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U.S. Disaster Zone Map

U.S. Disaster Zone Map

Climate Change To Wipeout Insects (huffingtonpost.com)

Extra Hot Spring Threw Pollinators and Plants Out of Sync in Europe (insideclimatenews.org)

Hawaii bans child brain damaging pesticide

Insect Armageddon is under way, say many entomologists, the result of a multiple whammy of environmental impacts: pollution, habitat changes, overuse of pesticides, and global warming.

South Pole Ice Quakes Reach Magnitude 7

Mass Marine Extinction and Wishy Fishies

Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies (whitewolfpack.com)

El Niño is popping a boner (blogs.discovermagazine.com)

Depression and suicide risk are side effects of more than 200 common drugs Vox

Hands off my data! 15 more default privacy settings you should change on your TV, cellphone plan, LinkedIn and more. WaPo

  • MSM is attacking FB etc because they want to reassert narrative control. WaPo doesn’t really give a fuck about you.

Why Do Air Force Planes Need $10,000 Toilet Seat Covers? American Conservative

The ATT/Time Warner Deal Is Fucking Stupid Beyond Belief

Tesla goes up in flames in video captured by actor Mary McCormack Guardian

  • Firefighters hate their fucking batteries

The ‘Fight’ Phase of the Poor People’s Campaign Has Begun Truthdig

India Eyes Unexploited Coal Deposits in Indonesian Papua The Wire

Obama’s silky lie and FBI bias in the Clinton investigation Chicago Tribune

Woman swallowed by giant python in Indonesia Guardian


Collapse Daily June 16, 2018

Only 100 nuclear bombs needed to destroy civilization – there are 15,000 of them (telegraph.co.uk)

French police cut soles off migrant children’s shoes, and detains them without food & water, before illegally sending them back to Italy (theguardian.com)

How Educated Liberal Elites Destroyed The Working Man – Thomas Frank 10 min (youtu.be)

The South Pole is Unstoppably and Irreversibly Entering Runaway Meltdown Mode (pik-potsdam.de)

Some Of The ‘Most Systemically Important Banks’ In The World Are Tumbling (ZH)

Chimps and orangutans among species in danger of being wiped out in imminent mass extinction of primates (independent.co.uk)

U.S. farmers destroy future food production for centuries with modern farming methods (energyskeptic.com)

Short-term effect of ground ozone on daily mortality in Spain

Indicators of climate change in agricultural systems

Facebook video shows orangutan defending forest against bulldozer

  • There’s no fucking way in the world I’ll watch the video.

DRC’s Virunga National Park closes until 2019 due to violence

New York, Boston Face Coastal Flooding Without a Storm in Sight Bloomberg

Delhi’s air pollution is now so bad it is literally off the chart Guardian

US expected to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council: report The Hill

Pentagon Admits Afghanistan’s New Black Hawks Can’t Match Its Older Russian Choppers The Drive

Canada Has a Subprime Real Estate Problem, You just Don’t Know It Wolf Street

Social mobility in richest countries ‘has stalled since 1990s’ Guardian

For the biggest group of American workers, wages aren’t just flat. They’re falling. Washington Post


My Meekly Ineffectual Hangover Post

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance (filmsforaction.org)

Tiny bug inflicts massive damage year after hail storm Wunderground

After eight years of “zero deforestation” promises, palm oil industry continues to destroy forests (eyesontheforest.or.id)

Rates of net increase in above-ground biomass in the Amazon declined by one-third during the past decade compared to the 1990s. (nature.com)

Sulfur Dioxide Damages Lungs, And Scott Pruitt Is Letting More Of It In Our Air (huffingtonpost.com)

  • I believe it’s also ozone unfriendly

Blackstone Becomes Biggest Hotel & Property Owner in Spain Wolf Street

  • Spain is the poster child for water mis-allocation

Sucking carbon out of the air won’t solve climate change (vox.com)

  • morning surprise

Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued an El Niño Watch with increasing chances of El Niño developing later in the year. (cpc.ncep.noaa.gov)

  • The boy is always followed by a damaging higher heat equilibrium

Climate change is moving fish around faster than laws permit (washingtonpost.com)

Slowing tropical cyclones bring more mayhem

Climate Change May Spark Global ‘Fish Wars’

China’s Global Electricity Takeover Wolf Street

Self-Driving Cars Likely Won’t Steal Your Job (Until 2040) Slashdot

Another Reason Young Americans Don’t Revolt Against Being Screwed Counterpunch

This Is What Plutocracy Looks Like! Seattle’s Amazon Tax Is Ejected before a Dime is CollectedNonProfit Quarterly

People Can’t Pay Rent, Debt Is Insane, and the Economy Is Somehow ‘Great’ Vice

Optimism (Caitlin Johnstone)



New Ice Age = Hothouse

Links below story:

Judith Curry was on Tucker Carlson recently on Fox, America’s #1 news source.

She says climate models overstate heating because they don’t account for external variables like super volcanoes, ocean currents or solar activity which may cool us, which is not totally true.

The point is that models can only model what is understood, and we don’t understand everything. Scientists are like shrews who only know what they know to the exclusion of reality. This is known.

She’s saying climate models overstate climate change, which is exactly the opposite of what they actually do. But, she’s not totally wrong. Of course they aren’t really real, they’re models, models aren’t real.

Steffan Rahmstorf warned of the world ocean current stopping this summer. Steffy’s a real guy’s field scientist, not an media superstar.

When Michael Mann spouts off about renewable energy, he knows he’s wrong, but feels compelled to lie for the good of humanity.

It’s not science I don’t trust, it’s scientists, especially pied piper media scientists.

What this all means is that we are heading full-on into both a hothouse and nuclear winter type scenario. There will be both extremey extremes going ahead.

We used to get gentle rain most year round, now we get high UV heatwaves and floods.

We are getting both of everything. More floods, droughts, nuclear winters and runaway hothouse.

This is not a conspiracy. Video follows. Stopped watching at 3:12 to write this post.


‘Unprecedented’ closure of an Alaskan fishery (adn.com)

The Loss of America’s Largest Aquifer – the Ogallala (duwaterlawreview.com)

South Pole ice loss up 200% in 10 years @ 200 billion tons/year. The Washington Post

Ocean waves following sea ice loss trigger Antarctic ice shelf collapse (adelaide.edu.au)

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit a New Record.  (bloomberg.com)

Facebook confirms that it tracks how you move mouse on the computer screen (indiatoday.in)

Climate change accelerating rise in sea levels

As biomass energy gains traction, southern US forests feel the burn

India eyes coal reserves in Indonesian Papua 

Cryptocurrency Bloodbath Continues As Bitcoin Manipulation Accusations Fly (MW)

Germany blames a roaring economy and migrants for missing its 2020 Carbon Targets

Climate change will make rice less nutritious

The Plight of Birds and the Hand of Man in the Sixth Great Extinction Counterpunch

South Pole Melt Up 200% in 5 Years – abc.net.au (abc.net.au)

Pychedelic Drugs Reshape Cells to “Repair” Neurons in Our Brains Inverse

  • I call it brainwashing, cleaning your head

Yemen – The Starvation Siege Has Begun Moon of Alabama

  • Europe runs on gas. not renewable energy.

A Chip in the Windshield: China’s Surveillance State Will Soon Track Cars Wall Street Journal

A minimum-wage worker can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S. Washington Post

People kicking these food delivery robots is an early insight into how cruel humans could be to robots SFGate

  • Kill the robots!










She’s Gonna Be A Rough Ol Day

The Amazon Removes 33% Less C02 Than 10 Years Ago

  • So 10 more means…?

30% of Britain’s Mammal Species Gone In 10 Years

  • And 10 more…?


James Hansen Shits On Carbon Capture @ $100/Ton

  • James Hansen and Jack Kirby for president!

Saudi/U.S. Jets Bomb a New Cholera Clinic In Yemen Run By Doctors Without Borders 

  • You couldn’t miss that sucker with a 10-foot pole. If you don’t kill the deep state and  shadow government, billions will die horrible deaths and the vacuum of space will once again kiss the dead face of Gaia. This is not a conspiracy theory. This can only be done by the public taking back currency and credit worldwide all at once. Ideals won’t disarm us, only money can. Take back education and healthcare. Defund the deep state. The deep state is run by the media. All the super cops have killer cars and laptops, and all the SJW pedos have Netflix etc. It’s fucking sick and disgusting beyond belief. Crazy ideals won’t save us, only a practical financial coup d’état will. The bankers will kill us all before giving up power. Power is only taken, not given. We can have a non-violent revolution before the bankers kill everyone. We have the technology to do it.

The US ruling elite escalates campaign of internet censorship WSWS

Citi issues stark warning on automation of bank jobs Financial Times

  • If banks see 10% workforce cut in 5 years, will we see 20% 5 years after that?

PwC fined millions over BHS audit BBC = pee pee whacking

Tesla Cuts 9% Of Staff 

Does the US have a pet tiger problem? BBC

Researchers find IQ scores dropping since the 1970s MedicalXPress