The Withering Bones of Humanity

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Our bones are withering away a very, very fast pace. Children’s skeletons are becoming more and more fragile EVERY year. On a decadal scale. This is frightening. Bones are synonymous with infrastructure because we would literally collapse without them.

Our jaws are becoming so tiny that crooked teeth are a feature, not an aberration. Some believe our tiny mandibles changed our language, and allowed a 3-fold increase in the use of “F” and “V” sounds over time. This is why we can now easily say “Fuck Vox!”.

Our smartphones are already changing the shape of our skulls and causing a spikey protuberance in the back near our necks. This is due to something called, “text neck”. Our new slouching postures are straining the muscles attached to the base of our skulls – and the body responds by laying down fresh layers of bone. This use to be rare – not any more.

When we compare the height of a person to the width of a single elbow, we can see that human elbows are getting thinner. They are literally withering away.

Children do not play outside anymore – they play video games and stare at toxic photon devices. These devices are damaging the brain’s visual cortex and causing endemic myopia. They also cause physical and mental illness. While I don’t know what endemic actually means, I like the sound of it.

The chemicals, plastics and metals that make our devices contribute to the biological emasculation, feminization and sterilization of all male vertebrates. While I think our acceptance of biological sexual deviance is ultimately good, it does not bode well for the terrible future we face because we are mentally, physically and sexually weaker.


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