Collapse Daily Break Down: Help Me!!!

Winter cold extremes linked to high-altitude polar vortex weakening (

Climate change could shut down the major current that brings warm water to the Atlantic ( : Climate heating will lead to M-O-R-E extremes of heat and cold. They will coincide with extremes in droughts and floods, which coincides with extreme losses to groundwater and crop harvests. But hey, at least your iPhone XX will interface directly with your brain to tell you that your hunger is all in your mind.

Puerto Rico: no water, no power, no fuel, no food (

Wind and solar aren’t to blame for soaring power prices ( : 46% of costs are for grid infrastructure renewables need — poles and wires.

Visualizing The Massive Impact Of EVs On Commodities (UBS)

  • Lithium – tons and tons of water in a water-short world
  • Cobalt – tons and tons of work for slaves in the Congo
  • Graphite – tons and tons of smog
  • Nickel – tons and tons of wood no substitute


The world’s 5 most Endangered wild cats (MongaBay)

Trade in wild birds going ‘unchecked’ in Vietnam: new report (MongaBay)

US faces higher risk of floods (Science News) : Always a day late and dollar short.

NEWS FLASH I interrupt this moment to let you know which collapse reporting was ignored, suppressed, and generally trolled on the collapse-subreddit.

Pedophilia and Collapse = DOWN big time.
Teaching 5-year olds about transgender is practically grooming grooming kids for abuse, but pedos make me trigger happy. Snowflakes got me banned on collapse-reddit quite a few times.

ENE News = NOT allowed period.
Super Duper no no, especially Fukushima Stratospheric Aerosols. ENE is a purported news aggregate of world energy headlines. Fukushima = Verbotin. Dane Durnford provides a good over view of Fukushima. Beware, he wants you to pay for his next fishing trip.

Health Ranger = Anti vacs, vitamins
I know nothing Jon Snow, and I don’t care, but I wouldn’t doubt these guys are somewhat right. I mean I take vitamins. I don’t think the payoffs of vaccines are worth it, unless you’re lucky. I mean I think I’m autistic, but I may be just high. My wife disagrees, saying vacs are worth it.

We disagree on this and the trans stuff. But, if we can get along after 20 years of political differences, then so can the rest of the world. Some say my abrasive style detracts the message, I say fuck’em, although likely they’re right.

Chem Trail Weather Mods = don’t mistake me for one who cares.
Don’t make too much sense, except for the plant and bug spray on our food. Mosquito spray on humans ain’t too fuckin nice. What’s the difference between destroying our food or our sky? I suspect chemtrails are meant to distract us from Monsanto.

The Open Mind Conference 2017 = Big pile of steamy climate deniers.
This is why we do the voodoo thing we do. We are broken into pet peeve fantasies. We each have our little pet peeve we hate but nurture resentfully.

Zero Hedge = Zero Play
The only people crazier than me? Nay-4-Play

The next one is my shiny pet peeve turd.

Space Lizards = Super Ultra Maxy Crazy
I love space lizards, always have, don’t believe in them, or ever have, unless they blew up Mars or something. I don’t care if people believe them. I like to pretend that lizard people were always here and live under churches where they rape and eat orphans.

When the big asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, the lizard people moved underground and started breeding mammals for food. They bred us monkeys to be smart enough to help around the cave, but we got too smart and ran off with their stash of good dope.

There are whole groups of people who suck you in with whatever turd they’re polishing until they hold a conference in some big hotel every year, hopefully. Let’s say I started a YouTube channel on my church basement lizard people meme. Within about 5 years of video edits, I could be flying to a different location every year for a big schmooze fest and party. All this turd polishing parade of nonsense started 100 years ago when banks took over world credit from governments and started lending people their own money.


What I learned from all this YouTube crap is that every story, whether imagined or pretend, is the same old pick-N-choose political distraction. The latest is the Red Cross $$$ Thing. It feeds the flames of your political distraction to ease our minds of our predicament. We are destroying earth, and our denials and distractions will be worse.

It took a lot of effort to make up my space lizard story. It took time, effort and constant reworking. It was an utter waste of fuckin time, and I love it.

Do you remember when I told you we lost 98% of all rhinos since 1914? That’s when all this shit started. It really went downhill big time after world war two promised free clean nuclear power, a green revolution and space travel. The other two mainstream turd polishing peeves are refugees and football. Canada and Russia will be invaded no matter what.

All these turd polishing political peeves are called Business As Usual. Nothing gleams in the light like a highly polished political peeve turd. While ugly as fuck, they hold your attention while the earth crumbles at your feet.

There Never Was a Real Tulip Fever (Smithsonian) : wellwhaddayaknowboutdat?

‘No proper precautions’: US-led coalition airstrikes near Raqqa killed 84 civilians, HRW says : God damn Russians

Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after ‘eating’ up to 30 victims since 1999 – media : Serving humans

Syria – U.S. CentCom Declares War On Russia (Moon of Alabama)

Merkel set for fourth term in power but support weakens sharply (FT) : help me










Murky Merkel Is A Social Liberal Nazi!!!

Murky Merkel is the crazed Hillary Clinton bullshit liberal social justice Nazi of Germany.

She switched all the cars to diesel that literally burn palm oil, and lied about emissions.

White Europe gets 60% of its Renewable Electricity by burning shipped in wood pellets.

The coal they burn is brown, poisonous as shit, and they’re moving whole towns to get it.

They can’t shut down nuclear power, build electric 5G IOT AI LITHIUM cars and run it all on solar power and wind, so they lie about the bio energy they’re wasting to sell a lie.

Murky Merkel will do anything to save the German car industry.

Deutsche Bank is a massive bloated white privilege fraud of power and abuse.

The word they use for a women’s bra is, “thatillshtopthemfloppin”.




Text Glyphs And The Lost Cause

I was looking for an “unequal” sign when I found a massive list of text graphic emojis. It wasn’t alphabetized and I soon got tired looking for my sign when I realized it was like a new language that will soon have as many characters as Chinese.

I feel like I believe the white genocide is a real thing with whitey, of which I’m nominally.

It’s trying to be a sexual / race war where blacks and gays gang up on whites.

The white privilege from trash to cash.

I was watching the Open Mind Conference in whitey land Europe when I realized all the members of the stage think climate change is a conspiracy.

I now see that I’m just as crazy as anyone of these people. Not because of collapse, but because I’m vehemently anti-violent. I was in high school when Kung Fu was on TV. I thought peace was the answer. I didn’t realize so many people harbor such violent social justice revenge fantasies.

I too have a social justice issue. I wish people would stop self-righteous hate and form video debates to cool their jets off. I wish we’d de-politicize our revenge fantasies using debate game forums, or even public spectacle video game personas to blow off steam.

The CIA deep state has spent the last 60 years on Rothschild propaganda. Every group has its own social justice war and gamble to win fantasies. Each person fancies their group will win and social justice will reign. This is un-adult but normal.

I dream of a world where everybody stops their violent revenge fantasies and work together to help save earth. Not only am I on the spectrum of autism, I’m far on the spectrum of juvenile political insanity.

Earth will collapse because we’re too childish to grow up.

Our canned political debates so defy sanity that even a child can see.

Technology is making us social retards.

It is being used to divide us.

It should be used to unite us.

This can be done through a credit based social e-currency.

As you can tell, I’m pretty wasted right now.

I think Antifa is a tragic romance comedy steeped in the tradition of cultural violence.

Social Revolution is narrative romance fantasy of wit and violence.

The riot at the Battle in Settle was long ago.

They still gather for drinks to relive those glorious tales of wit and violence.

Their righteous fantasies peak in alcohol, and they wake sore next day.

Everything you do is connected to everything that’s happening.

We are all as much to blame as we think we’re righteous.

The clock is ticking and the world doesn’t save itself.

Without real debate your brain will atrophy and wither.

Let Fly The War of Words.


Yutrid – Son of Putrid



Collapse Daily 240917

Scientists: Desert turtle endangered, 100 left in Arizona. ( : This really pisses me off because when they built the Ivanpah solar plant, they got special dispensation to kill about 3,000 of the little fuckers. Wind turbines also kill like half a million bats and birds each year. In fact the birds at Ivanpah fry in the sky and fall to the ground leaving smoke trails and are thus called “smokers”.

The assumption by regulators around the world that it is safe to use pesticides at industrial scales across landscapes is false, according to a chief scientific adviser to the UK government. ( : Cutting the bees off at the knees.

More plastic in world oceans than fish by 2050, experts predict (

Nestlé, Unilever, P&G Among Worst Offenders for Plastic Pollution in Philippines Beach Audit (

Biogas from waste can oust fossil fuels (Climate News) : Bullshti, there’s no such thing as waste in nature. We can’t use biomass without depleting soils. Soils need “waste” to grow.

 The Four Most Effective Things You Can Do About Climate Change, According To Science (

Cluster of extreme weather events leave no doubt climate change is real, Caribbean nations tell UN (

Small island nations in Pacific urge global action to fight climate change (

Want to combat climate change? Eat less meat – NY Daily News (

As Humans Fumble Climate Challenge, Interest Grows In Geoengineering (

Simulating The Bodily Pain Of Future Climate Change (

Air pollution can lead to potentially-fatal kidney disease (

Why Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Won’t Lead to Action on Climate Change (DeSmogBlog) (

General Motors to Run Ohio, Indiana Factories With 100% Wind P​ower ( : The epitome of our failure to address climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it has recovered 517 containers of “unidentified, potentially hazardous material” from highly contaminated toxic waste sites in Texas that flooded last month during Hurricane Harvey (


UN solution for a pollution free planet: polluters should pick up the bill ( : Fuck that shit, that’s what taxpayers are for.

Controversial Pesticide Remains Unregulated In Hawaii: The chemical dicamba appears to have caused widespread crop damage on the mainland but in Hawaii you can’t even find out whether it’s being used or where. (

Fetal deaths rose 58% and fertility rates fell by 12% after Flint switched to lead-poisoned water(

Plastic chunks on Arctic ice show how far pollution has spread – Discovery by UK scientists prompts fear that melting ice will allow more plastic to be released into the central Arctic Ocean – with huge effects on wildlife (

More than 40 families pull children from school that forced transgender lesson on 5-year-olds (

The Alcohol Industry Doesn’t Want You to Understand the Link Between Drinking and Cancer ( : uh oh.

All The Bubbles That Are About To Pop In One Chart (Dillian)

The Tide Is Starting To Turn Against The World’s Digital Giants (Guardian)

Why Uber’s Fate Could Herald Backlash Against ‘Digital Disruptors’ (Guardian)

No Storm Ever Destroyed a Grid Like Maria Ruined Puerto Rico’s (BBG) : Just wait until your wind turbines and solar panels get hit.

Weakening Polar Vortex: Extremely Cold Winters (SD)

We Must Accelerate Transitions for Sustainability and Climate Change, Experts Say (SD)

Poor grade for Malaysia, Singapore brands in palm oil sustainability: WWF (MongaBay)

Documenting Africa’s poaching epidemic: Q&A with the director of ‘The Last Animals’ (MongaBay)

US Provides Military Assistance to 73% of World’s Dictatorships

Godzilla Is a Radical Environmentalist (Motherboard)

Sharing economy: Why we will barely own anything in the future ( : I fucking hate this sharing bullshit. I once lent my neighbor my drill, he never returned it.

Hurricanes: Act now, save later (Al Jazeera)

No water, fuel, power, phones: Puerto Rico faces a growing humanitarian crisis in Maria’s aftermath (Chicago Tribune)

The entire island of Puerto Rico may be without electricity for months (Vox)

Puerto Rico scrambles to evacuate residents after dam fails (FT)

To ‘Help’ Residents Repair Homes After Irma, Govt Gave Out Code Violations for Damaged Property (Free Thought Project)

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science (Guardian)








Unsustainable Mind Rape? My post on Collapse subreddit.


Title: Is Anyone Sick Of The Idea That Collapse And Sex Are 2 Separate And Inviolate Issues?

Everything is related. We are feminizing males of both fish, frogs and men. Sperm counts are vanishing. I hate men as much as any girl. But you know men, you can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live without ’em. I understand the desire to compartmentalize issues from collapse fluidity. If sex and collapse are inviolate, did I just fuck your mind?



Poo Bear Goes Deep Into The HoneyPot

Collapse Daily 220917

‘Deep decarbonisation’ needed to contain global warming: Study ( : If only we could stop killing long enough for… The War On Climate!!!

Stop worrying about climate deniers – worry about apathy instead ( : 2Do2Day – Care more about the writer than article.

Haitian President backs Paris climate accord, calls on UN to honour commitments on tackling cholera ( : shit walk or talk time.

How Climate Change conspired to make Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria so destructive ( : Rain: Harvey 30″ 3 days. Irma 30″ 3 hours.

On clean energy, India has wind at its back, sun ahead ( : and hip deep in shit water between droughts.

When media sceptics misrepresent our climate research we must speak out | Environment ( : A likely crock of shit.

Faslane nuclear submarine base could be flooded as sea levels rise, warns Scottish Natural Heritage (

Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For (

Flint water killed unborn babies; many moms who drank it couldn’t get pregnant ( : Flint is right next to Yemen, where we starve millions.

Your cotton swabs are polluting the ocean and ruining this seahorse’s home ( : Aryerrr! Ya er’ been to sea Billy? No Cap but I bin blown ashore.

My small town is being poisoned by fracking waste (

Starving Killer Whales Are Losing Most of Their Babies ( : sick

Big Oil Resumes Its 40-Year Quest to Drill in an Arctic Wildlife Refuge ( : Blame Trump, but even Dems will burn more oil as tight oil and gas tighten. There ain’t no diff tween Dems ‘n Pubs.

Poor Orphan Crops…So Valuable, So Neglected ( : ++ good

People who trip on psychedelics are more likely to be environmentally conscious ( : gig’s up.

The Shifting Dynamics of Rhino Horn Trafficking ( : I’m down with buyer rapes.

GM Mustard and the Indian Government (

You Don’t Need a Brain to Sleep. Just Ask Jellyfish (Science) : I dunno.

Teens Aren’t Grasping the ‘Responsibilities of Adulthood,’ New Study Says (USA Today) : I’ll die of old age before.

The Smog Chancellor George Monbiot : my pet writer.

The U.S. Should Halt Arms Sales to the Saudi-Led Coalition (The American Conservative) : white is black, black is white, laugh is crying, cry is laughing.

Life on the Road, and in a Walmart Parking Lot (Lit Hub) : In The Hole Again, by Willie Nelson

Pregabalin, Known as ‘New Valium’, to Be Made Class C Drug After Deaths Guardian : Fake Drug News

Why the Mexico City Earthquake Shook Up Disaster Predictions (Scientific American) : CAUTION: I ain’t too bright warning! The universe is a super giant web of electricity that makes life. The earth sun moon and oceans are connected in ways we don’t understand. Human constructs of reality are fake news. Everything is connected, from the weather out in deep space to the beat deep in your heart. The Electric Universe.

Gravity Waves Influence Weather and Climate (SD) : The Butterfly Effect Trigger Blowback Source

Does forest certification really work? (MongaBay) : I say no. Now there’s only 3 years to wait for a reprint. Same answer.

Disease-Laden Mosquitoes Could Live in Most of US (SD) : Coulda Shoulda Will

Cutting Tourist Consumption of Reef Fish (SD)

Biogas from waste can oust fossil fuels (CN) : This is exactly not what it sounds like.

Spain Hires Cruise Liner to House Police in Rebel Catalonia (BBG)

Spain’s Attack On Catalonia Spills Over To 100,000 Domain Names (IN)

Sudden Enemies of the State: Criminalized Juggalos Find Common Cause With Socialists (BSOUT) : I did not read this, but I posted the following on reddit/collapse, it was deleted because “not collapse related”. lol…

You got your right wing nutbars like Milo and Ben, Jewish racists.

You got your token left wing drones like Chomsky and Hedges, who can talk tweakers to sleep.

Then you got your big fat wishy washy mushy middle like Jake Tapper of CNN.

This center is filled with people who talk like hippies and act like thieves.

Progressive Neocons

The number one driver of collapse is the Extreme Center.

Watch Mad Max from Alternet go balls to chin on Tapper.








Today’s Great Vids

I love it when English chicks talk, and I really love it when they talk smart. 2:37

I like when the narrative voice is human. Turn down the volume for the opener. 12:53

I like this old guy, baldy not so much. First 10:00 or so.

The iPhone can’t be made here because all the minerals and know-how are in Asia. 2:42

I love this chick’s over-the-top theatrics, she’s does sound like mom, but hot. 2:28