spending? – FT. Not The Onion!


Waxing And Waning On Bloom And Doom

Deforestation_MapDeforested regions in Indonesia, US and Canada

49 million acres of forest gone in 2015

We’ve screwed up the coasts so badly that an invasive species is a plus – Ars Technica

Scientists Can See Zika Coming by Tracking the Climate – Scientific American

Won’t allow driverless cars that take away jobs: Nitin Gadkari – Hindustan Times

Russia Registers Three Ceasefire Violations in Syria Over Past 24 Hours – Sputnik, same ol’ same o’

Climate change might prevent airlines from flying full planes

Europe Battling with devastating wildfires

Sea level warning as Greenland darkens – BBC News

Climate change could make turbulence worse

The Pentagon has contaminated nearly 40 million US acres by burning old munitions

Alien species invasions and global warming a ‘deadly duo’

Second heat alert: 40.2 degrees Celsius ( 107 F ) in Shanghai

Warmer 2080s Climate: Mixed Outcome for Wildlife

Climate Change, Sugarcane: Hantavirus

Distant Winds Causing Antarctic Meltdown

Food and Drug Companies Ensure We Get Sick So They Make Money

The Biotech Industry Is Taking Over Regulation From the Inside

Sewage Sludge Is Endangering Our Food Supply

Ohio Politician Pushes “Let Them Die” Proposal in Response to Opioid Overdoses


Paul Beckwith Videos – Walking a tightrope of bloom and gloom.

Paul Beckwith talks about in his latest video, a website that details 15 top things we can do to lower emissions. The #1 thing is refrigeration. 90% of fridge gases are released during a fridge’s end of life-cycle. Two other top ones are, stop wasting food, and go vegan. Can even you imagine that happening? Some of these ideas are heavily promoted in the media, while others are ignored. We have to reduce emissions or die. It’s like when Naomi Klein flies around promoting her book, she thinks her precious words are worth the emissions, when believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t bother to watch the Paul Beckwith comedy, unless you like having knives thrown in your eyes. I was hoping he would provide a critical conclusion on how we’re not living up to our responsibilities. Responsibility comes from the word, respond, which means you do something about a situation because it’s the right thing to do. We are acting as if emissions reductions are like items on a menu we get to pick and choose. “I’ll take 3 wind turbines, 6 solar panels and 3 electric cars please. I’ll skip the carbon charring.”

McDonald’s could sell fake soy burgers indistinguishable from the real thing. It would be the right thing to do because they’re only like 50% meat now. I promise you, they won’t. The list doesn’t even mention nuclear power, like as if they had a choice, because it doesn’t jive with the can-do tone of its feel-good message. What about the wars? Wouldn’t that drawdown emissions? Just from pollution alone, the Pentagon is the biggest killer in the world. Why is world peace not on the list?

So let’s say the real list goes up to 20. We’re not even doing half the list as is, let alone all of the all-inclusive one. I’m sick of these false-hope, pick-and-choose solution narratives.

China is eating up the world. They are building a giant road, rail and pipeline system across the whole other side of our planet. They build whole cities by mistake for fuck sakes. Yet, we praise them for making 80% of the world’s solar panels, which is stupid because they pretty well make 80% of everything, including hydro dams, coal gasification plants and nuclear power stations.

I don’t blame Paul for backtracking into positive territory after him blasting climate scientists recently, but please God, save me from another one. It’s like going to a strip cub on Sunday morning.





Warehouse Hick

When I first fell off the turnip truck in Toronto, one of my first jobs was as a temporary warehouse worker at the local Slaves’r’Us shop. That was nearly 40 years ago, I wonder what warehouses are like today?

This ‘order picker‘ AI story from the WSJ got me thinking about warehouse automation. While picking orders from a bin is the future of retail warehousing, I decided to see where we are at present by looking at wholesale warehouse automation videos. Here’s what I saw.

This first video show industrial sized pallet automation. The owner says the robots don’t mind weekend work and nights, both things I hate.

While Amazon is automating the store-front retail business, even the warehouses from where they receive wholesale food products is automating. Upstream or downstream, soon the whole damn river will be automated from farm or mine to your home.

Here’s a recent video on OPM (order picking machinery called The Warehouse of the Future. These warehouse systems will get faster and more efficient with each incarnation.

Well, that’s the retail business. Now watch as our world saving Tesla 3 is made by robots.



Robotic Meme Berries

Do you remember yesterday’s post “Amazon Go Jobs Go” where I overstated how fast these robotic grocery stores are getting done? In that post I paraphrased an article that implied only basic “order picker” jobs would be safe.

Well today the WSJ says order picker robots are 50% faster than humans and 20% cheaper. When robot order pickers sort through bins, they start off at below human speeds, but the more data they collect, the better they get until they outperform humans.

That’s the danger of automated AI and robotics. It works best exponentially. Not only is there no “off” switch, there’s not even a brake line. Enter blockchain technology.

If robotics are more disruptive (destructive) than anything since the invention of electricity, then blockchain will be the biggest thing since democracy, or maybe fire.

While blockchain and AI may at times be at odds, they will certainly upend the human world. So while the fevered dreams of green energy, fake news and fake money run rampant, our weather, water and food realities are entering uncharted terror-itory.

Today’s article


Collapse Media Spectral Analysis

Good morning, I was up at 3 as lightening and thunder were scaring the crap out of Loki. Thanks to an early start, I added a little extra narrative link bias for your perusal because what’s collapse without a colorful narrative.

Stephen Hawking: We Are Close to the Tipping Point Where Global Warming Becomes Irreversible

Only 7 Percent Of Great Barrier Reef Intact

Climate change brings one-in-three chance of record rainfall

Eight Tropical Cyclones formed at Once for the First Time Since 1974

Climate change and national security in America – YouTube

Poacher poisoned over 100 elephants using cyanide

Climate change isn’t real and Al Gore is a scam artist – Opinion piece in one of Australia’s most read newspapers

IPCC assessment flaws in less than 3 minutes – YouTube

Heat Wave Engulfs China

Plastics leave permanent indestructible legacy

Journalism Is Dying And Content Marketing Is Taking Its Place

Blockchain Is Freaking Governments Out

Strip Mining the World – Robert Gore

European Banks Struggle To Solve Toxic Shipping Debt Problem

The End Game: Fake News Fake Money – Greyerz

China warns India not to ‘push its luck’ amid border stand-off in Himalayas

Collapse of ‘safe-haven asset’ bubble looms – Nikke

The Millennials are the American Earthquake – Corey Robin

Next Leap for Robots: Picking Out and Boxing Your Online Order – WSJ – Do you remember way back, like yesterday, when I thought order pickers were safe? They say order picker robots are 50% faster than human workers. If not now, when, tomorrow?

Trump pulls plug on CIA’s Syrian “revolution” – WSWS (MT). “Preparations for a wider war.”

So Crazy It Sounds True Department

What if the third tower (that did NOT get hit by a plane) that collapsed on 9/11 was SUPPOSED to get hit by the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania

So Crazy It Can’t Be True Department

‘Clean cars’ will save us from climate change deniers – Al Jazeera, Qatar’s propaganda

Branding Canadian oil green would be good for industry – CBC, Canada’s propaganda

Al Gore’s New Film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power – Green Energy propaganda


Heavy Rains, Hail, Strong Wind And Flash Flooding Happening Now in Parts of in America – YouTube 11:15



Amazon Go Jobs Go

Amazon is going to open 2,000 automated grocery stores in like a year, eliminating thousands of check out jobs, because their computers see all, and know all.

Computer vision is better than human vision, it’s so good in fact that the computers can watch a hundred people in a store from multiple angles all at the same time, and know exactly what they’re all doing.

They can tell if you pick up an item from a shelf, as well if you put that item back down again. You just walk in, scan your phone, help yourself and pay automatically. These computer vision systems will eliminate inventory scanning and backroom warehouse jobs as well. These jobs aren’t going to China, they are just going away in a puff of smoke, gone. I guess they just drift up into the great computer cloud and sit right next to the AI god’s hallowed throne.

As a stock picker, you are so thoroughly watched, you’ll likely be penalized for picking your nose. The obvious target is Walmart and Costco, the last ones standing, who sell food cheap in the hopes of selling other marked up stuff. After national defense, retail is the second biggest employer in America. Even defense jobs are being automated.

For every single job there is, there’s teams of ambitious, intelligent people working to take it away from you. This is a gold rush. Finance, tax and teller jobs are going bye-bye, and faster than you know. Pharmacists can kiss their asses goodbye. Medical support and high-end specialist jobs will go too. Real Estate will get hit. The major threat to jobs is AI. And when you combine AI with robots, nobody knows for sure which jobs are at risk.

If you are young, you’re fucked. You likely went deep into debt for a job that may likely not exist. The gold rush into automation will disrupt our economy as much as the discovery of electricity. The data driven industries like Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google make tons more money for tons fewer people, and AI automation and robotics are only going to speed this concentration of wealth up. The financial incentives for corporations to eliminate jobs cannot be stopped, or overstated. Most of us will be poor and under intense scrutiny. Suburbia will become like the Gaza strip, but flush with black market synthetic opioids.