Gabor Maté: Addiction & Ideology

The Addiction Ghost of Ideology

Gabor Maté gets my dick hard here. Remember Occupy Wall Street? Remember when it was all over? Remember drinking with your new friends after that time and reliving the shared ideological experience?

Most OWS supporters didn’t care so much about the banks, as they did about belonging to something bigger than themselves. Gabor says all the same neural pathways are fired up in ideological addiction as in any other addiction, all the same disregard for consequences manifest themselves.

It is our retreat into ideological addiction that will prevent a reasoned response to our existential dilemma. I have an early morning dentist appointment, will post more later. In the meantime, I can’t stop touching myself just thinking about ideological addiction. It seems so obvious now. Perhaps ideology is the opiate of the masses. The hungry ghost reference comes up around 17:45. The hungry ghost has a very small mouth and is always starving. He/she can’t eat fast enough to assuage their hunger.

The top 10% earners = 50% emissions, if taxed to middle income equivalent, emissions will decline 33%. If we tax the top 30% of earners to a middle income, emissions will decline 999% faster than any thing else we tried so far. We have 10yrs to reduce emissions 50%, and 20yrs to reduce emissions 100%. 100% private carbon credits will unite the left and right and stop an ideological race/sex war. After taxing the rich to pay for education and health, you add a 100% private carbon tax which will act as a Basic Income currency worldwide. I’m getting sick of talking to the wind. All America has to do to fix their county is cut the Pentagon budget 50%. These are the kind of actions needed to save mankind, worrying about your identity is for pub nights.

  • Let’s pretend you agree with everything I said above, but now I’m going to call you a cunty twat dick head, are you still with me?

In Brazil, termites have built a sprawling megacity the size of Britain -SCMP

  • That’s the scariest headline ever

Researchers hope a ‘robo-nose’ could give K-9 officers a break–

  • and addicted street dogs

Is a New Toxic Danger Threatening California? Capital & Main

  • peefass PFAS in the water make you slippery when wet

Opioid Industry Fights Efforts to Make It Pay

  • skull tax

France’s ‘yellow vest’ protest enters third day as fuel depots are blocked

  • yellow, the new green

France’s ‘yellow vest’ protest enters third day as fuel depots are blocked

  • kissy takes his dick out so Suckerberg can speak








Killing White Men

Hate crimes are a german jewish conspiracy

The young left say that there’s no difference between men and woman, and that sex and race are just social constructs, and white males are to blame. So, I’m being oppressed by 2 social constructs? White and male. Are you kidding? Would my oppressors be NPCs? Is life really a video game? Am I oppressing genetic transhuman Jews? Who knows? I guess, maybe. I hate white guys and love change as much as anyone, but that shit’s whacked. This is what I define as evil, social constructs. I’m liberal that way. It’s killing me.

Next: Texas boy scores big time with super excellent extinction climate mashup.

2hrs Yippycayay Muhfukers!



The God Particle & Scientific Fraud

There’s 2 people who ask you to believe in total bullshit, priests and physicists.

One says you live forever in heaven and the other says you can travel faster than light.

I do not want my tax money to pay for child sex robots for non-offending pedos.

That’s what you get when you put priests and physicists on the same campus.

The pedo pentagon isn’t spending $20 trillion bucks on a secret ark to save our immortal overlords. The seed vault is leaking.

I am for tax money going to protecting children.

People aren’t going to stop killing and fucking children to save the planet, out of the goodness in their hearts, you have to pay them to do it.

This is a fundamental precept of human affairs, people just aren’t that nice in large alienated groups.

We are turning ourselves into highly functional stupid gay blind pedos.

This fascist corruption of academia is in service of the satanic super rich not you.

We have to tax them and they are fucking with your head, every single day.

The top 10% of people emit 50% of emissions. Tax the rich, give ALL the money to the poor.

Pay them in world carbon credits. Easy as pie. Make rich liberals work instead of talk.

How many more times do I have to listen Michael She-Mann?

The Conspiracy of Scientific Fraud = 70% of Experiments Cannot Be Replicated, 50% of Researchers Cannot Reproduce Their Own Results

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility

Delusion: Swiss Bank Says Free Renewables By 2030 –

The above link is fake news. You may remember when banks said collateralized debt obligations were way too much for our pretty little heads to understand, which was of course, just before the financial collapse.

Is the Peer Review Process a Scam? – enago academy

“In 2005, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a software program called SCIgen that randomly combined strings of words to generate fake computer science papers. The objective of the exercise was to prove that the peer review process was fundamentally flawed and the conferences and journals would accept meaningless papers. After being notified by other researchers who were tracking those SCIgen papers, journals were still quietly pulling articles as late as 2014.”

I remember a story about French post-modern philosophers in the 1970s, who received a document from a renowned physicist who pranked them. He took all their, what Chomsky calls, unintelligibly garbled reasoning, and he rearranged and regurgitated all those fine words and blessed them with a kiss. That kiss was a tacit endorsement of their reasoning. They forgot to verify and corroborate what the physicist said before publishing it. They looked like fools.

Let’s end reviewer fraud – Publons

107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud | Ars Technica

Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science – Google Scholar

Why scientists need to do more about research fraud – Guardian

Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws – The Toronto Star

China cracks down after investigation finds massive peer-review fraud – science mag

The Bottom of the Barrel of Science Fraud – Neuroskeptic

Chinese courts call for death penalty for research fraud – PBS

Peer-Review Fraud — Hacking the Scientific Publication Process | NEJM

Scientific Fraud – EuroScientist journal

5 Common Types of Pharmaceutical Frauds You Should Know About!

Search for yourself: glyphosate research fraud


GtC02/yr = SJW Giga Tons

2018: we now emit 35 GtC02/yr

2040: we will emit 55 GtC02/yr

2030: we must emit 15 GtC02/yr to stay under 1.5 C.

2040: we must emit 0.0 GtC02/yr to stay under 2.0 C.

2030: we need 30% more energy than now.

2030: we need 30% more land for food as we know it now.

2030: we need 40% more water than is available.

2025: we will burn 100% more trees than in 2018.

2021: we will overshoot and lock in our 1.5 C target.

2035: we will overshoot and lock in our 2.0 C target.

2040: Runaway Hothouse + Runaway Extinction

Runaway Hothouse = unstoppable + irreversible

Runaway Extinction = unstoppable + irreversible

The black boys mining cobalt in small holes are getting ebola

While we use that cobalt to allow people to drone burn women and children alive

The people who allow drones are red yellow black and white

While we fantasize about wiping out white men dressed in black leotards.

Socialists are evil sellouts. Academia is fascistic.

This is not how to lower emissions in 50% in 10 years.



Right Vs. Left

I will never vote for someone who bombs women and children, trafficks them to sex perverts, and then tells me to hate straight white men. And, in America, that’s the so-called left. In Canada pedo Trudeau wants his pipeline and Arab arms sales too. If people can’t see the hypocrisy in that, then fuck em.

On the right, we got flat earthers who think the governments are using lasers and chem-trails to fuck the climate. We also got Erik Prince, America’s richest mercenary, over in Afghanistan killing women and children for money.

Then we got your average well intentioned schmo, who knows nothing of this, and wants to do good, not really knowing what that good is. The other day a young black woman on Redacted Tonight made a joke about how white men are to blame for everything. If I made a joke about how black women are to blame for everything, and backed it up with some pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo, I would expect my rich liberal friends to be very angry too.

What young lefties don’t understand is that their ideology is being exploited by the very people they protest, the rich. You would have to be more anal than a proctologist to think Hillary Clinton is somehow “good” just because she’s a woman.

We are on the brink of civil war. I’ve never known civil war to solve anything. let alone an existential climate crisis. We’re too caught up in hate to co-operate and deal.

In France they’re protesting high gas prices.

In England they’re protesting climate change.



Kevin Anderson = Kill The Rich

Kevin Anderson Quote:

“10% of the world’s population currently emits 50% of all greenhouse gases. If the 10% who emit the most were to reduce their emissions to the average EU level, global emissions would be reduced by 33%.”

“The worst offenders are tourists, politicians, businessmen, and not least the climate scientists themselves, who fly across the world to attend various conferences,” says Kevin to a somewhat speechless audience.


If you tax the top 10% to a somewhat average wage, you get 33% less emissions.

So, if you tax the top 20%, you will get more than a 33% emissions reduction.

If you tax the top 30%, you will get more again.

If you tax the top 40%, you will largely save earth.

So if the average wage is 50k/yr, you tax the rich until they make like 100k/yr.

This is the fastest thing that we can do to stop emissions. It could get done next year.

Socialists love this because it means more money for them.

But socialists are corrupt, so it would be a wasted effort.

If you made carbon taxes 100% refundable to citizens, you would avoid this.

This is commonly referred to as, 100% private carbon tax dividends.

Bernie Sanders wants to steal 40% of your refund.

This is really super easy to understand if you’re poor.

This is really super hard to understand if you’re rich.

This is why Joe six pack will never hear about this from the media millionaires, who report the news, or their non-millionaire wannabee imitators. Everybody wants to be a millionaire. This is not the kind of message that spreads like wildfires in California.

Did you ever see a donut shaped like a cock and balls? Go on down to Voodoo donuts, bring the kids, better yet, send them out alone for a bag of donuts.




China + Russia + Canada = Axis of Evil

Half of the world’s annual precipitation falls in just 12 days

  • 15 minutes of hard rain washes away more soil than all the rest of the year.

Policies of China, Russia and Canada Threaten 5ºC Climate Change

  • Justin Trudeau and Jordan Peterson are pedo buddies. I remember someone once said, Old enough to pee is old enough for me.

Hidden Cameras in Streetlights

California wildfires: Air quality rated ‘world’s worst’